Thursday, July 31, 2014

Feels like Monday

 Some flowers from my walk around the neighborhood tonight...
 A "Selfie!"
 The apples are about ready to be picked!

Sunset tonight (or almost sunset).

Work went okay today... I had two cancellations... one rescheduled to tomorrow and the other rescheduled for next week (which is currently looking pretty light).

I went to lunch with a couple of my co-workers...although I thought I only had about a 1/2 hour to eat my lunch (by the time we left and by the time I had to get back for my 1pm appointment... which ended up cancelling this morning, but I didn't find out until I got back to the office).

After work I went and got my car washed... it was WAY over due! But... I didn't want to wash it until I got back from the trip to Hamburg.

Okay... it's after 9, hoping to get to bed soon.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Made it back from Hamburg

It was so neat to see my friends from Minnesota up in Hamburg. Today before I took them out to the airport (in Hamburg) we visited this Chinese Tea House and Heidi gave us a mini lesson in Chinese culture (I learned some things I did not know before... and that's always a good thing).

I dropped the Bruders (and their daughter) off in enough time to catch their flight. They were worried because they only had a 50 minute layover in Amsterdam. I hope everything went okay for them.  I didn't have any problems coming home... just couldn't keep a consistent [read FAST] speed and then I ended up stopping 4-5 times to use the restroom and a couple of those times it was to stop and get a bite to eat.

I picked up the dogs about 9pm, they were happy to see me, as always.  Now we are home, it's about 10:15pm... so I had better sign off and think about hitting the sack.

G'night & Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Miniature World and Harbor Cruise

Some photos from Miniature world, these photos don't do it justice!
Just a couple photos from the Harbor cruise, it was nice, although I satin the only place on the boat where you could get wet occasionally from spray.  But it was a nice hot day out so I didn't mind too much.

I've enjoyed these couple days in Hamburg with my friends.  After the Harbor cruise this afternoon, we brought Bob back to the hotel for a nap, and then Heidi and her Mom (Barb) followed me out to the airport and they dropped off their rental.  Heidi was stressing about getting lost on the way to the airport tomorrow, so we dropped off the car today and tomorrow I will run them out to the airport and drop them off, then head back down to Stuttgart.

Tonight after wandering around for awhile, we ended up going to a little Italian restaurant on the same block as our hotel. It was nice, we enjoyed some wonderful conversation (heart-rending at times) and good food and good wine.  I had a fresh salmon filet on a bed of veggies, it was nicely seasoned.

Okay... After 11pm, I'd better sign off and head to bed.  G'night!

Auf Wiedersehen,

Monday, July 28, 2014

Made it to Hamburg!

Photos of Hamburg Harbor
My friends the Bruder's at the Brodersen restaurant where we had dinner tonight.

This morning I left home about 5:30am and was on target to make it here about 11:30am, but about an hour out I ran into a "stau" (traffic was moving VERY slowly), so I stopped at one of the truck/food stops for an hour or so. By that time it felt good to stretch my legs.

I drove around Hamburg for a half hour or so trying to find the Hard Rock Cafe, couldn't so I came to the "hotel" to check in about 1pm.  I was going to take a nap, not knowing what time my friends were going to show up, but there was some loud, repetitive noises outside, so I gave up and THEN went and found the Hard Rock Cafe (got another Tee shirt, the last one I got is too small).  I came back to the hotel and waited on my friends - they got lost in Hamburg (didn't have a working GPS in their car) so drove around for several hours.  I think it was after 8 by the time they got here.  We discussed dinner options and settled on German food - I told them I had seen what looked like a good restaurant down the block.  Well, they were in shock when they saw the name of the restaurant "Brodersen" because that was Bob's family name before his father migrated to the States and changed it to Bruder.  I had no way of knowing that.  Isn't that amazing?  Bob and Barb are traveling with their daughter Heidi, who teaches HS AP History there in MN.  She has been a pleasure to meet.

Okay, it's 11:15pm, I only had 4.5 hours of sleep last night and we are going to meet for breakfast at 7.   So, I had better head to bed.

Auf Wiedersehen, 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Need to head to bed!

Some more photos from yesterday's car show.

Today I slept in and then had my typical Sunday brunch. I ended up with a tummy ache, so laid down for another hour or so, but then had to go meet my co-worker to give her the on-call phone at 2pm.  Then I went on into work and was there until 6pm.  I stopped by the grocery store on the military base and picked up some snacks for tomorrow and then called to make sure the folks who are going to watch my dogs were home, (they were) so I went home and got Bruno & Peanut and took them over to their house.  (I saw another motorcycle accident again tonight... didn't look like anyone was hurt, but there were several cars pulled over and a couple motorcycles, it looked like there was oil on the road... the police or Emergency folks hadn't gotten there yet, this is the 3rd accident I've seen involving a motorcycle or a street bike in about a month).

Tonight I've gotten packed, and I'm just wrapping things up. I'm hoping to be on the road early tomorrow morning... but it's already 11pm.

So... will keep this short. I'm headed up to Hamburg to meet my friends the "Bruders" and their daughter. Will try to post from there tomorrow night.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fairly Fun Saturday...

 I went to an "American Classic Car" show today with my German neighbors... it was fun. We were only there for an hour or so... but it was fun to see some of the cars.
 A colorful rose in a neighbor's yard! *smiles*
 I took this after the sun had set... but I have some pretty yellow flowers out in back of my house.
It was a cloudy day (rained this morning)... but I still managed to catch a little bit of color at sunset.

So... this morning I went and got my nails done and did a *little* bit of shopping. I figured it was about time to buy a new pair of tennis shoes (I think I have had the same ones (2-3 pairs) that I've been wearing for a couple years.  I also had to go get some more soda and drop off all my empty soda bottles for recycling.

After that is when I came back and went to the car show with my neighbors....we got back about 5:30 and then they invited me over for some green curry over rice and salad... that was nice.  After dinner and talking for awhile, we got on the topic of the nearby grave (at least that is what *I* thought it was)... and so about 8:30... I took them out to where it is. It's hard to get to at this time of year because the brush is so grown and thick... (AND there are stinging nettles!). I made sure they both had long pants on and encourage them to wear tennis shoes (sneakers).  We kind of bush-whacked our way back there and they were surprised to see it (they have lived here for 12 years and didn't know of its existence.  I guess I hadn't paid attention to the dates... or maybe misread them... but, it's actually for a little girl who only lived for 5 years and died before WWII (so... not war related).  My neighbors said they would ask Curt (an elderly German neighbor who would probably be the same age as the girl had she lived). He knows EVERYTHING. He's an icon in this neighborhood.  It will be nice to find out the history.

I'm still waffling on the Alaska thing.  I did message with a Social Worker that I know up in the Anchorage area. She said the guy that I've emailed (and hasn't responded) has been out of the office for a few weeks on vacation, but she also acknowledged that he isn't the greatest email responder.  I think right now what I am thinking is that I'm going to say that if they will give me the recruitment bonus in a lump sum... then I'll take the assignment... if not... then no.

Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Friday, July 25, 2014

Finally Friday

 These flowers are growing outside my house! Pretty, huh!

 Planes are taking OFF over my neighborhood tonight, so it is harder to catch them in my sunset photos.  Can you spot the plane in the photo just above?
 Trying to capture the sunset in the window of my neighbor's house. I was trying to be discreet... and then the flash went off. I hope they weren't home to notice... otherwise they are probably saying/thinking something along the lines of "that crazy American!"
Just a couple more sunset photos from tonight.

Work went okay today... I had a busy morning and then at lunchtime we had to say good bye to one of our co-workers in another clinic.  She's moving to a different location in Germany so that she can be with her husband (who had taken a job up there a couple months ago).

I didn't get all my notes done over the weekend, so I am going to need to go back in at some point this weekend. I thought about going back in tonight, but didn't.  And now it's almost 11pm.  At least I can sleep in tomorrow morning (providing the on-call phone doesn't go off).

Tomorrow I have a nail appointment and then in the late afternoon I am going with one of my German neighbors and her boyfriend to a local car show.  Should be fun!

Okay... signing off...
Auf Wiedersehen!
 - Kris

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood!

 Photos from this morning...

Sunset photos from tonight...

Work went okay... I had a little bit of excitement when someone (above me) suggested that my position was supposed to be upgraded (and it sounded like it would be sooner rather than later)... but then I found out that it was a different position.  What is frustrating, is that if they fill this position...MY position would be the ONLY one that isn't the higher rate. (Has nothing to do with me... but my "Company" needs to pay all Social Workers equally!).  But... for a few minutes this morning... I thought there might be a chance of my staying here in Germany. *smiles* (Remember... one of the main reasons I am leaving... is to get a promotion).

This afternoon was busy... so tomorrow after my morning appointments I will need to get busy and get my notes done.  Then I am off until next Thursday!

Okay... keeping this short. It's already almost 10pm!  Where does the time go?

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris