Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Thought I'd fancy up my doggies in honor of Halloween! *smiles* (They put up with so much from me!!! LOL!)

Well... work went okay today, not as productive as I would like to have been, but I guess we all have those days.  Tomorrow we are only open 1/2 day (other half is supposed to be for training), but I have 3 appointments scheduled in the morning, including an "intake" which always takes longer.  I did bring home some work to type up, I haven't gotten to it yet, and if I don't get to it soon, it will have to wait and see if I can get it done tomorrow afternoon.

No trick-or-treaters at my house tonight (I didn't have the porch light on or anything).  I think the German kids are picking up the idea of trick-or-treating more and more though. I did see some teenage girls walking around with Halloween lights or something on.  I guess on the military installations they get overwhelmed, by the kids on post and those that live OFF post that go onto the posts and bases.  Someone told me that one group of neighbors went through over 125 bags of candy last year! WOW!  I can't even imagine that!

Okay...keeping this short. I've decided to enter a few pictures for the local photo contest, although I was bummed when I found out I could only enter photos from THIS year... (I had a few in mind that I would have liked to have entered that I have taken over here in Europe during my stay here).


Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Whew! I survived!

Some of the pumpkin creations from the Pumpkin festival! *smiles*

So... work went okay today, I caught a break when I had one cancellation (I think I ended up with 8 notes to write for the day).  It was a busy day.  And I was tired today.  Cody has been barking a lot overnight for the past two nights and waking me up frequently.  BUT... his Mama came to pick him (and Mazzie) up tonight... so it has been quiet and relaxing.  I don't have to be constantly on guard watching to make sure Cody doesn't pee on the floor... I can eat and only have to share a little with two dogs instead of four... and I can look forward to a quiet sleep tonight (hopefully... I want to say "knock on wood" because I am still on-call).  Hence, the title of today's blog... about surviving the two weeks of extra doggies...

Tonight I've been making up my Halloween S'mores kits for my co-workers (a snack-size Hershey bar, a "Ghost" peep and 2 square graham crackers in a baggy).  I'm having trouble printing though... so I need to figure that out before I go to bed.

Okay... signing off!

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sun is setting SO early now...

I took these sunset photos tonight with my Ipad (the only thing handy).  I was coming home from work and as I got into my town I saw that the sky was becoming really colorful, so I pulled down to the end of my street and jumped out of the car with my Ipad to take these photos (before I even got home to take the dogs out!).  Because Germany set their clocks back this past weekend, the sun is now setting about 5:15pm.  TOO early!  But, it is nice to have a little light in the mornings this week as I take the dogs out for their morning walks.

Work went okay today, I had one appointment last 2 hours (an intake)... and I had two other appointments, one no show and 2 cancellations (they cancelled earlier in the week).  Someone was talking about how many cancellations there are in Mental Health, but as I pointed out, it's not like they have a toothache and they REALLY feel the need to get it taken care of... counseling seems to be a "nice" thing, not a required thing... (or however you would put that). 

I don't know if it is tomorrow or Thursday, but one of those days, if everyone shows up, I'll see 12 people on 1 day (4 for one appointment, it's a family).  Unfortunately, I only get credit for 8 in a day.  Wish I could spread that out a little better across the week.

Speaking of work, I suppose I should sign off... I brought work home with me and if I get it done, and I still have some energy, I might try to throw together a coffee cake to bake tomorrow morning to take into work.

AND... tomorrow Cody and Mazzie's mom and pop should be returning to pick them up.  It will be SO nice to have our schedule get back to normal a little.  AND... other than that, the new temporary buildings going up in our parking lot are coming along quite well, unfortunately, it means those in our front office lose their view (not that they had much of one, but now they have even less.

Okay... signing off!

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Monday, October 28, 2013


I guess it is appropriate to have some pumpkin pictures this week since Halloween is coming up!

I'm going to make some "Halloween" S'mores to take into work.  what you do is put 2 square graham crackers, a Halloween shaped "peep" and one of the snack size Hershey bars (2"x1" or so) into a baggie with a Halloween picture/label with instructions.

"Place the unwrapped chocolate bar on top of a graham square.
Top with Peep and second graham square.
Microwave 10-15 seconds & enjoy!"

I made something similar for Easter last year and they were well received.

Work went okay today, I only had 3 appointments (but one was a new appointment).  Work has been a little frustrating as they want to micromanage our schedules more and more and they are putting more pressure on quantitative therapy versus qualitative therapy (they want more numbers and less quality per session apparently!).  For example, it was standard to have an hour and a half for each new appointment, now they want it done in 1 hour.  They want you to have 7 appointments a day average... and when you are dealing with complex issues, that's difficult.  And when you average that across the week, and subtract out the 4 hours a week that we are closed for clinic training and the 3 hours a week we have staff meetings, it doesn't leave ANY time for doing notes (or peer reviews, or to talk about cases with peers that you might share clients with, or to the supervisor for advice... etc, etc).  It's putting a lot of pressure on people and I'm sure the quality of work is declining (I for one, like to give a couple tests, which take time to print and prep for, and I like giving hand-outs... again, takes time to prep) and then we are rushing our notes and I would presume having more errors in the documentation as a result.

Okay... that's my rant for the day.

The header? I took a test that says your state of residency may determine your personality.  When I took the test, it said the state I fit most with is Georgia. Huh?

Well... two more nights with the dogs.  Cody hasn't had an accident tonight (because he has been sleeping on the couch most of the evening), but I bet I will get woke up about 3-4am by his barking (even though I shut every door possible and have the window shades down).  Two more nights. I'm looking forward to getting back to normal.

Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quiet Sunday on FALL Back time...

 Pumpkin Festival King?

Fall is in the air... but for the most part this week we have had some nice weather with temps getting up to 70 or so.  Today was an exception... well, I guess we had all kinds of weather today... wind, rain AND sun.  I did manage to get the dogs out for a little bit of sunshine today.  I took Bruno, Peanut and Mazzie for a longer walk, and then I came back and got Cody and took him separately (just worked easier that way).  I was surprised at how strong the wind gusts seemed to get today.

And today is "Fall Back" for time.  Here in Europe they change their clocks about a week different from the US.  So... I changed my clocks last night when I went to bed (and the computers updated themselves).  After getting up early to let the dogs out to go potty, I did my typical thing and went back to bed for another couple hours.  I've been enjoying the opportunity of sleeping in a little on weekends (after the mandatory "get up and let the dogs out").  I think I only have Cody and Mazzie for 2 more days... will be nice to get the house back to normal (and give the floors another good mopping!).  I think Cody has *only* had two accidents in the house today.  Once when I was sitting on the couch eating my lunch and I was giving each of the dogs a little bite here and there... and then he stood right in front of me and peed (without any warning).  I *won't* miss that when they go home this week.

Today I gave all four of the dogs a bath (first my two, then Cody, and then I just gave Mazzie her bath in the main floor bathroom).  At least they will all smell good for a little while!  I also pulled off all the bedding from the Spare bedrooms and am getting that washed.  (I don't know if one of the kids slept in the blue room when my neighbors were here or not, I couldn't tell... so washing the bedding in that room just in case).  The "green" room is where my Pastoral/Missionary friends slept a couple weeks ago... so I needed to pull that bedding and get it washed.  Need to be ready in case anyone decides they want to come on over to Germany for a visit! *smiles*

Not much else going on... haven't gotten my laundry put away yet, I'm going to go downstairs in a little bit and do that.  And throw another load in the wash.  It's only about 6:30pm.  I also need to get my dinner going... I'm going to make some steak and potatoes for dinner.  I have a Porterhouse steak... they seem to be pretty good (and since I only have steak maybe one time a week, I don't mind splurging on a good steak).

Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Faces of Ludwigsburg Palace

The top four photos are of the same building complex, the bottom is across one of the roads (not sure what it is... the summer residence?).

So... I got a call this morning from a co-worker asking if I would be interested in meeting her at the local mall to wander around and have lunch.  So, I did. It was a pleasant afternoon.  I spent more than I should have (although the only thing I really bought there was Christmas light thing (half circle with about 7 lights that looks like candles on it).  I also went and bought my soda, got my car washed and checked my mail.

Tonight I've just been playing on the computer, but I do have some things I want to get done this weekend that I need to get busy on. (i.e. I might finally enter a local photo contest... I'm amazed at how much they require to enter... the photos, the entry forms (and you have to title each photo) and you have to submit the photos on a CD (or something like that).  I think the limit is 3 photos per category and you have to complete a form for each photo.  SO...  I should be starting to focus on that tomorrow, because the deadline is next week.

Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Friday, October 25, 2013


Some more flower power photos! *smiles*

So... I totally spaced out doing my blog last night. I thought about it a couple times and then got distracted and didn't get it done.  Oops.  Sorry.

Nothing special to write about yesterday, we had some drama at work (nothing too serious)... and I ended up leaving work way later than I should have (that's what I get for going into my supervisor's office at the end of the day... I did that again today).  It just seems like after work it is the one time you can go sit down and process the day with everyone (okay... 3-4 of us).

Tonight I didn't get home til after 6 (both yesterday and today had horrible traffic on the roads).  The weather has been wonderful.  At work they are still building some more temporary buildings between us and our main clinic.  So, when I do get a break and get to watch, it reminds me of adult boys playing with extra large legos! LOL!

I only had two appointments this morning and then this afternoon I had training.  So, not too tough of a day and I did get my notes done for the week. (Whew!).  I'm looking at an easy Monday morning (possibly), but then the rest of the week is scheduled to be fairly busy.

Still have the doggies and amazingly, Cody has peed on the floor (he's been sleeping in the chair most of the evening.  It's about 9:30pm and I hope to go to bed relatively soon.  I've got the on call phone again.

I ordered myself an early Christmas present tonight. I  ordered a new Canon Camera.  I ordered the Canon SX280 (a red one).  Unfortunately, I have to send it to my middle daughter to have her send it to me because Amazon won't send it directly to me because it has a NICAD battery in it. (UGH!).  I am hoping she can just go ahead and send it with my calendars and my Christmas cards.

Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Easier work day, but still busy

Some floral pictures from the Ludwigsburg Palace on Saturday (more to come!).

So... work started off interesting... we had a meeting (then had another meeting after THAT!). There was a little drama in the first meeting, and even more in the 2nd (smaller) meeting.   I just kind of sat back and watched it like a tennis match.  Sometimes I am surprised at the behavior some people are able to get away with.  I guess I'm just so mellow (99% of the time) that it just shocks me in a way, I suppose.  Other than that... I had some good appointments today (and two cancellations that needed to be rescheduled).

They are doing some construction in our parking lot (putting in another temporary building) and it looks like an oversize lego building block project.  But, it's also loud and for some people it means they will be looking out at another building in close proximity.  (Thankfully... I get to look out to the woods still!).

After work I stopped and picked up a couple groceries, then came home and got all the dogs out (Cody has been out twice already, but is about due to go out again).  I had pizza for dinner. It was "okay." I just wanted something easy to fix.

Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kri

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Busy Tuesday

 I live right under the flight plan for the airport... well, they don't go right over my house, but they definitely go right over my neighborhood.  By the time they are coming over my neighborhood, their wheels are already down.
 There was a colorful sunset tonight, I like how there seems to be shadows on the clouds.

The large tree is an old pear tree, it still produces fruit.

So... (my favorite way to start off my blog)... I had a very busy day.  This morning I had four appointments (at 8, 9, 10 and 11) and then I had a 1pm appointment.  It was a challenging morning.  I did get most of my notes done, I think I got them all done with the exception of the last session.

I haven't left the building I work in during the day for the past two days. When I bring my lunch, I just go downstairs to our lunchroom.  But, as a result, I don't do as much walking.  I *did* do some walking after work, when I came home and took the dogs out.  I went ahead and took my dogs out first, and then came back and took Cody and Mazzie (C&M).  Then I came back and took my dogs out for a little longer walk.  I think between 5:30pm and 7:30pm, I let Cody go potty 4 times and then he still peed about 7:45pm!  I have decided he just doesn't have a stop valve on his urinary tract system.  He made it through yesterday evening without an accident, I think.  He also had an accident in his playpen today, but that might have been because he knew I was home and had taken out my own dogs first.

Tonight I made some more of my mama's home-made Ranch dressing (can't wait to have it tomorrow or the next day).  I made 2 quarts worth.  Then for dinner I made a couple salmon filets.  I put a little bit of maple syrup on top with some seasoning salt. It tasted pretty good. I had some brown rice to go along with it (I am HORRIBLE about eating my vegetables!). Then I went ahead and made some brownies to take into work tomorrow.

And, time-wise, I'm doing good... it's just after 8pm.  I'm going to head upstairs and look out the window (one of my bedrooms has a window in the ceiling (I have vaulted ceilings up there).  I got myself put on a NASA notification for when the Space Station is supposed to be flying over and one of the times is at 8:25pm tonight.  (So... I paused my writing and went upstairs to watch for it, I'm pretty sure I saw it.  How cool is that.  Tomorrow is supposed to rainy, but I will get an alert from the NASA website so I know what time to watch for it.  Tonight was pretty optimal for watching for it, but unfortunately there is a lot of air traffic up there as well.  But, I am still pretty sure I saw it.

Other than that... I'm just watching "The Voice" and as soon as it over, I'm going to get ready for bed.  I should go cut up the Brownies, they should be cooled enough by now, so that is one less thing I will have to do in the morning.  Which reminds me... this morning Cody started barking at 5:15am! UGH! (I did NOT get up and let him out... I'm not going to reward his barking behavior), he went out when I came upstairs to take him out.  But... he had me awake and that sucks.  I'll take both Cody and Mazzie out for a brief walk right before bedtime and then I let my dogs out my downstairs entryway and they go out the back before I hit the bed.  I've still got them for another week.

Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Monday, October 21, 2013

Some folks taking advantage of our nice weather on Saturday and were riding their horses through the nearby fields (their dog isn't in this photo, but it was the better photo of them on their horses).

So... work was easy today... I only had 3 appointments scheduled and 1 was cancelled by the person who couldn't make it). Tomorrow I have three appointments before noon!  (or is it 4?).  I already have two cancellations for Wednesday (one is rescheduled to Thursday, the other will call next week to reschedule).  My boss is back from her extended weekend to the German Alps, sounds like she had a good time and we have a new co-worker (a new Social Worker), I'm sure having her there will be very helpful!

After work I had to go to the grocery store and I still need to go get a couple more things (like Orange Juice and paper towels... and it seems like there was one other thing I still needed... hopefully I will remember it before I have to go back to the store).

I came home and tried to walk all 4 dogs... THAT's always a challenge!  So... after they did their business... we came home and I made some dinner and then took just Peanut and Bruno out for a little longer walk before returning home to take Cody and Mazzie back out again.  So far I don't think Cody's peed on the floor tonight (he's good when he's on the couch or in the chair... and I had him in his playpen when I took Bruno and Peanut out).  It's almost bedtime though... about time to get our nighttime routine going... make sure they have what they need and take them out one last time before bedtime.  I did get to watch "The Amazing Race" tonight... I always enjoy that show.

Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rainy Sunday

After a very rainy Sunday, the skies cleared up at the end of the day.  I took this photo in my neighborhood while I was out walking the dogs earlier.

So... what do you do when it's rainy? Well, I got my laundry done, cleaned up the kitchen, ran a load of dishes in the dishwasher, vacuumed and mopped the floors (and then of course... even though Cody had been out about an hour before, within an hour of getting the floors done, he peed! ARGH!  So... after mopping it up with a paper towel, I got the mop back up and mopped the area again (with vinegar water).  He's relegated to his playpen for the evening now (and missed some good snacks at dinner time, as I had steak tonight).

I am still working on photos to put in my 2014 calendar... I need to be making some decisions soon. I had hoped to get it done today (photos selected and possibly uploaded to the website where I will be getting the calendars printed through).  I know it will take awhile to get the calendars back, and I want to be able to mail them out for Christmas by Thanksgiving... and that will be coming soon!

Okay... signing off... tomorrow I will post more pictures either from the Pumpkin fest, or from the Palace where it was held, or some flower photos I took up there. *smiles*

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival

I took a WHOLE lot more photos... but wanted to get *some* put here on my blog tonight.  So... I went up to the Pumpkin Festival in Ludwigsburg (about 40 minutes north of where I live).  Every year that I have lived in Germany, people have told me I should go up there.  (Every year is a different theme - this year it is "The Olympics.") I even had some pumpkin fried rice (and it was pretty good!) and had some pumpkin sparkling wine (or whatever it is) to go along with it.  All-in-all, it was a good afternoon/evening.  I took a ton of photos and even got a decent sunset photo.  I also took a bunch of macro photos of flowers.  I'll post more pictures as the week goes along.

Now it's after midnight (because after walking 4 dogs and fiddling with pictures most of the night... the time just slips away).

So... signing off for another day...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Friday, October 18, 2013

Another thankful for Friday day...

I took this photo up on the Gronergat Mountain (near Zermatt).  I like this photo.

So... work was relatively easy.  I spent the morning getting all my documentation done (and yes, I did get it done).  Then this afternoon was basically spent in training.

After work I had to come home and let the dogs out (we ran into Ballou and Tequilla which Bruno and Peanut had fun playing with for a few minutes) and then I had to go get my nails done.  While I was out I did a little bit of shopping and then got a bite to eat.  I came home (I had left Cody and Mazzie out of their kennel) and found a couple places where, my guess is Cody, peed. Argh!  Guess I should know better.

Other than that... not much going on. I am thinking about going to the Pumpkin Festival up in Ludwigsburg tomorrow (weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow).  This year's theme is the "Olympics."  If I go, you can be sure I'll take a lot of photos. *smiles*

Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another day in the life of me...

"Gornergratbahn in ZermattZermatt with the famous Matterhorn (4477m) towering high above the village is probably the most famous of the many notorious Swiss clich├ęs. And the cog railway Gornergratbahn is a perfect way to enjoy the some of the best views to the Matterhorn and even much more since there are breathtaking views in every direction from the many stations of the Gornergratbahn. This high alpine cog railway transports the visitor directly into the heart of the huge glaciers and sky-scraping peaks around Zermatt. The Monte Rosa (4634m), the highest mountain of Switzerland, is directly opposite the top station of the Gornergratbahn at the summit of the Gornergrat (3090m). The view down to the huge glaciers below the Monte Rosa is truly breathtaking and one of the most famous of the entire Alps. The top station of the Gornergrat cog railway is perfectly equipped with a fine restaurant, a viewing platform, a modern shop with the notorious Swiss products and even a planetary observatory."

The above is the cog train I took up to the Gornergrat. *smiles*

So... work went okay today, I had a busy day, but with one cancellation (due to a sick family member).  That allowed me to type up two assessments. I think I have 7 notes (and 1 assessment) still to write up from yesterday and today.

I'm glad that the Government has "re-opened."  Although, like many, I think the billions of dollars wasted by the shutdown is horrible!  Someone should have to be accountable for that.  And if they have to furlough Government employees this coming year because of sequestration, I think that is just plain wrong!

After I finally got home (about 6pm), my neighbors helped me walk all the dogs... and we had a good walk (and a good talk).  Tonight I got to watch "Survivor", that was nice.  Now it's about 8:45pm, time to take Cody and Mazzie out for a potty break and then think about heading to bed by 9:30pm at the latest.  Last night I felt like I was able to catch up on *some* of my missed sleep from Monday night... but still need a little more catch-up I think.

So... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen,
- Kris

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Busy day but with a break!

I saw this house/building while going through the alps on the train... isn't it beautiful?

So... work went okay today, I got to go in a little late because I had the "Chimney Sweep" coming out (They had left a note saying they would be at the house between 7 and 9am and they got here just before 7).  Here in Germany I guess it is a law that you HAVE to have your chimney cleaned at least once a year.  (The landlord pays for it, not me).  But, that made it so I didn't have to RUSH into work this morning.  The only thing I missed was a staff meeting that tends to either be really dramatic or really boring.  But then, I had a full day of appointments, however my last appointment of the day was a "no-show" so that allowed me to get some notes done.  I didn't even leave my office at lunch time today... I ate lunch in my office (although I did go downstairs for a few minutes to use the restroom and to pop into the "kitchen/break area" to see who was there.

After work I followed a co-worker home to pick up Jared & Lori's dogs and now they are at my house for the next couple weeks.  And true to form... two hours after Cody got here... he peed on the floor (as I was getting ready to take him back out).  Mind you... when I picked him up about 4:50pm, I let him go potty (several times)... then I brought them home and took MY dogs out to go potty... came back and got them and took Cody and Mazzie BACK out again around 6pm... and within 2 hours after that, he peed on the floor.  He KNEW I was mad at him this time. (he went into the other room).  But then... I've got to remind myself that he is an old man... he's something like 12-13 years old.

Other than that... I've just been watching "The Voice" and the new episode of "Biggest Loser" and I've been working on some of the photos I took this weekend.

Okay... I still need to load some of the "Matterhorn" pictures onto my digital frame SD card, so I can enjoy the "Matterhorn" at work.  So... I'd best sign off because it's almost bedtime too.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

PS ARGH!  THAT LITTLE SNOT CODY... he just pissed on the floor just in front of me and it's only been 1 1/2 hours since he's been out! ARGH!  (I just don't think he has very good bladder control anymore!  Daggonit!).

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Made it back late from Switzerland...

Here are a couple of my attempts to be creative. I took these while I was up on the Gornergat Mountain just outside of Zermatt.  Of course, the mountain in the photo is the Matterhorn! *smiles*

So.. I did make it back late last night... too late to think about doing a blog.  I am always a little nervous about how little time they give you to make train changes.  I had 10 minutes to change trains in Visp, and that was fine (there are only about 5 tracks that run through there).  But then I was scheduled to only have a 7 minute stopover in Zurich (and I had to go over about 5 lanes... that means going down below, going over several tracks and then coming back up and trying to find the right "car" to get on there).  Well... as it would turn out, apparently there was a signal problem as we were coming into Zurich. I think we arrived about a half hour late. Of course, I was stewing the whole time.  I had gone down about 5 minutes before we were to arrive, to make sure I could be one of the first off the train... little good that did.  But, thankfully there were some wonderful people there with me, there were 4 older people that were friends, and one spoke a little English (she also spoke Spanish and German fluently... and I had to chuckle, she caught me mixing the two!  Which I sometimes do when I get confused about what I want to say).  And then there was another guy who acted like he didn't know English, but finally took pity on me and was kind enough to look up the train schedules on his cell phone and tell me what my options looked like they were going to be.  Initially the train I was supposed to leave on was going to leave 7 minutes late... then there was supposed to be another train between Zurich and Stuttgart about 5 minutes after that, and then about 45 minutes later.  And the one woman who was multi-lingual told me she thought that if I missed my train, that they would probably put me up in a hotel room overnight there in Zurich.  I was so appreciative of the help from foreigners.  (Aren't we all foreigners in this strange land?).

Anyway... I ended up getting the 8pm train out of Zurich (that was after having about 20 minutes to go to the information station to find out what to do, then going to the ticket office and having them sign off on my change of ticket and then getting to the 8pm train which was there and waiting).  I was so glad to get on and sit down!  (I had to do a LOT of walking in that train station, it's huge!).  Anyway, I knew that I wasn't supposed to get into Stuttgart until 12:40am.  And this trip went from Zurich to Basel, then to Karslruhe, before coming across to Stuttgart (it was the long, scenic route, unfortunately it was dark).  As soon as I thought we were across the German border, I turned on my Iphone (and Ipad) and started searching for information.  Part of that information was that the last train to the Station where my car was parked, left at 12:35.  It left 5 minutes before we were due to arrive (had I arrived on my regularly scheduled trip, I would have arrived 2 hours before).  So... I went onto Facebook to a local page here in Germany to see if anyone had any recommendations. One person said she thought there was a night bus, but when I used my app on my Ipad to check, it didn't seem like there was one.  SO... I finally arrived in Stuttgart about 12:50am.  I wasn't sure it would be open, but I went searching for the Information booth, and thankfully it WAS open and staffed.  To make a longer story shorter, I explained my situation and they called me a cab and gave the driver a voucher for my ride. (WHEW!).  That saved me almost 40 euros!  And it got me to my car faster than any other way I could have made it.  I ended up getting home about 1:45am and was in bed by 2am.  I set my alarm for 6am... so morning definitely came early. 

Work went okay today, but I had an intake this afternoon that was put into a 1 hour slot and it ran over (partially because they didn't have their paperwork completed when they came and partially because it should have been a 1 1/2 hour slot).  Anyway, my next appointment ended up leaving (without being seen).  I'm not sure they will be back, even though I called to apologize and then also sent an email to apologize.  I was really frustrated about that.

Other than that... I have a VERY busy rest of the week at work.  And tomorrow I've got to hang out here at home for a little bit because I have the "Chimney Sweep" coming to do his/her annual cleaning.

Tonight after work I went and picked up my doggies and then came on home. It's been raining cats and dogs today. (I did stop and pick up a couple things from the grocery store before I picked up the doggies).  I made a personal pan pizza for dinner and I've been watching "The Voice."  (As soon as it is over I'm heading to bed!).  I also made some home-made kettle corn which I enjoyed. AND... I uploaded the photos from this weekend onto this laptop that I am on.

Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Klein (Small) Matterhorn and Paradise Glacier

So, after sleeping in this morning I walked up to the starting point for the three cable card that would take me up to Klein Matterhorn and Paradise Glacier.  It was a beautiful trip up, although I was disappointed when the top was socked in with clouds.  I did enjoy the Ice Palace, although it was cold and I managed to lose one of my ear muffs up there.  Darn it!  I lost it in the ice palace and noticed it before I left and went back and retraced my steps, but didn't find it. On the way back down I stopped at the 2nd highest station and had a late lunch.  I had some schnitzel and French fries.  I had brought my own soda, I'm glad I did, it was 6 francs for a large soda up there.  

After I got back down to Zermatt, I came back to my hotel room and rested for awhile.  I've managed to read 2 books this weekend.  After my rest, I got up about 5:30 and headed back out. I was kind of hoping to get a nice sunset photo, but I think because Zermatt sits in a valley, I haven't seen a decent sunset since I've been here.  I had dinner at McDonald's, and even that was about $7.00 dollars (for a cheeseburger happy meal!).

After I returned to my room, I've just been watching TV (CNN) uploading photos, charging my electronics and packing to leave tomorrow afternoon.  Overall, I feel it's been a very good trip. I got to see the Matterhorn and watch Zermatt go from Fall to Winter. *smiles*

Okay, signing off, will post a coupe pictures below.
Auf Wiedersehen,
- Kris