Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Graphic photos... warning!

Here's what my eyes are looking like today. At least I don't have huge black eyes underneath!

So... slept in a little this morning (after getting up and letting the dogs out)... then took them for a short walk. Enjoyed a Grilled Cheese sandwhich for lunch, then ran some errands (while I'm off and the offices I needed to go to are open). I tried to go by the Vet clinic so I could get the dogs' passports updated with their last Rabies shots... but they were closed for inventory, so I may try to go tomorrow again.

Later this afternoon I took the dogs for their 2+ mile walk. It's still muddy out, so I had to rinse them off when I got back home.

Tonight's been about "chillin" and watching some TV. It's already 11pm, I think I'd better go take some meds and think about getting to bed.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Before and after...

After.... the surgery... it will get better

Before the surgery (pictures posted in the opposite order I had wanted).

So... today has been a long day. I spent about 5 hours in the ER today... I have a bladder infection. BUT... that was TOO long of a wait to find out. So... I didn't get home until about 9:30pm (after picking up the dogs).

I also had my post-op appointment, the doc said everything is looking good.

I'm going to keep this short... and sign off.

Auf Weidersehen!

- Kris

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bait & Switch... JFK

So, I woke up at 6 this morning and walked next door to the hospital about 7:30am. My show time was 7:45. I got there and changed and then about 8:15 a nurse came in to check my vitals. About 8:35 a wonderful Filipino nurse came in and started my IV. She did a great job and I got to practice my Tagalog. After that it was a long wait until surgery although my doc came in and said he had been thinking about which surgery would be best for me. He said he had been looking at the picture I had shown him from when I was active duty and thought that the best thing was to do a blephoplasty (eyelid lift). I had brought another picture from my teen years (and one from when I was 3). I think it confirmed that I never had arched eyebrows.

One thing good, was that I didn't have to stress about the eyelid surgery until 30 minutes before. When I went into the surgery room they gave me some Propynol (the drug that killed Michael Jackson). They just gave me enough to make me loopy (they said it would make me forget the numbing part... It didn't.). I felt the injections in my forehead, but I was doped up enough that it didn't make me too stresses. Before they gave me the Propynol, they went ahead and marked and measured my eyelids.
. Thankfully I had my eyes closed most of the time during surgery. Towards the end I could feel the stitching, so they gave me another numbing shot. Mather anesthesiologist said I was getting nervous so he asked to give me some more happy drugs. Once they wheeled me back to my room I just had to wait until I could stand up and go potty and get dressed (which I did when the nurse removed my tubing and just left my port in.)

I was back over at my hotel room (next door to the hospital) by 1pm. And that was after going to the cafeteria for lunch, I had a grilled cheese sandwich. This afternoon and evening I've just been dozing and putting off & on cold compresses. I think I've been good about doing that. Its 10pm now, my eyes are still pretty blurry and my right eyelid has been oozing blood all day. I'll ask the doc about it tomorrow when I have my post op appointment. When I return home I will post a picture of the outcome. I am pleased with the results and will even be happier when the swelling goes down!

Okay, I'm going to sign off and quit straining my eyes.

Auf Weidersehen!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

In Landstuhl

So, I have made it up here to Landstuhl ok. I got the dogs ready and. we left home about 9:30am. I dropped them off at my co-worker's home and headed up the highway (autobahn). My friend Laura from Baumholder asked if I could pick her up an AFN decoder box, they didn't have any where I live, but I found out they had some in Heidelberg, so I stopped there on my way up. (those buggers aren't cheap @ $369). Then I had to stop at an Esso gas station to get gas, and I left my gas card there! Dang it! So, the next time I had to get gas I had to pay double the price! With the gas card (which rations how much gas you can get) I pay about 1/2 what the local Germans pay. So, tonight I called the station (thankfully the phone number was on the receipt) and they said yes, the card was there, so I told them I would be by on Tuesday afternoon to pick it up. GRRRRR!

Once up here in the Ramstein area, I met up with a couple of my former co-workers, Laura (and her family) and Leah (who is getting ready to head back to Hawaii in a couple weeks). We had a great (long) lunch at the Macaroni Grill.

It was nice to catch up news. While I was there I went ahead and did a little shopping, then finally came up to Landstuhl to check in at the lodge. I actually have a small suite, with a separate living room area, a small kitchen area and the bedroom. They even have dishes and stuff here. I can go over to the hospital to eat my meals if I want or need to, but I also brought some snacks and soda. No eating or drinking after midnight for me tonight!

Guess that's about it... Especially since I'm hunting and pecking this to type it out on my IPad.

Auf Weidersehen!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Well... it was a dreary, rather wet day today... but I did take the dogs for a walk... and took these photos of them today. Then I had to come back home and give them a bath. Not sure what Bruno is doing in the bottom picture... probably telling me to hurry up and get done taking pictures! LOL!

So... not much going on today. I stayed up until 2am, but at least I got my taxes done. The doggies let me sleep in a little bit, then I had to get up and let them out. They got a short walk this morning and then I went to my nail appointment and took them out for their longer walk this afternoon.

Tonight I've just been vegetating... dozing a little in the recliner and watching some TV.

I'm going to sign off. I need to go figure out what I need to take up to Ramstein tomorrow. I'm meeting some friends up there that I was in Hawaii with, then will need to check into the hotel. It's going to be good to see them.

I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get online tomorrow night at the Lodge, but I am pretty sure that I am only going to take my Ipad, so my posting will be limited. Same for Monday night. I'll at least get on and let you know how my surgery went.

I'm thinking about writing up three phrases on an index card for the nurse to read to me as they put me under the anesthesia or whatever they use. Here are the phrases:

1) You will feel calm during surgery

2) Your surgery will go smoothly

3) You will heal quickly after your surgery

What do you think? *smiles*

It's worked for me in the past.

Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Friday, February 24, 2012

TGIF and Pau Hana on another Friday!

Sunset pictures from tonight when I was walking the dogs... I'm SO happy the weather is clearing up and warming up so I *can* walk the dogs. I've had two 10,000 step days this week now as a result (and one day that I forgot to wear my fitbit!).

So... work was busy, although I only had one appointment scheduled (we did have a meeting this morning and training this afternoon). I managed to remember to call and find out when my Surgery time is for Monday (I had to call between 3 and 4 pm today to find out the time). I have a "show" time of 7:45am, and an anticipated surgery time of around 10am. (I should be out of surgery by noon, I'm sure!).

After work I took the dogs for a 2 mile walk, then I ran some errands (looking for something for my friend up in Baumholder) and while I was out I had some pizza at the little Italian restaurant that I go to occasionally.

Tonight I've spent the better part of my night doing taxes (and looking for various information and forms I need that I didn't have on hand). SO... they are done and hopefully within a couple weeks I'll have my refund.

And now it's almost 1am, so I'd better sign off. Hopefully the dogs will let me sleep in, in the morning. I've got an afternoon appointment to get my nails done and no other real plans.


Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Almost Friday!!!

This is my favorite "deer stand" that is along the route the dogs & I walk. I took this photo yesterday.

Work went okay today, I had a meeting first thing, and then a fairly early appointment. But, then I had the rest of the morning to catch up on notes. This afternoon I had two appointments, I was supposed to have three appointments, but one was home sick (told to go home by the doctor). I still stayed late, but I was talking with my co-workers.

Otherwise... not much going on today/tonight. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I have a fairly easy day coming up and then I'll be off most likely for the next week. I'm getting my brow lift on Monday and will be up in the Kaiserslautern area for two days.

Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wonderful walk for a day...

I thought you would enjoy some photos of the dogs that I took this afternoon when I took them for a walk. Aren't they just adorable? *smiles*

Some late evening/sunset photos from tonight's walk.

So... work was typically busy (and I have about 3-4 more people that I need to call to set up new intakes for). I even got to go to a local High School to meet with staff there regarding some concerns they have about attendance of a couple kids (one that I see). I am limited to how much I can say... I can talk in generalities, but not specifics. It *was* nice to meet the Principal and the Vice Principal (they were a part of the meeting). So... I had two meetings back-to-back this morning, then had two appointments this morning and I was supposed to have 3 this afternoon, but I had one call to cancel, so it made the end of the day a little easier.

A frustrating part of the day is being caught in the middle of a power struggle. I can't explain the details, but it is just frustrating.

It *was* nice to get off work relatively on time (15 minutes late) and it *IS* nice that it is staying lighter later. I took the dogs for about a 2 1/2 mile walk. It was a little chilly, but at least it was about 45* out. Some of our walk still was snow/ice covered, but not too bad.

Tonight I'm just surfing the web and watching some TV.

Time to say g'night for another evening...

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Busy day, but not as busy as it could have been!

This structure is up at Landstuhl Army Medical Center... not sure what it is, but the area of Landstuhl goes back to Celtic days and once upon a time Hitler had a "Youth School" up there on the hill where the hospital sits now.

Work went okay today... I had one no show and one couple called to reschedule, so it wasn't as hectic as it could have been. As it was though, I only got a 1/2 hour for lunch and then left at 5pm (a half hour late). I got all but one of my notes written for today.

Tomorrow I have a meeting first thing in the morning and then I have to go over to the local High School for another meeting... then I think I have 5 appointments scheduled for tomorrow. I have a feeling that all week will be just as busy (because yesterday was a holiday, so we have to make up for it).

Not much else going on... I forgot to wear my fitbit today... I left it on its charger on my computer. Darn it. I woke up something like 22 times last night, so I'm going to go to bed a little earlier tonight.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Monday, February 20, 2012

Last day of a 3 day weekend...

This was the sunset for tonight... I took it with my Iphone (which I don't think takes as good of a picture as my Canon cameras).

So... I got up and got my company to the airport... then got back home and got a call... Lora had left her passport in the car and their flight to Frankfurt had been cancelled, so they were given a train ticket and told to take the train. I haven't heard yet whether they have made it (they are due back to Phoenix about 4am my time). I guess they must have made their trasatlantic flight, otherwise I think I would have heard from them from Frankfurt. Did I mention that their luggage didn't make it on the plane when they left Phoenix so they went 2 days without their luggage? Yep. Guess it is one of those situations, if it weren't for bad luck, they would have no luck at all. I hope their luck turns around soon.

This afternoon I ran some errands... I had to get a lightbulb for my lamp that I got in Istanbul, so I bought a couple spare lightbulbs. My doggies raked it in though... I spent almost 50 euros on dog food and treats for them (and one of them, they don't like at all... darn it!). I also went to Ikea and had some Swedish meatballs for an early dinner. I just got a pillow insert (I had gotten two Turkish pillow cases when I was in Istanbul, but only had one pillow insert).

My co-worker came and picked up the dogs about 6:30 - 7pm (its nice to have them gone... they are so old, I always worry that they are going to die on my watch! That and they eat constantly and then pee & poop a lot more than my dogs). The first night they were here at my house, they went through SIX bowls of food! SO... rather than let them eat up all the expensive dog food (that I by on the German economy), I went ahead and gave them the Beneful dog food that I had left (my dogs didn't like it, but her dogs love it). So... that worked. I guess she has to put up with Bruno's attitude and he "may" mark some territory when he first gets there, but otherwise my dogs have large bladders, especially Bruno! I have to give her dogs a syringe full of liquid heart medicine every night and they definitely don't like it. Last night they were both sleeping on the livingroom floor and I snuck it into their mouths... what a rude awakening for them! I gave them each a treat after that. Oh yea... and whoever watches Bruno & Peanut have to put up with them sleeping in bed with them, right next to them.

Tonight I've been watching "Undercover Boss" and "Amazing Race." Now its time to get ready for bed.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The King's Kitchen

These are some pictures of the King's kitchen at the Neuschwanstein Castle.

So... I *did* sleep in this morning (after getting up and letting the dogs out early). I spent most of the day cleaning and cooking. The two dogs I'm watching slobber a lot and dribble when they use their pads (and sometimes don't bother TO use the pads!)... so even though I vacuumed and mopped on Friday night, I had to do it again today.

My company got back today from Paris about 5pm. So... I spent the day making a German meal for them. I made rouladens, boiled potatoes and green beans. And then I made a German Chocolate cake with home-made frosting for desert. The dinner went over very well. And I'm STILL stuffed.

My company leaves tomorrow morning, I've got to take them to the airport by about 8:30 in the morning. I'm glad that I'm only about 15 minutes from the airport. *smiles*

Gotta scoot

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Volksmarching & "Company" Play

I did the 10k Darmsheim Volksmarch today... part of the trail was like the road above... so it was a tad slippery in places... It was my first volksmarch of 2012. I wonder how many I will do this year! I think I did about 20 last year.

It seems like whenever I do a volksmarch, there is always something interesting to see. Today it was this neat mural painted on a barn that was along the way...

In places it was relatively dry since the temperatures got up to about 41 today. YAY! Maybe we are done with snow for the season? I can hope, right? And I can also hope it drys up so that my dogs aren't so messy after their little walks.

Tonight I went and saw the movie "Company." Not sure what I expected, but it was interesting. The woman standing with the white top and blue hankerchief around her neck is a co-worker of mine. This is the 2nd play she's been in and I've been to both plays. She's great!

Here she is again (she plays a flight stewardess).

The whole cast. They did a great job (and I knew one other person that was part of the cast, so that was neat!).

SO... I took it easy this morning (getting the various dogs out for their potty breaks) and I colored my hair. I left about noon and headed over to Darmsheim for the volksmarch. I had considered just doing the 5k, but when I got to where the 5k split off, I was just enjoying myself so much (really, I was)... that I decided to go ahead and do the 10k. I did the whole thing in my Boggs mud boots and my feet seemed to have survived. There *were* places that were icy and places that were muddy. I'm glad I wore them. (they rinse off easy).

After the Volksmarch I went over to the REAL store (pronouced RE-al) and dropped off some bottles for recycling and then picked up some more soda (while I was there) AND, I got the stuff to make Rouladens for dinner tomorrow night (my company gets back about 5pm from Paris). I plan to make them a typical German dinner. (Guess I should see if I have the stuff to make German Chocolate cake then?).

I came home and took the dogs out for another short walk, then changed and went over to the theater for the play. It lasted about 3 hours (longer than I thought it would... and I got there a 1/2 hour early!). I thought about going to get gas, but decided I just wanted to come home. I got the dogs out again for another potty break, gave Jack & Bennett their heart medicine and now I'm on the computer. It's about 12:20am.

The good thing about today was that I got about 22,000 steps in! HOORAY!

Okay... time to sign off.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Eyes have it...

Okay... so I went through various pictures and edited them so just my eyes show... the bottom one was from my senior picture, the rest have been taken since 2005. Wow... I've really gotten wrinkled over the years! LOL!

Work went okay today... I had a couple appointments this morning and then I had a friend (my old dogsitter) stop by for about an hour this afternoon (she wanted to show me her new tattoo and I put some ointment on it for her) and it was kind of a marital counseling session for her as she continues to struggle in her marital relationship. We had permission to leave work an hour early... I got out there about a 1/2 hour early. OH well.

My company headed to Paris early this morning, so when I got home tonight, after walking all 4 dogs (I'm taking care of my 2 co-worker's dogs), I vacuumed the floor and mopped the main floor and the downstairs. I was going to vacuum upstairs, but it kind of looks like a tornado hit the bedroom, so I think I'll wait until they leave on Monday to tackle the upstairs. The kids went out to one of the local bars last night that was celebrating the Fasching season, so they came home with confetti all over them (and so it kind of got all over the house).

I'm still on call for this weekend... so I'm going to look forward to hanging out here at the house (although I think I need to go buy more dog food tomorrow. My doggie guests went through 6 bowls of food last night! I guess they were hungry and love the food I give my doggies). I finally put a bowl of food downstairs for MY dogs, to make sure they get something to eat as well.

Okay... I'm going to sign off.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pre-op today

At Neuschwanstein..

So... no work today, yay! BUT, I had to leave home about 6am to drive up to Landstuhl for my pre-op stuff.

I met with the docs and it sounds like they are going to "stage" my surgery, so I will have the brow lift done on Monday the 27th and then about 3 months after that, I'll have the eyelids done.

The drive up and back went okay, there was one minor (3 kilometer) traffic jam at one point (in Germany we call them a "stau".

Tonight I got my two "guest" doggies and then I ran over and picked up my former dog-sitter's son from his job and dropped him off at home (his mom was going to be gone most of the night getting her new tattoo).

Okay... it's after 10:30pm, so I'd better sign off and head to bed.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snowy Wednesday

This photo was actually yesterday, but you can't get the appreciation for the size of the flakes. Overnight it snowed 3-4 inches and they gave us a 2 hour delay to get into work (I got to work 15 minutes early because I left about 20-25 minutes early). I did have a couple cancellations today due to the weather and they cancelled school in the local area today.

After work I came home and picked up my company and took them out to the Ritter Sport chocolate factory, we bought some chocolate and had some of their "special" hot chocolate. Num, num. Then we went to dinner at the Russenstein restaurant, one of my favorite places to eat. It was also very good!

Now it's 9:30pm and time for bed. I'm watching one of my favorite shows... "Unforgettable". It's a crime show where one of the female detectives has an extreme case of photographic memories which helps them to solve the case.

Okay... signing off!
- Kris

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Okay... thought you'd get a chuckle out of this clipart... I'll be back to posting pictures tomorrow night.

Work went okay today... I had a couple "kid" appointments. I like my kids. (I think I've said that before).

The BEST news I had today was that my supervisor's niece ("adopted daughter") has decided she's not ready to get married in 2 weeks (too many logistical things going on). SOOOOO... that means I should be able to follow through with my surgery (as long as my labs come back okay). I go up on Thursday for my Pre-op.

On another note, my boss actually told me that she asked the head of our clinic why *I* got selected for the general's recognition and apparently he said my name was given to him (it was on a "list" and she said "well, *I* didn't put her name on the list... and then she had to backpeddle a little to say "not that you don't deserve it...) SCREAMED of jealousy. Apparently one person from each clinic section was selected to receive the award. So, in our building four of us got the recognition. Oh yea... and she blatantly told the head of the clinic that SHE wanted a coin. Really? (I *did* offer her mine yesterday).

Oh well... another day... another dollar.

I'm on call now... so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there won't be any blow-ups tonight (on Valentines... by someone scorned???).

Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow predicted...

An insider's view of the King's "throne" room... it even had a flushable toilet! (King Ludwig's toilet at Neuschwanstein).

SOOOOOO... it's been lightly snowing all day... it kind of reminded me of a "snow globe" kind of day. It started snowing heavier after work (I took the dogs for a short walk) and my neighbor was kind enough to shovel MY sidewalk as well as hers! (YAY!). It's supposed to snow between 4-8 inches over the next couple days.

Work had it's ups and downs. I got a "General's coin" today. That's unusual. But, there was an Army General down visiting our clinic today and I was told she wanted to see me. Turns out she gave a "coin" to me, one of the psychologists (the BEST one), and to at least one of the Psychiatrists. And even though she met my supervisor... my supervisor didn't get one. I *believe* within the military system, it's quite an honor to get a "coin." Guess I must be doing *something* right. *smiles*

That was the "highlight" of my day.

A couple not-so good moments in the day included my boss asking me to reschedule my surgery (if she finds out her "adopted" daughter is getting married the 29th) because she doesn't want my one co-worker there by herself (on our side of the clinic). I'm not sure if it is because she doesn't trust the co-worker to be able to handle a couple days on her own or what. I haven't called to cancel my pre-op yet because I'm waiting to hear for sure that the "girl" is getting married. My boss' logic about canceling my surgery is because "it's voluntary." Yea. right. So, if I need surgery and I can determine when I have it done... does that mean I should schedule it (I *don't* need knee surgery, I'm just using that as a comparison). I'm not a happy camper being told to reschedule my surgery. The only thing I can think of is that maybe I am not *meant* to have the surgery right now for some reason? (beyond my boss... I'm thinking on a more global level here).

The other "not-so-good" moment today was having to hang out for 40 minutes because my one co-worker was with someone and it ran over... so I got 20 minutes for lunch. And then, the head boss wanted to talk to my immediate supervisor (about something they have to deal with) and wanted me to let her know when she got out of her session with her client and THAT ran over about 15 minutes.

And although I had a no-show and a cancellation, I had a long day.

This too shall pass.

I'm thankful for my pups, for a warm house, for a job, for a car that runs. Things will work out the way they are meant to work out. "trust the process" (that's one of my favorite mantras!

So... I'm trusting the process right now and trying to keep a positive attitude.


Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hohenschwangau & Neuschwanstein

Neuschwanstein under wraps

Adorable horses!

Showing the love!

Hohenschwangau at night

Hohenschwangau (across the small valley from Neuschwanstein).

So... just a quick note because it's 11pm. I picked up some adult kids of a friend (their daughter and her husband) and they will be here visiting for a week (using my place as a base, the rest of the week is on their own and this coming weekend they are going to Paris). I picked them up from the airport about 11:30am, unfortunately though, their luggage hasn't arrived.

We came back to the house so they could change into some winter gear and then we headed down to Neuschwanstein (something they wanted to do while here). It was a beautiful (but cold) day. We took the horse & buggy ride up to the top and then walked back down. We stopped at one of the local hotels and had some soup (I had goloush... yum, yum) and then we started the 2 1/2 hour trek back to Stuttgart.

I made Lasagna for dinner (and brownies for desert) and it turned out good. And after dinner I uploaded the pictures I took today (posted a bunch on Facebook).

Okay... I need to sign off... tomorrow's a busy day at work!

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's Chilly, Willy!

Some photos from when I was out walking the dogs today. It's another chilly day. Right now (at almost midnight) it is 14* above and according to my weather app on my Ipad, it "feels lke 2*".

Today has been okay. I stayed in bed til about 9am (after getting up about 7 to let the dogs out the back door for a minute). I spent the better part of the day cooking and baking. I'm having company come for dinner tomorrow, so I spent quite a bit of time making lasagna from scratch. I also made some party mix and I made a huge double batch of banana bread/muffins. I had also made too much lasagna stuff, so I made a 2nd pan and took it over to my neighbors for their dinner tonight. I also took a small loaf of banana bread over as well. I have a large loaf of banana bread to take into work on Monday, another small loaf for one particular co-worker, and then I have a loaf of banana bread for home and muffins for home. (I can freeze what I don't think I'll get eaten right away). I'm going to make brownies for desert tomorrow and had planned to do that today, but my hand-mixer gave up the ghost right at the end of making the banana nut muffins. SO... I had to go pick up a new hand-mixer (and some soda... and a few other groceries... i.e. eggs... I used the last 4 up when I made the banana bread).

Tonight I went and saw the movie "The Miracle." That was kind of neat. It was filmed in Alaska and was about the time they cut holes in 5 miles of ice to help free some whales. I remember that when it happened. I was living in Alaska at the time. And I've been to Barrow (where part of the movie was filmed and where the whale rescue took place). In fact, I'm a member of the Barrow, AK Polar bear club. And I've been to Prudhoe Bay (where the Guard unit was supposed to be flying from in the movie). So... I was a happy camper watching the movie! *smiles*

When I got home tonight, I called my oldest daughter and we talked for almost an hour and a half! (a lot of conversation centered around what I mentioned in my blog yesterday about the father shooting his daughter's laptop). And, I had sent my daughter/granddaughter some stuff I had picked up on my trips. Probably the main thing I sent to them (the ones up in Alaska) was that I had gotten Taylor, my youngest granddaughter a Turkish soccer team jersey and a Hungarian soccer jersey (she loves them). I had also gotten some evil eye bracelets while I was in Istanbul and sent them to both my oldest & youngest daughters and granddaughters and they apparently all liked them. (I had also mailed a package to my youngest daughter and she had gotten her package as well!). I haven't sent my middle daughter anything from my trips, because I'm not sure she'd really want anything (i.e. an evil eye bracelet... and she's already been to Turkey). However, tomorrow is her birthday and I did send a card (which she has received but hasn't opened yet). I just sent her a check for her birthday (I usually do an Amazon gift card), but she's getting ready to have a bunch of trips coming so I thought the money would be a better option for her.

Okay... time to sign off.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday night live ;*)

According to my Weather Channel app on my Ipad, it's currently 17* above here in my neighborhood, with a "feels like" temperature of 5* (due to winds NNE @ 11mph). The low tonight is supposed to be 6*, tomorrow night it's supposed to get down to 4* above. BRRR (not sure what the windchill is supposed to be). It's looking like we might have snow all next week (during the work week). Guess that means Thursday morning when I have to drive the couple hours up for my pre-op appointment, I'll need to leave at "0'dark 30" I think my appointment is about 8:30 am (the 1st one).

Work went okay today, I only had 1 appointment (couples therapy), so I managed to get caught up on my notes for the week. There were a lot of people out today. One of my co-workers was out (she had to go get her Visa for Russia and apparently she was able to get it today, so that means if I decide to go do the Trans-Siberian this fall, maybe it won't be so difficult to get my Visas?). I didn't go out for lunch today, so my step count is horrible (and I've been horrible about wanting to use any exercise machines for the past month or so!).

Today on Facebook some "father" posted a video in response to a letter that his daughter wrote "letter to my parents" (although why she did that, if she had them blocked and didn't think they would see it, is beyond me). The girl *does* sound like she has quite a few chores (which never hurts anyone) and in her letter suggested that she should be paid for her chores. I personally have come to see the wisdom in paying for chores versus an allowance. At least it teaches that you need to work and be responsible to earn money and not just have it handed to you once or twice a month (like you deserve it). But, that is just one aspect of the video to consider. The father alludes to a step-mom, so apparently her biological mother and him are divorced. That makes me wonder what led to the divorce and what kind of bitterness and anger might have been in the home as they went through that process. The video doesn't mention if there are any other kids at home, it sounds like she is the only child. And it sounds like they have asked her to make them coffee at times (I don't drink coffee), do they ask her, or do they demand that she do it? Of course... the guy is sitting in the chair smoking a cigarette (I don't care for smoking!). Anyway... my gut feeling is that the family is rather dysfunctional. It's too bad that the father has to go to such extreme, or that the daughter felt she had to air it all on Facebook (it makes me wonder why she felt her parents were not approachable and it also makes me wonder how much is just typical teenage rebellion). Isn't there a verse somewhere that says a soft answer turns away wrath?

If you haven't seen the video (which reportedly has had over a million hits on YouTube today), in the end, he takes her laptop (which he had just upgraded/repaired the day before) and shoots it with 8 bullets (and says she should reimburse him the $130 he spent on it the day before and for the bullets (which he said cost a dollar each) that he used to shoot up the laptop). Was that freakin' necessary? (It felt like a little over-the-top intimidating to me!). Some people feel it was justified "tough love." I'm not so sure. If there had been unconditional love during her childhood years, would he need to be practicing this level of tough love now? I only see that relationship going downhill from this!

Okay... off the soap box. I guess it hit a nerve because it reminds me of one of the kids I've seen. And THAT family was VERY dysfunctional!

Time to sign off for another day. Tomorrow's plans are to do some cooking/baking and shopping. *smiles*

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My daughter's cats


Here's a photo of my middle daughter's cats. They like to play with a "mouse" application on her Ipad. Adele (the black cat) keeps pawing at the Ipad trying to catch the mouse, without success. Michelle posted a short video as well (on FB) and it's absolutely adorable.

Work went okay today... just a standard busy day. But, I did have one canncellation (thank goodness). Next week I have a meeting every morning and then I have 4 regular appointments scheduled every day and one "new" appointment scheduled each day. (Other than next Thursday when I have my pre-op appointment.

After work I went and got my nails done... I'll have them done again a couple days before my surgery so I won't have to worry about it for awhile.

Okay... bedtime already. And I'm tired. I woke up 22 times last night, one of the worst nights for sleep efficiency in a long time. Ugh! Thank God tomorrow is Friday!

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another day...

Okay... another day without a photo (it needs to warm up so I can get out more and take some pictures!).

Today started off a little earlier so I could make sure I was safe on the roads going to work and not rushing too much. We started our day off with a meeting (we do every Wednesday). Then it was a fairly busy day after that... but a good day. I was sad to hear that a couple of my "kids" will be moving in a month (nnnooooo... not yet!) I have to say I kinda get attached some some of my clients (but do respect the boundaries!). And "mom" said that the kids have done better since coming to see me. And I had a couple in today that will be leaving in a few months (that's the nature of where I am... transitions). Anyway... for the couple it was a time of reflection. Sometimes we get so caught up in the little trip-ups, we don't take time to look at the whole picture, the progress that we've made over the long haul. The husband did a very good job validating how far the wife has come and how far they have come as a couple.

Anyway... other than not getting all my notes done, today was productive.

Have I mentioned that one of my co-workers is planning to go to Moscow (Russia) for President's Day weekend. She made the decision on a whim last weekend (after we kept pestering her where she was going to go that weekend). I think she reason she chose that place is because she's heard me talking so much about the Trans-Siberian (and would like to go). Anyway, she posted tonight that there might be a "glitch." (Why doesn't that surprise me... I can't imagine getting a Russian visa within 2 weeks, heck, even if you live in the States you can't get a passport that quick (I know, I know, that's different). I hope for her sake she gets the Visa, otherwise, she's probably out the airfare and maybe the hotel costs. I don't think I'd ever try to get it within 2 weeks... maybe 2 months... but I'd be sweating buckets if I tried to do it in less than a month. Glad it isn't me.

Other than that... not much going on... tomorrow's another day and the only unusual thing (I hope) is that I have an appointment after work to get my nails done! (about time!).

Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chilly Tuesday!

So... I think I'll skip a photo again today, it's 9:35 and bedtime already.

Work was okay today, not too busy, but I still didn't get done as much as I would have liked (story of my life). I got to meet someone that grew up in Alaska today, that was neat. Her parents own a fishing lodge on the Kenai Peninsula. And I also got to have lunch with my neighbor. Even though they are across the street, I think I see them more out and about than I do here in the neighborhood lately (of course the on-going cold temperatures might have something to do with it! Today it started snowing too... a light dusting all day... but my guess is that the roads are going to be as slick as all get out tomorrow morning! I'm going to have to get up and head out earlier tomorrow morning.

Tonight I went back into one of the nearby communities to my Volksmarching club's monthly dinner meeting. I always like going and meeting new people. Tonight I met a wonderful woman who is 10 years older than me that is a single woman and has a lot of travel experience. AND she lived in Moscow (Russia) and worked at the Embassy there for 5 years. So, I got to pick her brain a little bit about the Trans-Siberian railway (something she said she would love to do, but hasn't. She *has* had former co-workers who have done various legs of it though!). And we talked about cruising and work... (and she knew where Franklin & Marshall was in Lancaster, where my middle daughter went to college!). Anyway... I probably chatted way too long tonight, but alas... good food, good company on a cold, snowy night, who could ask for more? (Other than possibly a nice warm fireplace!).

Okay... time to sign off for another day.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Monday, February 6, 2012

Uneventful day...

So, today was rather uneventul. It was about 1* when I got up this morning (up to 3* on my way to work). My boss was supposed to be back today but called in sick. My one co-worker got a call she had to go out on and she had a walk-in, in addition to her 2 scheduled appointments, she was beside herself with how busy she was (LOL!). BTW, I got 9 of my assessments done over the weekend (and then got two more to do today, in addition to the 6 I still have yet to finish). I did manage to get one more assessment done today.

I took a little walk at lunch time, I went over to the library and picked up a book about a guy & his wife that took the Trans-Siberian Railway back in the 70's (there MUST be a newer book out there!). I read two chapters at lunchtime, it looks like it will be an interesting book to read (and shouldn't take too long).

Tonight I'm watching a replay of the Super Bowl. Call me a Conspiracy Theorist, I think the game was rigged. Yesterday early in the day the GIANTS posted that they had won the game... did someone know something most of the US didn't know? It really wouldn't surprise me and it probably wouldn't be the first time that money (or money at stake) has driven the outcome of a major sporting event.

Okay... I'm going to sign off (without a pic tonight,sorry). Hope you have a great day!

- Kris

Sunday, February 5, 2012

17 above, feels like 7* due to Windchill today

Can you see the moon in the picture? *smiles*

Even though it was VERY cold outside during our walk today, the pups let me take a picture of them on a bench. [Good doggies]

A couple photos as the sun is setting... (taken today)

SO... it's Superbowl Sunday! YAY! I'm not going to stay up and watch the game though because over here it doesn't come on until about midnight and goes til about 4am and I've got to get up and go to work tomorrow. I don't have a preference who wins, I just hope both teams play well and have minimal injuries.

I had a lazy morning. I stayed up until about 2am working on the assessments that I brought home. I've only done one so far today. (But, even doing one at home, is one less I would have had to do at work). And tomorrow, providing the people show up, I'll have two more assessments to write up.

My focus today was getting the downstairs (basement level) cleaned. So, I pulled off the bedding and have washed that, I put my flannel sheets on the bed, and then put my down comforter into the duvet (Peanut and gotten sick on it last month and I had to take it in to be cleaned). I swept, vacuumed and mopped the downstairs. I've been folding clothes and putting away clothes.

And, I did take the dogs for another walk, same route as yesterday, just over a mile. I'm reluctant to walk them further due to the freezing temperatures out there. Bruno especially gets cold.

Tonight I had sloppy joe & chips for dinner.

Now I'm watching TV, doing this blog and as soon as I wrap this up, I'm going to try and get 2-3 more assessments completed.

So... guess I'll say Auf Weidersehen for another day.

- Kris