Sunday, July 17, 2016

Re-starting my blogging.

I thought I would start doing my blog again, it's been a long time. I miss the history that it represented, not so much the day-to-day posting, but photos from trips and what happened when.  For example, yesterday I went gold-panning. I went to Gold Daughter's just north of Fairbanks. There you can buy a bag of dirt guaranteed to have gold in it. I ended up buying 3 bags of dirt... a $100 bag (that I got the two larger nuggets in, and then two $20 bags (I still need to pan 1/2 of one of those bags... they were getting ready to close, so I bought a $10 gold pan, and brought the dirt home). Anyway, once you buy a bag of dirt, then they have two large piles of dirt from areas where gold has been mined and you can spend all day there panning to your heart's content.  I got a few TINY specs of gold from the piles, and other than a way to kill an afternoon (I was there from 1-6pm) not sure the piles were worth it, but apparently some people are luckier than others.

 After gold panning at Gold Daughter's I decided to head up to Pedro Creek, a place that is open for the public to pan... next time I will take a shovel.  *smiles*

 People panning.
This gold mining claim is owned by the Pioneers of Alaska and it is open for public panning, you can't use any machinery.  I didn't take a shovel (as I said)... and it was getting late, I had been away from my dogs for a long time... so I only stayed about an hour.  I think I found one TINY little fleck of gold.  Oh well... it was an educational experience.

Okay... nuff for today. It is a rainy, lazy Sunday afternoon in Fairbanks.

- Kris