Saturday, January 31, 2015

Another night of hockey

So... after a lazy morning, I did get some boxes unpacked this afternoon (I unpacked the boxes with my wine in it and ended up ordering a wine rack, so I have some place to put them all). I also unpacked a couple other boxes. I need to get busy with the unpacking though... I need to find a swimsuit or two to take to Hawaii and I'd like to find my snorkel gear to take.

I left about 6pm and headed out... went looking for a large outdoor thermometer that goes down to -60 below, so the next time my thermometer pegs out at -40, I can look at the new one to see just how cold it is (and providing it doesn't get colder than -60). It's supposed to be above zero tomorrow, I'll believe that when I see it. I think today it hovered around the -20's.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to go get my nails done BEFORE the Super Bowl game, then come back home and watch it.  I need to think about packing for my upcoming trip to Hawaii.

Okay... signing off...

- Kris

Friday, January 30, 2015

Still chilly, darn it!

 Clear and cold this morning... -40 AGAIN.  They keep telling us the weather is going to warm up, I will believe it when I see it! The above photo was taken at lunchtime.
It's nice getting off work and having it still be light out! Within a week or so, I should be able to see sunset after work (if the skies are clear).

Work went okay today, I had to do "intakes" all day, had one cancellation, so it made things a LITTLE easier.

At the end of the day my friend Kathy called me and told me they were going out to celebrate her 58th birthday and asked if I wanted to join them. So I did, but it was a LOT of hustling. I basically had an hour from the time I got off work to make it out 20 miles out of town.  I had to stop and get gas, and I had to run home to let the dogs out and THEN head out... and then of course, there was an accident tying up traffic along the way.  We went to a restaurant that we used to go to when I lived up here before. We only went for special occasions.  I probably won't go again very often. It was almost $40 JUST for MY meal. I had 2 appetizers. I had Lobster & Crab stuffed mushrooms and beer batter halibut. Portion-wise it was just about right for me.  I had to eat and run though, because I had tickets to the Ice Dogs game tonight. We lost 4-3 or something like that (or 3-2). What was really junky about the game was their darn goalie kept kicking his net off its posts every time he felt threatened. AND, we had one goal right at the end that was mis-called (in my opinion and of the majority of the folks there) and that caused havoc (people started throwing things on the ice). And, the goalie kicked the net off AGAIN.  I'll bet there will be some brawls tomorrow night! I'd like to give their goalie a swift kick in the backside and make him pay $50 every time he kicks the next out tomorrow night.

Okay... it's about 1am, time to sign off and head to bed. I am SO looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

- Kris

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Another very chilly day!

It was -40 when I woke up this morning and then this evening as I am getting ready for bed, it is -39. WHERE is that warmer weather that is supposed to be coming our way.  One nice thing, is that with the colder weather, the skies have been clear which make for some nice photos.

Work went okay today, I didn't have any appointments scheduled (I had a couple cancellations this afternoon and we had training this morning). I was able to get some paperwork done that needed to be done by tomorrow. So, it wasn't a wasted day. AND, I got a free massage! Apparently they have a person that comes twice a week in the afternoons and does 30 minute massages. I'm usually busy with clients and you have to book your time way ahead. Anyway... it was a nice treat today.

Tonight I went to my granddaughter's hockey game. Her team won 4-1 (She didn't play). I got to know one of the other parents on the team (another goalie's parent). Tonight was their last hockey game of the regular season, I think they have a couple games coming up in the tournament after the season.  I may go to the "Ice Dogs" games this weekend, they are actually playing 3 nights this weekend - they played tonight.'s almost 11pm. I'd better sign off.

- Kris

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Third Chilly day

 Not a very good photo... but you can see a "sun dog" around the sun... it's kind of a rainbow that rings the sun.

Bring me your wounded, your brave... home of the land of free and the brave.
Work was relatively easy today. In part because it was another VERY cold day, ranging from the (minus) -30's to the (minus) -40's, so I had a cancellation due to a car not starting.  And this afternoon was taken up with training (learned some things today, I guess that is always good).  And tomorrow I have training most of the day (no appointments scheduled anyway).  Then there's Friday and then the weekend! YAY!
After work I went by the Post Office and the grocery store (the one on the local military installation). I was bummed when I found out they had changed their "self-check-out" lanes to where you are not allowed to use them unless you have less than 15 items. Argh! You can have more than 15 items and have them fit into the four bags that the unit is set up to hold. I *hate* going through the check-out lane, because #1, I'm cheap, I don't like paying the baggers, especially when I feel I can bag the groceries better and #2, I've yet to have a bagger bag my groceries the way *I* want them bagged. Which isn't too unreasonable. In fact... IF I have to go through a normal check-out lane... I SEND the groceries down the way I want them bagged... does that help, NO.  And today was no exception. I guess my pet peeve is because once upon a time, I *was* a bagger... and I was TAUGHT how to bag groceries correctly. AND, because I've not had much luck with baggers since then.
Okay... that's my rant.
And it's already 10:30pm... I've been watching some TV (had sushi for dinner!) and I've been doing some laundry and doing some "bill" stuff.  Where does the time go.  Ha! Maybe I should call in sick and stay home for a day! One of my co-workers called in Monday (when she was supposed to be the "on-call" person for the day) and another co-worker called in sick yesterday AND today (and she was supposed to be the "on-call" person for the day yesterday). My supervisor also called in sick this morning saying he had to stay and take care of his wife (hope she is okay... he did make it to training this afternoon, but then left right after that). Weird week. Another (new) co-worker didn't make it in one day because their car didn't start in the cold weather.  And me... yea... I'm there... every day. And as great as the temptation is to call in, 99% of the time I won't call in sick. (I have taken ONE day off sick here... and I *was* legitimately sick.
Okay... signing off... looking forward to Hawaii next week.
- Kris

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another C-C-C-Cold Day!

 Driving in town when it is in the -40's, you get some ice fog...
 But sometimes you can get away from the main part of town and it's clear... with a LOT of frost and snow on the trees
 Looking across the field to some of the nearby hills, where it is generally about 15-20 degrees warmer
This healthy raven was near fish and game, I can't help but wonder if it is chewing on a skull or something that might have been left out. He sure was guarding it pretty good!

So... I woke up to about -43 degree weather this morning and now at a little past 10pm, it is -40. It did get up to about -31 about the time I had to get off work today.

Speaking of work, it went okay. I had a couple cancellations, mainly because people don't really want to get out in the frigid cold in this kind of weather. And there's no impetus to do so (they don't get charged if they don't come). I got most of my notes done... all but 2 from this afternoon. I did get some peer reviews done, but we have to do 10 a month, so I still have 3 or so more to get done. Maybe tomorrow?

After work I came home and let the dogs out and then I went out to watch my granddaughter's hockey team play. She was in a bad mood yesterday because her car battery was frozen. Her dad went and bought a new battery for her today, but it still wasn't starting. So she was mad (and hating her car... which at 17, she should feel lucky TO have a car!). Apparently her attitude carried over to school and she got suspended at the end of the day for mouthing off to a teacher. Apparently she didn't tell her coach tonight... and she dressed out for the game. Had they won, they most likely would have had to forfeit the game because of her suspension.  She needs to get her anger under control and not let her anger control her.  They have one goalie out for the season and their original goalie just came back to play a couple weeks ago, he's been out with an injury, but tonight he was looking like he may have re-injured himself. The team plays again on Thursday... and I'm not sure my granddaughter will be allowed to play. It was only a 1 day suspension, so she would be back at school on Thursday, but if I had been her coach tonight, I would have been more peeved than he seemed to be acting.

Oh well... I'm going to sign off and get ready for bed, it's past my bedtime.

- Kris

Monday, January 26, 2015


Creamer's Field at lunchtime... clear blue skies and frosty trees

 Speaking of frosty trees... we also had some "ice fog" this morning.
We had moose outside our building today. It bright sunshine and smiles to all of our faces.
This was AFTER I got off work... that was wonderful... getting off work and having it still be daylight!

So... this morning when I woke up at 5:45am it was -39. And I didn't want to get out of bed.  I got out of bed about 6:15 and it had gotten COLDER! It was down to -48.  BRRRRR! Needless to say, the dogs have been wearing their booties every time they go out.

Work went okay today, I had six appointments scheduled, but I had two "no-shows" and a couple cancellations. At least I was able to get all my notes done from Friday and I did get my notes from today done.   It *was* a nice break this morning (not sure if it was a cancellation or a no-show) and the mama and baby moose showed up outside the front of our building. I even got a "selfie" with it that I put on my facebook page.

After work I went out to my daughter's place. She had gotten me a tee shirt from the Grand Canyon. I'm sure I have one somewhere from there, but the fact that she picked it out especially for me, makes it special.  I took her a jar of my mama's secret recipe Ranch Dressing. I made 3 jars worth, I keep thinking I am going to take a jar over to my neighbor's but it has been pretty darn cold out. I didn't go outside at all yesterday.

On the way home I stopped and filled up with gas, I was down to about 1/4 tank and when it cold as it has been, you don't want it to get any lower.

I also stopped and picked up some Fried Rice while I was out in North Pole at the Pagoda Hotel. Not sure I will do that again, it cost over $15.00 for a pint of Fried Rice.

Tonight I've been watching "The Bachelor" and I've been posting some photos on Facebook.  But... now it's after 9pm, and I need to think about getting ready for tomorrow and bedtime.

- Kris

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Chilly day!

It was another "chilly" day, I think the high was -17. I took it easy this morning, resting and reading facebook. Then I got up and made our "Sunday brunch." This afternoon I did get a few things done. I got my new license plates put on the car (after finding the right phillips head screw driver).  Then I sat with the dogs in the "reading room" (I haven't figured out exactly what I am calling that room). Then I spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking boxes in my bedroom. I think I got 6 boxes unpacked.  What is frustrating, is that I had all my tee shirts nicely folded and the guy that packed them seemed to unfold the majority of them. I still haven't figured out where I am going to put all of my tee shirts. I may get rid of some - trying to decide if I want to hang onto some smaller t shirts in case I manage to lose some of this excess weight I've put on in the past year.

Tonight I have just been watching some TV. Thinking of my oldest daughter as she has been on the plane all day flying back from Arizona where she has been visiting her Dad. It's going to be quite the drastic change in temperatures for her. It's -30 below right now, and it is supposed to get down to -36 tonight.  Brrrr! 

I did fill my pellet stove up tonight (I have to do that every couple days). And I stacked all the remaining bags of pellets together. I think I have about 10-12 bags left. They cost about $6.00 a bag. I go through about a bag a day. I'm not going to have it running while I am in Hawaii. I'll turn down the heat in the house as well during that time. (like mid-60's).

I made my traditional Sunday night dinner... Steak and Potatoes (I wish I liked vegetables better). I did have a small ice cream cone for desert tonight. *smiles*

And tonight I've been watching "Miss Universe." Unfortunately, I already know that Miss Columbia wins (thanks to my facebook feed).

Okay... it's 10:30pm, I had better sign off and go get some things done before I head to bed. And I have to try and get the dogs out one more time. I've been putting their booties on them today and yesterday as I have let them out (They do wear their coats out). They are getting better about letting me put their booties in, although Bruno isn't too sure about it. They are getting better about walking in them as well.

- Kris

Made progress in my Guest room today

 This photo is for my friend Bette. She wants me to post some pictures as I get the rooms "finished" (unpacking). This is my favorite room, although I haven't hung any art on the walls yet (I just have the wrapped photos on canvas above the pellet stove, resting on some rocky outcroppings. I have always wanted a "Flokati" rug in front of a fireplace (wood stove will have to do).  Anyway... this seems to be a nice sitting area that I've got set up (and there is a TV down there if I want to watch). This room is just adjacent to the guest room which I've just about got arranged the way I want. I just need help moving a LARGE piece of furniture that is kind of sitting in the middle of the room right now. There's no way I can move it by myself. I did talk to my son-in-law, hopefully he and my granddaughter can come "muscle" it over to where I want/need it to be.
It got down to -30 at the house here today... so I've been putting the doggy booties on the dogs. They don't care to have them on, but they do protect their paws from the frozen ground.

This afternoon I talked for a little bit with my middle daughter, she got her "birthday present" and it made it there safely. It didn't get broken. Looks like I packed it pretty well. *smiles*.  I also spent about an hour on the phone with my friends Walt and Bette. It was good to talk with them, although I found out Walt had been in the hospital with pneumonia! (WHAT????) and hasn't been eating too well.  He'd better take care of himself so he is well enough to meet me in Hawaii in a couple weeks! And Bette! She fell and fractured a rib... so she will be a little sore when she comes down as well.  These two are NOT getting any younger... all the more reason for them to do what they need to do to stay well. (Both are of "hardy" stock though and they will be 89 and 90 in April!).

Tonight I went to the Ice Dogs game. Last night they won something like 7-1, tonight they lost 2-3. Darn! They were playing a team from Wenatchee.  I sat with a family I used to go to church with when I lived here before... but man! They were cussing worse than sailors!  I've never been fond of cussing... I hope I never develop too much of a comfort for it.

Okay... it's about 1:40am... guess I had better get off here and get the dogs out one more time and head for bed, otherwise I won't get ANYTHING done tomorrow.

- Kris

Didn't do too much else today, but at least I did get *something* done in the house (in the guest room). I didn't even take a shower until about 5pm.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Seeing old friends

Work was busy today and the temperatures hovered between -5 and -10. Supposed to get colder this weekend. This afternoon was hectic as I ended up with basically 3 appointments at the same time (I cut one short and someone saw one of my appointments).

As it was, I didn't leave work until about 5:30pm.  Then I came home and quickly made some cookies to take tonight to a Memorial Service.   The memorial service was for someone I used to go to church with when I lived up here in Alaska before.  It was like a huge (church) family reunion and I got to see about 50 people I used to know (and hadn't seen yet since coming back). And some recognized me before I recognized them.

I didn't get home until almost 10pm and now it's almost 1am (I watched some TV).

Time to head to bed. Oh yea, and we've gotten about 3" of snow today. I hope we don't get too much more right now.

Signing off...

- Kris

Thursday, January 22, 2015

One more work day this week... that will be nice!

Sorry... no photo tonight.

I had a cancellation this morning at work, but then ended up seeing someone for 2 hours that was in a crisis. But, all my afternoon appointments came in, so I still have to do those notes tomorrow. And I have a fairly busy schedule for tomorrow, with someone coming in at 3pm. Hope I get through the notes.

After work I stopped by a local grocery store and ran into three people I used to go to church with.  It was good to visit with them and catch up on news.

Tonight I made up my Mama's Ranch dressing (from scratch). They recommend waiting a day to use it, so the flavors can really come out.  Num, num.  For dinner I had leftover Caesar's Salad.  I need to go eat some strawberries before they go bad.

Okay... I'm going to sign off...

- Kris

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ice Pillars

I didn't take this photo... but isn't cool? A woman named Allisha Libby took the photo.  I did see one tonight (I think they are basically street lights that are open to the sky).  Wikipedia says this about light pillars: 
"Light pillars are a kind of optical phenomenon which is formed by the reflection of sunlight or moonlight by ice crystals that are present in the Earth's atmosphere. They are also called the crystal beam phenomenon.
The light pillar looks like a thin column that extends vertically above and/or below the source of light. The light pillar is prominently visible when the Sun is low or lies below the horizon. It normally forms an arc that extends from five to ten degrees beyond the solar disc. Light pillars can sometimes also be seen arising from the Moon.
Light pillars are formed by reflection from ice crystals with roughly horizontal faces."

Other than that, it was an interesting day today. I only had 1 appointment. I have to say I appreciated the cancellations (and the one no-show... someone I had not met before)... because it allowed me to get caught up on all my notes, including the intakes from last Friday.  AND... it allowed me to work on the lengthy paperwork I needed to get done to get reimbursement for my stay at the hotel when I got here.   I knew I had set my intention to get the paperwork done, and my schedule (miraculously) opened up to allow (although I did stay at work until about 6pm tonight, because the paperwork is rather tedious and cumbersome to fill out, as are most government-related forms).

Rather than come home and make dinner... I stopped by Kentucky Fried Chicken and picked up some chicken strips. I asked for the 3 piece and when I got home, I think there were about 6 pieces in the box. The dogs appreciated that! *smiles*

Okay... it's just after 9pm, I've been watching a "Globe Trotter" show (about Texas) and then watched some American Idol. I'm going to try and head to bed soon (but have a few things to do to get ready for the morning).

- Kris

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sunny days...

Even though it was cold today (-15 at wake up), the sun was out and shining on the trees... it beats the "shades of gray" days... I much prefer days like today (in the winter) that are like a winter wonderland.  The bottom picture is "Creamer's Field", these buildings used to be a Creamery a LONG time ago.  I pass by here daily.

Work went okay, but our computer systems (for entering documentation) was down almost all morning, so guess who didn't get their notes done from Friday. Yep, me.  And I didn't get any notes done from today either. And it didn't help that there were two times when I could have gotten at least one note done, but I had co-workers in my office (well, one time it was my supervisor). Argh!  I do have one cancellation tomorrow (they call appointments the day before). I hope I can get some notes done then!

I finally got some information about what I need to do to get reimbursed for my moving expenses after I got here. I printed out 40 pages of instructions... so at least now I know what I need to do to go forward. I hope I can find some time at work to get the forms completed and scanned and get them sent in this week.

Tonight I made a steak for dinner (didn't make one Sunday night) along with some potatoes (small golden potatoes that are about the size of a golf ball). It was delicious. Of course, I shared the steak with the doggies... they get the fatty parts I don't want and they get the bone. I gave the bone to Peanut first (after dinner) and let her have it for about 5 minutes... then told her she had to give it up to Bruno and she got right up and came to me so that Bruno could chew on it awhile. Bruno got it a little longer (Peanut had gotten the best part), and then he came to me as well, so Peanut could go back over and chew on it again. They've switched out at least 4 times.  They made me so proud that they are sharing without being grumpy about it. *smiles*

Oh yea... one other thing I got done today was I mailed my middle daughter's birthday present off to her. I sure hope it makes it okay. I mailed it priority mail, so she should get it soon. Her birthday isn't until the 12th of February, but since I didn't know for sure how it would go (surface, 1st class, or what, I didn't really expect Priority), I wanted to make sure I mailed it in plenty of time. And I hope she likes it.

Okay... signing off....

- Kris

Monday, January 19, 2015

Somewhat productive day...

Today I went to see the movie "American Sniper." It was pretty powerful, especially since I've met so many men and women who have seen battle in Iraq and Afghanistan. I only closed my eyes once... and that was before "Chris" went on his first "tour." Let's just say it was in the "Darts" scene. I did have to remind myself to breathe a few times.  And I thought it accurately portrayed what some of the wives/spouses have to deal with, both while their Spouses are deployed and when they return. And the last thought I have about the movie... was I was glad with the way it ended. I don't want to give it away... but I appreciate the way it ended (that it wasn't worse). A special treat/surprise was that as I was waiting (forever) to get my popcorn and soda (I just got the kid's pack... just enough for me) was that a friend came in and we saw the movie together. She is a new friend I've made since returning to Alaska.  I met her at the Suicide prevention workshop that I went to. She's also prior military. She's also on her way to becoming a Social Worker.

After the movie I ran some errands... I had to return a lampshade that didn't fit. I also paid some bills... the water/sewer bill and the trash pick up bill. Then I went to one of the local banks and opened up a checking account. I need a local bank/checking account. So... it feels like it has been a productive day, although no boxes got unpacked.  When I got home I went out and tried to fix my mail box. The front isn't staying shut and when I tried to force it... I popped off the top part that the front part latches into. I used Jungle glue. And then I used a rubber band around the mailbox to try and keep pressure onto until hopefully it dries.  I hope it works.

I'm posting early tonight... it's only 6:30pm. I just got done watching "Jeopardy" and now will watch "Wheel of Fortune." Sure wish I could go on WoF with my older sister... between the two of us, we'd knock it out of the park!


- Kris

Sunday, January 18, 2015

YAY for another day off!

Well, today has been almost as lazy as yesterday. I didn't get out of bed until 11am (must have had something to do with going to bed at 3am). Then I watched the Packers/Seahawks game... the last half was a nail-biter and I was whooping and hollering and making the dogs nervous every time the Seahawks scored.  I guess they are the "come-back" kid of the NFL. I think what I liked most was when they faked the punt and got a touchdown. That was my favorite play of the game. And I liked the ending... when the Quarterback was in tears because the team had one and seemed sincerely grateful.
I had to take a break from watching football and I went and had a late lunch with a former neighbor/friend.  She also taught my girls in High School. Then it was back home for more football watching, although I think I did more napping than watching football. I have to say, the Patriots did a pretty good job and it should be an interesting game to watch next weekend.

I had a late dinner... haven't gotten anything done (oh yea... I did get my hair colored today, but other than that and going to lunch... nada!).

Okay... it's 11:20pm. I'm going to try and get to bed earlier tonight.

- Kris

Down side to taking a nap...

Since I'd only be posting another hockey photo... I'm going to skip it.

I have to say... and I've probably said it before... but I think one of the things I've enjoyed the most about moving back to Alaska and into my house (WITH A YARD), is that for the first time in about 6 years, I can choose to stay in my pajamas ALL day (and night) if I want to!  Which is pretty much what I did today. I got up around 9-10 and lazed around on the computer... then made a bite to eat and then laid back down for a nap with the dogs.  I didn't get much done today. I did spend a significant amount of time trying to box up something to send to my middle daughter for her birthday (I may have mentioned that UPS and FedEx both wanted $200 to pack and ship, give or take $25 or so (over and above). So... I decided to package it up myself and I've been trying to figure out the safest way to pack it up in hopes it won't get broken in the mail. It's an odd size.   And as I was putting the finishing touches on it tonight, I ran out of packing tape! GRRR! Now if I can just find the 1-2 rolls I know I have around the house here, all would be great.

Tonight I did get dressed and I went to the UAF-UAA hockey game. We lost again tonight, although we had tied the game with less than 2 minutes left on the clock. But, UAA won in overtime. I have to say, their goalie is awesome. UAF outshot UAA something like 14-1 (for every 14 shots on goal we had, they had 1 on our goalie). Anyway... kudos to their goalie. AND, everyone pretty much kept the penalties to a minimum, UAA had more penalties than UAF, and they did get a game misconduct with one of their players getting ejected from the game.  After the game I went by the store because I wanted to pick up some buttermilk because I want to make my mama's home-made ranch dressing. And I ran into a couple I used to go to church with and catch up with what their kids are up to.

But... now it's 3am and I'd better think about getting to bed. THAT is the downside to taking a nap.
Guess I had better sign off and hit the sack.

- Kris

Friday, January 16, 2015


Some photos from tonight's hockey game. UAF vs UAF for the annual "Governor's Cup". The Governor was even there to drop the puck! UAF lost though, 2-1.  And it didn't help that UAF got a LOT of penalties. They got 15 penalties for a total of 87 minutes in the penalty box. Had UAF not given UAA so many power plays (that's when they scored their 2 points, was during power plays), then maybe UAF could have won.  I did run into a couple people that I used to know when I lived up here before.  It's always night to run into people I knew before. They also had an auction on a bunch of stuff for a fundraiser for a hockey player that has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently getting chemo treatment (I think in Seattle). Anyway... I was a high bidder on a pink hockey stick. *smiles*  I thought maybe my granddaughter would like it... hopefully it faces the right way for her (I think it faces left?).

Work went okay today... I had 4 intakes. One of them I couldn't help and that makes me sad (we cannot do home visits and that's what they were asking for).  And then of course... I get a "walk-in" that comes in at the end of the day, so I ended up not finishing up til 5. It wouldn't be so bad, but because we had a potluck at work today at lunchtime... I didn't come home to let the dogs out. Thankfully they made it through the day just fine. 

Okay... signing off...

- Kris

Thursday, January 15, 2015

YAY! I got my laptop back!

Hooray (sorry no photo tonight)... I got my laptop back tonight after work. It's been in the shop for the past 10 days because it needed a new fan. I should have had it back last week, but apparently they got the wrong fan so it had to be reordered. At least it cost less than $100 to get repaired.

Work went okay today, it felt like I stayed steadily busy. I came home at lunchtime and the folks remodeling my kitchen were here to finish up. They ran into some minor snags, but they were able to finish it up this afternoon. 

Tonight I've been baking Chocolate chip cookies. I used my KitchenAid Mixer for the first time (the stand mixer). I have to say, for all that it is hyped up to be, I'm not sure I'm really that impressed with it. I had to keep wiping the edges of the bowl with the spatula because it didn't seem to get all the way to the outside (of the inside) of the bowl.  The cookies turned out really good and I am sure that my co-workers will enjoy them tomorrow. We are having a potluck tomorrow. I also made some Rotel Cheese dip (browned hamburger in tiny pieces, a 3 lb block of Velveeta cheese and a can of Rotel Cheese). I'm going to heat it up tomorrow morning at work in a crock pot. It will be the first time using my new crock pot too (I had sold all my 110 items before I moved to Germany, and then had to sell all my 220 stuff before I moved back here).  Anyway, between making both of those up tonight, it's been a long night... and now it's 10pm and time to get ready for bed... so I'm going to sign off.

- Kris

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's Happy Hu Dar

So, thankfully Wednesday.  Work day went okay. I got all the notes done except the last season.  To night after work I went grocery shopping, then had to rush home and let the home before I headed out to North Pole for my granddaughter's hockey game,e. Now it's 11 pm and bedtime. So I am going to sign off and head to bed.
G'night, kris

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Work finished for the day

I had 6 appointments scheduled today, but I had one cancellation and one no-show. The no-show was at the end of the day which allowed me to get my notes all done for the day.  I went to lunch with co-workers and came home to see one or both dogs tried to use to pad that I put in the entry way (I miss having more tile in the house) and there were two misses.  Guess that will teach me to not come home and let them out at lunchtime.
I haven't been doing much tonight... Just cleaning up the mess and doing some laundry and watching TV.

Okay, not much else to write about

Monday, January 12, 2015

Travel plans

I'm so excited that in about 3 weeks I will be heading to Hawaii!  And today I went online and made reservations for my birthday week. I'm going to go to Las Vegas and see my friend Michelle and her family. I may hit up a casino or two as well. *smile*. It is costing less than $12.00 along with some airline miles.  I also found out that I've been approved for a 3-4 day training down in Tacoma in May (20th or so).  I'm so excited to be able to do some traveling.

Work went okay today, I had one cancellation, but they were rescheduled to tomorrow thankfully.  It's someone that I've been worried about, so hopefully they won't have to cancel for tomorrow.  That means I have a full schedule.

After work I went to see about using Fed-Ex and/or UPS to mail my middle daughter's present, but both  were going to charge me $200 give or take $25 or so to pack and ship her gift.  Sheesh!  I guess I will have to think of an alternative.

Tonight I'm just watching "The Bachelor", I like watching Reality TV.

OK, signing off.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Super lazy Sunday

I got up this morning and watched the Cowboys and Packers game, I was glad that the Packers won. Then  I proceeded to take a nap.  I did get my Oatmeal cookies made today. And I unpacked three boxes with pictures and mirrors and stuff in them.  I still haven't unpacked the boxes in my bedroom, something that should be higher on my "to-do" list.

My oldest daughter stopped by after she got off work, I needed to give her some money and I went ahead and gave her a birthday card and her birthday present.  Oh, and did I mention that I haven't gotten out of my pj's all day?  And I haven't had a shower?  Yep.  And guess who's neighbor stopped by? Yep.  He was asking about the pet pheasant and wanted to make sure I was feeding it.

Not much else to write about tonight, so I will sign off.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hockey on Saturday

Tonight I went to the Fairbanks Ice Dogs game and splurged and bought a Jersey (the military appreciation jersey). I figured I'd get at least 3 years worth of use out of it. So now I have a Nanooks jersey and an Ice Dogs jersey. *smiles* and the Ice Dogs won tonight 5-0.

Today was a fairly lazy day, although I did get two more boxes unpacked. And I ran some errands.  O had to go get some 110 light fixture things for my Himalayan salt lamps so that I can use them. I also bought a Humidifier that I thought I would try to use for the dogs and I because it is so dry up here. And I got my nails done. 

I had started to make some oatmeal cookies, but apparently I haven't found the vanilla that I sent in my household goods, so I had to buy more today.  So, tomorrow I will make the cookies finally!

I found out tonight that someone I used to go to church with, passed away.  Just a couple weeks ago someone else that we both went to church with (and a mutual friend) passed away.  I guess he (Gary) just passed away this afternoon, not sure what the cause was.  I sent my condolences to his wife.

Okay, signing off... It's about 12:15am and I am hoping to be up to watch the Cowboys -Seahawks game, which will air up here starting at 9am


Friday, January 9, 2015

Cirque du Soliel Dralion

Well, I was good and didn't take any photos, but the show was good. Kati & Tay enjoyed it.  We went out to dinner beforehand at an Asian restaurant.

Work went okay today, I only had 4 appointments scheduled and one of those was a no-show. I wasn't able to get two of the notes written though because I had to wait on someone else to do their part.  Best news was that the doc that saw one of my patients today agreed with my recommendation for that person.

Not much else to write about tonight, so will sign off, it's 11:20pm.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Almost Friday

So... I was wondering if I had captured a meteor in this photo... Hmmm.

Work went okay today, I had one cancellation and one no-show, so I was able to get all my notes done and was able to do some extra documentation on one particular case.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the extra documentation will pay off and have the results that I am hoping for.

After work I went to a support group for Gastric Bypass, it was okay, although most people there were waiting/hoping to get surgery and there were 2 there that recently had surgery.  I did get to meet the local doc doing the surgery, he seemed nice (and was VERY handsome!). 

Tonight I was going to try and make some Oatmeal cookies. I had started to make them the other day and realized that I didn't have baking powder.  Well, tonight I didn't have Cinnamon. I'm pretty sure I have some in boxes somewhere around here.  So, no Oatmeal cookies tonight. I *did* get one more box unpacked tonight.  Wish I could unpack at least one box a night.

BTW, my laptop is still in the shop, so I am having to type my blog on my iPad, so blame any typos on having to use an on screen keyboard.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night, I get to go see Circ de Solei (sp). I'm going with my daughter and granddaughter and I am excited to watch them enjoy it.

Okay, time to sign off,

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Not so bad day...

Work went okay today, I had a couple cancelations which allowed me to go renew an ID (and amazingly it went really fast). After work I went and ran some errands.  I wanted to buy a card table to put in my garage next to my washer and dryer so I can use it to put clothes on when I take them out of the dryer.

And I'm bummed, because I thought I might still be able to use the glass globe that I had for my Turkish table lamp, but the only thing holding it together is the glue that was used to put the beads on. Darn it. And I doubt if they can replace it or fix it.  And I know they won't replace all 5.  Grrrr!

Noy much else going on, it's been a relatively quiet night.  At least it has warmed up for the -30this morning.  Right now it is -18, but by tomorrow we are supposed to be back above zero!

Okay, signing off,

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Early night?

Just a short blog tonight.   Work went okay, I had 2 cancelations. That just means that I was able to get my notes done for the day. One of my appointments was interesting, as I used to work in the same company with the parent of the person.  I didn't work directly with the parent, but close enough that once I heard the name I was able to visualize the parent. Its a small world up here.   After work I went and did some grocery shopping. I did pick up some baking soda, but after making home made Chicken Fried Rice, I'm not up to making the Oatmeal cookies that I was planning to make.

Not much else to write about tonight, so I am going to sign off and hopefully go to bed early tonight.  It was about -30 below most of the day.  Its about 7:45pm right now.

Monday, January 5, 2015


So, I got THE best news today. My middle daughter has had two articles accepted for publishing!  She needed this so she can get tenured at the college where she works.  I'm SO proud of her!  Now she can get a new car, she had told herself that she wouldn't get a new car until she was published.

Up here in my neck of the world it has been very cold again, the coldest we have had this winter. It has been about -30* below all day.  Brrrr! I had one no-show at work today and a couple cancellations. So it made for a light work day.  After work I took my laptop over to a computer repair shop to be fixed. And I diagnosed it correctly, I need a new fan.  I liked the guy that helped me, he  actually took it in the back and did a preliminary check and agreed with me.  We were talking and he asked me where I worked and what I did, and I told him. Come to find out his daughter who just finished up her senior year in December is interested in becoming a Social Worker, so I spent about twenty minutes talking to her about the Social Work field.  Her daddy ended up saying he was going to charge me about half of what it would have been. *Big Smile*. 

Tonight I've been watching "The Bachelor". I haven't seen this show for 4 years, as they didn't show it in Germany. I was going to make some Oatmeal cookies until I realized I didn't have any Baking Soda. Guess I will be making a stop at the store tomorrow. I also talked to my friend Nikki in Hawaii, I'm looking forward to spending some time with her when I am there next month.  It sounds like she has been having a good time with her sister there.

Oh yea, and I got my permanent (not paper) license in the mail today. Yay.

Okay, signing off,

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Day of rest!

After staying up SO late, I slept in until almost noon, then I got up and let the dogs out for a minute in VERY cold weather, it was -25*. Brrrr!  Then we had our traditional Sunday brunch (2 eggs over easy, 2 pieces of toast and bacon). Then we laid down for a 2 hour nap.  I didn't get much done around the house, I did move my night stand to the window side of my bedroom and then I moved a dresser around and moved the TV out of the bedroom into my living room (temporary until I get my other TV either fixed or replaced.).  I did finally find the missing hardware for the TV stand, but I can't figure out how to put it together. Tonight I found the instructions online, I'm hoping I can figure it out with them.

Okay, keeping this short.

It's past 3am, think I should head to bed?

The moon setting over Fairbanks about 3:30pm today (1/4/15)
I went to the Nannoks game again tonight. It was a shut-out, with UAF beating Ferris State 6-0.

About 11:30pm I went Aurora hunting... Here are a couple photos.

Let's see, other than that, I did manage to get some more boxes unpacked and ran some errands today. I picked up a matching table lamp to the one I had already bought. I tried to drop my computer off at a couple places to get fixed, but one place said they only work with software issues and the other place is closed until Monday.  I did go ahead and cancel my cable TV, it's not worth $35/month for the basic cable when I can get 2 digital antennaes for $60. I also stopped by Verizon and got a $20 reduction on my monthly phone bill which was nice (for the same amount of data).

And I took Peanut to the Vet to get her stitches out, and while I was there the Vet offered to clip Bruno's nails for free.  And I got out of there without any $$ out of pocket.  Guess it was a good day for saving a little $$.

Okay, I'd better head to bed, it is almost 3:30am

Friday, January 2, 2015

UAF Hockey!

I went to the UAF Nanooks hockey game tonight and had my photo taken with "Nook", mainly so I could share the photo with my youngest daughter and granddaughter.  UAF won the game tonight... And I am going again tomorrow night.

Work went okay today, I did have one no-show (not someone I have seen before).  I did get my notes done, but then stayed late to get my peer reviews done, they are supposed to be done by Friday.

I called to get credit for my Enterprise car rental, in hopes of having earned a lot of free days, so I wouldn't have to pay for a rental in Hawaii next month.  But even though I had a rental from them for over 2 months, it would only give me something like 2 free days in Hawaii.  What's up with that?

Tonight I got an error message on my laptop computer, it's related to the cooling system. My guess is that the fan stopped working, so I may drop it off somewhere tomorrow to have it looked at and fixed.

Tomorrow I also have to take Peanut in tomorrow afternoon to get the stitches out of her ears. I hope it isn't too painful for her.

Not much else going on, it's almost 11pm, so I'm going to head to bed soon.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

First day of 2015

Pics from the first day of the New Year (taken out my front window).  It was clear and about +13 out... lots of snow on the trees.  And bless my neighbor's heart... he plowed my driveway last night.

Today has been a LAZY day... although I did empty the last big box that has been sitting in my living room and I put quite a bit of stuff away and I have my dining table cleared off.  I still have a LOT to do... Still haven't found some things... but I know they are here. As far as damage goes, other than the Turkish lamp globe... this move has had the least amount of damage.

Today I even took a nap! What a way to start the New Year! At least I got *some* things done. I did take down my Christmas tree too... but I just put it in another room... I still need to take it apart and put all my Christmas stuff together and put it away.

Okay... it's about 10pm... I'm going to sign off.

- Kris

The end of 2014... what a year it has been!

The dogs are trying to keep me company as I await the midnight hour!  I didn't go anywhere tonight, choosing to stay home. I did finish getting one box unpacked and found the shelves I was looking for that fit in my curio cabinet... which allowed me to clean off one of the kitchen counters.  I feel like I made a *little* progress tonight.  My dining table is still filled with stuff and I need to put stuff away in my shrank... and I've lost the hardware for my TV stand... I'd like to find it and get that thing together, so I can get my TV set up on it.  I think I mentioned that I bought a "lamp table" yesterday, it was fairly inexpensive and it is coming in handy.  I put my other end table downstairs in the library.   I had thought about trying to get my small Christmas tree put away that I have down there, but I haven't.  At lunch time today I stopped by a local lighting shop to figure out which size light bulbs that I need for my Turkish lamp (the tall table one), and found out I need some adaptors. They only had 3, I need 5 for that light and will probably need 1 more for my "genie lamp" light. So, they ordered those for me. I plan to put my Turkish lamp down where my Christmas tree was.

Work went okay today, there was some shuffling around in my schedule, (I had one no-show and one person needed to switch their time... so it worked out).  This afternoon I got all my notes done.

And oops... I just realized I didn't finish this last night... didn't do much in the evening. Got some stuff put away here at the house, one more box is empty and I now have 2 kitchen counters cleaned off to use! YAY!

Okay... signing off.

- Kris