Monday, June 1, 2015

Training all day

Taken in Denali Park last month...

Yes, today was spent in Cognitive Processing Therapy all day. It's good training. Some people have mixed feelings about it because it is "manualized"... basically that means that everything is scripted, by the book.  No asking "how was YOUR week."  Got to meet someone that has worked with a former co-worker that I had in Germany, that was kind of neat. Always nice to do a little networking when you can go for training.

After work I went and bought a new weed-wacker. I haven't tried it out... in fact, it is still in the back of my car.

Been watching TV this evening in my bedroom... (at the moment that is the only TV that has reception, but next Saturday I will have Dish Network. I hope I will be happy with it.  I'll just have it on my big TV in my living room (now that the TV is functional again).

Tonight is supposed to get cold...  down to the mid-30's. Last night it snowed just south of North Pole.  For awhile this morning it rained pretty good, I was happy that my yard got a free watering. It'll be interesting to get my water bill this month... I've been doing a LOT of watering.

Okay... it's past 10:30pm, therefore past my bedtime, so I had better sign off.

- Kris

P.S. haven't heard from my friends Walt and Bette lately, hope they are okay!

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