Sunday, November 30, 2014

Writing Christmas cards

 I ran out to Santa Claus' house this afternoon (this was taken about 3:30-4pm).  A friend in Germany asked for donated "1st Christmas" ornaments for their daughter, so I thought I would send little Gracie one from North Pole!
And I spent all day working on my Christmas cards. I'm done (with the exception of a couple that I need to find addresses for... I forgot to bring my address book, so only have access to the addresses I have in my Gmail account).  Anyway... that's been the sum of my day... getting Christmas cards (with the photo card above) addressed (with a Christmas letter inside as well) and mailed.

I did run out to Santa's house and did a couple other errands, but I was only gone a couple hours. Then I came back to the hotel and tonight I've been writing a few more cards (for friends who responded to my facebook request for their addresses if they wanted a card).

Okay... now it is after 9pm, I still need to get my stuff ready for work tomorrow.  They are predicting up to a foot of snow between Monday and Tuesday. I wonder when it will start. We got about an inch of snow today. One of the things I did when I was running errands, was I picked up a shovel to have at my house when I move in later this week (currently the shovel is on the back seat of my car).

Signing off...

- Kris

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Puppies with mittens

Today I went and got the doggies some mittens and let them wear them tonight. Bruno actually did better than Peanut, but both managed to do okay outside wearing them.  Bruno didn't like having them put on his feet, but wore them pretty good once they were on.

I took it easy this morning and then about 12:30, headed out to go see if I could find some booties for the dogs and then I went to a Memorial Service for a guy that used to be a biologist where I used to work.  I actually got up there about a half hour early (it was more about food, alcohol and mingling... no somber words), so I helped my friend/former co-worker Laura (she was one of the people helping greet people and get food dishes put out). So... I acted as greeter for about an hour.  One nice thing was that I saw at least a half dozen former biologists that I used to work with (and all are retired now). That was really neat. There was only one that had changed so much that I would not have recognized him (he's put on some weight, he's not fat, but he was very tall and lanky when he had the office next to me!).  I hung out there for about 2 1/2 hours and then ran some errands.  I spent some money at Old Navy, I went by Verizon to get a discount on my bills (because I'm former military), I went to one of the internet/cable providers up here to see what their plans were like (looks like I might have to pay about $150 a month for cable and internet... and my phone isn't a whole lot cheaper). 

I also went to see if I could find a better coat for Bruno that would cover him more than his current photo (the one I found has legs too).  But... I got home and tried it on him and it is too small (I didn't take the price tag off), so I will have to take it back, maybe tomorrow.

Tonight I have just been taking it easy. It is starting to snow again, hopefully we won't get too much.

Okay... signing off... it's midnight.

- Kris

Friday, November 28, 2014

More hockey!

I got up at 5 and made it to ONE store before work (Fred Meyer's for the 1/2 priced socks! LOL!) and then had to be at work at 7:30am. It was a busy day at work and I only got one of the notes written (but, at least the only notes not written were for appointments I had today. We have 3 business days to get our notes done in).  After work I came home and took care of the dogs, then got a bite to eat (I shared it with them) and then decided to head to the Nanook's hockey game. They are not nearly as exciting (or attended) as the "Ice Dogs." But, hockey is hockey and I enjoyed it.  I ran into a familiar face shortly after getting there. It was a former co-worker. It was great to see her!  But even before that it was funny, because the two women selling the tickets at the window, were there selling tickets 12 years ago! Then another wonderful surprise was to see an old friend be the one to sing the National Anthem, so after the first period was over, I went on over to where they were sitting (David and Florie) and sat with them and their grandkids for the rest of the game.  David used to be part of the worship team at a church I used to attend up here, he's quite a gifted singer. And then I ran into someone else that we used to go to church with when our kids were little. Bill was there with his son Billy, his daughter is on my Facebook page.

Laura (former co-worker) reminded me that there is a memorial service tomorrow afternoon for a former (OLD) co-worker and asked me to come and said it would be a chance to see some old faces from Fish and Game where I worked for 5 years.  I may go, I'll see how quickly I am moving tomorrow, I have some errands I feel like I need to get done (get a cheaper rate on my cellphone plan, get booties for the dogs... etc).  But, I may drive out where the service is being held (at 2pm).  Nice thing is... with this crowd, wearing jeans is not only acceptable, but expected.

Okay... it's 11:55pm, I've been putzing around since getting back to the hotel after the game. When I got done taking the dogs out, I stopped at the front desk and talked with Mike for awhile (I used to go to church with him as well, he's the Operations Manager here at the hotel). 

Since I didn't get too much sleep last night, I'm hoping I can sleep in a little in the morning... sooo...

- Kris

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I took this out my hotel room window this morning, it was about -9 (f) out. It was pretty though.
I'm going to try and keep this short.
This morning I got to talk to a few friends on the phone, Bette and Walt in MN, and Nikki in MO. It was really good to talk with them and I am looking forward to seeing them in February in Hawaii!
I had dinner this afternoon at my daughter's Mother-in-law's house with their family. It was a really nice dinner and a relaxing time. I haven't seen my daughter's M-I-L in probably 12 years and she looks like she hasn't aged at all.
This evening (well, around 6) I did go ahead and get an early start on my "Black Friday" shopping. Mainly because I have to work tomorrow. I managed to pick up a 32" flat screen TV for $98. I bought some winter boots (Sorel's!) and bought some things I'm going to need at the house while I wait for my household goods to arrive (a 4 place setting dishes and silverware, some towels and a bathmat, a kitchen towel set with an oven mitt and hotpads... that kind of stuff.  Oh yea, sheets too, my daughter is going to loan me her inflatable bed.

I also went out to see about getting a certificate to get an autostart put on my car when it gets here, but he couldn't figure out which auto start is needed, so he said he would find out and honor the sale price for me. He was a really nice guy and the other mechanic working there has a bunch of Volvo certificates (he's a certified trainer).  Hopefully not long after my car gets here, I can get an auto start put on.

Anyway... it's after 11pm and I want to get up and get going around 5am, so I had better sign off.
- Kris

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Night before Thanksgiving...

Aren't these doggies cute! I came back from getting some ice down the hall and found the dogs in their dog bed and I loved the way Bruno was sitting there with his paws crossed.  And you can see in the picture that Peanut has some whiskers.

Work went okay today, my first appointment of the day was a cancellation and then I had one no-show. I did get getting my notes done, and I've got them all done except for one from Monday that I am procrastinating on.  We got told that we could take off at 3:30 as long as we didn't have clients scheduled... but unfortunately I had one scheduled for 3pm.  The client hadn't showed up by 3:15pm, but then wouldn't you know it, we had a walk-in come in and they were in crisis. As it had turned out, I had met with them once before so I ended up meeting with them and as a consequence (and needing to get that note typed up before I left), I didn't get out of work until after 4:30. Go figure.  That always seems to happen to me.  Oh well. I'm thankful I am still staying in a hotel very close to work, so I didn't have far to go to get home.

On Wednesday nights at the hotel they offer dinner. Tonight was kind of like a Thanksgiving meal. They had ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, yams, and rolls with butter. It was a good dinner. They even had Apple and Pumpkin pie for desert.

I guess I reacted like it WAS a Thanksgiving meal, because I came back to the room and laid down for a nap about 6:30pm and slept for a couple hours. Of course... while I was sleeping, I kept dreaming about the dogs... being outside in the cold walking them... letting Peanut off her leash and having her run off only to get cold and sit down (something she did today... her paws got cold and she tried to sit down, so I ended up picking her up and carrying her for a few minutes till her paws felt better), but in my dream, someone was there and threatening to call animal control and say it was animal abuse or abandonment.  Thankfully it was only a dream.  Both dogs are having a hard time with the cold and I worry about them because they are saying the temperature is supposed to drop to -20 tonight.  In one way I will be glad when I get into my own house, because then I can let them out in the yard to go to the bathroom (because it is fenced) and Bruno won't have to wait for Peanut to come back in.  Hopefully they will learn quickly to get out and do their business and to come back in.

Other than that, I got another email from the Residential Mortgage people wanting a phone number for a supervisor at work to confirm that I am employed (yesterday I sent them my pay statements, doesn't that prove enough?)  Oh well, I manage to keep jumping through all the hoops. I think I'm about done with the hoops and there shouldn't be any more.

Okay... signing off, it's about 11:30pm, so I had better get to bed.

- Kris

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hoping to get to bed soon!

 The dogs checking out the snow... Bruno isn't too happy with it
And yes... it was snowy today. I think we've gotten about 5 inches of white fluffy powder.

Work was fairly busy today, but I did have one cancellation. But I didn't get much progress done on notes between collaborating with co-workers and taking care of something I needed to get done regarding my house. The mortgage companies wanted a few things, like my pay statements for the past 30 days and a copy of my bank statement for the past 30 days (they said it was to show that the earnest money had come out of my banking account. I have a credit union that is part of a nationwide network, so when I went to get the money out for the earnest money it was on a local credit union's cashier check. They initially wanted to make sure I hadn't taken out a loan for the earnest money and then they wanted me to show that it had actually come out of MY bank account - which it did). So... I had to download that stuff and then get it scanned and sent in.  I also had to call my insurance company about home-owner's insurance (at least for now I am just going with the company that does my car insurance).    Anyway... I think I have everything done that needs to be done to sign for my house next week! YIKES! 

After work I ran some errands, I went and got my nails done and then did a little bit of shopping. And then one of the local Alaskan pizza places had a special for $5.00 for a regular sized pepperoni pizza, so I stopped and got that. It was around 8pm before I finally got back to the hotel (I had taken the dogs out at lunch time, so they were okay).

Not much else going on... it's still snowing and it's 9:45pm, bedtime.

- Kris

Monday, November 24, 2014

Busy day today, busier day tomorrow

I took this photo today at lunchtime when I came back to the hotel for lunch. I feel like it was a "little" lighter out... but not much.

Work was fairly busy today, I guess on Monday's I'm the "on call" person at work, so if a family member walks in with a crisis, I get to see them. (On top of other appointments scheduled, but they seem to not schedule TOO many appointments for Monday to allow for that).  And of course... there was a walk-in tomorrow (that I am also going to see tomorrow at 8am!).  Tomorrow I have 6 people on my schedule (and some notes to finish from today).

Not much else going on... had a relaxing night. I'm trying to crochet a blanket for Peanut... it looks pretty pitiful at the start because I haven't tried to crochet for so many years... hopefully as I go along it will get better.

Okay... Taps just played so I need to sign off and head to bed.

- Kris

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Another long day... but it came with a reward!

This was my reward... seeing a Mama moose with twins!

Finished up my training today. I was really tired this morning because I stayed up so late last night. I did connect with one of the women in the training (and now we are hooked up as facebook friends). 

After the training I had to run some errands before coming back to the hotel. One of the things I had to do was go pick up my Christmas cards from my daughter's house (they wouldn't mail to a PO Box).  After getting back to the hotel, I took the dogs out, made something to eat and since then I've been dozing off and on while doing laundry.  The clothes are in the dryer right now, I hope they don't take too long to dry (although it was quite a large load).

Okay... signing off. I've got things ready for work tomorrow (clothes laid out, and my vitamins in a little baggy)... so as soon as the laundry is done, I can head to bed.


- Kris

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another hockey game

I went to another hockey game tonight, it was the Ice Dogs again, played a team from Minnesota, we won, something like 4-2 (blame it on short term memory problems! I don't remember the scores once the game is over). 

Today I spent the day in some suicide prevention training.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but it ended up being geared for para-professionals or non-professionals. Part of the reason I wanted to go was to do some networking.  There are only about 8 of us in the training. The training has been so-so. This was the first time one of the trainers has presented this training and her disorganization shows. (she should have at least practiced a few times... hopefully she will get better with more presentations).  The other trainer is better, and come to find out, I used to be on a state-wide board up here in Alaska with her father (who is also a Social Worker). I'm hoping she talks to her Dad tonight and says hello for me.

Tomorrow is another day of training. At least it isn't lasting as long as it was supposed to. Today we got done about 3pm (instead of 5pm).  After the training I went to one of the local outdoor clothing stores and picked up some Carhartt Bibs and a Carhartt jacket and a face-mask hat. I need more winter protection than I have had.  The place I went was having a 20% off sale and when I was shopping, I saw a young girl that looked very familiar and she recognized me as well. I think I've known her since she was an infant! (Her parents are on my facebook account). It was good to see another familiar face and say hello and catch up.

After that I came back to the hotel and spent some time with the dogs and got some dinner (microwave meal) and then I headed back out to go to the Ice Dogs game.  I've been sitting in the same place for the past few games, so I'm getting to know some of the people around me. And, just down from where I've been sitting is someone else (and their family) that I've known for at least 15 years, so I generally get the chance to say hello to them.

I probably should have come back to the hotel, but wanted to pick up a couple things at the store. I bought some yarn and plan to try and crochet Peanut her own blanket.  (let's see if I can get off the computer long enough to do it!).

Oh yea... and I saw my first moose this morning on my way up to the university for the workshop.  There were a couple, but it was still dark and I was due to training in 10 minutes at that time, so I didn't try to stop and take any photos.  One of these days I'll get a photo or two of the moose.

Okay, signing off... it's almost midnight!

- Kris

Friday, November 21, 2014

Sort of Friday

This is where I will be spending the weekend - at my alma mater, doing a workshop on suicide prevention all weekend.

And today I realized that in 2 weeks I should be able to move into my new home (and OUT of the hotel! No furniture... but in my own place!).  I did get my "appraisal" back today. It's $3,000 over what I am paying for it. (I guess that's a good thing, but I also know that most of the time, the appraisal ends up being pretty close to what the buyer is willing to pay for it).

Work went okay today, we had a potluck at lunchtime with a lot of good food. I *really* liked the fruit salad that someone brought. Num, num! I even had a large plate of seconds later in the day.

Tonight I went to a surprise birthday party for a co-worker (that was WELL attended by people from work!).  It was supposed to start at 7, but Chris didn't show up til 7:45 (she WAS surprised though). I only hung out for a few minutes and then headed over to watch my daughter's hockey team play. She didn't get to play tonight, and they lost 8-0. (to a team from Anchorage).  She (and the rest of the team) was NOT a happy camper.

Okay... it's 11:20pm, I had better get to bed.  I'm going to be at UAF 9-5 tomorrow (and Sunday).

- Kris

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Some Tall Santas at Santa Claus' house. 

Well, I asked at work today about my bonus that I am supposed to be getting and was told that supposedly something wasn't done in Germany that would allow me to get paid (yet). The person wasn't sure when I would get my bonus. What the HECK?  I had anticipated getting it in this next paycheck (coinciding when I would be moving into my house). So now I feel frustrated. ARGH! C'mon people, DO YOUR JOB!  I did email the HR person in Germany and forwarded the email to him to see if he had any idea what the person here was talking about. (my suspicion is that she dropped the ball here... and doesn't want to admit it... but I *could* be wrong).  And I haven't heard anything more about getting reimbursed for my hotel expenses here.

Other than that... work itself went okay today, my first appointment of the day was a "no-show", and I got to sit in on some training for two hours over a long lunch (they provided lunch).  It was about how adverse child experiences (i.e. trauma, abuse) lead to an increase in health problems as the children grow up into adults, it makes them a lot more susceptible to a lot of illnesses (and mental illness and addiction).  This weekend I will be participating in a 2 day workshop on suicide prevention (it's a free training and while I would rather be taking it easy and going to hockey games in the evenings, it will hopefully give me a chance to do some networking in the community).

After work I came home and took the dogs out, then I went shopping. One of my (new) co-workers has a surprise birthday party tomorrow evening, she's turning 50, so I went and picked up some things with her birthday, along with wrapping paper and a card.  I also had to pick up some soda because we are having a potluck at work tomorrow (apparently they have a monthly potluck). I think I have all but two notes done and I know I have a couple gaps in my schedule tomorrow.

I also bought myself a steak and a potato for dinner tonight (mmmm good! BUT, I only have two burners in my hotel room, but at least I have THAT).  I gave the dogs some of the meat and the bone. I have been making the dogs share the bone (Peanut is STILL chewing on it now!). I gave it to Bruno for awhile and went to move him and he growled at me... so he quickly got put on his side and scolded! I *WON'T* let him get away with growling at me EVER! (And that is what makes him behave when he sees the Vet). I don't hurt him... but I *DO* put him in his place.

Okay... signing off... it is about 8:30. I am hoping to be in bed by 10pm again tonight. I *was* in bed last night by 10, but didn't go to sleep until about 10:30pm.


- Kris

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Poor Peanut...

Poor Peanut. I took her to the Vet today and while her ear is more clear (and he could see to the drum using the smallest scope possible), he said she has her eardrum ruptured (and it is still ruptured), so she has to have drops put in twice a day now (probably for 6 weeks). Good news was that he cleaned out her ear and it's probably the cleanest it has been in a couple months.  Bad news is that he said she apparently has an extra flap of cartilage that allows the dirt to get in there and stay, not enough air can get in.  He said what she really needs is a "lateral ear canal resection" which will lay that flap back and open up her ear so that she can get air in there. He said if we do the surgery, she won't have any more infection in that ear (and she doesn't get them in her other ear).  SO... most likely the first week of December (about the time we are moving into the new house), she will be having surgery (he said it will cost $8-$900). 

Work went okay today... although I saw a young kid today that I'm not sure how to treat. So I am going to contact a child psychiatrist friend of mine to see what they suggest.

Oh... I got a message from a former client today who found out I had moved to Alaska, with some nice comments. They said "Congrats on the promotion!! You are among the best at what you do and I am happy to hear you are closer to your daughter and grand daughter."  They said more... but that's the gist of it. *smiles*  I *do* try to care for my clients and help them the best I can.

Okay... signing off...


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

YAY for my Granddaughter!

Work was fairly busy today, I think I had 5 appointments. I got all but 2 of the notes done. Tomorrow I have, I think, one cancellation. I will have a short lunch, because I plan to leave early to take Peanut to the Vet tomorrow.

After work I had to go buy some groceries, and then I planned to come back to the hotel and do some laundry and take a relaxing bath.  But, I checked my phone and I had a message from my granddaughter that her team was playing tonight and she was checking to see if I wanted to come. I got the message about 5:30 (she sent the message about 2:30, but I hadn't checked my phone earlier). So I quickly made something to eat and headed out to her game.  And I was rewarded by the opportunity of watching her play for the first time on the team!  (The other kid that is goalie this year, his Mom told me tonight that he suited up all season last year and only played one period all year!). And Tay is the ONLY girl on the team (and I haven't seen any girls on any of the other teams either).  I was so happy for her.  The other team did score once on her, but she stopped several other shots.  And her team won something like 8-1.

Okay... 10pm, time to sign off and head to bed.

- Kris

Monday, November 17, 2014

Another trip coming up in February!

 Here's a hint of where I am going... a place where I will reunite with friends I haven't seen for 4 years and I met them here at this location... (Magic Island).
One of my favorite sunset photos I took in Hawaii last year.

Work was fairly busy today, although I lucked out and had a "no-show" and I also have a cancellation for tomorrow. (So only 5 people on my schedule for tomorrow). I managed to keep up with my notes, I didn't finish the last one (but it is most of the way done) and there was one note I couldn't get done because I have to wait for someone else to do their part.

Tonight I had to come home (to my hotel room) and clean out my mini fridge. I don't know if I mentioned yesterday that I changed rooms and the one problem with this room is that the refrigerator freezer doesn't have a door on it. I mentioned it to housekeeping and she assured me it would keep my frozen food frozen.  Well... it was cold enough that while I was in the shower this morning I heard a loud noise and came out of the bathroom to find the refrigerator door open. I had a can of soda in there that burst.  Oops.  I didn't have time to do anything with it this morning, so knew I would have to deal with it this afternoon when I got home from work.  Fun. (If I were mean, I would have made house-keeping clean it and replace it). I just cleaned it and turned down the freezer temp so it doesn't get SO cold and I don't have any cans in it. I also had to throw out my mayo because it got too cold and separated (into oil on top).

Last night before I went to bed, I thought I would see how many miles it would take to fly to Hawaii after the first of the year. My dear "snowbird" friends have asked that I try to come down.  Well, I was able to fly for 67,500 miles and then it cost me another $36. dollars.  Not bad, eh?  For 2 weeks in Hawaii. And I know I won't have to pay for a place to stay, so I will just have to worry about a car rental and food. I'm looking forward to the trip (and for a chance to thaw out for a couple weeks!).

Okay... signing off. It's about 8:30pm. Maybe I'll get to bed earlier tonight. (Although I think I was asleep by 10pm or so last night).

- Kris

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Quiet Sunday

Just another northern lights photo from last night.

So... since I was up until past 2am, it has been a sleepy day. I got up about 8:30am so I could go down and grab a bite to eat, then came up and moved rooms. At least the fan is quieter in this room (but I'm deciding I don't really care for forced air).  The room I moved to is just down the hall from where I was before (I was in 238, now I am in 248).

Today has been consisting of watching the HGTV channel (about buying and selling homes) and dozing off and on. Oh, yea, and I did get my laundry done (after I switched everything from one hotel room to another).

I did run over to the store to pick up a couple things (I needed Q-tips and potty pads for the dogs (I only brought a few with me). I picked up a "Papa John's" pizza and ate all but 2 slices (dogs helped me a little).

Now it's 8pm. I probably SHOULD put my clothes away, but I'm not feeling like doing that tonight... maybe tomorrow night.  I need to figure out what I am going to wear tomorrow to work. I know I have a busy week scheduled (especially tomorrow).

Peanut seems to continue to do better, but she has about another week of medicine to go through.

Okay... signing off.
- Kris

Chasing Auroras

After going to the hockey game tonight, I headed out of town to get some photos of the Aurora, I think I was nicely rewarded!  (I went about 15 miles NE of town, away from city lights). It was cold tonight, about 4 above.

Today I went and swapped out my rental car (the oil light came on), it was a good swap as I ended up with a 2014 Chevy Malibu WITH an Auto start! I picked it up about noon and then headed over to my daughter's house. She and I spent the afternoon at the "Holiday Bazaar." It's Fairbank's best opportunity for Christmas shopping. I ended up finding a neat gift for a friend and bought Christmas presents for my daughter and granddaughter. I found a couple things for me (a print by someone I've admired for a long time... Barbara Lavallee, she's an awesome artist!). I did run into quite a few people I know at the Bazaar and got several warm hugs. That was really nice.

After the market/bazaar, I took my daughter over to show her where my house is so she knows.  And then by the time I dropped her off at home. I came back to the hotel and took the dogs out and spent a little bit of time with them before I headed out to the hockey game.  We lost the hockey game tonight which was a bummer.  Before last night they had a 10 game winning streak. Hopefully next week's games will go better.

Okay... it's 3am, I had better sign off so I can get SOME sleep.  I've been uploading pictures (the aurora pictures) to facebook and to my blog, which takes awhile (the internet at the hotel isn't the fastest of internets).  And I didn't get home until about 1:30am. Tomorrow morning is going to come early (actually THIS morning) because I'm going to be changing out my room tomorrow (SO, while pictures have been uploading, I've been trying to pack up some of my stuff.  I can always take a nap tomorrow afternoon. Other than switching rooms (just a few rooms down... but hopefully the furnace won't be so noisy!), I need to do laundry tomorrow and I don't have anything else on my agenda.

- Kris

Friday, November 14, 2014

Northern Lights

This is a little blurry, but I took it with my phone. First time I have seen the Northern Lights since I have gotten back up here to Alaska.

This morning when I took the dogs out for the early morning walk out back of the hotel, Bruno started barking and I found out he was barking at a Red Fox!

Work was busy today, and at the end of the day I had two notes that I didn't finish.  We had a baby shower for a co-worker that is getting ready to adopt a baby from the Marshall Islands. She is SO excited. It will be the second child she has adopted.

After the shower I ran over to a local store to pick up tickets for this weekend's hockey games (the Ice Dogs).  Then I came home and took the dogs out and spent a few minutes with them before heading out for the game.  The Ice Dogs lost to Wenatchee tonight (they played last night and won 4-1, they lost tonight 6-3, guess we will see how they do tomorrow night).

Not much else to write about. It's almost 12:30am, I may take the dogs out one more time and take my camera and hope I can get a better picture or two of the Northern Lights if they are still out.

- Kris

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Another day with good news!

The Chena River with the Doyon building behind (one of the local Native groups).

So... good news is that it looks like I will be reimbursed for my hotel stay! (YAY!) AND... I think I'll get a per diem (daily costs).  That will be AWESOME. Not sure when I will get reimbursed, but at this point, I'm just happy that apparently I will!   The other good thing for today was that I was able to make an appointment to get a refill on my Ambien and had the appointment and it went great, it was short and I got my refill (with 5 refills!  So... got 30 and have refills to get 5 more months worth... one month at a time) without a hassle!  Hallelujah!

Work went okay, I got my notes done from yesterday (and the day before), but didn't get today's done. SO... I've got some work to do tomorrow. AND I am scheduled for 5 appointments tomorrow.  My caseload here consists of more high-risk (for suicide) clients. So... keep me in your prayers that I am effective in their lives.  I was VERY upset today to hear a patient say that when they were hospitalized (not at MY hospital) for being suicidal, they were told by a doctor that they should have just gone ahead and committed suicide and done their family a favor. WHO SAYS THAT????  GRRRR!  Believe me... that's going to be documented and IF this person commits suicide, I think that doctor should be considered as a contributing cause. I think I have 4-5 high risk patients right now. Not sure that is fair as there are only about 22 on the high risk list that we have. Seems like I have a high proportion compared to the amount of providers.  I'm sure it will even out eventually.

Not much else going on. I went and got some Oriental food for dinner. Of course, the portions are huge and I could only eat about a third (even with the doggies helping!).  But it was good.

Peanut continues to improve (or at least seems to continue to improve). I'm enjoying that I am staying near where I work so I can come home at lunch time and take the dogs out for a short walk and I can make some lunch and still get back to work within an hour.

Okay... signing off.

- Kris

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy news...

I think Peanut and Bruno are tired of being in the hotel. *smiles*

SO... happy news. I called to check on my household goods (found out they MIGHT not be here until the middle of January! That ISN'T the good news).  Good news was that my car is at the Port in Norfolk, VA.  Someone said that it usually only takes a couple weeks to get to Alaska from the East coast... so here's hoping! Maybe I'll have it by the first part of December! (It would be nice to have it for about the time I move into my (empty) house. *smiles*

Also... a friend on FB that I used to work with up here in AK made a comment on his page that someone came out to his house (here in AK) and was from the same small town he is from. I mentioned that last week when I was wearing my "Spokane" tee shirt, I ran into 2 people from Spokane.  My friend mentioned what his town was and I told him *I* knew someone from his town, he was surprised. We ended up taking it offline (messaging) and it just so happened that my friend from his hometown was also online (on the East Coast, SHE must be up early).  Longer story short is that she is about 3 years younger than his Mom and they at least knew people in common.  My friend (from the East Coast) is back in her hometown and my AK friend goes down at least a couple times a year to visit his parents.  So, I ended up hooking them up as FB friends. *smiles* Sometimes I love the internet! (actually, MOST times I do!).  Anyway... that's what *I* have been up to tonight.

Work went okay today, it wasn't too busy. It allowed me to take care of some things (i.e. call about my car and my household goods, so they have my cell phone number to contact when my stuff does come in).

Okay... that's about it tonight.  At least it is only 8:20pm.  I'm watching "Survivor" (taking a short break from HGTV *smiles*).

- Kris

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank God for Veterans! Happy Veteran's Day

 I love the way Bruno curls up like a little fawn when he sleeps
 I think Peanut is getting tired of being in the hotel room, but her ear is looking better!
My granddaughter in the "goalie" position at the hockey game tonight.

Today was a lazy day (it was wonderful to have a day off!).  I hung around the hotel room hoping the mechanic would get here and check out the heater/blower in my room, it's making weird noises. After he didn't show up by noon, I called down to the front desk only to find out he had called in sick today! Oh well, it was a restful morning.  While I was hanging out at the hotel, I went ahead and created my 2014 Christmas card online and uploaded it to Walmart and got them ordered. Hopefully I can get them done by Thanksgiving and get them sent out.

Later this afternoon I ran out to do some errands, I bought myself a new toaster (more expensive than I had thought it would be, so it had better last a LONG time!).  I also went to Quizno's for a late lunch and got to sit and chat with my friend who owns it (I think I have been in there at least 4 times since I've gotten back up here).

I ran out to my daughter's house for a bit before going to the North Pole hockey game (NPHS won 12-2 over Delta). It was fun to watch. Taylor (my granddaughter) didn't get to play. She did suit up and practice (hence photo above). She was disappointed she didn't get to play (especially since they were ahead by so many points) but this was only her 2nd time playing with the team and she hasn't played hockey for a couple years (she started when she was 4 though and some of the kids she is playing with she has played against and with in the past).  She's the ONLY girl on the team, so kudos to her. I hope she doesn't get discouraged and that she keeps showing up and continues to practice hard so that when they do call on her, she's ready to go.

Okay... it's 10:40pm another late night, so I had better sign off.  Morning is going to come early.

- Kris

Monday, November 10, 2014

Busy Monday

Some color in yesterday's sunset.  I didn't get off work early enough today to see sunset.

Today I had 5 appointments scheduled, but only ended up with 4 appointments showing. I was able to get one note written from Friday, but tomorrow I should have a little more time to catch up.  It was a quiet day at work for the most part, because a lot of people were off (taking a 4 day weekend). Tomorrow is a holiday.

Tonight has been a "chill" night, just hanging out with the dogs watching the Food Channel and HGTV (which is about home buying/home improvement).

Okay... keeping this short...

- Kris

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fotos from Fairbanks

Sunrise this morning
The "Unknown Family" statue in Golden Heart Park
The famous Mile maker in Golden Heart Park
The Chena River hasn't frozen over yet - it runs through the heart of Fairbanks
The Monument celebrating the founding of Fairbanks
This little guy was swimming in the Chena River
The Museum of the North on the University of Fairbanks campus
Creamer's Field (it's no longer a Creamery), but it's a great place to go see the geese in the Spring.

It's been a quiet day.  I took Peanut this morning to see the Vet.  The Vet said that Peanut's ear is so swollen he can't even see all the way in. I think he's concerned that her eardrum might be ruptured. He gave me two medications to give her (Steroids and Antibiotics) and I have to take her back in 10 days. ($156. later...).  He said that she probably won't feel the benefit of the medication for about 4 days and said she will most likely drink and eat more (and pee more) and will gain weight while she is on the Steroids.

After the Vet appointment, we came back to the hotel and I got the doggies settled and then went out to take some photos.  (Trying to get a couple photos for my 2015 calendar so I can get it ordered soon).  I will probably do a combination of photos from Europe and Alaska. The cover photo will have to be from Alaska and I was thinking that one of the photos from North Pole would be the Christmas photo (but then I have that wonderful photo from Paris that I wanted to use for December... it might have to be November).

It was nice to get out and see some more of Fairbanks and to see some of the changes that have happened over the last 12 years.

I also stopped for lunch at Quizno's.  A friend of mine owns it and she was working today so I got to visit with her for a few minutes (she's pretty busy at work). 

Tonight I've just been hanging out here at the hotel and I've been doing laundry tonight.  I also spent a little bit of time talking to my friend who is the Operations Manager here. He was talking about some of the struggles of being a manager (one of his favorite/good employees gave notice due to a situation going on in their life right now).

And now... the weekend is over and it's after 9pm.  Time to take the dogs out for their evening potty break and then think about getting to sleep.  One positive thing for me today... I found a pill splitter (Peanut's pills need to be split in half and they don't cut easy with a knife). I had been looking for one anyway, without any luck.  So... happy I finally found one this afternoon.

Okay... signing off.

- Kris

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Visited Santa today in North Pole!

 In North Pole they have this ENORMOUS Santa!
 Santa Claus' house in North Pole, AK
 Here's his address if you need it! *smiles*
Santa posed for a selfie with me!

After having a restful morning [read: took the dogs out, had breakfast, laid back down for a nap!], I called my daughter to see if she wanted to go to a small Christmas bazaar in North Pole (where she lives). She agreed to, so after dealing with a couple things (i.e. talking to my Realtor), I went and picked her up. We went to the bazaar at St. Nicholas Church (Catholic) in North Pole, and then we went to Santa Claus' house there in North Pole.  Kris Kringle (I believe he had his name officially changed) was still there as Santa.  I tried to get a photo of me sitting on his lap, but Kati was having a hard time trying to do it with my phone. Oh well, there will most likely be more opportunities. They had a 20% off sale there today, so I picked up a couple things (an ornament, a tee-shirt and a magnet for a friend).

Then I dropped Kati off at her house and went and got my nails done. While I was there at the salon, I went ahead and got my eyebrows waxed (I don't do that very often... but getting both done there in North Pole was cheaper than just getting my nails done in Germany). 

From there I headed back to my hotel room so I could take the dogs out before calling my Realtor (I didn't get to talk with her earlier).  We went over the House Inspection report and will ask the Seller to fix everything that Vince listed (he can say no and only agree to do some of them... there were a couple things on the list he had already done). 

Then I went to Quizno's for my "dinner".  I love their "Honey, Bacon, Club" sandwiches. And my friend Cappy owns the place, so I feel like I am supporting her when I go.   From there it was over to the "Big Dipper" for the "Ice Dogs" game (again against Kenai).  The Kenai team came out ready to battle and scored the first couple points and then we just seemed to keep matching each other's scores until the end when the "Ice Dogs" pulled ahead and won 8-5.   I checked the UAF score during the game and they lost again 3-2 against Bowling Green. *sad face*.  Hopefully I will get to their next game(s).

Now it's almost midnight, I got home about 10:45, and took the dogs out and now they are sleeping on the bed next to me while I write my blog.  Guess I'd better sign off and think about heading to bed too.  Peanut has a Vet appointment in the morning, hopefully they can give her something for her earache and ease the pain.

- Kris

Friday, November 7, 2014

Another week completed in AK and another Hockey night

 Last night's moon
 My granddaughter with a couple of her friends at the hockey game (and her Dad is standing behind her) :)
The Ice Dogs line up after beating Kenai something like 8-1.  Good game.  I thought when I bought the tickets I was buying them to the UAF Nanook's game... and didn't realize it until I had left, that the tickets were for the Ice Dogs. UAF ended up losing 3-2, so I guess it was better to go to a game where the home team won.  When I bought the hockey tickets today I bought tickets for tonight and tomorrow night.

Work wasn't too bad, it was slow in the morning so I caught up on all of my notes.  I wanted to wait until my Supervisor had seen the first note I did, to make sure he was okay with my notes... that didn't happen until about 4pm though, so at the last minute I was doing a lot of "cutting and pasting" notes into our medical system. So the only notes I didn't get done were the ones from this afternoon. And it is looking like I have a fairly full Monday with 5 patients scheduled.

After work I went to pick up the hockey tickets, came home, took the dogs out for their walk and got a bite to eat and then headed to the hockey game which didn't get over until after 10pm. Now it's midnight, so I had better sign off and head to bed.

- Kris