Monday, March 31, 2014

Not so busy Monday

 Sunset tonight...
Have I mentioned that I *love* Daffodils? I do!

Work went better than expected today because I had two no shows... including the last appointment of the day. SO... I was able to get my 2 assessments typed up (7 pages each) from the one appointment and the rest of the notes from the other appointments done as well.  Tomorrow I know I have a cancellation in the morning, that will allow me to get the first appointment typed up and prep for the others I will have the rest of the day. I'm going to try hard to stay on top of my work this week because right now, my Thursday is PACKED (an appointment scheduled every hour!)... and I don't want to work til 7pm that night trying to get all my notes done!  GRRRR!

First thing this morning I had a meeting with my immediate supervisor who basically tells me to not do as good of a job as I am expected to do by the larger company I work for.  And when I told her I had 70 cases (individuals) I see on my caseload, she says that isn't true... because when I see a couple, they are 1 case (not two)... even though I have to write notes on both of them (she would just have me write a note on 1 person in the couple or family, but that's not the direction I get from higher headquarters).  It's frustrating, on one hand because it feels like she is minimizing how much work I do!  GRRRR!

After work I went to see where I am supposed to drop my car off for servicing on Wednesday.  Still haven't quite figured it out. I have two co-workers that come from that direction, but they both leave home real early... one says he leaves home about 4:30am so he can go to the gym first, the other says she leaves home at 6! (To beat the traffic).  I *really* don't want to get up and go in THAT early.  It's frustrating... because I've never declined to pick someone up or give them a ride when it is needed.  

I came home then and took the dogs out for a walk, not as long as I had planned, because I had left their treats behind, and when Bruno passes a dog without barking, he knows he deserves a treat.... and kept looking at me so expectantly when we did pass a dog and he managed to not bark (in part because I was trying to distract him).

I went back out at sunset time... not too much of a sunset tonight, not as colorful as some nights.

I printed out my itinerary for my flight and car rental and realized the car rental had the wrong dates so I had to call the company and change the dates (from April 1st to the 4th).  Didn't save me a whole lot, but I sure didn't want to lose my car rental either!

I also applied for a Veteran's Administration job tonight... just kind of for the heck of it, to see if I have any better luck with job applications with them, than I have had with DOD.   It took a long time though because they have specific forms to fill out and then I had to scan them and upload them.

Now it's almost 10:30...way past my bedtime... and I've got to watch that this week... I don't want to head out on my trip later this week totally exhausted!

So... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Not so productive Sunday

The sunset wasn't as colorful tonight as it was last night... but at least I made it back home in time to see it.

So... not a very productive day.  We had to set our clocks forward today here in Europe. I didn't get out until about 11am to take the dogs for their walk, then came back and made something to eat, then checked my facebook and email for awhile.

I don't remember what time I left, I think it was around 2.  I had to go into work to do my Credentialing.  I had to find some certificates for some training I had done, to upload and I had to dig up some email and snail mail addresses for some peers.  I also wanted to look over my patient list for the past couple months so that I could give my supervisor an idea of what my current caseload is (which is roughly 70 patients).  I went ahead and generated a spreadsheet with all the names and why I see them (i.e. marital, individual, grief, family, etc) and then sent it to her.  When I went onto my Facebook at work, there was a message from my American neighbor letting me know that Bruno was outside. WHAT THE HECK???  She said she managed to get him back into the house, that the front door was open.  YIKES...I thought for sure I had closed it good.  That's the first time I've left the front door open that I know of (at least when I was leaving and left the dogs home).  Bruno is NOT the dog I want outside unleashed, he would definitely be the terror of the neighborhood. Not sure how long he was outside before my neighbor noticed (she was outside watering her plants, thankfully). After she got Bruno inside, she started worrying that someone had gotten inside (Peanut was still inside), so she got my next door neighbor to come over and they checked to make sure everything was okay. (other than my laundry room, at least my house wasn't too messy!).  My neighbors have a key to my house (they are totally trustworthy).  Whew!  Glad that had a positive outcome!  I'm glad that Bruno didn't get hit by a car or attack any dogs!  Argh! 

Anyway, as I tried to do my credentialing process, the computer was not cooperating (more likely, the online program for the system). It was frustrating. It wasn't til about 5pm that I finally was able to get into the system and start uploading the information needed.  I finally got out of the office about 6:20pm and thought I was definitely going to miss sunset... but I had forgotten that with the daylight savings time change today, that the sun was setting an hour later!

I came home and took the dogs out for a walk and then didn't eat til about 8:30pm. I had steak and baked potatoes and I've been watching the news.  Bruno and Peanut are crashed on the couch beside me... it's 9:30, so I had better sign off and think about heading to bed.  BTW... I *didn't* get my laundry put away and I didn't do any packing today. Ugh! Hopefully tomorrow night.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Saturday, March 29, 2014

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. *smiles*

 I took the dogs out for a couple walks today that were over 2 miles each.
 Cherry blossoms are blooming near the orchards
 Tongues OUT
 Tongues IN
My favorite sunset photo from tonight...  I went out with my neighbor Donna, she brought her camera and I brought mine.  I gave her some tips on taking photos and she had some that came out really good as well.

Not too productive today... I did manage to get a couple loads of laundry done, and I did vacuum out my car and cleaned the inside (I'm hoping to go get it washed tomorrow).  And I did take the dogs on two walks that were over 2 miles each (I have over 13,000 steps in for today).  I had thought about going into work tonight, there are some things that I *have* to get done this weekend (for credentialing purposes)... so I guess I will just go in tomorrow.  I have several things I would like to get done tomorrow... put clothes away, pack for Hawaii, go into work and get that stuff done... haul my Christmas tree off the back porch and put it in the garage (too lazy to take it to the local dump).  And I need to tidy up my mess that I seemed to have made today.

Tonight I made fried rice for dinner, it turned out pretty good.  And I've just been uploading photos to the web and watching the news.  Nothing too exciting.

Okay... signing off. I need to change my clocks tonight before I go to bed, as Europe "Springs forward" tonight (just a couple weeks behind the US).

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday sunset

Some sunset photos from tonight... yep! I made it back okay! *smiles*

So... got up and checked out of my hotel first thing this morning and then spent all morning in training.  Today I was talking with one of the woman from another area of Germany, and found out she spent time in Alaska and was up there when I was.  We got to talking about what we did up there, and based on what she did (for a job) up there, I asked if she had heard of a friend of mine... well, come to find out... my friend was her supervisor for awhile up there.  Talk about a small world.

We got done with training just after noon and I went over to the large grocery store on the large Air Force base near where my training was.  While there I ran into two women from the Spokane area (my hometown).  One was wearing a "Washington" tee shirt, so when I asked her where she was from, she said she grew up in the Spokane Valley.  While I was talking with her (she was working in the Deli) another woman waiting to get some meat, said she was also from the Spokane area (she was from a small area about 20 miles north of Spokane).  Again... talk about a small world! *smiles*

I got back to the Stuttgart area about 3:30pm (there were two accidents along the way, of course in areas where there was construction, so everyone had to funnel down to 1 lane).  I stopped by work to check my emails and to get the "on call" phone from my supervisor... then I picked up the dogs and came on home.

I took the dogs out for a walk and since I didn't see any dogs around, I let them both (read: let Bruno) off their leashes.  Wouldn't you know it... Bruno heard some dogs off in the distance and took off like a shotgun and would NOT come back...he apparently got into a tassle with the dogs and he came back with a little bit of blood on him (it was a small smear about 1" long), but I can't find any injuries on him.  He was acting like he was hurt.  The other people just kept walking with their dogs like nothing had happened. I felt REALLY bad (and angry at myself for letting Bruno off his leash and at him for taking off).  Lori said he did okay over at their house.  But, tonight he threw up a little (just liquid).  Not sure if it is from something he may have eaten at their house (i.e. cat food), or from his little dogfight.   Both dogs were SO happy to see me tonight when I picked them up and they've both been really tired and quiet here at the house tonight.

Other than that... in one week, I will be landing in Hawaii! WHOOO HOO! I can't wait!

Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday's training...

Rhine Falls, just across the Swiss border.

Training continued today... it was a full day and I felt like a lot got covered.  I think we really should have at least 1 more day of training to get everything accomplished that we need to learn. 

At lunch time today I went to the hospital where my credentialing is maintained to talk with them... and basically the answer is that I will need to go into my office this weekend and get it all done and submitted.  (And of course... not get paid for putting in the overtime to get it done).  Speaking of overtime, this week I've been talking with other providers that do the same kind of work and we all work for the same organization and everyone has the same complaint about expectations being really high and that we are all working overtime without pay to meet those expectations (at least to get all the notes done).  One person I've been talking to said that she just doesn't get her notes done in the allotted time (we are supposed to have them submitted within 72 hours).

Other than that... tonight I've just been taking it easy. I had hoped to hook up with a friend of my oldest daughter (from Alaska). My daughter's friend is here in the area of Germany where I am right now for training... her husband is in the military. But, I wasn't able to meet up with her, she had an obligation for tonight already.  Oh well, maybe she and her family can come down to the Stuttgart area sometime.

Tomorrow we only have a half day of training and then I have to head back home (and into work) so I can pick up the "on-call" phone from my supervisor.  I'm on call this next week (until I leave for HI next Friday).

Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Training

Well, for some reason, my laptop is having a hard time connecting to the hotel wifi, so I'm typing this on my iPad.  Training went well today, I enjoy the speaker who is from Ireland originally.  I'm doing some training that will help me in my work with people who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Tonight I met up with my friend Laura and her two kids (Johnny is almost 13 and Arielle is 18).  We had dinner and hung out for awhile it was nice.  Tomorrow after work I am going to dinner with one of our docs that are up here working in this area for the next couple months.  

Okay, keeping this short because I hate typing with two fingers on my iPad.

Auf Wiedersehen,

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hanging out in K-Town area


Well, I made it up to the K-Town area today. I stayed up late last night and got up about 8:30 - 9am and then didn't leave home until just before 1pm.  It was snowing in my neighborhood this morning... big huge flakes! In fact, I didn't clear off my rear window before I left, instead, just put the rear window defroster on and it took about 20 miles before the snow finally melted off!  Traffic was heavy in the Stuttgart area (read: not moving much). Once I got past there, the traffic moved along okay.  I went over to the Air Force base and did some shopping (got a pair of jeans on sale) and had a belated birthday dinner at Macaroni Grill. It was good... it was the same thing I always get there... Lobster Ravioli. 

Tonight I've just been relaxing... reading through some material I need for the course I am taking this week (boring materials). I did run into one of my co-workers over at the Air Force base, he was shopping... and will be in the training with me this week.

The place where I am staying has free wifi... but MAN is it SLOW!  Argh!

Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen
- Kris

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy Birthday to me! *smiles*

 An Easter Egg tree! *smiles*

 Some of the flowers I saw when I took the dogs out for a walk this morning... I really think Spring has sprung here!
And... I did manage to get a sunset photo tonight!

So... I stayed up til about 3am this morning (I've got to quit that!) so didn't get up til about 9:30 or so (and then laid in bed and read on my Ipad for awhile).  Then I got up and took the dogs out (after my shower)... and came back and played on my computer for awhile. Then I got busy and cleaned house and started preparations for dinner.  One of my co-workers (one of our "techs") and her husband wer coming over to pick up the dogs (they are going to be dog-sitting this week for me)... so I told them I would make them dinner.  They enjoyed the dinner and took home leftovers (to include some chocolate chip cookies).  I made my favorite chicken... I base it in a mayonnaise mixture that includes parmesan cheese, minced onion & minced garlic and season salt. I bake it at about 350* (the German stoves are in Celsius)... and it always comes out really moist.  I also cut up some potatoes into small chunks, nuke them, then wrap them in foil with some season salt, garlic salt and butter and then bake them further with the chicken.  I also made some green beans.  My co-worker and her husband loved my house and loved the neighborhood.

And... my house is relatively clean! I didn't get my laundry put away though... most of it is still sitting in my laundry room.  That, and I didn't mop the floors... just didn't get to it. But, I did vacuum.  AND... here it is almost 1am and I still haven't packed (I've been doing more laundry).  I hope to go to bed pretty soon.  At least I don't have to get up at 5:45am. THAT will be nice. I'm headed up NW of where I am, to go to some training this week.

Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another Saturday night and...

I love these bright yellow bushes that are blooming now... in fact... I love that everything is starting to bloom!

So... today... hmmm... got up around 9am... did some laundry... walked the dogs... took a nap... walked the dogs again, went to the store to pick up a couple things... checked my mail... then went to a birthday party of sorts for Kirstin (she was the one on the plane with me from here to Atlanta last August and as we were taking off, Amelia, her 10 month old (at the time) daughter fell asleep on my lap! Anyway... Kirstin's birthday was yesterday (the 21st) and mine is tomorrow.  She invited me over and I enjoyed seeing Amelia, who is growing like a weed... and we had some cake and then dinner with her family (I met them at Amelia's birthday party).  Kirstin's family is German and a couple of them know a little bit of English, so sometimes Kirstin has to interpret for us. *smiles*  Dinner was a salad, some long-grain rice and some kind of meat in a gravy. It tasted delicious!

I got home late and took the dogs out again for a walk and since then I've been playing on the computer. Now it's almost 2am (and officially my birthday!)... so I guess I'd better head to bed.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Friday, March 21, 2014

So glad it is Friday and the work week is over!

Had a colorful sunset tonight... glad I made it home in time to get some photos!

Work was very frustrating today.  First of all, this morning I tried to rush and get notes done from yesterday. My one co-worker had suggested that when we went into our staff meeting, that we say we didn't have anything to talk about (so I could go back and finish my notes)... and then she rambled on for a half hour about one of her appointments.  Gee... thanks. Then I had back-to-back appointments the rest of the morning. I ended up going to lunch with my Supervisor and from there, we went straight over to the training... where I sat and twiddled my thumbs ALL afternoon... not absorbing anything, because all I could think about was all the work I still had to do before I left work today.  On top of that, I got a notification today that I have to get my credentialing paperwork done ASAP (they always do that... notify you and want your information within 10 days!).  In this case... they want my response by March 31st.  Oh yea... didn't I mention that I wouldn't be in the office all next week?  And on the 31st, I am scheduled to see 9 or 10 people!  So... of course... I sat there doing my notes and taking care of the things that HAD to get done today... before I leave... while everyone else left. I was so angry and frustrated I was almost in tears. Especially since several of my co-workers didn't feel like they needed to be at the training, in fact, it was ONLY *my* supervisor and I that sat through the whole thing, from our section. ARGH!  Oh yea... this morning... as I was trying to get yesterday's notes done... I was plugging away and my boss comes in and said that the Chief of the Clinic wanted to take a photo of all of the Social Workers for Social Work month... so I had to STOP what I was doing and go do that.  And people wonder why I can't get my work done.

Anyway... I am now OFF call... so that is nice.  Although my boss called me tonight because she is on call and got a call about one of my clients. So I ended up talking to her for about 20 minutes tonight about what has been going on with that client. (the client is okay... just had something happen).

Tonight I've been catching up on emails and Facebook.  And now it's almost 10pm and I'm going to head to bed within an hour.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A few of my favorite things...

 My favorite flowers... Daffodils... *smiles* these are in front of my neighbor's house... the ones that I have bloomed are smaller ones.
 Taking walks with my doggies on sunny days... today we did our 2.5 mile walk and the sun was going down as we were about 3/4's of the way through our walk.

Sunsets... love 'em!  By the time we got back home from our walk, the sun was down, but the colors were popping!

Work went okay today... I had two cancellations this morning and one hour that was already unbooked... so basically, yea... I had my whole morning free. I got my notes done from yesterday and prepped for the appointments this afternoon.  I didn't leave work til about 5 (doggonit... I wish I were more disciplined about leaving at 4:30!).  Tomorrow is going to be hectic, so I was trying to get as much done today that I could.  Tomorrow every hour in the morning is booked, and then we have some mandatory training all afternoon.  My guess is that I will be working through my lunch hour. [frown].

After work I came home and took the dogs out for their walk... then came home and made pork chops and macaroni & cheese for dinner and then watched "Survivor" and "American Idol."

Now it's 9:40pm... and I should be heading to bed... so will sign off for another day.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another beautiful sunset... and doggy appointment

I sure love the beautiful sunsets we have been having lately, these photos were taken tonight.

Well, I had hoped to sleep in this morning (especially since I got a call last night on the "on call" phone about 11:30pm).  BUT... Peanut has her body clock working pretty well apparently... she wanted to get up by about 6, and thought for sure, that when 7 came around, I was in bed WAY too long. ARGH!

I got up and took them for a walk (the 1/2 mile walk), got poop samples (I took ziplock baggies that I had labeled with their names on them) and then came home and finished getting ready to head to their Vet appointment (we got there about 10, I think their appointment was about 10:20am).  They had to get their Lepto and Lyme Disease shots, since they are within a few months of needing their distemper shots, they got that as well.  Poor Bruno got an extra dose... not sure if it was the Lepto or the Lyme, but apparently they accidentally gave him two of the same one (but said it was okay, it wouldn't hurt him... thank goodness!).  He was such a good trooper through it all (they have to take their temperatures, take blood and then do the shots and a physical).  Peanut did good too. Bruno is relatively healthy, but I had some questions about Peanut. She still runs on three legs sometimes (lifting her back left leg... which is also the same leg she always lifts when she has to pee)... well, apparently her knee keeps popping out of place. They said it isn't a problem and it is common in small dogs. They said if it ever seems to be hurting her, then it may warrant surgical correction... they would go in make a deeper "V" that the one bone sits into.  I think it just helps me to understand better what is going on with her knee.  The other concern I have had, is that Peanut seems to "wheeze" a lot.  They said it is a "reverse sneeze." (I had recorded small segments of each of her behaviors, the lifting of her leg when she runs and also of her wheezing).  She said there's nothing I can do but comfort Peanut when she wheezes.  So... at least it isn't something more serious (I was worried that she was becoming asthmatic).  So... $350 later... the dogs have made it through another annual exam. (I am so glad they are healthy dogs for the most part... sometimes Peanut gets ear infections, but other than that... they seem to be well).

After the Vet appointment, I brought them home and dropped them off and headed into work.  I got there about noon. Someone was selling a waterproof camera (one of the "shockproof/waterproof" cameras)... mine went belly-up awhile back, so I wanted another one to take to Hawaii with me, so I picked an Olympus one up for $30 today.

This afternoon was busy... one appointment after another. One nice thing about this afternoon was when I got there, my boss had gotten me and a couple of our co-workers each a bouquet of flowers for Social Work Month. That was really nice of her to do that.

After work I had to run by my dog sitter's house to pick up some dog food I had left there the last time she watched them. She's not going to be able to watch them when I go to Hawaii because she will not be here most of that time.  I put an ad on the local website and got a response right away. It was actually from one of my former neighbors that moved to another house in another area here in the Stuttgart area.  She and her hubby have four kids, and when they still lived here, they watched my dogs once. They have a small dog as well, and I feel totally comfortable leaving the dogs with them. SO... I'm happy that worked out!

I took the dogs out for another walk tonight (about a mile) and took a bunch of sunset photos.  Then came home and made some dinner and watched "The Voice" and "CSI New York." Now it's after 9pm... the end of another day... and time for bed.  Tomorrow will be another busy day (but my first appointment was cancelled, I saw the person yesterday instead). So, I'll get today's notes done in the morning and then do my best to keep up on tomorrow's appointments the best I can.  We are supposed to have temperatures up in the 70's tomorrow, maybe someone will cancel and go enjoy the warm afternoon.  Friday is scheduled to be busy all morning as well. (And THEN, I am out of the office for the following week!).

Okay... I'm going to sign off!

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another beautiful sunset evening...

Tonight I looked out the back door and saw pink clouds out. Just then my phone rang and it was my neighbor (who has a better view from her house of the sunset) and she asked if I had seen the sunset, so I decided to head back out with my camera to the field and I caught some of the color in the sky.  Beautiful sunset!  (it was very overcast earlier when I took the dogs out for their walk).

Work went okay today, I didn't have any new clients scheduled for today, so I got a break. I ended up knocking out another online training that needed to get done.

Then... my boss came in about 10 after 4 and said I could leave early (in honor of National Social Worker Day)... but by the time she got done talking to me about a client of mine, and I walked out, it was 4:27... so... I got out 3 minutes early (AND, didn't finish the notes I was trying to get done). 

I found out that one of the applications I had submitted for a job in Korea didn't make the first cut.  Not sure why... but I also found out that my one co-worker (who is applying for everything, whether she would actually take a job there or not)... her application DID go forward. I would wager a $1000 bet that if she was offered the job there (the one I applied for), she wouldn't take it.  GRRRR. And it sucks that I'm being bumped out of competition by the likes of her... someone who takes naps during the work day (and not always just at lunch)... that always complains she can NEVER get her work done (and is so far behind she could never catch up if she had to)... and says she is overwhelmed if she sees more than 2 appointments in a day.  She has NO work ethic. I have witnessed her scream at clients (so has one of our docs) and she is so full of negativity, she affects the whole clinic.  And yet... those kind of things don't show up on applications when you apply and most of the time, those who are doing the hiring, haven't got a clue about this type of behavior.  Ugh!

Oh well... guess I am where I am supposed to be at the moment...  *smiles* time to get off my rant box.

Okay... signing off for another day.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Monday, March 17, 2014

Fairly easy Monday... and...

I got to see Chris Daughtry... he was here in the area for a concert and decided to put on a free concert for the local military folks. So, I went over at lunch time and I was able to get some photos. How cool. I think it's neat when celebrities like Daughtry do things like this for free for the military community. I feel it is their way of giving back.  He was very pleasant to everyone as he signed autographs.  He was in the 5th season of "American Idol" and has gone on to do fairly well in the music business. I think he is doing 3 concerts here in Germany.

Work went okay today... I caught a 2 hour break this afternoon.  I think I mentioned that I had to start using a "template" for my appointment scheduling (I can no longer schedule my own appointments), and so as part of that "template" I have one "new" appointment a day that is open for scheduling.  Well, I guess there were no referrals for this week, so that slot was open today and it's unfilled for tomorrow as well.

After work I went by the Post Office and I had a package from my youngest daughter... she sent me a "Spokane" sweatshirt AND a box of my favorite candy from SEES... AND sent me a box of Almond Roca.  *smiles*  I'll probably be sick tonight because I've eaten about a dozen pieces of the nutty vanilla carmels tonight... num, num!

 I *did* go for a walk after work today (and I'm sitting at over 11,000 steps for the day)... my neighbors caught up with me and walked with me, we did the 2 1/2 mile loop.  We also met another American couple that live in the neighborhood... that was nice!  They are probably around 30, they've been married about a year and a half and have a young son that was born January 2nd. (a cutie too!).

Tonight I've been watching some TV (Amazing Race) and since it is after 9, I have got to think about going to bed... the dogs are crashed out on the couch next to me right now... they are worn out from their walk tonight.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Full moon over Steinenbronn

After seeing some of my friends post pictures of the full moon in their neighborhood, I decided to go upstairs to one of my bedrooms that has a window in the roof, and I took this photo of the moon. 

Today has been fairly relaxing... I stayed up until about 3am (but I got to talk to my youngest daughter for an hour or so, which I enjoyed!).  I got up about 11am and did some reading... then took the dogs out for a short walk and we came back and I made us our Sunday brunch.  (Eggs, bacon and toast).  I *didn't* take a nap, so I was good about that. I cleaned my kitchen, and ran the dishwasher (I also washed the dog bowls).  I also defrosted my freezer, that was a chore, but it's done for another 3 or so months. 

Then about 4pm I took my dogs for a 2 1/2 mile walk. It had been cloudy this morning, but by late afternoon the clouds lifted and it was a gorgeous afternoon! 

Tonight I made steak and potatoes for dinner (which has become my traditional Sunday evening dinner) and for desert I had some Strawberries with whip cream.  Num, num!

I've been watching the news today about that missing Malaysian plane.  It's unbelievable. 
Tonight I got to talk with my friends Bette & Walt who are in Hawaii visiting... I wish they were going to be there when I get there, but they will have returned to Duluth by then.

Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Saturday, March 15, 2014


These are some of the cool animals at the farm that I saw up in Bad Urach last weekend... I *loved* the Rooster!

I stayed up until about 2 last night (and am on track to be awake til 2am again tonight... not a good habit to get into).  This morning I had a nail appointment, then afterwards I came back home and took a nap with the dogs.  Then about 6, I went to the grocery store and then went into work afterwards. I got to work at 7 and didn't leave until 12:15am.  I got my training done that was due, that took quite awhile and then I typed up two assessments, but the computer system where I need to upload them, was down, so I will have to do that on Monday.

Today IS Bruno's birthday... I gave both dogs a hunk of steak earlier today and then tonight I gave them some oven roasted chicken from the commissary (deli meat).  My dogs' birthdays are easy to remember... Bruno's is on the "Ides of March" (the 15th of March) and then Peanut is 9-11.  Peanut will be 6 in September, Bruno just turned 5.

Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris