Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another busy day...

Isn't this a pretty swan? I took this photo the other day down at the Rhine Falls.

So, today was busy. I went in and after a short meeting, I typed up some documentation from a session I had last Thursday (and needed to finish), and then I had 6 appointments today (and everyone showed up). I have 6 appointments scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday and could probably have scheduled that many for Friday, but I can't schedule anything for the afternoon. So, on Friday I have one scheduled for the morning and I have a VET appointment for the dogs (they get shots... oh boy! AND it will be good to get Bruno another look-over).

BTW... it's a SPECIAL day... it's my youngest daughter's birthday, she turned 28 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KORI!!! I love you!

Okay... signing off for today...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Monday, May 30, 2011

Baden Baden

The viewing platform was closed when I went up there (after my Spa experience)... but below is some information about the "berg bahn" I took up here to the top before I left Baden Baden...

The mercurial mountain railway on 16 Opened August 1913 and is one of the longest funicular railways in Germany. Safe, environmentally friendly and convenient it brings walkers, day trippers, hikers and nature lovers in a few minutes on the 668-meter summit of the mountain house of Baden-Baden, Mercury. When the doors close the mercurial mountain railway and the car is almost silent in motion, remain noise, stress and bustle of everyday life in the valley. Marked walking and hiking trails, observation points, game reserve, and more give an interesting and attractive views. A lift in the Mercury Tower brings you free on the 23 meter high observation platform from which to enjoy a unique view over Baden-Baden, Black Forest, the Murg valley, the Rhine valley and the Vosges. Also located on the "Mercury summit" a barbecue, a lawn, a playground with a giant slide, paragliders, and the restaurant "Merkurstüble" at the top station. Merkurstüble : Phone: 0 72 21 / 3 16 40You can advance a small taste of the ever-changing panorama of the unique webcam enjoy. The cable car is open daily from 10.00 bis 22.00 clock clock and by appointment. (The exit is on demand or automatically). They reach the valley with our bus line 204 and 205, or by car (parking is plentiful). Address:mercurial mountain railway, valley Merkuriusberg 2, 76530 Baden-Bade nRecent changes in the operating hours of the mercurial mountain railway, as well as events around the Mercury tower "News" or in the newspaper announced the under.

The view of the Gasthaus on top of the mountain, with various paragliders out "doing their thing" (looks fun!).

The Theater in Baden Baden...

SO... it's already 10:30pm, past my bedtime, so I hope to keep this short. I left home about 10:30am for a trip that should have taken me a little over an hour and I didn't get there until almost 3pm. Man! There was a "Stau" (Here's your German word of the day - "Stau" means traffic jam) for about 40 kilometers. I had over a quarter of a tank of gas and knew I should be able to make it to Baden Baden okay... but I didn't count on the stau. Fortunately I was able to make it (the gas light had come on though) to a gas station in time. If you run out of gas on the Autobahn, you get a ticket. (which isn't a bad thing). Anyway... a truck that looked to be carrying containers of household goods, dumped 3/4's of his load onto the freeway and made QUITE a mess and backed up traffic horribly. That's the worst stau I've been in since coming to Germany (I've heard of other people getting stuck in them, but I've been pretty fortunate).

Anyway... I made it to Baden Baden just before 3pm... and did the Luxury package at the Friedrichsbad thermal bath. They have the old ancient Roman ruins there.

Here's what their flyer says "Discover the Friedrichsbad with its fantastic ambience and enjoy a bathing tradition that looks back over 130 years. When opened in 1877, this "temple of wellbeing" was considered to be the most modern bathing establishment in Europe. Since then the fascination that surrounds it hasn't changed. The relaxing and enjoyable experience that is unique to the Friedrichsbad is a result of the changing sequence of warm and hot dry air baths, a soap and brush massage (I didn't realise how sensitive my skin is... glad I asked for the "soft" bristled brush... I'd hate to see what the "hard" brush was like!), steam baths of varying intensity and a selction of thermal pools along with the thermal water showers. Enjoy this fascinating journey to inner harmony and total relaxation."

So... the sequence is: "Shower, warmth, heat, shower, scrubbing, shower, steam, hot steam, water, bubbles, floating, shower, cold, rubbing, moisturising, relaxing" . Simply wonderful.
In the Friedrichsbad you follow 17 steps to better health and well-being, all working in harmony for the best possible results.
At first, your body temperature rises slowly in the warm and hot air up to stage number 8. Then the water in the following bassins gets bit by bit cooler and so the body temperature adjusts and goes back down softly. This pleasant form of bathing gets your circulation going, strengthens your immune system, is wonderful for the skin and relaxes.

So, all in all, it was wonderful. I would have enjoyed it more, had I not been stuck in traffic for so long, because I kept worrying about my dogs. I also realize how much difficulty I have with being present in the moment. To let go and just savor the moment. My mind tends to want to run a mile a minute and I had to keep re-directing my thoughts to just enjoying the spa. It got easier each step of the way. Oh yea... and I was glad to find out that Mondays are "segregated." Because... when you walk into the spa, basically all you need is a way to pay for it and the clothes you are wearing. (ha ha... I brought my swimsuit "just in case." You go in and change and put your clothes into a locker (they give you a wristband when you pay, and it locks your locker, among other things). There is a "sheet" in the locker... and you take that with you. First stop is a shower. Then a warm sauna, then a hotter sauna (sheet is to lay on, because the wooden beds are HOT). They even provide rubber clogs for you to wear, so you don't even need to bring your flip flops (I did). After the sauna, you shower off and then if you have paid for it, you do the soap and brush massage (nothing like a good stimulation for your skin). Like I said earlier, I didn't realize how sensitive my skin is/was. Then you shower off again and go sit in the wet sauna, which is the oldest in the world that is still heated by thermal springs (or something like that). After another shower, it's off to a few "pools" the first one is delicously warm, the next one is a little cooler whirlpool bath, then if you are brave, you can do the co-ed larger pool, then it's on to the cooler pool and if you are brave again, you can get into the coldest pool (cold water bath), which feels a lot colder than the 64*degrees that it says it is! From there, another shower, then they give you a warmed towel (more like a linen table cloth) and you sit for about 4-5 minutes to dry off. From there, if you have paid for the cream massage, you get a massage using a quite special cream made of rice milk and bamboo (it felt WONDERFUL). I enjoyed this massage and the last step of the process the most. After your massage, you go back downstairs (the massage rooms are upstairs), and they take you to a "sleep" room and you let them know how long you want to "sleep." I said 45 minutes. So, she put a sheet down on a comfortable mattress, and I laid down and she wrapped me like a cacoon and put a blanket over top. I was near a window and could hear noises and laughter outside, I wasn't sure I'd fall asleep, but I did. When I went into the "sleep" room, there were about 5 other women in there, when I was awaken, I was the only woman in there. Interesting. It felt very relaxing and soothing after the massage.

After the spa, I saw a sign that said "berg bahn" so that is how I ended up there (I thought I would see "something" else of Baden Baden, but didn't want to take TOO long). There's a lot to go back and see again. The drive home was uneventful (thank goodness). I got home about 9:20pm and took the dogs for about a mile walk. Now it's almost 11pm, so I'd better sign off and get to bed.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rhine Falls, Switzerland

Looking back down towards the Visitor's center and castle Worth

I stood on this platform...

Schloss Laufen

Rhine Falls...

It was a great day to go down to the Rhine Falls and hang out there for the day. I rode a couple of the boats (I got the "Combo" pack), and felt like I really got to experience the falls. Then I came home and took the dogs for a walk, almost 2 1/2 miles. *smiles* So... I'm pretty tired tonight. I wanted to post a couple pics though... so here they are.

And here's what the Swiss website has to say about the Rhine Falls:

To stand high above Europe's largest waterfall, feeling the roar and vibration of the water over one's entire body - this can be experienced at the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen. By ship one can reach castles, the Rhine Falls Basin and even the mighty rock in the midst of the waterfall.
Due to tectonic shifts in the Ice Age, the Rhine River was forced into a new riverbed over 15,000 years ago. The Rhine Falls came into being at the transition point where hard chalk turned into soft gravel. Over a breadth of 150 meters, several hundred cubic meters of water rush into the depths at the rate of 23 meters per second.In the middle of it all stands a mighty rock that has withstood the elements for a thousand years. The rock can be reached on a circular tour of the Rhine Falls, during which one can observe the natural spectacle from up close. Virtually in the middle of the waterfall, visitors stand on platforms that jut out and partially hover over the Rhine. The castles of Wörth and Laufen can be reached by river boat, and very daring visitors can rent canoes. The Schloss Laufen complex has sported an added sparkle since March 2010. In addition to the new visitors' centre, a children's playground and the "Historama" (interactive exhibition about the Rhine Falls) have been opened. The new adventure trail with its dual lift system and the Belvedere Trail make for easy access to the magnificent Rhine Falls.

Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A fountain at the Stuttgart Schlossplatz

A little German girl playing with the ducks at the Schlossgarten pond

The pond at the Schlossgarten

Statue by the Theater

The Schlossplatz in Stuttgart...

So... this is what I did today. I took the train down to Stuttgart and spent the afternoon walking around and doing a little shopping. I was afraid it would rain, but thankfully it didn't.

After I got back, I took the dogs for a 2.15 mile walk. They seemed to have done okay with it (they are both sleeping on my lap at the moment).

I also swept and mopped the main floor and cleaned up.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to go to Rhine Falls. I had hoped my friends Dave & Carol were going to go with me, but their son just got a job, and they have to get him there by 1pm (and he can't seem to get there on his own)... so I'll be heading down on my own.

Okay... I'm going to sign off.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Friday, May 27, 2011

Whew! Friday

Work-wise it went okay today. It started off with a meeting, then I had two rather long appointments and then I went to lunch at a Thai restaurant with about a dozen of my co-workers. That was a nice break from routine. This afternoon was spent dealing with (another) client in crisis and writing up my documentation. I got all but one of my reports written. I started the last one, but didn't finish. We were going to get out of work an hour early, but then my supervisor had a client come in and so I needed to stay. (That's fine. I'm used to it). I think my supervisor is starting to stress about the impending departure of my co-workers. Pretty soon it could be just the two of us here. YIKES! (Oh well... one of my favorite mantras is "This too shall pass.").

It was raining when I got off work, so I just took the dogs down to the field briefly. I gave them each a slice of turkey lunch meat. Bruno wolfed his down. Tonight I've just been napping on the couch, that has felt nice.

No real plans for the weekend. I may go to Rhine Falls over the border in Switzerland on Sunday and then Monday I was thinking about going to Baden Baden to the spa there (Thermal baths). There's only one volksmarch in the area tomorrow, and it's a "guided" walk? I don't like having to keep up with people, I like walking at my own pace. And I'm still monitoring Bruno (he seems okay... but still not up to par... maybe at 80% tonight? I just want him to eat a little more). I have a friend up in Northern Germany having a party on Sunday night that I've been invited to, I *could* go and take the dogs and spend the night up there, and come back on Monday, so that's another option. With my co-workers leaving I may regret not going somewhere this weekend, but next weekend I'm going to the Czech Republic, so I had decided against it (and with Bruno being sick and the dog sitter on vacation.. it just didn't seemed conducive to going very far).

Okay... I'm going to sign off.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Almost the weekend!

I thought I'd skip a picture today, I hope to be out taking more this weekend. I'm not sure yet what I will be doing... do I go visit Baden Baden and soak in the thermal baths there? Do I go down to the famous Rhine Falls, just across the Swiss border? Do I drive over to France and check out a Monkey reserve? Those are some of the things I'm considering for the weekend. I haven't looked to see who is having a volksmarch this weekend. My next volksmarch that I'm planning is the middle of June.

Work today was kind of crazy. I had a new appointment this morning (so an hour & a half session), then one other appointment in the morning. But, I had to deal with some Domestic Violence calls (call back, take a report, write it up and then pass it on to my co-worker who came in this afternoon. I was the only one in my office (besides the receptionist), this morning. And I had a client that was in a crisis today and I spoke to them today twice and will see them tomorrow morning. I had another client stop by and ask if she could get in, so I saw her today as well and then there was some guy who stopped by needing some marriage counseling, so I had a slot open at 2 for him to come back in, and he didn't show up. SO??? I don't know, guess it wasn't as important as he thought it was?

Tomorrow my boss comes back, that'll be interesting. We'll find out what we haven't been doing that we should have... I hope she had a good trip and comes back rested. Our one doc came back from her Alaska trip, sounds like it was a great trip. She thought Alaska was undescribably beautiful. A co-worker in another building is leaving and moving back to the States, he's not been real happy here. He's a nice guy... I hope he finds success wherever he goes. My other two co-workers will be gone by the end of the summer (although the one today said that they only have a month left (she wants to take some leave before she goes), so I'm not sure when her last day of work will be. Should be an interesting summer! (Seems like I went through something similar to this last summer???).

Bruno seems to be doing a little better, but I think our walk this afternoon was too much for him. We walked about a mile. He finally had a BM, a little loose, but at least he had one. Then I came home and made him some rice, chicken and cottage cheese mix, and he wouldn't eat it. Argh! He did eat a small bite of chicken before the walk. At least he hasn't thrown up any more.

Okay, guess I'll sign off.

Til tomorrow...
Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Bruno not feeling well...

Peanut laying next to Bruno to comfort him...

Tonight when I took the dogs down for their potty break...

Looking back towards my house (I *love* the house on the corner!)

Peanut out wandering around the field (while I carried Bruno).

So... work was okay today... started out with a meeting and then there was some confusion about an appointment and someone I was supposed to see was turned away (they thought it was with someone else). SO... I got an unexpected hour and a half free. At lunchtime I stopped by the store and picked up some cottage cheese and cooked chicken and came home to see if Bruno would eat it. This morning when we got up I tried to get him to eat a little cracker chips (broken up), a little rice and tried to get him to taste some banana, but he wouldn't touch them (and he's a scavenger by nature!). SO... I was happy when he ate about a tablespoon of chicken and a tablespoon of cottage cheese. I also gave him the other anti-nausea pill. And when I came home he hadn't thrown up, so that was a relief... and he seemed a little more like himself.

He's eaten more tonight (cottage cheese, chicken and rice chopped real fine) and so far he's holding it down. I went to take them down to the field for their potty break (photos above are from tonight) and met the neighbor across the street. The husband was outside, so I stopped to introduce myself, I knew he was American. Come to find out, he's retired Air Force and his wife works as a DOD Civilian over here. They have two kids here with them, I think they are 10 and 12 or something like that (future dog sitters???). While I was talking with the husband, the wife came out so I got to meet her too. They seem like nice people. Also, another set of neighbors stopped by, they are also across the street, but on the other side of a vacant lot from the ones I was talking to. They're German. So, now I know three of the "families" around me. I like that. Anyway... other than Peanut being her normal skittish self, the dogs did okay. I think it was a little tiring for Bruno, he walked down to the field, but then wanted me to hold him after he went potty. He hasn't had a bowel movement (TMI, I know) since Monday, but then his gut has been pretty empty. Hopefully he'll do THAT business tomorrow.

I'm glad he's doing better... I'm going to be the only one in our office in the morning. Tomorrow I think I have 3-4 appointments, but I have a bunch of notes to catch up on! So, it will probably be a busy day. One of our docs that has been gone is due back tomorrow, she's been on a cruise to Alaska. I can't wait to get all the details of her trip! *smiles*

Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sick Doggy...

My little Bruno is sick. When I got home yesterday, I found where one of the doggies had puked on the floor in the downstairs hallway (only the top floor has carpeting, thank goodness!). I cleaned it up and took them for a walk (couple miles)... no worries. Then later last night, Bruno was laying in his bed and got sick (throwing up again). I cleaned up the mess (again) and then last night (overnight), he got out of my bed and got down in the doggy bed I had put down by the bed and he threw up several times. I had decided not to get up and clean it up each time last night, just figured I would try to get SOME sleep and clean it up in the morning. Apparently he was having dry heaves as well. So, I cleaned the messes up, gave him some loving and went into work and went over to the Vet clinic to see if there was ANY way I could get him in. Nope, couldn't. They were only doing surgeries today. So, I called a German Vet and was able to get an appointment. I came home (and found that he had gotten sick yet again, I think he had tried to drink some water) and picked up Bruno and Peanut and took them in to see the Vet. He checked Bruno and said he's not dehydrated (sure seems like it to me), and said his systems all sounded good. So he gave me some anti-nausea medicine to give him. He also checked Peanut's ears (and let me look too!) and they were clear, so she doesn't have an ear infection. (good!). He didn't charge me for Peanut either, so that was nice. I went ahead and got their European passports (animals need passports over here too!). I brought the dogs home and gave them some loving (and gave Bruno his anti-nausea medication), then went back to work. I didn't find any messes when I got home (but I had put their food and water out of reach). So, I went ahead and gave Bruno a little water (which he drank) then took them down to the field to go potty (I carried Bruno), he ended up throwing up the water (clear liquids). GRRRR. Bruno went potty and then I picked him up and walked Peanut just a little while carrying Bruno.

Needless to say, my mind has been on my doggies all day, especially my little boy. If he continues to be unable to keep food down, I'm supposed to give him another pill tomorrow, then if he isn't better by Thursday, I need to take him back to the Vet. (he'll do blood work at that point). I'm SO worried about him. I was crying when I went to work today because I was sorry worried. Please keep Bruno in your prayers. I would sure appreciate it.

Not a lot else to write about today. It was a quiet day at work and my co-workers are preparing for their upcoming move within the next couple months. My boss is still on vacation, she's due back later this week. (hopefully the volcano activity in Iceland doesn't affect her flight, or that of one of our doctors who is also on her way back from vacation).

Auf Wiedersehen...
- Kris

Monday, May 23, 2011

Only Monday?


Well, I had four appointments today, although one was a new client, so those appointments take longer. I felt like I stayed consistently busy today, and tomorrow still need to finish one note. One of my co-workers got their official new job offer today (for Italy), it will probably still take a couple months for them to be able to go (just because transition takes awhile). My other co-workers has been looking at houses in Washington State in preparation to move there by the end of the summer. This will bring SO many changes to my workplace... it should be interesting to see how it all pans out in the end.

After work I took the dogs for their regular walk. We did almost 2.5 miles. We also did a 1.2 mile walk this morning (I usually just walk them down to the field in the morning and save our walks for the afternoon), so I didn't feel like walking a long way tonight (probably still recuperating from the 5 mile walk yesterday! LOL!). Tonight is my last night on call for another month (actually, I don't have it again until the 4th of July weekend). I had to deal with an issue tonight, nothing too drastic, just needed to calm someone down and make sure they felt heard (which I think I did okay on).

I've met my 10,000 step goal for today (in fact, I've done over 12,000 steps! Hooray for me! (I have to say it again, I love technology that helps me exercise more... or WANT to exercise m0re!).

Oh yea... and I did have one "mess up" today. I pulled out the appointment card for Peanut's Vet appointment, so I would know what time to take her in tomorrow morning (I had put in for 3 hours of time off so I could take her), only to find out that her appointment was supposed to be today! Mea Culpa! I'm going to take a bag of candy into the Vet clinic tomorrow morning and apologize and hopefully I can get her (both of them) back in soon. GRRRR! So... I wasn't happy about that. But, otherwise, the day went okay.

Okay... signing off. I need to go put my hammock up (under the eaves so that if it rains, my hammock stays dry *smiles*) and then I need to take the dogs out for the night-time potty break.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend is over... on to another week

Ljubljana, Slovenia

So... I got up this morning and took the dogs for a 5.34 mile walk. I guess I shouldn't have worn my crocs, I ended up with a blister. I'm glad I finished the walk when I did, because within a hour it downpoured (again) and was thundering and lightening. I've been doing more laundry, sorting through clothes, (more specifically... tee shirts! *smiles*) Today I focused on the main floor. I put all chairs (dining chairs, the ones at the breakfast bar, my "Ikea" chair) up on the counter/table, couch, so all I had left on the floor were the table, coffee table, couch and recliner, then I swept real good and then mopped the main floor. I put labels on my 4 garbage cans (for recycling purposes) and I ran the dog dishes through the microwave (to sanitize them). I've had their water/food bowls by the door in the livingroom, but I've moved them to the pantry... hopefully the dogs will figure out where they are and get used to using them there. I also made a half batch of streusel coffee cake today (mmmm!). I've been good, I've only had one piece.

This evening I took the dogs for another walk... this one was much shorter... we did 2.23 miles. So far I've done over 20,450 steps! (Double the goal of 10,000 steps a day! *smiles*). Needles, tonight I'm worn out/tired. I'll take the dogs out for their last walk of the night shortly (which might be just going across the street to the vacant lot for a pee break before bedtime).

Okay... I'm going to sign off. Hope you all have a great day!

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wow! Busy, productive day!

I didn't find out why Ljubljana had bicycles hanging from wires in the town, but it WAS interesting...

So. I got up about 8 this morning (didn't go to bed last night until about 1am though). I went upstairs and vacuumed (that's the only place that has carpet) and since there was still "stuff" in the 3rd bedroom up there, I went ahead and cleaned out the rest of the stuff from the bedroom and carried it downstairs. So... I have two clean empty bedrooms upstairs now (and one set up for company). I do have an inflatable bed and bedding to go with it for one of the bedrooms, but I would like to at least find a nightstand to put in there (the 2nd bedroom). I have an inflatable bed in my camping gear I could use if I wanted to for the 3rd bedroom. Anyway, other than straightening up my office upstairs, it's clean. I even hung up a bunch of pictures up there (Hawaii pics in one room and Alaska pics in another, and I hung up my "Storybook People" pictures in my office along with a certificate I got from my last job. After finishing the upstairs (and carrying everything down to the basement level), I went ahead and rearranged my bedroom, dusted and mopped. I swept and mopped the whole basement (and did a couple loads of laundry). Later I took the dogs for a mile & a half walk, then headed out to run some errands.

I went over to the local furniture store and found out it was closed (bummer). I wanted to find a Hammock. So, I went to the German version of Home Depot (Hornbach) and found a hammock there. I also needed to get some 220 lights (one for a lamp, one for my overhead lights in my kitchen), I picked up a couple doggy toys while I was there.

From there I went to the Real (pronouced RE- al) store and dropped off WAY too many plastic bottles for recycle (well, hey, I got about 12 euros for them!). I used the money I got from the bottles to buy a 220v projection clock (I have a thing about clocks... and liking to see what time it is when I wake up during the night).

Then I came home and put my hammock together and tried it out. I like it! I think what I like the most about it, is when I lay down in it, my feet are elevated (I have arthritis in my feet, espcially in my left foot). Then I took the dogs for a 3 mile walk and we had a fast pace, just over a 20 minute mile. That's saying a lot considering I walk with the dogs and they have to stop for their potty breaks! After our walk, I came home and laid in the hammock again for awhile, until I cooled off from my walk. Then I went and took a nice, long relaxing bath. Ahhhh... what a way to end the day. I've done over 17,000 steps today on my fitbit! *smiles* So... a great day. I still need to sweep and mop the main floor and dust, tomorrow. But, otherwise, I'm hoping to relax tomorrow. (I'm still on call).

Okay, I'm going to sign off. It's almost 11pm and I still need to take the dogs out for their last potty break before going to bed.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Friday, May 20, 2011

Yay! It's Friday!

This is kind of neat... it looks like the sun is reflecting on clouds below...

C'mon, walk with me as I take the dogs for a walk. I took them for a 2.67 mile walk tonight.

So... work was interesting today, only one client, but then one of my co-workers asked me and another co-worker if one of us would like to work with the female half of a couple he is working with. I hemmed and hawed... and suggested that my other co-worker take the case because it seems like the woman won't be here long (and my co-worker is supposed to be leaving in a couple months). It's NOT my problem, but this is the co-worker that does not see very many clients (they saw 10 in the last 2 weeks! I saw over 30, so still lower than I would like, but I did have a few no-shows and cancellations in addition to that). IF, I were the boss... I would really be getting on that co-worker to get her numbers up (leaving or not). IF, they don't get two workers to replace the two leaving, I feel this particular co-worker is to blame. (sorry for my rant!). IF I were boss, I would tell my staff that they need to see a *minimum* of 10 clients per week, preferable 20! (ideally, and realistically, we should be seeing at least 27 a week. Because we have staff meetings and training 8 hours a week and by seeing 27 a week, that would still allow about an hour a day for documentation. BUT... 3 days a week we have staff meetings at 8 am for an hour, so while we come in at 7:30am, we can't see anyone those days before the staff meeting, so that knocks out 4.5 hours a day (then we have one staff meeting that starts at 7:30am, and training all Friday afternoons).

Oh well... nuff of that stuff. It's Friday night, I don't need to be thinking about work (but I *am* on call this weekend... work and my cell phone aren't far from my thoughts!).

At lunchtime today I went over to the Post Office, and even though it was thundering in the distance, I didn't wear my coat or take an umbrella (it was sunny). And the Post Office is about a 5 minute walk away. By the time I mailed the package & cards I wanted to mail and came back out, it was raining cats and dogs (downpouring!). Needless to say, I was soaked by the time I got back to work (thankfully it was lunch time and we just had staff training this afternoon!).

And I messed up. I could have sworn I made my nail appointment for 4:30pm... I got over there and apparently it was at 4pm (don't know why I would do that when I don't get off until 4:30!). Oh well... the main frustrating thing is that the earliest I can get in now is June 1st. GRRRR! Not to be disrespectful of other nationalities, but I wish we had a group of Vietnamese over here that would step in and give them some competition. My nail technicians in Hawaii were Vietnamese and they did a great job!

So... I came home and swept off the back porch and wiped down the porch furniture. I think I'll see if I can find a hammock with a stand to put on my back patio. I'm hoping to enjoy some time out there this summer!

Okay... guess I'll sign off. It's already 11pm. I didn't get back from my walk until about 8:30 and have been watching some TV and surfing the web (exciting evening, I know! LOL!).

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm walking in the rain... walking in the rain...

So... a photo from our walk today. The dogs & I did a 2.43 mile walk today under skies that were threatening to storm! In fact, it did rain off and on a little (a lot our walk is under the cover of trees... but then I worry about ticks and Lyme disease!).

Work today was crazy. Not busy. Just crazy. I had four appointments scheduled, but only 2 showed up. This morning I had to run over to our main clinic and the traffic was so bad that it took me 3 times as long to get there. Apparently there were a couple trucks that collided on the autobahn today, a fuel truck and one carrying acid or something. I think I heard that over 10,000 gallons of gas were leaked onto the autobahn and it got shut down not too far from where I live (within 15 miles or so). That resulted in some of the traffic re-directing to the road that I take to work. Traffic was messed up til lunchtime (however... having said that... if it had happened in Hawaii... the highway most likely would have been shut down for 12 hours!).

Then this afternoon my co-worker had an issue going on with a client that had multiple people involved (no worries... nothing dangerous, just a lot of involvment by other providers and other agencies), so there was a lot of coordinating going on (sure glad she didn't call in sick today!).

When I got home I took the dogs for their walk (happy that I could), then came home and made myself a steak and some corn, then for desert I finished up the rest of the fresh strawberries I bought at the market in Slovenia. (oh my gosh... they were SO good!).

SO... if the world ends on Saturday... how will you feel about how you have lived your life? Is there anything you would do differently between now and then? I guess there are some religious people out there saying the world will end on Saturday (What happens if they are off by a day and it's tomorrow??? *smiles*). I think if I knew the world were going to end Saturday, I wouldn't have too many regrets. I think my only regret would be that I wouldn't get to be with my daughters. My oldest daughter would be working, my middle daughter would be at a conference talking about Plato... something she LOVES to do, and my youngest daughter would probably be shopping with my granddaughter. I'm on call... so I'll be hanging close to home.

BUT... how do YOU feel about what you are doing with your life and how you have lived it? I'm okay with what I am doing in my life. I think sometimes I have some regrets about some things (don't we all?). But, I am also very thankful for all that I have done in the past 10 years (got my BSW, got my MSW, had the wonderful opportunity to live in Hawaii, I've gotten to travel a LOT and I've met a LOT of wonderful people!). I think one regret I would have is that I don't feel I've nurtured my spiritual side as much as I would have liked.

Oh well... it is what it is... and I'll say my prayers and go from there.

Tomorrow I think I only have one appointment scheduled (can't remember if the client committed to coming in tomorrow or not). We have some training in the afternoon and then after work I get to go get my nails done. YEA!

Okay...it's after 9pm. I hope to be in bed within the next hour. Last night I didn't sleep well (or the dogs didn't?), according to my fitbit, I woke up 27 (!) times. Whew! Hopefully tonight will be better.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Donut & Banana peoples in Ljubljana

Gum & ???? (and a coffee in the distance) in Ljubljana.

So... today was okay at work. One of my co-workers called in sick, the supervisor is gone and the one other co-worker had to go to a Mental Hospital to check on a patient, so he was out for the morning. I had three appointments this morning and one scheduled for this afternoon (that turned out to be a no-show... so I got caught up on my documentation and some other paperwork).

When I got home, it was about 75 degrees out, so I took the dogs for a long walk. We did just over 4 miles and now we are all pooped! I'm watching some TV and surfing the web, although it is almost 8pm and if I am going to eat something, I should go do it.

But... I just wanted to check in here first. So... will sign off now.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A River Runs Through It...

This is the river that runs through Ljubljana... reminds me a little of the waterways of Venice (but there was only this one river and not all the boats that you see in Venice).

Work went okay today, I had two no-shows though... a new couple that was supposed to come in and one other... so it made my day easier. I had to talk with one of our docs about one of my clients that is going to see him tomorrow and then I just kind of took it easy.

After I got home I took the dogs for a 3+ mile walk... and about halfway through, I got a call from the "on-call" phone. There was a teenager that was reportedly suicidal and the staff were calling me to ask what they should do. So... here I am in the middle of the woods, dealing with this call, my dogs were off their leash, and some guy comes running by... and what do my dogs do? They went chasing after the guy barking at him like they were going to bite him! MAN, was I mad! They've never done that before. SO... we passed two more runners on the walk and I made them sit on the side of the road and wait for the runner to go by and they didn't get off their leashes for any more of the walk. I'm STILL not over being angry with them! (but they don't know that as they sit here in my lap sleeping as I type).

I just got done watching "House" and I'm hoping to head to bed by 9 tonight. I think I'll read for a little while now before it's bedtime.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Monday, May 16, 2011

More Ljubljana pictures

The side door entry into the Saint Nicholas Cathedral in Ljubljana. It reminds me of the "7 Cardinal Sins", but there are only 6 cardinal heads... I wonder what that means...

Looking up at the ceiling inside the St Nicholas Cathedral

The inside of the St. Nicholas church.

The dome and steeple of the St Nicholas church is seen just beyond the gray building.

So... today was okay... I had an easy morning and then the afternoon was busy. Tomorrow will be busy, I think I only have for appointments schedule, but two are new couples so that makes it harder, because there are more notes that I need to take.

I only did a short walk with the dogs (just over a mile) after I got home, it looked like it might rain any time. Since then I've just been surfing the web and watching the tape-delayed final "Survivor" show (I already know who won... it's been posted all over the web).

Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Roger Whittaker

Sorry the picture isn't clearer... "Roger Whittaker"

His '75th' Birthday tour... Thank you Germany.

I made it to Mannheim, to the concert hall, just before Roger Whittaker walked up on stage. (Whew... ran into a "Stau" the German word for traffic jam on the freeways). It was good. I'm not sure if I was more surprised by how old he looked, or by the amount of songs he sang in German and how well he sang them. But, you know... music is music... (for the most part) and I love his voice, so the words don't always matter (having said that... I'd love to know German enough to have been able to understand the songs he sung in German). I'll cut and paste some information about him at the end of my blog. He's 75 years old this year. His birthday is the day before mine (his is March 22nd). Seeing him tonight makes me want to look up his tour schedule and see if he has any coming up in any English speaking countries (assuming he would then sing more of his English songs). I'd go see him again, even if I knew it would be another "German" (or some other language) concert.

Other than the slight delay getting up there (in part because I was trying to get my pictures from Slovenia posted on my Facebook page), I had no problems getting there (minus the stau) and back. I got back home about 10:25, I've taken the dogs out and wanted to get this blog done before going to bed. My morning tomorrow is supposed to be a little slow... I'll be thankful for that (although I think I'd rather have a busy morning and a slower afternoon, to use the time in the afternoon to get my documentation done.

I'll leave you with a wonderful quote: Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.- Margaret Lee Runbeck I like this and I feel it fits my current lifestyle. *smiles*

Okay, signing off and will leave information about Roger Whittaker, in case you are interested in reading about him. I first learned of him in 1975, and his song "I don't belive in If anymore." I loved it then, I still love it today!

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris


THE EARLY YEARSSince the summer of 1962 when he took his first steps on the road to a career in entertainment, Roger Whittaker has become an outstanding star all over the world, enjoying a series of highly acclaimed albums and a string of hit singles that includes such classics as "Durham Town," "New World in the Morning," "I Don't Believe in 'If' Anymore," and "The Last Farewell." He has amassed worldwide record sales nearing 50 million. His success has embraced the United States and Canada as well as Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium, France, and Austria. In Germany alone, more than 10 million albums have been sold in the last six years, to add to 250 platinum, gold, and silver record awards.
Roger was born in Nairobi, Kenya on March 22, 1936. His parents hailed originally from Staffordshire in England: his father came from a family of grocers; his mother was a teacher. The music of East Africa left a mark on Roger's childhood. "In over 30 years of singing and playing musical sounds - the wonderful drumming, and those marvelous, infectious rhythms - have played a great part in everything I have ever written and sung." In school, he was an avid member of the school choir and gained top grades. "In the last three years of my formal education, I managed to work hard enough to get top grades in all my school exams and I had great hopes later of studying to become a teacher or a doctor," he says.

However, within three weeks of leaving school, Roger was drafted into national service, and he spent the next two years in uniform in the Kenya Regiment. In 1956, Roger was demobilized and decided that it was time to concentrate on a career in medicine. He enrolled at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, but he wasn't ready to study day in, day out. After 18 months, he left the university and joined the civil service education department to try teaching. "It was a very exciting time. I was teaching -and loved it! However, this was just an apprenticeship. I could go no further because I had no qualifications. The next hurdle was to find a suitable university. The University of Bangor in Wales was suggested. It was ideal."
Roger arrived in Britain in 1959. For the next three years, he studied zoology, biochemistry, and marine biology with such intensity that he ended up with the second highest grades of his year and a B.Sc. However, during his early days of teaching in East Africa, Roger had continued to sing and entertain in local clubs, and he had by now started to write his own songs. In the last year before sitting for his degree at Bangor, Roger became involved with the University Rag Week when he was approached to compose some songs to sing in the Rag Show. In doing so, he made a demo track that found its way to a major music publisher. Before he knew it, Roger was back in the studio recording his first single, "The Charge of the Light Brigade."

Roger's second release, "Steel Men," started to pick up radio air play while he was sitting his exams. When he was given the news that he had passed his finals and landed his prized degree, Roger also learned that "Steel Men" had entered the British charts. It was the first hit of what has become a remarkable career.

Faced with the dilemma of which career to choose, Roger sought the advice from his professor. "Take your chance," he was advised. "Have a try in show business and if you haven't made it in ten years, come back here and teach. I shall always have a place at the university for you."
Finding himself an agent and manager, Roger set out to establish his name and almost immediately was booked for a summer season in Northern Ireland. He then spent the next five years learning his trade. Not long afterwards, he landed his first major breakthrough when he was signed to appear on an Ulster Television show called "This And That." In the spring of 1964, Roger met his future wife, Natalie, and they were married on August 15th after a mere three month's courtship. Today they live in the heart of England --with their five children, Emily, Lauren, Jessica, Guy and Alexander. By 1967, Roger was slowly beginning to make his name. He had enjoyed several record releases during this time, though the elusive big hit single had still escaped his clutches. Still, he was earning a healthy living and appearing occasionally on radio and television. Roger was asked to join a British team for the annual music festival at Knokke, Belgium. Singing "If I Were a Rich Man," and his own composition "Mexican Whistler," he helped Britain to win the competition. He also emerged as the hit of the entire contest and picked up the coveted and highly prestigious Press Prize as the personality of the festival. Issued on the Continent as singles shortly afterward, "Mexican Whistler" soon reached number one in three different European countries while "If I Were a Rich Man" peaked at number two. Suddenly, Roger was inundated with offers to tour Europe and star on the major television programs.

At home in Britain, however, he was still virtually unknown on a national scale, although his records were played extensively, and he enjoyed a fair amount of success on television and in cabaret. In the fall of 1969, his British record company issued a new single; another of his own compositions with the unusual title of "The Leavin' (Durham Town)." "I just didn't have any faith in that song at all," Roger admits. "Far from promoting the single in Britain, I went off to Finland for a cabaret season and television appearances." By the time he returned in November, "Durham Town" was rapidly climbing the British charts.

One of Whittaker's best-loved songs in America is "The Last Farewell." And he enjoys telling the story of how the tune came to be a favorite. Originally recorded in 1971, the lyrics to the song were written by a Birmingham, England, silversmith who entered a contest in which the best lyric or poem sent to Whittaker would be put to music and recorded. Although "The Last Farewell" was not the winner, the song was included on an album, along with the winner "Why" "Suddenly, five years, later, I got the call from Atlanta, Georgia," Whittaker relates. "The wife of a program director had requested the song be played on WSB radio there. She had heard the song while traveling to Canada.

"The Last Farewell" went on to become the most requested song on WSB's playlist and within weeks, it became a massive hit all over the world, reaching the coveted Number One slot in 11 different countries. In the USA, "The Last Farewell" became a Top 20 hit in 1975 and finally selling over 11,000,000 copies worldwide. The song broke down the barriers to success in America for Whittaker and opened up a vast new country for his music to explore.
Germany, particularly, has been a highly successful market for Roger over the years. It all started back in 1976 when he undertook his first major concert tour of the country, following the success of "The Last Farewell". Record success, however, has established Whittaker's name in the country and hoisted him to superstardom. His sings and records in the German language. Indeed, in 1985, he was acclaimed as the country's most successful recording artist, singing in the German language, a distinction no other major international record star could claim. Roger admits to being unable to speak a word of German and records his songs phonetically.

THE 1980's
In conjunction with his first American tour in 1980, Roger launched a major international song writing competition, Children Helping Children, from the United Nations in New York through UNESCO. Children from all over the world were asked to submit lyrics and poems on the subject of promoting peace and understanding, the best of which Roger would put to music and record. The contest attracted over one million entries from 57 countries. The winner was 13-year-old Odina Batnag form Manila in the Philippines who was flown to New York and introduced to the huge audience at Roger's Radio City Music Hall concert where her entry "I Am But A Small Voice", was performed for the very first time. The song has been released worldwide with all proceeds raised by sales being donated to UNESCO's education for handicapped children programme. That year also finished on a note of extreme triumph when Roger received America's prestigious B'nai B'rith Humanitarian Award for his work with children.

In 1982, Roger was persuaded to make a movie in his native Kenya. It was an ambitious project, and for six weeks the film cameras followed him throughout the East African country as Roger related the story of Kenya's history -the British colonial development and the rediscovery of his homeland - through his own unique words and music. The result, Roger Whittaker in Kenya, was screened in Britain by BBC Television in the autumn of 1983, followed by a worldwide transmission.

In 1986, Whittaker made a reappearance on the UK Top 10 singles chart with the standard 'The Skye Boat Song' in a duo performance with Des O'Connor. Also in 1986, he published his autobiography, So Far, So Good, co-written with his wife. And, in 1989, Roger was awarded the prestigious Gold Badge of Merit from his peers in the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors.

THE 1990s
The 1990's have seen Roger continue to perform and record. In the summer of 1991, he was personally invited by Bob Hope to appear in a highly prestigious Gala Charity show at the London Palladium. In 1993 Roger recorded "Celebration," a self-penned album offering a wide array of his vocal and song writing talents. As part of his celebration of 30 years in the music business Roger launched a world tour. His concert in Sacramento California was taped and shown across the United States on Public Television. "The Celebration Concert," was also made available as a home video release from RCA.

In 1997 Roger released "A Perfect Day, His Greatest Hits and More." The title track to this album features Roger singing a sentimental duet with his daughter Jessica. In spite of knee replacement surgery, Roger continued an active concert schedule with nearly 100 concert dates in one European and two North American tours in 1997.

Now established at the very pinnacle of international stardom the sheer magnitude of the demand to see Roger Whittaker performing in concert, or on tour, or on television has resulted in an extensive almost non-stop round of engagements all over the world, making him one of the most traveled entertainers in show business history...and needless to say one of the most successful and respected.


2001 saw a grueling German tour again, at the end of which an exhausted Roger celebrated his 65th Birthday - the natural age for retirement and announced that he would stop touring completely. However, having moving to Ireland and settling down by the River Shannon, he was soon inspired to start writing again, and needless to say, like all artists missed the roar of the crowds. So in 2003 he again toured Germany to great acclaim, recorded a new German Christmas album, and is currently in the studio, working on his first English album for seven years, hopefully to be released in 2004, with tours of Ireland, Canada, Scandinavia and in 2005 in Germany again, as well as the USA. TV specials and new compilations are in the pipeline, with many of his old songs, long since deleted but so frequently requested by his fans.

Ljubljana (Loobee-e-ana) Slovenia

My tour partners for this trip, Cherry, Benita and Me.

Ah, now... be careful Kris!

The Roman guards... (wannabes)

The City of Ljubljana as seen from the castle above...

It was a nice, long trip to Slovenia, I had a great time. Met the bus at 1:30am. I ended up having to sit in an aisle seat (not conducive to sleeping!), but sat with a young woman who works for the same clinic I do, but in another location (she was also at the conference I attended in Garmisch and that's where I got to know her a little). So, at least I had a good seat companion. We sat near the back of the bus, remind me to try for seats in the front of the bus. Much like the olden days of school busses... the rowdier ones tend to sit in the back (and, I'm too old to be TOO rowdy anymore, although some might disagree).

Anyway, we had two stops for potty and food breaks on the way down and we got to Ljubljana (j's are pronounced like "i"s) about 8:30am. We had to park about 10-15 minutes from town and we walked into town as a group and then had a walking tour until about 10:30am. Then we were released to do our own thing. I hooked up with Benita (my seat mate) and another older woman who is here living with her son who is in the military - Cherry. And we walked, and we walked, and we walked. We wandered through stores in an eccentric part of town, and then we walked all over the "market" where they sold a lot of meats, fruits and vegetables, and some souvenirs. I got myself a tee shirt and a hand-painted mug. My co-horts were patient with all of my picture taking *smiles*. And even took a picture of me in a provocative pose (see above)... lol! We also went to the St Nicholas church which was every bit as beautiful as the Sisteen chapel in my opinion. I'll share photos throughout the coming week (and they are already uploaded on my facebook page... over 160 photos posted there).

We shared fresh strawberries and fresh cherries, that were absolutely delicious. We also shared a local snack, (Bruta?) it was almost like thin layers of crust, with cheese in the middle. It was tasty.. a little heavy, but good.

Then we took the "train" up to the castle. We chose to take the one that LOOKS like a train that winds through town on the way up to the castle. There's also a funicular that goes up there, but I think we all thought that would involve too much more walking, but actually, I think it would have been about equal. Cherry was walked out by this time, so she stayed and waited for Benita and I to tour the chapel. I think there were at least six wedding parties going on while we were up there. Amazing. And what I really liked, was how each of the wedding parties would walk the grounds and have a guy playing the accordian accompany them. It was neat!

We came down and did a little more shopping and then stopped and had an early dinner near the river. The restaurant we ate at was the Abecedarium Café which is housed in the oldest building in Ljubljana. The food was good, I had rolled pork and potatoes. There was a model doing some screen shots there on a nearby bridge (I don't have a clue who she was, one of the waiters suggested she was an actress). And then we were serenaded by some guys who were out celebrating a friend's getting married (bachelor party?). The Bachelor was riding a bike and his father or father-in-law were there with him, the guys started singing some traditional song to him and then wandered down the street with him. It was neat to see some cultural traditions while I was there. Speaking of which, there was also a group of guys dressed up as Romans who marched to the center of the old town and then ended up back at the market area. That was interesting as well.

We got back to the bus a little early, I thought we had to be back by 6 (and I was the navigator and got us back to the right place, even early, even though we took a different route and my cohorts weren't sure we were going the right direction!). Found out we didn't have to be back until 6:30pm. So, we thankfully were allowed to drop our stuff off on the bus early (the driver's had been sleeping while we were out touring) and we wandered in the nearby park and had some gelato and rested before getting back on the bus.

Traffic wasn't too bad on the return trip, we made one stop on the way back and got back to the Stuttgart area just over an hour early. None of us were complaining about that! I came home and messed with my pictures and now I'm uploading them. I need to go get my dogs and bring them home and then I'll be heading out in a couple hours to go see the Roger Whittaker concert. I can't wait!

So... I'll sign off.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm leaving... on a tour bus... I do know when I'll be back again...

Well, I guess I won't post a picture today, sorry about that. I've been trying to upload a 1.5 minute video for the last two hours unsuccessfully. Darn it! I took it today while I was walking my dogs, and it wasn't anything spectacular to look at, but you could hear the cookoo bird off in the distance at the beginning and the end of the video (kinda cool!). Oh well, if you are familiar with my facebook page, then you can go watch it there.

Work was fine today, just one appointment this morning and meetings this afternoon, along with ensuring all my documentation was caught up for the week. It is.

Tonight I took my doggies over to the dog sitter and I'll be leaving on a bus in about an hour to go to Slovenia. And as I write this, I'm sitting here on the couch with hair coloring in my hair. It's about time to go wash it out, take a shower and get ready to go. Don't even know what I will be wearing yet. I do have a windbreaker and an umbrealla and I have ear plugs. Still need to get a pillow and if I was smart, I'd find a small blanket throw to take with me.

Okay... gotta scoot. I'll post again within about 48 hours hopefully and you'll get to enjoy pictures from Slovenia!

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Almost Friday!

This was take down in the Garmisch area last week.

So, today was fairly busy, I think I had three appointments this morning and only one this afternoon (one of the afternoon appointments had to reschedule). I got my notes done from today, but still need to write up yesterdays (oh yea and one from today).

I'm excited that I'm going to Ljubljana, Slovenia tomorrow night. I was "googling" it tonight and it looks like it is about a 6 hour bus ride, not including any stops along the way. Slovenia is just east of Italy, it looks like we go through Salzburg, Austria on our way down there, and it's above Croatia. Of all the places I've been since I got back here to Germany, this is only the 2nd "new" country for me. The first week of June I'll cross off another country, when I take another bus tour to the Czech Republic (another "new" country for me! Then I'll be up to 23 countries... as I work towards my goal of 100 countries). I'm making home-made Chocolate Chip cookies tonight to take on the bus tomorrow night to share. (I'm so nice! *smiles*)

By the way... I *won't* be posting Saturday night. But, I'll make it up by posting pictures of my trip to Slovenia on Sunday. *smiles* I am also VERY excited about going to see Roger Whittaker on Sunday night. I've liked him for over 30 years.

Oh, I just got a settlement offer for the damages to my household goods. They want to offer me just under $800. I don't think that's fair. I'm going to have to go buy a whole new bedroom set (in my opinion). They only want to offer me $100 for each mattresses and say I can get them cleaned for that amount. These were mattresses that were in PERFECT condition when they got here. GRRRRR! I'll ask around and get advice about what to do about the settlement.

Okay, I'd better sign off...

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where does the time go...

This was taken this past weekend when I did the Volksmarch up in Ramstein... it was leading into a wildlife park (I think)... would have been a nice place to sit for awhile... but at this point I was just trying to get done.

So... work went okay today. For some reasons my mornings have been fairly slow/quiet, but my afternoons have been busy. Today was no exception.

After work I came home and took the dogs for a 2+ mile walk and then I went and picked up a used freezer. It's about the size of a "dorm" fridge and fits well in my pantry. I need to get a 220v extension cord tomorrow. Now it's already 9:15pm and there are still a few things I want to do before I head to bed (i.e. I'm washing towels at the moment so I need to put them into the dryer and fold the clothes that are already in the dryer). So... time is flying today. Having said that... I'm thankful that I *have* time, that I'm cognizant of it and that I have things that I am able to do with my time. Which reminds me... for some reason I had it my head that tomorrow was payday... nope... not til next week. Darn!

Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Busy evening...

Part of the path along our journey (walk) today...

There's always time to stop and smell the flowers along the way... (and listen to the chirping of the birds... and I got to listen to a cookoo bird today! And an owl!).

Have I mentioned that I love buttercups???

Ha ha... the dogs up on a bale of hay in the nearby field (the bales were gone by the time we got back from our walk)

So, I took the dogs for a 3 mile walk when I got home. As we walked through the field, there were guys out that had cut the grass and were baling it and hauling it away. It's nice to have the short grass again (on the way that we walk). After I got home, I did some laundry, I swept and mopped the main floor and the basement (where my bedroom is), I've done dishes, ran the dishwasher and have garbage ready to take to the dumpster in the morning. I also changed the bedding and it's almost done washing. I feel like I've done two full-time jobs today! Whew!

Work-wise things were pretty mellow, I had a cancellation and a no-show. One appointment I had (I co-facilitated an appointment with a couple going through a separation) was rather tense and I was glad that there was two of us in the room to tag-team. Oh yea, and I got a call from a spouse in distress. At least I was able to get all my notes done, so I'm caught up there.

Okay... it's almost 10:30, I still need to take the dogs out for their last bedtime walk before I go to bed, so I'd better sign off.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Monday, May 9, 2011

uh oh...

Mama and baby ducks...

An old church in a town that dates back to the 500's. The church was rebuilt between 1753 and 1760 in late Baroque style on the site of an older Martinskirche.

Walking the Ramstein Volksmarch, I liked this old wagon wheel along the way.

This is a photo from the town from the old town I stopped by on the way home from the Volksmarch...

Well... I got my first speeding ticket over here in Germany via the work distribution system (don't know why it wasn't mailed to my house). It is only 15 euros and I guess tickets are a very common occurance over here. I guess I need to be more cognizant (AND I think I need to upgrade my GPS unit for my car, to one that sounds an alarm when there is a "blitzer" around. My friends Andrea and Vince have one and it seems to work well.

Work today was okay... I had two cancellations (one had called last Friday to cancel) and then this afternoon, a couple I met with were much more calm than last time. So that was good. Tonight I'm on call. My supervisor has been on call, but she's flying out tomorrow on vacation and my one co-worker that was going to take the "on-call" from her, has his car in the shop, so can't take on-call (without renting a car). *HOPEFULLY* he will get his car back tomorrow. He took it to the same place I took my car, despite my negative experiences with the shop. If he doesn't get it back tomorrow (he *really* should), then I told him I would pull on-call for him until he get the car back. He took a couple days for me when I went for the conference last week.

Tonight after work I went to dinner at a nice local restaurant with a friend that is leaving to go to the "States." It was a really nice restaurant. They brought us out some "Red Beet Soup" as an appetizer, I was a little skeptical, but it was very creamy and tasted delicious... a little like potato soup (but pinkish). I had tender pork medallions in a hollandaise sause and "fingerling" potatoes. MMMM! Of course, it was more than I could eat, so I'll be having the same dinner tomorrow night (minus the red beet soup).

Okay... it's already after 9pm, so I'd better sign off. Have a great day!

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris