Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday and Happy Birthday to my youngest daughter!

Had a lazy morning, woke up about 8am, read through my emails and facebook (while still in bed) finally got up around 10am.  Let the dogs out and then made our "brunch."  I did get a couple loads of laundry done today (including my bedding).  Tonight I put new bedding on the bed (see top picture), the dogs seem happy with it.  I took the dogs for a ride today (something they don't get very often).  We went over to the Pet Store to pick up some new harnesses.  Then I ran out to my daughter's house afterwards. I had those bleu cheese and bacon burgers that I got yesterday, I grilled two of them and didn't much care for them, so I took them out to her, along with some strawberries that I wasn't going to be able to eat up fast enough and had to pick up some mail that she had gotten for me.  I visited with her for a bit and then we headed back into town.
I finally got to meet my neighbor's wife and be officially introduced to his kids. (they are adults). His wife seems nice, a little frail, but very friendly and gave me a dishtowel that she had made.
Tonight I mowed my front yard... still now sure what to do about that large brown spot in the yard... I've watered it SOOO much (almost every night).  The bottom picture was taken from my master bedroom porch/lanai... you can see one of my hanging baskets. 
I also called and told my youngest daughter "Happy Birthday" and talked with my middle daughter that has been there with her for the weekend, so she could go to the Memorial Service and then help my youngest daughter celebrate her birthday.
Okay... 10:42, I had better sign off and get to bed. I'm going to be in 3 days of training starting will be a nice break from work.
- Kris

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