Saturday, February 28, 2015

Another night of hockey

 Another local ice carving... a hockey team!
I swear a plane was doing loopty loos around Fairbanks at lunchtime... and I thought that was just weird (The same plane made both these contrails). And it was almost like he was circling around and going higher.  Anyway... it WAS a beautiful day out there today! *smiles*

I had a busy day at work today, although I was able to get most of my notes done (from this week and today). There were two notes I didn't get to, one was an intake and the other I could not do until someone else does their part.

After work I went by my son-in-law's work and picked up a couple free hockey tickets (one for tonight and one for tomorrow night).  My granddaughter was going to go hang out with some friends tonight and tomorrow night she has to work.  So I *scored* (YAY!).

And our hockey team won tonight... although there was a point that we were tied at 4-4, I think the final score was 6-4.   And of course... I ran into another client that was sitting almost directly behind me. (It's not that I don't LIKE my clients... I do... but it feels awkward running into them at various venues... it's just part of living in a small town).

After the hockey game, I came home with the intent to unpack at least one more box in my "Office" but then I got distracted downstairs. I ended up kind of reorganizing a storage area under the stairs and then got all my Christmas stuff put into the downstairs hallway closet (trying to keep all the Christmas stuff together). I hadn't really put away the Christmas stuff from this past Christmas, I had just stuck it in my guest bedroom down there. SO I cleared that out, now all I have to do is get my son-in-law and granddaughter to come over and help me move the huge wall unit thing over against the wall.  I also need to straighten up the closet in that room.  And at some point, I need to have someone come over and help me put up all my various artwork around the house here.  Slowly, but surely... things are getting done.

Okay... it's after 1am. I'm sitting here drinking a glass of red wine (after all the work downstairs, I felt like I deserved it!) and I'm having some crackers with seafood salad. Num, num.

Time to think about heading to bed. I'm hoping to get up and get going in the morning to go buy a bunch of bags of pellets for the wood stove (as much as my car can carry) and get back home with it by noon.  We are supposed to have a winter storm warning starting at noon tomorrow, with high winds and blowing snow (up to 4" of snow with 40 mph winds... fun).  I do plan to go to the hockey game tomorrow night (as long as I can see enough to drive). I am hoping that the storm doesn't come until AFTER the hockey game... I would be quite content to stay home on Sunday and finish unpacking boxes and working on my "office."

- Kris

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Easier Thursday

Another local ice carving... a bear playing with a penguin

Work was fairly easy today, the morning was spent in training, and then this afternoon I had a meeting and then only had 1 appointment.

Tonight I did manage to get one more box unpacked (starting on my office). For dinner I made a couple boneless, small pork chops and then had some macaroni & cheese and applesauce with it. Num, num!

Not much else to write about (although apparently we are expecting blizzard conditions this weekend... fun).

Okay... signing off...

- Kris

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tired Wednesday

Thought I would post a couple photos and hope they post. One is of my Turkish Lamp. One of my co-workers picked me up a couple globes for my lamp (one globe got broken when it was shipped over here).  She got me 2 globes, so I could alternate (Three of one style, 2 of the other).
The other photo is of a "Pittsburg Penguins" (hockey team) gnome. It came from my friends on the East coast.

Work was busy today because everyone showed up. I have a cancellation tomorrow afternoon, so I hope I can get caught up on notes. I only got 2 done (one from yesterday and one from today)... but that means I still have 8 more notes to write.

I've been vegging tonight. I did restart my pellet stove and have it running again. (Did I mention that it is costing me over $1000 for oil... and it was just filled 2 months ago... guess I need to turn the temp down in the house!). 

I've been watching a couple of my favorite shows... the first of the season for "Survivor" and "Amazing Race." Although that's going to go until 11pm, so I don't think I will stay up and watch the whole thing.

Okay... signing off...

- Kris

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not TOO busy Tuesday

 Work went okay today... not so busy (with some cancellations). Of course... again all the afternoon appointments showed up, so I didn't get those notes done and I have a full schedule tomorrow with no cancellations as of this afternoon.

I did (hopefully) finally get the paperwork submitted for reimbursement of my hotel costs from when I arrived back in October... hopefully they won't tell me there are any more problems.  Although it won't get processed til March sometime.

After work I came home and took the dogs out and then I headed out to North Pole because my granddaughter invited me to her end of year Hockey banquet (my daughter had to work so she couldn't go). They had pulled pork sandwiches, corn on the cob, beans and coleslaw. It was good. My granddaughter got a "pin" this year along with a couple certificates and she got a special award as basically having the most team spirit, and going the extra mile... i.e. helping out when needed, dressing out and showing up even though she knew she might not play, helping the team out when they went to the State tournament in Anchorage (she's 3rd string goalie at this point, but I think one of the goalies is graduating next year). I was proud of her.

I was glad I don't LIVE in North Pole though... there were at least 2 cars in the ditch on my way out to North Pole (one was a military guy in a truck off to the side of the road, the other was a woman who overreacted to the folks slowing down for THAT situation and she ended up in the median.   On the way back, I saw at least 3 cars in the ditch, and one overturned car. There was a cop at one of the cars and a tow truck at another.  I think they emergency responder folks have been busy since Sunday on that stretch of road.  (It's the same road that had 2 ambulances go into the ditch on Sunday).

Okay... it's late... almost 11pm... I was going to upload more photos (not sure if the sunset photo from tonight will upload), but my computer is being a pain.  So... gonna sign off.

- Kris


Monday, February 23, 2015

Icy Monday

No photos for today... sorry.

I think the majority of my co-workers and I had hoped that clinic would delay coming to work (or shutdown for the day like some of the other businesses)... but no. And then I had several clients cancel today (THEY were smart). So, at least it was an easier day. I had two of my co-workers that didn't come into work until noon today because of problems (one ended up in a ditch).

I did come home for lunch and as I was going down a neighboring street, there was a guy out playing with his kids and he was ice skating in the road.  Yea, we have THAT much ice on the roads. He was off to the side of the road, so wasn't a danger.  My daughter chose not to go into work today (probably a good idea).

I've already had two clients cancel for tomorrow. It has rained off and on today and now it is snowing, we've already got about an inch of snow on the ground. THAT is going to be fun to drive on tomorrow. YIKES!

On another note... I got heating oil delivered today and delivered 365 gallons of oil (I had 450 gallons delivered just after I moved into the house in December). So... that's a whopping $1021.72 that I owe. (another YIKES!).  I'm getting set up on an automatic payment plan, so hopefully the payments will even out.

After work I went and got my  nails re-done. I had several nails that were smeared. There's no reason for that if they are gel nails on the surface. So... now they are the way they should be.

Okay... I'm going to sign off... I've been watching "The Bachelor's" I'm disappointed with who he sent home tonight.

- Kris

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Icy Sunday...

One of the things I did today was put together my new wine rack. :) Good thing I don't have more wine! (I gave my daughter a couple bottles of wine and that box to the right has 3 bottles from Normandy).

So... it rained overnight and the roads were VERY hazardous, they even shut down our airport today for about half the day. I heard that there was a 7 car pile-up on the highway and a semi-truck off the road, and that two ambulances ended up in the ditch.  Good day to stay home.  I did, for most of the day. I've been doing some laundry (washed my sheets/bedding) and I put together my wine rack. I had my normal Sunday brunch... although instead of toast, I had pan fried potatoes with my bacon and my eggs. 

Later this afternoon I went and got my nails done. I had asked for gel over the color (I usually just get clear), but it is very apparent they didn't do that. Grrr... guess it is time to find a new place to get my nails done.  I also did a little more grocery shopping and I bought a new lamp for downstairs (because I found the one plug-in that the light switch just inside the door to the "library" controls).  So... that calls for another lamp (right?).

I also gave the dogs a bath today, so they smell much better now.'s after 10pm, so I'm going to sign off...

- Kris

Made it back to Fairbanks

Just a short post. I made it back to Fairbanks okay, no problems. I got in about 4:40pm. I was delayed about an hour leaving LAX, but thankfully I had enough of a layover at each stop so it wasn't a people. My daughter met me at the airport and brought me home, then I went out to her house to pick up the pups and to meet her new dog Bear. He is a huge Alaskan Malamute. The doggies were happy to come back in their own home and were chasing each other around the house.  I went to the Ice Dogs hockey game and they won. I also did some grocery shopping afterwards because it had started to rain - all of the greater Fairbanks area will be an ice rink tomorrow with rain being predicted overnight and in the morning.

Bedtime now, so will sign off. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Staying at Bellows

I have very poor reception out here at Bellows,  so I may have to skip a blog (I'm hoping that this will post). I managed to get a 2 night reservation here at Bellows,  so I am out here with aslt, Bette and Nikki.
It's beautiful out here.

Okay,  signing off,

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ford Island

I had a good day, I went down to Magic Island this morning for a couple hours,  I was in heaven. I LOVE listening to my I pod while sunbathing and I love being in the water!

I came back and picked up my friends  (Walt, Bette and Nikki) and we went to Dixie Grill for a late lunch.  I  had crab and it was DELICIOUS!  I had a WHOLE pound of crab. (No worries,  I skipped dinner tonight ).

Then we headed over to Ford Island to see the USS Utah and the back side of the Arizona.  We also went down to watch  sunset at Magic Island tonight. 

I've been hanging out tonight watching some TV. I am hoping to go snorkeling at Hanauma Bay tomorrow morning.

OK,  I'm going to sign off.
Good night,

Monday, February 16, 2015

Whew! I finished my 8th Great Aloha Race!

Yep, I did it. I did it by putting one foot in front of the other. 8.2 miles.  I'm so thankful for another opportunity to walk the GAR and that I am still physically able to. 

I was impressed by some of the participants,  the firemen dressed in full gear raising money for the Kapiolani Children's Cancer center,  the older nun, the little man that took quick tiny steps,  the guy that weighed about 350 pounds (he DID finish), the very old lady that was walking with possibly her daughter.  The old lady was walking very slowly hunched over.  And I never tire at watching all the freedom runners.
After the race I went back downtown and took a couple photos down there before coming back to the room to change and head down to the beach.

Nikki met me down at the beach and then we went shopping.  I got some tops for work.   Then we came back to the room and Nikki made some awesome speghetti for dinner.  Walt and Bette came over for dinner as well.

Now we are watching the Bachelor before we head to bed.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wonderful Dinner at Little Village

Didn't do much today, took it easy and visited with my friends Walt and Bette. We walked to Sam's Club for a hotdog lunch and then to McDonald's for a Hot Fudge sundae.

I met with one of my college classmates at 4:30pm and we drove over to The Little Village Restaurant where we met up with a couple other classmates for dinner. I got my favorite dishes which include Spring rolls, Garlic Fried rice and honey walnut shrimp.  Num, num!  Good food and good friendships.

Tonight we are watching The Bachelor show. And tomorrow I have to be up early, I'm having a taxi pick me up at 6:10am.

So, G'night,

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Picked up my Race Packet

Had a relaxing morning and then I went over to Great Aloha Expo and wandered around for a bit after I picked up my race bib and stuff. Then I came back and picked up my friends and we went to the Pearl Ridge mall.  We didn't quite make it to watch sunset but I got the above photo.  Then we stopped by Denny's for dinner before coming back to the room.

Okay, I'm going to sign off

Friday, February 13, 2015

Trip around of the Island

We had a great day touring Oahu. We started off at Diamond Head lookout, then headed to the Halona Blow Hole, but it wasn't blowing. We checked out Eternity beach and looked out over Sandy Beach. From there we stopped at the Mokapuu lookout and took pictures of Rabbit Island.  Next stop was at Bellows for a potty break and to get gas. Then we stopped at Windward mall so Bette and Walt could get their bus pass.  Then we continued our journey with a stop at the Boyodo-In Temple, then to the Mac Nut farm and Chinaman's hat park before going to Laie Point. I think from there we went to Giovanni's for shrimp. For desert we went to Ted's Bakery and I got a piece of Chocolate Haupia pie. We stopped briefly at Sunset Beach and then went Turtle hunting at Haleiwa and were rewarded with not only a turtle, but also a double rainbow. :). We came home after that and dropped off Walt and Bette and came back to the room.  I talked Nikki into going down to the Hilton Hawaiian Village to listen too Jerry Santos and his Olomana band. It was a great way to finish off the day.

Okay, its 11:30pm, past my bedtime.

Nikki, Bette and Walt walking under the rainbow bridge
Sea turtle at Haleiwa Beach park
Chinaman's Hat
View from Mokapuu lookout, with Rabbit Island

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day of seeing friends

Just a short list and some photos from tonight at sunset. I enjoyed a long lunch with my former landlord (I had garlic fried chicken, it was good), then I went up to the Army post that I used to work at and saw a bunch of my former coworkers, that was nice. Then I came back and picked up Walt, Bette and Nikki and we headed down to Ala Moana for sunset.  We enjoyed some pizza for dinner afterwards.
Now it is bedtime and time to sign off.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Details, details, details

I took it easy this morning and then went out to UPS to pick up the package my son-in-law sent me. He had it picked up on Monday and it cost $49 to overnight it and I got it today (Wednesday) - they said it was picked up too late to get it here by the next day. Oh well, if isn't one thing it is another. And... Things could be worse.  After that Nikki and I went to get my rental car situation. What originally was supposed to cost me $468, now cost me $286 for 4 days and is costing me another $436.  Grrrrr.

This afternoon we sat out by the pool for a bit, then we went to Zippy's for dinner with Walt and Bette. Then we dropped Walt off because he was tired and Bette, Nikki and I went down to watch the sunset.

Okay, signing off.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hiking Diamond Head

So, my friend (and former coworker) Walteolder derpicked me up today and we went over and hiked Diamond Head today. It was a beautiful day (as you can tell from the photos). After we made it safely back down, we celebrated with some shave ice.  Then we went to the Rainbow Drive-in, which is supposed to be Obama's favorite drive-in.

Then I came back to the room and rested and took a shower before Nikki and I headed out to pick up Bette and Walt.  They were looking good, especially considering that I haven't seen them for about 5 years. We found an unattended wheelchair as we came into the terminal, so we snagged it and used it to get Bette all the way down to where we had to go out to get to my car.  We also found an unattended luggage cart and used that for the baggage. I dropped Nikki off at the apartment and I took Walt and Bette around to their hotel and got them all situated and then walked them back to Nikki's for dinner.  We didn't get to go see the sunset tonight, hopefully tomorrow night. After dinner we walk Walt and Bette up to their room, then Nikki and I walked up to Walmart and Sam's club to get Walt and Bette some groceries for the morning. Then we went back and visited a bit.

Now its bedtime for another night.

P.S. read below the photos

So, we stopped here at this bench and an older woman stopped and sat and was determined that she couldn't make it any further.  I told her about my bad knees and apparently her husband had 2 artificial knees and an artificial ankle and he was able to make it to the top. I talked her into finishig the hike with us and promised to go with her every step.  Well, she made it to the top (and back down).  She said the rest of the way wasn't as bad as the first part and was thankful for the encouragement.  The analogy wasn't lost on me. It is a lot like life. Sometimes we give up at the hardest point, not realizing that the hardest part might have already been overcome. And with support and encouragement, you can overcome almost any obstacle.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Another beautiful day in Hawaii Nei

This morning I went with Nikki to watch so e Senior softball games and enjoyed a potluck afterwards.  Then we wandered around Ala Moana mall for a couple hours before having an early dinner at Bubba Bumps. The shrimp was delicious!

Then it was time to head over to walk around Magic Island and watch sunset.  I got some good photos of sunset and we are pretty sure we saw the green flash. *smiles*

Tonight we are watching "The Bachelor", and we are enjoying it.  Time to sign off.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hanging out in Hawaii

I've had a good day. This morning I finished up with a book that I was reading. Then we went over to the Aloha Stadium to the flea market there.  From there we headed over to Ford Island where we visited the USS Utah memorial.  That was interesting, we met an older woman who said her husband was in the Utah when it sank. So she was out there to visit him.  Then we went over to visit the back side of the USS Arizona (to take pictures of it from the Ford Island side).  From there we headed over to the Navy Exchange and wandered around there a bit (and I bought a few groceries).  By that time there was just enough time to swing by the apartment and drop off the groceries before heading back to Ala Moana for sunset.  Tonight we had Caesar salad for dinner and have just been visiting since then.  Okay, time to sign off.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Made it to Hawaii

Just a short post to let you know I made it to Hawaii and I did make it to Ala Moana for sunset.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Quick post

Sunset tonight in Fairbanks.

Just a quick note as I wait for the cab to come pick me up and take me to the airport. It got down to about -40 today so happy to be heading out.

Work went well, I had two no-shows, and then had a co-worker shadow me on the other two intakes and then they wrote up the last note (and I perused it before they did).

So... dogs are dropped off and I am ready to go...

- Kris