Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This may be my last blog...

Just a photo from 1am this morning/last night.  I could have taken a similar one at 3am when I woke up... but didn't feel like getting out of bed.

Well... I'm thinking about stopping this blog.  There's only about 6 people that read it anyway (and I can email you daily Bette and Walt if you'd like, in place of doing this daily blog). It's been great to be able to look back through them and see when this happened or that happened, or when I went here or there... but otherwise... well.

I had training this morning and then this afternoon I was able to get several things accomplished at work.

It's been a cold, rainy day.  It's about 52* tonight, and it's supposed to get down to 40*. 

It's 10:20pm, past my bedtime (how often do I say that when I am writing this blog?).

- Kris
P.S. IF you are reading this and for some reason I should continue, email me or message me and let me know why YOU think so...  Thanks...

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2nd Day of training...

The  Judge Wichersham museum at Pioneer Park
Originally situated on the corner of 1st Avenue and Noble Street. It was the first house in Fairbanks built with milled lumber and a white picket fence. The lot was purchased in April, 1904 by Judge James Wickersham for $175. He built the house himself that same spring, hauling the lumber down the street on his back. The house was moved to A-67 in 1967, partially restored by the City of Fairbanks in 1977, and placed on the Historic National Register in April, 1979

So, today was spent in training all day. At lunchtime one of my co-workers (the one from Spain) came home with me for lunch and we had grilled cheese sandwiches.  It was a good lunch.

After the training I went over to work to check emails... then it was 5:30pm by the time I got out there (I got sucked into that black hole of the other end of the hallway).

Tonight I've just been watching some TV and spending time on the computer in addition to listening to streaming music.  I hope I don't go over my quota for data. I need to watch that.  Right now I'm listening to some "John Denver".

Okay... keeping this short...

- Kris

Monday, June 1, 2015

Training all day

Taken in Denali Park last month...

Yes, today was spent in Cognitive Processing Therapy all day. It's good training. Some people have mixed feelings about it because it is "manualized"... basically that means that everything is scripted, by the book.  No asking "how was YOUR week."  Got to meet someone that has worked with a former co-worker that I had in Germany, that was kind of neat. Always nice to do a little networking when you can go for training.

After work I went and bought a new weed-wacker. I haven't tried it out... in fact, it is still in the back of my car.

Been watching TV this evening in my bedroom... (at the moment that is the only TV that has reception, but next Saturday I will have Dish Network. I hope I will be happy with it.  I'll just have it on my big TV in my living room (now that the TV is functional again).

Tonight is supposed to get cold...  down to the mid-30's. Last night it snowed just south of North Pole.  For awhile this morning it rained pretty good, I was happy that my yard got a free watering. It'll be interesting to get my water bill this month... I've been doing a LOT of watering.

Okay... it's past 10:30pm, therefore past my bedtime, so I had better sign off.

- Kris

P.S. haven't heard from my friends Walt and Bette lately, hope they are okay!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday and Happy Birthday to my youngest daughter!

Had a lazy morning, woke up about 8am, read through my emails and facebook (while still in bed) finally got up around 10am.  Let the dogs out and then made our "brunch."  I did get a couple loads of laundry done today (including my bedding).  Tonight I put new bedding on the bed (see top picture), the dogs seem happy with it.  I took the dogs for a ride today (something they don't get very often).  We went over to the Pet Store to pick up some new harnesses.  Then I ran out to my daughter's house afterwards. I had those bleu cheese and bacon burgers that I got yesterday, I grilled two of them and didn't much care for them, so I took them out to her, along with some strawberries that I wasn't going to be able to eat up fast enough and had to pick up some mail that she had gotten for me.  I visited with her for a bit and then we headed back into town.
I finally got to meet my neighbor's wife and be officially introduced to his kids. (they are adults). His wife seems nice, a little frail, but very friendly and gave me a dishtowel that she had made.
Tonight I mowed my front yard... still now sure what to do about that large brown spot in the yard... I've watered it SOOO much (almost every night).  The bottom picture was taken from my master bedroom porch/lanai... you can see one of my hanging baskets. 
I also called and told my youngest daughter "Happy Birthday" and talked with my middle daughter that has been there with her for the weekend, so she could go to the Memorial Service and then help my youngest daughter celebrate her birthday.
Okay... 10:42, I had better sign off and get to bed. I'm going to be in 3 days of training starting will be a nice break from work.
- Kris

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Somewhat productive Saturday & My Sister's Memorial Service

 A photo at the beginning of my sister's Memorial Service. My daughters were able to Skype with me and I got to watch all of the service before the phone got too hot and shut down the video feed.  Thank you to my daughters for doing this for me today. It meant SO much!
 Dinner... I only had 1 hamburger... it had bacon bits in it and blue cheese, I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. *frown*  I made 2 patties and shared one with the doggies.
 This stream is about 1 block from where I live (but, to get to this spot, it's about 1/4 mile?).
 They have some wayside picnic areas along the slough/stream.
 This path starts about 1/4th of a block from my house... it's the first time I have taken the dogs for a walk on it (and my first time on the path).  Because they wore their coats over the winter, and have been fenced in since "break-up", I don't know where I put their leashes. So, I think I will take them over tomorrow and get them outfitted with new harnesses.
One of the things I did today was that I mowed my back yard... looks good... will be glad when the grass begins to grow in the areas I refilled with dirt (the previous owner had some big dogs that dug holes).

Other than that, this morning I was out of the house by 9:30am (that's almost a record for me on weekend mornings). I went over to the Farmer's market and got some heatable mittens (using wheat grain and you microwave them), to help out my thumbs when they are in pain.  Then I stopped by "Buns on the Run" and picked up a blueberry muffin.  From there it was over to the Alaska Feed store to pick up some snacks for the dogs... then to Walmart to find something to clean my little pool with (gonna use a net that you use for fish tanks! LOL), and got a couple groceries. Then I had to head home so I could be there in case my daughters (or someone) could Skype my sister's Memorial service, which they were able to do.  After the Memorial Service, I didn't feel up to doing much, so just surfed the web and listened to some mellow music.  Finally I got some energy up and went out and mowed the back yard.  At least doing it during the day, the mosquitos didn't seem as bad.  After resting from that, I went back out to do some more errands. I signed up for Dish Network (they are going to come out next Saturday and install it) and then stopped by Verizon because I had a question about my phone. I have to say, that the Verizon folks have always been very responsive to my questions/needs.  From there I made the mistake of going to Sam's Club... you can't get out of there without spending less than $100. Most of the stuff I bought will last a long time and won't go to waste. I got a pack of 2 steaks (and that's where I got the burgers above) and I bought a 4lb thing of hamburger (I divide it into 4 portions and freeze it.

I came home and made dinner... (and have been listening to my "Echo" music (on my Echo device) almost all day).  Tonight about 9:30 I took the dogs out for a walk (remember, here, that would be like 6pm where you are, because of our extended daylight).  The doggies are worn out... and now it's after 11pm, I'm going to try to be in bed asleep before midnight tonight.

So... g'night,
- Kris

Friday, May 29, 2015

What an emotional rollercoaster day!

It WAS an emotional rollercoaster day. This morning went fine... work wasn't too hectic, but when I came home at lunch time there was a note from my sister-in-law (SIL) asking if I had talked to my brother-in-law (BIL) and said that he had taken my sister's ashes out to the cemetery and that the cemetery would bury her ashes sometime between now and August and that way it would be done and we could have a small service then.  I freaked.  All I could think of is... what if they don't really bury her ashes, what if they put someone else in the grave with her?  I felt like it was abandonment. Talk about mind racing.  I felt like there needed to be a "chain of custody" thing (okay... we know we have my sister's ashes, they are not going to leave our possession until she is safely interred, witnessed by all who want to be there). I felt betrayed... when I left Spokane, it was with the decision (by her Spouse) that they would wait until I came back in August, to inter her then. And the anguish at the thought that she would be buried without someone there to watch/supervise.  I would CERTAINLY hope no one would do that to me.  I called my youngest nephew (my sister's youngest son...) and he didn't know anything about it. Of course... I was a basket case (and those that know me, KNOW that I am not like that very often).  He said he would check into it.  Then after work I had my Physical Therapy (last one... no amount of manipulation will help my hands, so it has been more of how to cope with it and minimize further damage). And the PT person looks SO eerily like my sister, its unnerving.   We finished up early enough that I was able to rush over and meet a co-worker to watch the movie "Aloha." I have to say, I REALLY enjoyed the movie because it had some Hawaiian music in it AND a LOT of scenes from around Oahu... worth going for that alone.  Afterwards I had some text messages from my sister's best friend... pics of the flowers she has put together for tomorrow and so I asked her if she knew about the ashes... she hadn't. But then right after that I got an email from my SIL that she had called the cemetery and the ashes weren't there and she spoke to my BIL and the ashes were still at the house (not sure if my younger nephew had contact his step-father, my BIL by then or not).    And then my sister's friend contacted my BIL and he got all upset about the issue. He is emotionally fragile right now anyway...  (he has beginning Alzheimer's and I would bet that he would meet the criteria for Asperger's).  About that time I was getting text messages from my other nephew's wife with concern about the location of the service (she hadn't been there before and it sounds like it is pretty run down and she doesn't think it will be big enough to hold everyone... and she feels her MIL deserved a nicer place). Anyway... I tried to get her to understand that it was there because my YOUNGER sister couldn't contact HER parish, (supposedly the priests were on retreat and apparently they DON'T ??? have a receptionist???).  And my younger sister wouldn't return my SIL's phone calls... (not to even let her know that she apparently couldn't get ahold of anyone)... so with my BIL being anxious about having all the pieces in place (and my SIL is dealing with her OWN health issues and issues of mortality right now), they went with a place they knew they could get.  Anyway... dealing with my nephew's wife about that... and I was still an emotional basket case and I can't cry and talk at the same time... I told her about the issue with the ashes (but reassured her they were still at the house).  And of course she became very upset too.  Then she talked to my nephew when he got home and he was upset and called my BIL who was very reactionary... but my nephew called me back and assured me that they would NOT try to inter my sister's ashes until I got there.  Because of my BIL's fragile emotional state... I would prefer if one of my nephews took charge of my sister's ashes.  Not just because of the incident today... but because he is like a reed in the wind, bending back and forth.  And, apparently he has been staying away from the house and not returning calls and he may just be spooked about having my sister's ashes at the house.

Hopefully the Memorial Service will go off without a hitch tomorrow and then they can talk about the ashes and the internment afterwards. I have asked folks going if they would post a lot of pictures while they are there... I hope so.'s 12:30am, I had better sign off and think about getting to bed.

- Kris

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cooler living!

The old Steamboat Nenana at "Alaskaland"

Quiet day at work, several of my co-workers were off, in fact only 2 of us in my department had patients scheduled today.  It was a quiet day. I got to meet with my supervisor and talk about some concerns he had (not about me) and chatted with my one other co-worker that I get along the best with.  I got all my notes done, except for 1 appointment from this afternoon.  And I got my "Peer reviews" done today. So, I felt like it was somewhat of a productive day.  Although even with several co-workers off today, I still didn't get out of work until 5pm. I had called a patient about something and they didn't call back until about 4:30, then I had to talk with a peer about the call and then had to document the call.   So... even though the talkative one wasn't there today, I *still* left work late! Argh!  I had planned to go watch my granddaughter play hockey tonight, but then as I was leaving work, my "handyman" family said they could come by and see about getting the screen/storm doors installed and see about a couple other things I had concern about.  As it turned out, they didn't get the screen doors in, but they did find window screens in my storage shed out back (I hadn't noticed they were there, but their son had when they were putting the old kitchen counters in there back in December). So... now I have screens in all my upstairs windows and the two downstairs, so I can at least get some cross-ventilation. Then Rich looked at my back deck and he's supposed to give me an estimate on repairing the deck.  He also set my boiler down to a lower temperature (because it was scalding hot) in hopes of keeping my furnace from running so much.  And he fixed my door in the bedroom (French doors), apparently one had not been shut all the way so it let a LOT of cold air in this past weekend, and just by latching it correctly, I no longer have that problem. Whew!  (You can no longer see daylight through it). They are going to wait and install the screen doors next week (now that I have screens on the window, I'm able to get some cross-ventilation!  THAT is nice!

Now it's 10:30pm, time to think about heading to bed.

- Kris

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Easy Day!

At the Knotty shop

Work was easy today, several cancellations... people tend to cancel more when there is nice weather outside.  And my notes are all done, except for the last note of the day. Tomorrow we are only scheduled for a half day of appointments, and I have a 1pm meeting and then two appointments scheduled.

After work I had to go get physical therapy on my thumbs. The person pretty much said they have done as much as they can/taught me as much as possible about how to cope with it.  It's not going to get any better.  She did give me a couple better (soft) braces for my hands though that makes it easier to type.

I also stopped and got gas, got my car washed, and stopped by Direct TV, I'm thinking about trying it, although it sounds like reception is iffy when there is bad weather.

I've moved the one TV that gets decent reception (now) to my bedroom. So, if I want to watch my favorite shows I've had to go in there.  The upside of that was today I worked on putting away clothes today.  I'll get my clothes all put away yet (and figure out a place to put all the tee shirts.

Okay... I need to sign off, it's 10pm and I need to shut off the water in the backyard.  And then get ready for bed. I'm wearing jeans tomorrow!

- Kris

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back to work after a long weekend...

It's amazing what people will sell up here in Alaska... wanna buy some Alaskan air for $7.95 a bottle????

Work went okay today, I had one no-show and one cancellation. I got 2 of the notes done for today, still have 2 more to do tomorrow.  My supervisor was back today although I didn't see him all morning because I was busy with appointments.

After work I stopped and picked up some soda and then picked up a pizza ($5.00 for a medium) and came on home. The TV repairman beat me home and he has my TV working (my BIG one).  But it only wants to work on the local university channels. I may break down and subscribe to Direct TV. It's supposed to be $20 a month for a lot of channels... but that's only for the 1st year... it doesn't say what it would be the 2nd year. I need to find that out before I commit to purchasing the service.

Then a little while later, the family that re-did my kitchen called and asked if I wanted to have them come look at my doors today and then go over with them to Home Depot to pick out my screen doors. So, we did that. And I paid for my two screen doors. They weren't cheap.  All together it was something like $333, but I only paid 98 or something like that (because I had the $250 gift card).  We just put the doors on will call so that they can pick them up later this week.  But at least they are paid for. 

I didn't get back home until about 10pm and now it's 11pm... so I had better sign off and head to bed.

- Kris

P.S. got home just before 10pm and let the dogs out back and as I was sitting there waiting for them, I could hear the TAPS being played on the Army post that is 5 1/2 miles from where I live. How cool is that???

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day and Honoring those that gave their lives

 The American cemetery in Normandy where I had the honor of being last Memorial Day weekend.
 I appreciated that the American cemetery had special crosses/markers for the Jewish soldiers that lost their lives.
And then there are those who gave their lives in Hawaii... the USS Arizona Memorial

It's been a relaxing morning, I slept in and then didn't go anywhere until about 3:30pm. I had to load up a bunch of big, bulky boxes (the one that my lawn swing came in, the one that the "bistro" set came in, and the box that my lawn mower came in) and I made a run to the local dump.  It's nice to get those out of my garage.

Then I went to Home Depot to wander a bit. Trying to figure out which screen doors I want. I know which one I want for the front door, but I'm undecided on the back patio door.  I also looked at some bathroom fixtures (for my tub/shower... I want a longer spray hose and a better water control thing). I did buy a couple hanging baskets (because I have two hangers outside the master bedroom balcony). I got a good deal on them. 

Then I went over to another store to pick up a couple groceries and got some lawn and gardening things.  Do you realize that I have not had to worry about a yard for at least 13 years?  And before that my husband primarily took care of the outside. AND... I definitely do NOT have a green thumb.  Maintaining a yard is going to be a challenge. I've been watering the outside (front the most) and there is still brown grass. Argh!  Tonight I'm watering the front AND the back. 

I grilled some chicken tonight for dinner and since I had some leftover potatoes and asparagus from last night that just needed to be re-heated. It was a good dinner.

Okay... signing off... I'm watching "The Bachelorette" and it's about 9:45pm. I hope to head to bed as soon as the show is over.

- Kris

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Knotty Shop and Birch Lake

 Looking out my front door at 2:30am (last night/this morning). Tonight is overcast, so it is darker.
 How about some Knotty Caribou
 How about the famous Knotty Mosquito!
 Proof that you can sell anything... bottled Alaskan air????
 After stopping by the Knotty Shop and picking up some souvenirs, and getting a small Ice cream cone, we headed out to the Birch Lake Military Rec Camp. We used to go there when my girls were little.
And this is the cabin that we used to try and get all the time. I'm sure my girls could tell many memories from there.

After staying up until 3am, I got woke up to a neighbor mowing their lawn at 8:30am. Ugh! So, I let the dogs out and then went to sleep in the guest bedroom downstairs (because it is at the back of the house and is cooler than upstairs and quieter than sleeping facing the neighbors).  I slept til about noon, got a shower and made a sandwich and waited for my oldest daughter to come over.  While I waited, I filled a children's pool about 1/2 way.  It's 60" in diameter and about a 18 inches deep. I have it on the "brick" part of my back patio.  I bought a float chair to float around in it on. (all I need is about 8 inches of water, right? 

Anyway... we were going to go watch some people that dress up in period dress, but apparently it wasn't this weekend, I think it is next weekend.  So, then we had to figure out something else to do. We stopped by "Expressions in Glass."  They sale a lot of custom made glass there and they offer glass making classes.  I'm going to try and talk to a couple of my co-workers into taking a "mini" class with me. My daughter has said she would take it with me as well.

After that, we decided to head out to the "Knotty Shop" (about 40 miles south of town), and then went on out to Birch Lake. We were only out there about a half hour to 40 minutes.  Then we headed back to my house to make some dinner. We grilled Steak, some potatoes and some Asparagus.   Kati hung out a little bit after dinner and then she had to head home (that was about 9pm).

I decided to go ahead and tackle my yard after my daughter left. I had to pick up the doggy poop (about 10 minutes of wandering around the yard picking it up) and then I somehow managed to get gas into my lawnmower (and oil), (I spilled some gas trying to pour it in). And... I finally mowed my back yard. Man though... the MOSQUITOS!  I think at any one time I had about 50 of them flying around me.  I had sprayed bug spray on myself and I wore long pants, socks (with tennis shoes), and a windbreaker over my tee shirt. I had a hat on and I also put the hood up that is on my windbreaker. 

After I mowed my yard, I filled in some holes in my yard (I had 2 bags of top soil and a bag of dirt for plants). And then I spread some grass seed where I had filled in the holes in the yard.  Then I watered.  It's supposed to rain tonight, I hope so. I did water the front yard. I've watered it several times within the past week and a half and there is still a large dry spot. I hope it rains and I hope that makes it turn green.

After dealing with everything outside (and getting things put away in case it rains) I came and put the dishes in the dishwasher (after rinsing them) and cleaned up the kitchen.  And then I've been watching some TV and playing on the computer. Now it's 1:15am...

Guess I had better think about getting to bed before too long.

- Kris

A day with my daughter...

 I know that it got to at least 86 today, but it may have been up to 89 according to a friend's weather app on their phone.  Just a tad warm.
 My daughter and I went to the Farmer's market... don't think we bought anything other than I bought a bag of kettle corn. I did run into a couple former Biologists that I used to work with, one is up here visiting from Texas... in fact, that is the last place I saw him (and his wife). They are living down there now and drove over to see me when I was doing some training in Texas (and I was living in Germany).  Then we went to what used to be known (and will forever be known to locals who have lived her awhile) as Alaskaland... now it is called Pioneer Park. Today all their museums were free, so we wandered around to the various museums at the Park and we even road the "railroad" steam engine train around the park today.  Sure brought back memories.
After all the walking around the park, we decided to have some dinner at the "Salmon Bake." I just went straight for the crab!  SURE was good! I guess on weekends they will be serving all you can eat crab, I may just have to go back there some weekend!

After dinner I decided to take a ride on what is known as the "Flying Salmon." LOL!

Then we came back to my house and my daughter got online and made her reservations to come down to Spokane in August. We couldn't get the same flights (other than we will be leaving on the same flight from Spokane... but then she has a longer layover in Seattle before returning to Alaska). She will come down a day after I do.  It will be good for her to see some of my family, it's been several years since she has been down. I tried to talk her into bringing Taylor (Granddaughter) with her or Scott, her husband... but Tay will be back in school and she didn't think Scott would want to come. Sounds like he isn't much of a traveler.

And then I've just been putzing on the computer (and it is 2am!).  I applied for a "lottery" ticket to go into Denali Park in September.  If I win and get my first choice it will be 18th or September.  They only let 400 cars into the park, and it kind of depends on the weather how far into the park you can drive.  So... I'll keep my fingers crossed. Sounds like I should know by mid June or so. (By then I will have forgotten that I applied for the lottery drawing). It's $10 to apply.  I need to start mapping out  my summer... I know I have on call towards the mid to end of June... I know in late July I will be going for a short training in Hawaii, in August I will be going down to Spokane for about 10 days. Im sure the summer will fly by.  Hmmm... I think I'll be on call over Summer Solstice.  Hmmm. That will probably mean I will get some calls and won't get to participate in all the activities that I would like to do that weekend.

Okay... I'd better sign off...

- Kris

P.S. is it bad when my dogs take themselves to bed before *I* go to bed? Hrmph!

Friday, May 22, 2015


Some caribou from last weekend.

So... who gets to take an hour off early from work and ends up working an hour and a half past the original time I'm supposed to be off.  We were told we could leave at 3:30pm... It was after 6 when I left.  When 3:30 rolled around, I still had two things I had wanted to accomplish today. One of them I will need when I return to work on Tuesday.  Could I have had better time management today.... you bet.  This morning I spent a couple hours watching co-workers get some experience and training on Combat Virtual Reality treatment.  I got to experience it myself. I put on the VR headset which gives you a 3D view of your surroundings. Then they can tailor the settings to City or Desert... and you can either be walking a patrol or driving various military vehicles.  I chose to drive in the desert... while being exposed to firefights and improvised explosive devices. I did pretty good, a couple of my co-workers had difficulty, one became nauseated with motion sickness, another one got overwhelmed just watching the person in the seat being exposed to explosions and such. Another one was pretty overwhelmed going through the experience.  I'm like... "let's go get 'em"  I think my biggest problem with it is there is no ability to defend yourself or be reactionary. But, it is supposed to help soldiers and vets who have been in combat re-experience trauma in a safe(r) environment. Anyway... I spent longer there than I needed to (but I was also talking with our head chief and come to find out, he knows some friends of mine (the ones I saw while in Vegas when I drove over to St George, Utah). How cool is that.

And then there was time spent consulting with co-workers. And I spent about a half hour sharing a video that deals with the deeper meaning behind infidelity, with a co-worker.  And I got distracted once in awhile... I stopped to check my Facebook for a bit and watched a snippet on the current earthquake situation in the world (I listened to it more than watched it as I put notes into the computer).  I have said a couple times on my Facebook that I wonder if the movie "San Andreas" will show (next weekend) if a "BIG" earthquake hits off the west coast.  There's a lot of build-up right now, between Yellowstone park, some activity at a previous dormant volcano (I think in Eastern Oregon), the volcanic activity in Hawaii, and the underwater volcano that's off the southern coast of Oregon.  (That kind of stuff interests me).

After work (ha... after about 6:15pm... cuz I got sucked into that black hole of the other end of the hall... where my one co-worker was trying to co-sign notes for a peer... and we both had to shake our head at how some of the notes were written.  I think it's a lot of pressure to churn out the notes, and making some simple mistakes, but there were also some clinical judgment issues. She and I had a disagreement about one diagnosis, she said it couldn't be given unless the person had been experiencing something more than 6 months, while I was in agreement with the note writer, that because the person has been dealing with it for a couple weeks and has had some mood changes, that it was okay to give that diagnosis. Now... am I a nitpicker about notes? Absolutely not. I'm sure someone could take a look at my notes and there will be errors. (At least my audit showed I had something like a 90% rate for having the correct diagnoses, I got 100% in one or two areas and there was one area that NONE of us that were audited got right, so my guess is that few if any people in the clinic are doing that right... so we all need to be educated on it).  I got educated on it yesterday (because I asked about it and pursued it).

Anyway... after work I went and did a little grocery shopping, picked up a salad and then picked up some fried chicken, ended up just eating the chicken.

I got home and found a surprise package from a friend with a cute Teddy bear she had picked up for me at Christmas time, and then she sent me a little jar with some 2015 M&M's for her son's graduation and a bottle of coke with my name on it.  It was a wonderful surprise and very thoughtful. I really appreciated it.  She and her boys also enclosed a couple sympathy cards because they know that my sister passed away a couple weeks ago.  I have to give my friend a lot of credit. She and her boys went through significant trauma a couple years ago and it could have easily led them down the path of despair... but they have been fighting it and fighting it and are now "Survivors" and while things aren't always honkey dorey, they are doing well.

At home I missed my Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune and my TV has been acting up. GRRRR (the reception...).  I watched some TV tonight... Dateline, I think.

Now it's about 10:45, I am hoping to be in bed before too long.  Tomorrow I'm going to hang out with my oldest daughter for awhile, we are going to go to the Farmer's Market and a couple other places. Her hubby and kiddo went to some drag races down near Anchorage for the weekend.

- Kris

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Where did the day go?

Well... it wasn't a very productive day.  This morning I spent about 45 mins talking with our head Admin person, then I tried to get a note written that I've been procrastinating on this week.  There was a meeting at 10am (that I almost fell asleep during), and afterwards we had a potluck, then another meeting... and then I finally had 1 appointment today that ran about an hour and a half. After that I had a (newer) co-worker ask me some questions about an appointment they had today and wanted my input on. (Ha! I was a consultant today!).  Before I knew it, the end of the day was here and I wanted to try and get out on time because I didn't come home and let the dogs out at lunch time. So... I left work about 4:40 and was home before 5.

This morning as I was getting ready (and listening to music on my Echo), I heard a little "pop" noise that sounded like it was outside somewhere and my power blinked off and on.  And it caused my wifi to shut down. I tried to get it working before I left, but didn't. So, I had to do that when I got home.  Oh yea... I did make my "Rotel Cheese" dip last night (put all the ingredients together) and took it into work and it was well liked and one of the first dishes that were finished up.

Tonight I've just been listening to jazz music, I did watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, now it's about 9:15pm and I'm about ready to take the dogs out one last time and head to bed.

- Kris

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Some scenery from Denali Park

Work went okay, I had a couple no-shows, so that made it easier... but then one of those hours was spent with another co-worker discussing some issues/concerns that they had. (They also had a cancellation at the same time).   I've only got 3-4 notes to write tomorrow (from today and one I've been procrastinating on since Monday).

Last night I was up until about midnight... not sure why... other than I was watching "The Voice" and it didn't get over until 11pm and then I watched the news. 

Not a lot going on tonight. After work I went grocery shopping... I needed to pick up some food for a potluck tomorrow (I'm going to make some "Rotel" cheese (Velveteen cheese, rotel tomatoes, and cooked hamburger mixed and melted). I'll take my crockpot to work tomorrow.

I also got my nails done today (again).

And tonight I'm watching "The Survivor."  It's the finale, so it won't get over until 11pm. (argh).


Signing off...

- Kris

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Toy

This is my new Amazon Echo that I got in the mail today! (YAY!).  It's about 10-12 inches high. It DOES play beautiful music.  It is synced with my Amazon Prime music list.  I had to upload the app to my phone a couple times before it would work/sync with the echo. I'm looking forward to playing with it and getting to know it. It's like a personal assistant. I can ask it all kinds of questions... kind of like you would ask SIRI or Google.  I can learn how to ask it to turn on my lights or turn them off.  I'm sure there will be a huge learning curve with it.  I can also ask it to add something to a shopping list, I can ask her what is in the news.  There's also a clock/timer that I can set.  Should be fun.

Work went okay today, I had two no-shows. (I don't think they got their reminder phone calls yesterday).  Tomorrow I know I have at least one free hour. I'm hoping to make sure my notes are all done by then.  Thursday morning apparently I am not scheduled to see anyone so the person acting as supervisor while ours is out asked me if I would co-sign on a bunch of our newest co-worker's notes. He has to have all of his notes signed. Our Supervisor won't be back for another week or so apparently.   The person who asked me is notorious for not getting her own notes done in a timely fashion (because she's a talker - no judgment, just a statement).  So... guess I will be doing that on Thursday morning.  Friday our clinic is closed, but I'm not taking leave so I will still be there.

After work I came home and had a television repairman come over to look at my TV. That was $80 (that should be reimbursed by the claims people), BUT, the guy said that the problem wasn't as a result of the move (despite the fact that the TV worked fine before I shipped it), he said it was a part that could go bad at any time.  So... we found a replacement part on Ebay (that he said was a reputable company).  It was less than $20, but then it will be another $80 to have him come back out and replace/fix it. Hopefully that will be next week.  I'm just happy it can be fixed. Now I have to figure out a TV stand.

Other than that... I found my old Sony laptop cable and hooked it up. I was hoping to find a specific photo of my sister from when she was in Hawaii (in her scuba gear).  But there aren't many pictures on it. I have been pretty good about moving my photos to eternal hard drives... but I tried to hook up one of my external hard drives (one of three) but I couldn't get it to work. I need to re-look at that.

I've been communicating with my sister-in-law and with one of my nephew's wife. They've been finalizing the obituary (amazingly, other than the names of all of her grandkids, it was almost word for word what I drafted for my sister-in-law).  Had to chuckle because my nephew's wife is taking responsibility for writing it... I'll let her take the credit. *smile*.

Other than that, I've also been setting up my Echo.

Okay... once again it is after 11pm, I had better sign off.

- Kris

Monday, May 18, 2015

Another late night

This is one of my favorite photos from my trip into Denali yesterday... Caribou crossing Savage Creek.

Work went okay today, I had my Physical Therapy appointment before I went in... they did the paraffin wax thing on my hands and then I had to sit there with them covered with heat for awhile, that felt good, then they did ultrasound on my left hand and did something with an oral NSAID on my other hand that included electrical impulses.  Hard to say if they were very effective.

One of my afternoon clients left something behind in my office so I called to let them know and they were over at a medical appointment with another person, said they would return to my office within 15 minutes, that was about 4:20pm, so I said I would wait for them. Finally called them at 5 and they were still at the medical appointment waiting on the other person, so I agreed to run over and drop it off to them. That is ABOVE the call of duty (in MY opinion)... because not only did I stay a half hour waiting on them (when I had things I wanted to do after work)... I dropped it OFF to them

After work I stopped to get gas, had to drop my old phone (it had to be replaced under warranty) off at the Post Office, then went and bought a shorter hose, and nozzle for the hose (to spray with), some gloves... and a thing to wind up the hose in my backyard on (because it is so long).

Tonight I've been watering my front yard (probably for 2 hours, but it was getting pretty dry)... and I've been watching "Dancing with the Stars" and "The Bachelorette" and then I watched the news.

It's after 11pm, time for me to sign off. Tomorrow I have to be home right after work because I finally got in touch with someone to come and take a look at my TV (yea... that will be $80 minimum) and they are coming over after I get off work tomorrow.

- Kris

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Another day in Denali

 Mount McKinley wasn't as clear today as it was a couple weeks ago... but it is still an impressive mountain.
This is apparently Mount Deborah (according to one of the Forest Service workers). I like it because as you look at the photo, on the right side of the mountain it looks to me like a palm frond.

After staying up until about 1am... I finally hit the hay and had to be up at 7am because one of my co-workers were coming over at 8am to head down to Denali with me.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day.  It was a nice drive down (and back) and we got to know each other better (she started after I did where we work).  Going into the park we saw some Mountain goats before we entered (but were on the highway so couldn't stop to take photos)... then just inside the park we saw a mama moose and a baby moose (but they were in heavy brush, so it was hard to get a photo of them.).  We did see a LOT of caribou... well, all combined, I'd estimate about 50 as we saw them along the 30 miles of road that we drove in, at various places.  We had hoped to see a grizzly bear, but no luck.  We did see some Dall sheep (maybe a half dozen), an eagle, and a few more moose.  We drove into the 30 mile stop (they have the road closed so  you cannot go any further) and then came back and had lunch at about the 15-20 mile area.  I did get a neat video of three caribou running through a stream, that was kind of neat.

We got back to my place about 6pm. I raked the remainder of my yard, (the remaining 1/4th or so) and then watered the yard. I watched a show on Dateline. Now it is almost 10pm and about bedtime. I have a Physical Therapy appointment tomorrow.

Okay... signing off...
- Kris

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Very productive day

Tonight I went to the "Living Legends" show put on by students from BYU Provo. It was a great show, it only cost $10. I loved the Hawaiian dancing and the Maori dancing the best. I ran into an old friend (when I was looking for a seat) it was good to see her. She's the one that taught two of my daughters how to crochet many years ago.  I also ran into one of my co-workers (that had told me about the production).

So... yes, busy day.  Got up and went over to the Electric company to pick up my free lilac bush (starter)... then stopped to see if I could get a Sony charger for my old laptop (the charger is around the house SOMEWHERE...)... didn't have any luck. Then I went over to the military post and bought a new lawn mower (self propelling), a new rake, and a small shovel.  Then I did some grocery shopping and stopped to get gas on my way home.  This afternoon (after taking a break) I got most of the backyard raked. (Finished most of it tonight after I got home).  I also put together the lawn mower (parts of that were challenging), put together the little table for the "Bistro" set I got for my deck upstairs (It's just a little glass topped table with two chairs... nothing fancy).  I put some things away outside (put two barbecue grills in my shed next to the house that the former owner left me.  I even managed to get a little sun today... it was beautiful out!  Tonight I went to the "Legend's" show and then did a little more grocery shopping in anticipation of my trip to Denali tomorrow. One of my co-workers is going to go with me (there was a period of time tonight where I thought another co-worker was coming, but she didn't think her dogs could handle her being away for so long).  I also barbecued ribs on the grill for dinner tonight (num, num)... and now my dishes are done.

And it is almost 1am and my co-worker is going to be here at 8am. SO... I had better sign off.  Oh yea and after the show and after getting groceries, I stopped to top off my tank and I had brought a 5 gallon gas container to fill up as well, so I can use it for my new lawnmower.

- Kris

Friday, May 15, 2015

Busy day, lazy night

LOL!  Since my granddaughter doesn't want me to post this on her page... I'll post it here. I love this goofy face (and love her!). She can still do funny things with her eyes and make silly faces.

Work was busy today and I was grateful when my last appointment of the day cancelled, only to find out at lunch time that someone else got scheduled in that slot.  Then my appointment right before that was going slow (on another person's part) and I was going to have to see the last appointment late, so I asked one of my co-workers if they could do the intake and they did... (they only had one appointment today).  I did manage to get all but two notes done (one of the notes I have to wait for someone else to write their part).

After work I went by the REI store... they were having a big sale this weekend, but you'd be happy to know that I walked out without buying anything. Then I stopped by a Chiropractor's office that was having an open house this afternoon (got a free hotdog! *smiles*), their office is right on my way to and from work. Not sure I need a Chiropractor right now, and insurance won't cover it.

Tonight I've had the dogs out several times... it's been a beautiful evening.  About 9:30pm when I was out, it was  75* out.  Sun is setting right now (11:08pm) and it is supposed to be up at 4:24am.

Tomorrow morning I am hoping to be out of the house about 9am. The local electric company (that I used to work for) is giving away Lilac bushes (one per household).  I also need to think about figuring out what lawn mower I want/need, pick up a decent rake and a shovel.  I think I want a lawn mower with a grass catcher on the back. But... I also don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it.

I may go to a show that is in town tomorrow night, it's called "Living Legends" and it's put on by the Mormons. I've heard it is good and several of my co-workers are planning to go.  I'm tempted to try another drive down to Denali Park on Sunday since the weather is supposed to be nice and it's the last time you can drive the 30 miles into the park until fall. Someone said there are more grizzly bears out now.  If I go, I might see if one of my co-workers want to go with me.

Okay... signing off...
- Kris