Saturday, April 30, 2011


One of the pleasant surprises about living in Germany, is having lilac bushes again (that and Daffodils!). We grew up with lilac bushes in our backyard and my oldest daughter has them in her yard as well. I enjoy the smell of the lilacs. The picture above was taken in Dresden, but one of my neighbors down the street has cut a bush so that it hangs from above the main entry to their house and around the door. I keep thinking one of these days I'm going to sneak a picture of their house.

Today I enjoyed a lazy morning, I surfed the web and read a book I downloaded (didn't finish), then I needed to run an errand so I called my friends David & Carol to see if they were home and I went over and spent the afternoon/evening with them. David was painting his office, so it was good to visit with them and catch up on everything going on in their lives. I haven't seen them for a few weeks. I ended up staying for dinner. I took Bruno & Peanut with me and they had fun chasing Tarabella (their beagle) around their back yard. Although Peanut & Tarabella would double-team Bruno and go after him. Needless to say, the dogs are tired tonight! *smiles*

Speaking of tonight... here it is after 10pm and I haven't started packing for my 4 day conference that I am driving down to, tomorrow. So, I'd better sign off. BUT... before I do, I have to say "Congratulations!" to my youngest daughter. She's been employed at a job for over a year as a "Temp" (employed by a "Temp" companies that hires workers for short-term jobs). Anyway, she interviwed for the position with the City & County and got the job (doing the same work she's BEEN doing). At least now she'll have benefits and it's a position that she could be in a long time and hopefully move up the ranks into other positions that she's interested in, eventually (now that she'll "officially" have her foot in the door).

Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Friday, April 29, 2011

Whew! It's Friday...

This was one of my favorite photos in Dresden, because it is so peaceful looking. It was taken behind the Sempor Opera.

So... it should have been a quiet, easy day. I only had one appointment scheduled and no "scheduled" training for this afternoon. But, I ended up with a walk-in (so, one more note to write, in addition to the other 10 or so I had to write...). Anyway, about lunch time I was told I need to register in an online system before I can go to training next week (need to be there Sunday). So... I tried to sign in and couldn't. I thought I needed an update on "Java" on my computer. So, I tried to install it myself, but couldn't (security on the computer system wouldn't let me), so I called our Computer specialists and they did a remote access to my computer and they said I already had the latest version of that program installed on my computer. So, I ended that attempt. Then it said my computer access card wasn't working, so I called the computer folks again and they verified (through a process that took about a half an hour) that it was indeed working and there was no problem with it. SO... they put me in touch with the national folks that deal with our travel program. After being on hold for about 20 minutes, I finally got to talk to someone and it was finally determined that I was never registered in the system (as I should have been when I first arrived here). So, after a couple phone calls to our head clinic and with the help of the person in my office that works with trainings and funding, I *finally* got all the information entered and have *some* information that I can go to the training on/with. I hope it all works out. But, about 3pm this afternoon I was told I wouldn't be able to go to the training (unless I wanted to pay for it myself). And it was made to seem like it was my fault that I waited til Friday afternoon to request permission to travel and go to the training. However, as I said, getting into the system should have happened back when I got here. Had that happened, today would not have been a pain.

Oh well, the day is over. I left work late and came home and had dinner. Tonight I've just been "chilling" and watching some TV. We've been having thunder and lightening here in the area and I just looked at the weather forecast for where I'm going (to the Bavarian area) and the next five days are forecasted to have thundershowers. Oh wonderful. I was hoping for some good weather so that I could dazzle you with photos! *smiles* Well, maybe there will be breaks in the weather when I am not in training. Here's hoping.

Okay... I'm going to sign off.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Busy Thursday...

This was me in front of one of the historic paddle boats that go up and down the Elbe River and happens to be the one I rode on Friday, my first day in Dresden.

So... today started off with a meeting and then I had six appointments. There was some confusion when my 11 o'clock appt showed up at 10 and my 10 o'clock appointment was late. Then, my 1pm appt called to cancel, but I had to deal with a walk-in Domestic Violence issue (it turned out to be a couple I saw a few months ago). Then it was back to my last couple appointments of the day.

Fortunately Friday's are traditionally kept for training, so I have the morning to do notes, but I had a client call and ask if they could come in tomorrow. So, I may have one appointment tomorrow.

After work I had to rush home and meet my landlord, because I woke up this morning and had no hot water. It worked out well though, the repairman was able to come right over and fixed it within an hour. So... should have hot water for my shower in the morning.

Tonight I watched "American Idol" and "Survivor" (and dozed a little on the couch).

Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen,
- Kris

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Hump Day

Funny faces... in stone (in Dresden)

So, another relatively easy day at work, I did a couple on-line trainings (which are about an hour in length each). One of my co-workers had a birthday today and today was "Wear Denim" day, so I got to wear jeans. (It's a Sexual Assault Awareness day, because some judge in Italy once declared a guy could not have sexually assaulted a woman because the jeans she was wearing at the time would have been too tight for the perpetrator to get them off without her help).

I have one of my co-workers that is wanting to move to Washington State and I know one of the head Social Workers in a clinic in the Seattle/Tacoma area. My co-worker asked if I would email him and ask if she could meet him when they are out there this summer. So, I sent an introductory email. She got an email back from him today and he said he has a couple positions open right now and that there's a supervisory position coming open and asked if she would qualify for that. So now she's thinking about pursuing one of the positions this summer instead of waiting until next year (wise move, I think she has met all the conditions of her contract here, so she could move on if she wanted to at this point... and while she has some good contacts there (via me), she should take advantage of it. She wants to retire in the Pacific Northwest). So... that was my "excitement" for the day... if you can call it that.

I did take the dogs for a walk this evening. Not too long of one though, because I'm on call. In fact, I *did* get a call tonight, but didn't have to go in on it. I just had to make a couple phone calls.

Now it's 9pm and time to think about getting ready for tomorrow and getting ready for bed. So...

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Grafitti in Dresden...

More colorful and appropriate grafitti

I liked this fence that was painted... SOMEONE has talent!

So... another fairly quiet day at work, I had a couple that had to cancel because one of them was sick, and so I only had two appointments today. No worries... I spent the rest of the day doing online training. All of my mandatory online training is done now, and there's just one other training I need to do, but I need to do that in person whenever they decide to offer it. There's still a lot of training I *can* do, online, but it's optional (and I'll work on it as I can). Speaking of which... next week I get to go down to the Bavarian Alps for four days of training (a medical/surgical/behavioral health conference).

Tonight I uploaded a bunch more photos to my facebook account (mainly pictures of the steam engine train and from Moritzburg).

Well, I'd better sign off... I've got to get ready for work tomorrow. I get to wear jeans! YEA! I thnk I'll iron my Denim shirt and wear that as well.


Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Monday, April 25, 2011

Quiet Monday... tired

I could have used a nap here today... it's the garden area behind the Zwinger in Dresden

Sunlight coming through the cupola of the Crown gate at the Zwinger, taken from the inner courtyard.

Another Dresden church steeple with sunlight coming through.

I only had one appointment and a staff meeting today, which was probably a good thing because I was dragging all day, from pushing it too hard all weekend. I also got all my notes done today, so I'm caught up at work again (other than a couple on-line trainings I still need to finish).

Tonight after I have had dinner, I have been watching "The Amazing Race" (we get shows over here a day late). I think as soon as it is over, I'll take the dogs out for a potty break and then head to bed. I'm bushed.

Will try to write more later this week.

- Kris

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Here I am at Moritzburg Castle, it was an awesome, beautiful day!
This is the old steam train that I rode to Moritzburg (I did this for YOU Walt! *smiles*)
Hanging Easter eggs from trees is very much a tradition here in Germany and moreso in Eastern Europe. Easter trees are a symbol of new life, and they're linked to the nature symbolism that runs through European Easter traditions.

So... I made it home safe and sound. The plane was a little late leaving Dresden, but that's okay... I was cutting it a little short making it back to the airport. I got up and out from the hotel about 10am, and went down to the train station to see what I needed to do to go on one of the old Steam engine trains. I had mixed ideas about what to do... do I go on the oldest? Or do I go on the one that goes to Moritzburg, which has a BEAUTIFUL castle. I ended up going on the train to Moritzburg. I bought a set of salt & pepper shakers, that was my big purchase for this trip (no kidding... I don't want to TELL you how much I spent on buying the salt & pepper shakers! Let's just say... they were made in Eastern Germany (I think the town's name is Meissen) and my daughter's better decide who gets to inherit them (and my few pieces of Delft porcelain). Oh... and I'll post more pictures through out the week.

Anyway... I don't want to write much now. It's almost 11pm and past my bedtime. I had to go pick up the dogs from the dog sitter after I got home. (They did great... and were VERY happy to see me when I got home!).

Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Saturday, April 23, 2011

2nd day in Dresden

Had another great day in Dresden with beautiful weather! I did the hop off, hop on bus today. I took a cog train up a hill and had a real nice lunch overlooking the Elbe river valley. Then I came back down and took a train that was suspended by rails (hung from the rail tracks) and went back up to the top of the hill (same area, just a little bit away, same town). Then I got to stop at the famous Pfund dairy, picked up some milk soap for my oldest daughter and and old fashioned thermometer for me. Then I rode the hop on hop off bus back into Dresden and got off by the Galleria mall and wandered around there for awhile. I got an adapter so I can upload pictures from my SD card to my Ipad.

After that I did a Lot of walking, I wanted to be on the other side of the river for sunset so I could get evening sky light pictures of Dresden. I stood on the newer bridge for about an hour! Then it was a lot more walking. I went to a place near where I was last night so I could watch fireworks being shot off by the fair or carnival, whatever you call it. It was nice, I sat and had some pizza on the banks of the Elbe river (at a restaurant) and watched fireworks before heading back to my hotel, rather late. It feels like I have been here a week! Probably because I have done and seen so much!

Okay, I had better sign off, I want to get up and go take a train down south of the Dresden area tomorrow and go ride the oldest steam engine train, I think, in Europe. Then I fly back to Stuttgart about 6:30pm.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Friday, April 22, 2011

Having a great time in Dresden

I am having fun here, beautiful weather. Having a hard time writing my blog on my Ipad. will write more when I get back home and post lots of pictures. I did 20'000 steps today! Whoooohooo!

auf Wiedersehen!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Friday...

This was along the way I walked (to the end of the one road) the other day. Looks like it would be a great sledding hill, if it weren't so far away!

Well, today is my Friday, because I am off tomorrow. I sure had one heck of a day today. I had a staff meeting first thing this morning and then had 6 sessions/appointments today (fortunately only one was a "couple" so the rest will be easier to write-up and none were "new" appointments). I didn't even get time to write them up... so I'll have to do that on Monday (which is scheduled to be a little easier). As it was, I didn't get off work until almost six and then had to stop by an ATM machine on the way home and by the store.

Now it's about 8pm and I'm waiting for Laurie to call, she's going to watch my dogs while I'm gone to Dresden this weekend.

Which reminds me... I *may* not be able to blog this weekend. Just saying. I don't remember if the hotel I booked has free wi-fi.

In the meantime... you can google DRESDEN, GERMANY and then you will know where I'm at.

Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick Post...

Just a quick post and I think I'll skip photos for today. I had a late evening and it's already about 9:40pm. Work went fine, I had a couple cancellations (well, one cancellation and a no-show), but that was good, it allowed me to get some more online training completed (man! There is a LOT of online training required!). Anyway... after work we had a going away dinner for one of my co-workers in another department. I went to a new German restaurant that I hadn't been to before. I had pork tenderloins with Hollandaise sauce that was to die for! And since I didn't want noodles with it, I asked for potatoes and there was no problem with customizing my menu selection. I'll definitely have to go back there again!

Okay... signing off so I can go get ready for bed.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wow... LONG walk...

The dogs playing in a field...

Bruno's saying... C'mon, Mom!

Wild flowers along the way...

Don't know where this is/was... but I found it... taking a road less traveled... I went down a road that kind of ended, and was blocked by falling trees... and kept going... crossed a field and found this small paved road...

Look at those trees... I was on the way back towards town at this point...

I got home just after sunset... (only because I stopped by the store on the way home and picked up some well-deserved ice cream!).

So... work went fine today, I only had 3-4 appointments, but then I also had to spend way too much time looking for some paperwork (never did find what was wanted/needed). I also did another online training that I needed to get done. And I was lucky, my last appointment of the day was a no-show. (2nd time too!).

I stopped and picked up a Gyro (the German version, I guess) for dinner, then after I ate, I took the dogs for a LONG walk. I didn't expect to walk so far. So... Sunday I did over 6 miles, yesterday I did over 3 miles, and today I did 5.21 miles. Wow! I *won't* be walking after work tomorrow... I have a going-away party/dinner for a co-worker.

Okay... it's already 9:40... my bedtime. So, I'd better sign off.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Monday, April 18, 2011


Leaves covering a pathway... and in this area, I heard some woodpeckers...
The trees are turning green! And later in my walk I heard a real-live cookoo bird (who didn't know what time it was... because he just kept cookooing. *smiles*)

So... this morning I was dragging and almost falling asleep in our staff meeting first thing this morning (and my supervisor noticed... oops!). Guess I'd better get to bed earlier tonight. At some point I need to figure out how to train my dogs to sleep on the floor next to the bed so they aren't waking me up all night.

I was fairly busy with clients today, but my last appointment of the day was a no-show, so I was able to finish up my documentation. At least being busy makes the day go by faster.

After I got off work, I stopped and washed my car on the way home and then when I got home, I took the dogs for a 3+ mile walk. Now I'm REALLY tired. I'm watching "The Apprentice" on TV and as soon as it is over, I'm heading to bed.

So... I'll sign off...

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Herrenberg Volksmarch

A nice path along the way
Interesting buildings along the way
Okay... I certainly didn't expect to see THESE statues along the Volksmarch today...

According to my Runkeeper program, there was about an 850 ft elevation in climb on this Volksmarch! But the view was pretty!
My faithful companions survived their LONGEST walk! (10K)
Fields of yellow...

This morning I slept in (because I stayed up SO late last night). And headed to the Volksmarch near Herrenberg (about 30 miles from where I live) about lunchtime. (You could start walking or running it, any time between 7am and 1pm). Man, it felt like the longest 10k I've done in a LONG time! Probably because there was significant elevation involved (almost 850 feet). There were two checkpoints along the way, so I stopped and got a bite to eat and a soda at both stops.

I'm done now and I'm very tired. But... I need to take my trash in and dump it. (The Germans charge a lot to pick up garbage and there are places I can take it to near where I work, for free... so it's easier to do). It's already about 6pm, but I doubt if the dogs want another walk today. *smiles*.

So... I'll sign off and go dump my trash and get ready for tomorrow and another week...

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lake Constance...

Beautiful flowers in bloom down in Meersburg, Germany
Meersburg Castle
Lindau, Germany (also on Lake Constance)
Sun setting on Lake Constance in Lindau, Germany
Being creative... I took this sunset photo through a stone doorway along the wall in Lindau, Germany
The three of us send you a warm hello from Lindau, Germany!

This afternoon I drove down to Lake Constance. I went to Meersburg and spent several hours there, this time I toured the castle, which was pretty neat! I had lunch at a little cafe down there... I had fish & chips. Then I drove on down around Lake Constance (also known as the Bodensee) to the town of Lindau and enjoyed a wonderful sunset on the water/lake there (and a LONG walk with the dogs). I wore a pair of my new "barefoot" shoes, the Merrell pair that don't have separate toes. They did fine, although I ended up with blisters on the back of my ankles (and I was/am hoping to do a 10k walk tomorrow up in Herrenburg). After enjoying a nice sunset and evening stroll back to my car, then I drove on down to Bregenz, Austria and stopped for a bite to eat (not often you can say you drove down to Austria for dinner... right?). I'll get to explore Bregenz more in a couple weeks when I go down to Switzerland for a volksmarch, we are supposed to stop in Bregenz for about an hour on our way back. It was about a 2 hour drive back home from Bregenz. Not too bad of an afternoon/evening if you ask me!

Okay... now it's after 1am (I didn't get home until almost midnight... yikes! Me thinks me won't want to get up early in the morning for the Volksmarch... fortunately I have until 1pm to start it).

Well, I'll sign off.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Friday, April 15, 2011

Easier day at work...

Trees blossoming in the field near my house... So, today was an EASY day. I had no appointments today, some got to focus on getting caught up on documentation, doing my "self-evaluation", and doing some training, both in person and on the computer. My next week is scheduled to be fairly busy, but I try to keep my Fridays clear, so I can catch up on training or so I can do an emergency appointment if I need to. Our office is closed on Friday afternoon because that's our designated training time. After work I came home and had some speghetti for dinner and then fell asleep on the couch watching TV. I've been really tired the last few days.... probably just dealing with left-over jet lag. No concrete plans for the weekend, so maybe I'll take a road trip with the doggies. *smiles* Okay... going to sign off for another day. Auf Wiedersehen! - Kris

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Beautiful day for a walk...
My new "five finger" shoes. They really *aren't* uncomfortable...
Flowers planted in a neighbor's yard...

So, today was a busy day at work. Even though I had a cancellation this afternoon, it was a busy day. I saw a wife this morning and then this afternoon her husband came in as a walk-in. It's difficult sometimes because if I see them individually, I cannot say that I have seen the spouse, nor can I let them know what I know from the other side (so I hear both sides, I don't take sides... I try to be objective and don't let on what the other has said). It can be a challenge at times. In this particular case, I was asked to meet with an adult child in the family and could not say that I have/am already meeting with the adult child. It makes life interesting, to say the least! Anyway, that was my biggest challenge today, that and not being able to get my "notes" done today. I did get one note done, which was my longest one (because it was a new client).

Tonight I took the dogs for a walk after work. It's so nice to see everything blooming, especially the trees in the field where I walk with them.

I also got to watch "Survivor" and part of "American Idol" tonight (a day late...). Now, once again, it's about bedtime. So, I'll sign off....

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another day...

I went back to work today, I had an appointment that was cancelled this morning (and I have one cancelled for tomorrow), but this afternoon was pretty busy! I was REALLY tired today though... dealing with jet lag. Looks like I'm going to Dresden, Germany in a couple weeks. They have a website over here for a German airlines that you can do "blind booking" on. So, what you do, is you can select a group of places to go (5-6 places) and you book a ticket for selected dates and they tell you where you are going. I had hoped for Eastern Europe, but Dresden (which used to be in Communist Germany) was on the list, and that's where I'm going. It should be an interesting place to visit though. Of course... I'll let you know how it is after I go and I'll take a LOT of pictures! Not a lot to write about today, so I'd btter sign off. It's bedtime again already. Auf Wiedersehen! - Kris

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm Back!

Okay... I made it back to Germany with no problems. (hooray!). My dogs really missed me, it is good to be back to see them. I've been running errands today and I also stopped to talk with the Audi Dealer. I bought a Barbeque grill today, so I will enjoy that this summer. I've also got most of the way unpacked. Tonight I've been watching TV and surfing the web, catching up. Okay... I'm going to keep it short. It's after 9pm now. Auf Wiedersehen! - Kris

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Last day in Southern California

Driving down the Pacific Coastal Highway near Malibu, CA
Sunset pictures from Venice Beach, CA

Got up early this morning and saw my youngest daughter & Granddaughter off to the airport, wish we had more time together, but thankful for the time I got to spend with them. Kiara now thinks I'm rich! LOL! (Everything is relative). By the way, I think I forgot to mention something Kiara said at the zoo yesterday. We were watching the monkeys and one male monkey was sitting on a branch with his penis out. (how else do you say that?). Anyway... Kiara saw it and said "Grandma, if that's a boy monkey, he must be naked!" LOL! Of course she was somewhat shocked/dismayed. Not the sort of thing you expect to see at the zoo, I guess.

Anyway. They have made it back home okay, safe & sound.

I came back to the hotel room after I dropped them off, and checked my email and stuff, and researched online where to go exploring today. I wanted to check out some Merrill brand "Barefoot" shoes (not the ones with the toes, but similar in concept). So... I found an outlet store up near Ventura, CA. So... I got to drive up the Ventura Highway! How cool is that? *smiles* (little things amuse me sometimes). I got up there though, and they didn't carry them there. So, I went exploring some more. I found a place to get my nails done, they did a good job and they were fairly quick about it. That was nice! Then I went to the Port Hueneme Naval base (just because I was passing by and it has a Navy Exchange). Then I passed a place that cuts hair. So, I stopped in and asked for a haircut. Is it okay if the beautician has to use a 9 or 10 year old for an interpreter to cut my hair? *smiles* I was a little worried, but she (and her young interpreter) did a great job. (They were Spanish-speaking). So... after my hair cut, I went on my merry little way, down the Pacific Coastal Highway (Highway #1). It was a beautiful scenic drive, with wonderful weather!

I managed to find a mall once I got back in the LA area and bought some clothes. My pants are getting too big on me (nice problem), so I wanted to get a smaller size. I also found an REI up in Santa Monica on my way down and got the barefoot shoes I was looking for. I was worried I had bought too much, but fortunately, I was able to get everything into my suitcase & carry-on and the suitcase doesn't appear to be overweight. (Thank goodness). I had brought an extra duffle bag, inside my suitcase, in case I needed it. Since Delta now charges $50 for a 2nd bag, I am glad I didn't need it.

After the mall I headed toward the beach. I didn't care really which beach, I just wanted to watch a sunset. (my all-time favorite activity, I think!). So, I found Venice Beach and as you can tell from the pictures above, it was a beautiful day for sunset watching! *Almost* as good as Hawaii, but not nearly as warm!

Tonight I've just been putzing in my hotel room (by the way, I can watch the planes land and take off from my hotel room!) I am staying at the Hilton, I guess my only complaint (besides the noisy lobby because of the convention they had this weekend and other stuff they have going on down there), is that it appears they didn't bother to vacuum the hallway of my floor. I noticed a silver star (tinsel kind) on the floor this morning as we were leaving and it's still there tonight. Hmmm... Housekeeping????

Tomorrow I've got to be up before 6, so I can get over and drop my car off at the rental agency and then head to the airport not later than 7am. My flight is at 9am. I *don't* want to be late. And it's already almost midnight (why do I do that to myself? Last night I only got about 5 1/2 hours of sleep). At least I can sleep on the plane tomorrow. I have the flight from LA to Atlanta, then from Atlanta to Stuttgart. I leave here at 9am tomorrow (Monday morning) and get to Stuttgart at 9am on Tuesday morning).

Okay... signing off. Will post again when I get to Germany.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Saturday, April 9, 2011

San Diego Zoo

Merkats (sp)... reminded me of my Bruno (dog).
Kiara and Kori by the Flamingos

We had a good day today. We got to the zoo about 10am and stayed til about 4:30 before heading back to LA for the night. It was a little chilly (upper 50's? Maybe 60?), but at least we didn't have the thunderstorms that were predicted! Last night we stayed at a Best Western motel right on a marina (I think it was called Shelter Bay Marina) there in San Diego, it was beautiful to look out over the Marina when we got up this morning.

So... we had a good "last" day of vacation together. Tomorrow Kori & Kiara fly out early (their flight leaves at 7:30am). We are staying basically across the street from the airport. It will make it easy for us to catch our flights in the mornings. I'll probably do a little bit of shopping before I head back to Germany (I want some khaki's that are a size smaller).

Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sea World

So, today we headed down to San Diego to SeaWorld. After stopping for breakfast, we got down to SeaWorld about lunchtime. We took in a bunch of shows and Kiara did a Dolphin Encounter (it did NOT include going into the water, but she did get up close and personal and got to interact with a dolphin, she had a blast!). After she finished and we were waiting for her, we were near the pool and I got to have a "free" encounter... until the trainer saw Kori & I and we were told we had to leave. Darn! *smiles* I took a lot of pictures, but the free wi-fi here at the hotel is REALLY slow. We are staying in a Best Western hotel right on a marina. It looks to be a nice hotel. Unfortunately it's pouring down rain outside. I can't complain though, because we had beautiful weather today on the drive down and at Sea World. It rained once (downpour) but we were in the Arctic Display (indoors), so we missed it. Whew! Okay... signing off. Auf Wiedersehen! - Kris P.S. Thank you to the US Government for agreeing on a budget.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

2nd day at Disneyland

So, today was our second and last day at Disneyland. When we first got to the park, Kori & Kiara went off to see some fairies and I headed over to the Matterhorn. Then we went over to get our "fast passes" for the "World of Color", while I waited in line, Kori & Kiara went on the River ride and got drenched. I stood in line and got us tickets for the "Soaring over California" show, which was really neat to experience. (It makes you feel like you are actually flying). In fact, the "soaring" experience and the "World of Color" were probably the best things we saw today.

We had lunch in Ariel's Grotto and Kiara got to meet several princesses. THAT was a VERY expensive lunch, and I had to buy my lunch as well, even though I couldn't eat it. I don't know at what point I started feeling sick, but it was before lunch. I went ahead and ordered, but took about two bites and almost threw up. So... no more eating for me this afternoon/evening. After the grotto, we decided to go on the ferris wheel... and just after we got on that, I *did* throw up... twice. Fortunately, I had a plastic bag handy. And it wasn't the ride. I don't get sick on rides. I don't know what it is, but I apparently cannot have crackers, then eat crab & corn for dinner... I think I had another mild case of pancreatitis today. At least it felt the same way as the last time when they diagnosed me with that.

So, after watching Kiara go on the swings, I came back to the hotel and laid down and took a nap. I also took a Bentyl then, and then a little later took another one. Kori & Kiara came back about 6, then shortly after 7 we headed back over to the park (Disneyland). I felt better then, but still didn't want to eat much. We went and saw the "World of Color" which was an awesome experience. I took about 5 minutes of video, not sure if I can post it on here or not. After that, we headed over to the main park, hoping to watch the fireworks, but they were cancelled due to wind. We were fortunate to enjoy everything as long as we did, because they were predicting severe thunderstorms for tonight. We wandered around main-street Disneyland for awhile and then left the park about 11pm. Now it's almost 12:24 am, I'd best sign off. Tomorrow we are driving down to Sea World... should be fun. I just hope the weather is okay and not too rainy!

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

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