Thursday, March 31, 2011

Almost Friday, huh?

So... today was actually kind of nice. I had a couple cancellations today (one person was sick, the other I had just seen yesterday). The appointment this afternoon though was a long one - a couple hours. It was the first appointment for this couple, and generally my "first" appointments are at least an hour and a half. For lunch I like going over to a small German restaurant and today again, I ran into a couple I knew from the hotel. Its nice, I like them and I've seen them about 3 times this week. Usually if I go over and I don't know anyone there, then I read a book on my Ipad. .. After work I took the dogs for a 2 mile walk. They got a "tad" dirty though (because it has been rainy today). So... I had to give them a bath after we got home. (Actually... they were quite filthy!) Tonight I have someone over that is trying to set up my Satellite dish so I can get American channels on my TV. I hope it works, I'll enjoy some of my favorite shows! Okay... signing off. Auf Wiedersehen! - Kris

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh my gosh!

Wanna ski? So... for some reason my blog didn't post last night, it was short anyway... but about 8:20pm or so, I got a call and had to go in to deal with at Sexual Assault case. (I'm "on-call" this week). My boss said we should be done by about midnight. No? More like 3am and I still had to get up and go into work today. AND I had a busy day. I think besides the staff meeting at 7:30am (so I went to bed about 3:45 am and got up about 6:30am), I had something like 6 appointments today. I also got *some* of my notes done. I got all of yesterday's caught up and then even managed to get a couple from today done. Tomorrow is supposed to be as busy. Anyway... I came home and took the dogs for a walk... we went down a new "logging" road today. I wasn't sure where it was going to lead me, but it ended up taking me down to the road that I take on my way to work (at least there's a walking/jogging/bicycling path there) and I just had to loop back through the town to get home. SO... we did about 3 miles after I got off work (and had about 2 1/2 hours of sleep). And, I should have stayed home tonight and went to bed, instead I went over to the local "Home Depot" type store and picked up somethings I need to finish setting up a satellite dish. So... now it's 9pm and I'm "dog" tired and ready to go to bed. I'm praying I won't get called out tonight! I need a decent night's sleep. Okay... signing off (and if I can find yesterday's post... and the system didn't delete it, I'll post that too). Auf Wiedersehen! - Kris

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Tuesday

Well... I don't know what happened to the post for Tuesday, this was the picture. ??? GRRRR. So... basically I had a busy day on Tuesday at work, then walked the dogs 2 1/2 miles after I got home and then got called out from 8:30pm to 3:15 am. Ugh! SO... for whatever it's worth, I'll go ahead and post this one too. Auf Wiedersehen! - Kris

Monday, March 28, 2011

Glad Monday is over!

Another shot of the "Rotair" gondola that I rode in... at least it is enclosed.

I also rode on this... brrrrr! Glad I have a good coat and had a good hat! *smiles*

So... what a day! Started off with a staff meeting. Got into trouble with my supervisor today. I got accused of stealing clients from my co-workers. Supposedly my boss was told that I went out into the waiting room and "stole" clients. As I pointed out to her... Have I ever done that before? Why would I do it now? UGH! Sometimes this petty stuff gets to me. The last thing I am going to do is entice clients away from my co-workers (who I don't think have enough work as it is!). The truth in this story, was that I got a call asking if I would see a couple for marital counseling (from the wife). I said okay... and THEN found out they had been seeing one of my co-workers and weren't satisfied with the experience. Okay. And my boss was gone... so I couldn't run it past her (and that co-worker wasn't there that day for me to ask them once I found out). But... the OTHER co-worker heard about it and something got lost in the translation... to the point where it sounds like I was/am stalking my co-worker's clients. NOT. GRRR. So then I become a little gun-shy and one co-worker came to me and asked if I could see one of her clients because she's seeing the couple. I suggested she run it by the boss (who was in a session at the time) and she assured me it was okay... and when I brought it up later to my boss, she said it was okay. The other thing I got into trouble for (sort of, anyway) was because I agreed to see a couple at the request of my other co-worker. He's out of town this week, the couple are still going to be his case... but because he is going to be gone, he wanted them to have "eyes on" this week (and last week when he was out). Well, my boss said it should have gone to my other co-worker, because it's a DV case. ARGH!

I *am* busy this week. I only had three appointments today, but I think I have SIX scheduled for tomorrow.

Anyway... I did come home and I took the dogs for a 2 1/2 mile walk. I haven't gotten to my 10,000 steps today (or yesterday... I'm slacking!).

Okay... I'm going to sign off and I'm hoping to get to bed early tonight.

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Switzerland pictures

Swiss Alps
Hills and valleys of Switzerland
Reminds me of "The Sound of Music"

So... I've had a lazy day... a couple short walks with the dogs, a nap, and some chores. Not a lot to write about. Today Germany shifted THEIR clocks back, I'm having a hard time adjusting my body to it being an hour later. Ugh! Another week starts tomorrow... I'll be on call starting Tuesday. But then, a week from Tuesday I get to head to Los Angeles and Disneyland!


Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!

- Kris

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Engelberg, Switzerland...

The Abbey of Engleberg in Switzerland is the ‘grandmother abbey’ of the Monastery of the Ascension. It is located in a mountain valley at the foot of Mt. Titlis in central Switzerland, thirty miles from Luzern. “Engel berg” means “the mount of angels.”

As early as in the 16th century the monks of the Benedictine monastery started exporting hundreds of cheese wheels. These days the show cheese dairy in the Monastery of Engelberg processes healthy fresh mountain milk to a variety of cheeses.
What is there to experience?
*The only show cheese dairy in a monastery in Switzerland
*Carefully hand-crafted cheese supported by technologically sophisticated methods
*Information material to cheese making in G, E, F, I, P, Sp, Dutch
*Restaurant with a view into the show cheese dairy and the monastery court
*Specialised cheese and gift shop offering regional products

Engelberg - as it sits below the "mount" of angels

Having a "drink" at the highest bar in Europe, up on top of Mount Titlis, at 10,000 feet.

The picture doesn't give the viewer a clue as to how cold it REALLY was up on top of that mountain!

The town of Engelberg as seen from the ski lift

I feel like I am on top of the world!

So, I had a GREAT day. Woke up at "0" dark thirty to be at the pick up point by 4:30am, the bus left about 5am. The only negative thing, is that I had a seat to myself and a young teenage kid came and sat by me and it smelled like he hadn't had a bath or shower for a month. Phew!

So... I turned toward the window and slept most of the way down to Switzerland (it took about 3 1/2 hours.

Once I got to Engelberg, I wandered around the town for awhile. I found the old monastery where they make cheese and decided to get a bite to eat. So... what did I have? I had fondue! It was made with the cheese right there at the Monastery. I had fresh cut-up pear and bread to dip into the cheese. It was good. I enjoyed it. And I got to sit and watch the guy (above) making cheese into curds. It was educational and enlightening.
Then I decided to head back over to the ski lift and I spent the rest of the day at the top of the world (okay, at 10,000' feet). When I first got up to the top it was snowing and you couldn't see a thing. By the way, you have to take three different ski lifts to get up to the top, to include the final one that rotated 360*. Since it was cloudy, I just sat and relaxed for about an hour and then the next thing I knew... some of the mountains started peeking out from the clouds. And... alas... the weather cleared and I was able to get some decent pictures (see above). On top you can take the another chair lift (this one wasn't enclosed) called the "Ice flyer" because it goes over part of a glacier. (The picture of me in front of that rock formation and the skiers was taken from the base of the "Ice flyer" chair lift).
Once I decided I was cold enough, I headed back to the main station (at 10,000 feet) and decided to have a drink (first one in about 6 months)... almost felt like I needed to. After having breakfast in a monastery, I decided to have a drink in Europe's highest bar. (At least that is what it is billed as) LOL! I just had ONE drink... no worries... and I wasn't driving... I just had to get back down off the mountain. (At least I wasn't skiing!). I also got a bite to eat up there (did I mention that things are expensive in Switzerland? They are!). I also got a Toblerone candy bar... felt like I should have some "Swiss Chocolate" since I was in Switzerland.

Everyone had to meet back up at the bus by 5:30pm and then we headed back home. We got stuck for about 20 minutes in a traffic jam and then also stopped for a bite to eat (in Germany) on the way home. So... I got back to the house about 10pm... Boy, were the dogs glad to see me! Good doggies... I gave them a GOOD treat!
Okay... it's almost midnight now, so I'd best sign off. I posted one picture on Facebook, but I'm going to wait until tomorrow to post an "album".

So... signing off...
Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hooray! It's Friday!

Caught the sunset a little late today... but it was still nice...
Our path today...
So... work went okay, I was only scheduled to have two appointments today and one was a no-show, so that allowed me to get my notes done this morning and then this afternoon we had training most of the afternoon.

I had to do a little grocery shopping today and earlier today I went next door to the Vet clinic and picked up some heartworm medicine and some flea & tick stuff for the dogs... that set me back just over $125!!! Ouch.
On our walk tonight we did about 2.5 miles. A nice walk. I still have about 50 more steps to do to make my 10,000 steps a day goal. I'm sure that tomorrow I'll do a LOT better... I'll be down in Engelberg, Switzerland all day and plan to walk all over town! I'm also hoping to take the rotating gondola up to the top of the mountain. *smiles*
Speaking of tomorrow... I've got to be there about 4:30am. YIKES! So... I plan to go to bed early.

Will sign off for now.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Busy day!

A couple photos from our walk today....

So, I was the only one in our office today (other than the receptionist). My first appointment this morning was an "intake" (which takes longer) and then I had two couple's sessions. I got a call from the client of one of my peers who was in crisis and wanted to be seen today, so I told her to come in at 1pm and they agreed... then didn't come in. This afternoon I had two regular clients in for appointments. So... tomorrow I have a lot of notes to catch up on (since I only got 1-2 done today). Tomorrow I just have two appointments in the morning, although one of them is a "no-show" about half the time. In the afternoon, I think we have training.

After work I came home and took the dogs for a two mile walk. It was a BEAUTIFUL afternoon! Tonight I've just been "chillin".

Okay... going to sign off...

Auf Wiedersehen,
- Kris

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to me...

Bruno & Peanut
Peanut looking over the log...

Bruno looking down from the log

It was a BEAUTIFUL day to celebrate the anniversary of my birth *smiles*
So, I had a great day today (any day I don't have to work is a good day?). I ran some errands today and bought a new vacuum for my house (I had a gift card, so it didn't cost any money out of pocket). I also got flowers for my vases (the Polish Pottery vase from my friend Andrea and the Delft Blue pottery vase that I got in Holland). It's nice so thave fresh cut flowers (in one vase I have two bunches of Daffodils... my favorite flowers). I guess that's one good thing about living in Germany, I can enjoy Daffodils again (my mom used to grow them in Spokane where we lived). I could never get Daffodils to grow in Alaska and they don't grow in Hawaii... soooo...).
Tonight I went to my favorite restaurant (it's an Italian restaurant not too far from where I work). Heidi & Al, with their daughter Holly were there, so was Nick & Adrienne, (he works for the "State" department), then there was Cami & Ed with two of their kids. David & Carol didn't come, David had to go out of the country for a week. Darn it. But, it was nice (loud) and it was good to have a bunch of friends all together at one time. *smiles*

Oh yea... and I went and looked at Audi's today. I still would like to get one. I just have to figure out if the one car dealer was being truthful to me when he said it was cheaper to buy Audi's on the states than it was to buy them here.
Okay... signing off. It's been a wonderful birthday and I got SO many birthday wishes from friends and family, it was great!
Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An okay day...

Another beautiful sunset...
My town at dusk...
Wish all this wood was mine! I'd be able to enjoy my woodstove for a LONG time. *smiles* (there are a lot of similar stacks all over in the woods near where I live).
So... today after work the dogs and I did 3.51 miles. Whoohoo! (I love the RunKeeper program on my Iphone!). I also love my fitbit. I finally got it to record my sleep last night and it told me that I went to bed at 9:40pm last night, it took me 20 minutes to fall asleep and I woke up 18 times, I was in bed last night for 8 hours, 47 minutes and got 7 hours and 45 minutes of sleep.
Isn't that amazing that you can buy and wear a small device that tells you all that? I actually got it to track how many steps I take per day (shooting for 10,000, today I have over 12,000 again and will most likely have over 13,000 before I go to bed). Technology is just SO amazing these days! (if it helps me to live healthier, all the better... now if I could just get one that took away my desire for chocolate and/or sweets... hrmph!).
Work-wise, I only had 3-4 appointments, but then got FOUR new clients today! HUH? Not sure why I ended up with that many (especially considering the one co-worker who averages one appointment a day)... but oh well. I'm okay with it. Having more clients makes the day go by faster. I had one woman call me because she wasn't happy with her current therapist, thought he was too passive. (sure wish I could be a bird on the wall and watch other therapists in action, just to pick up good tips and then probably see how the way I deal with clients differs).
Tomorrow I'm off for my birthday, but have errands to run. Then tomorrow night I'm joining 12 of my newly made friends from here in Germany, for dinner at our favorite restaurant. I'm looking forward to seeing all of them. I saw Heidi & Albert yesterday and had lunch with them, they came from Alaska. Cami & Ed are coming with their kids (three, and Heidi & Albert are coming with their daughter too). Cami and Ed used to be in the room next to me and their kids used to watch the dogs when I went somewhere. I sure miss them! Adrienne & Nick will be coming with their son, Nick works for the State Department (he's kind of a high muckity muck... but a nice guy... they rub elbows with all the upper echelon people, but that's okay... I still like them). And, then I haven't gotten confirmation on David & Carol. David thought he might be going TDY this week for some training, but given what's going on over in Africa, he wasn't sure if he was still going. I hope they are able to make it. Some of the others don't care for David too much, because he's kind of abrasive (reminds me of my younger brother David - in personality) and I know David doesn't care for some of the others... but oh well. I'd just like to see them all.
I got several birthday cards in the mail (including your's Bette! Thanks!). I'm also looking forward to my trip to Switzerland on Saturday... I want to take the revolving Gondola up to the top of the alps and enjoy the view. Hopefully it all works out okay and the weather is nice... it might be a great opportunity to get some good pictures! I'll keep my fingers crossed!
Okay... it's already 9:20pm, guess I'm not eating dinner tonight? (Haven't eaten yet) and I still want to give the dogs a bath before bed because when we were out walking, and I had the dogs off their leashes, Bruno came up with some dirt on the side of his neck... and it wasn't dirt... it was poop! (for some reason he thinks he needs to rub in other dogs' messes sometimes. YUK!).
So... will sign off for now.
Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Monday, March 21, 2011

Easy Monday for me...

I took the dogs for a walk when I got home... we did good... 2.91 miles. *smiles* The dogs have fun and I feel like I am getting my exercise. I also over 12,000 "steps" today (with my fitbit).
Doesn't this look more like fall rather than spring? (I took it this afternoon)

We got back from our walk just after the sun had set (I was trying to get home in time to take a photo as the sun was setting).
So... MY day was easy. I only had one appointment today. And this morning I was able to (finally) get in to the doctor here and was able to get my medications refilled. YAY! The day was VERY busy for my co-workers though. One has to go down to Italy to respond to a Domestic Violence case this week and today he also had to drive up to Heidelburg because of a child abuse case (so the child could get a more thorough check-up). My other co-worker was dealing with a couple abuse cases as well. And I can't help them with the Domestic Violence cases, it's off limits for me (even though I have been through the training). Tomorrow I have three appointments scheduled.
And yes, after work I took the dogs for a walk (just over an hour). I don't walk very fast with the dogs... well... the "average" time per mile is slow. Mainly because I tend to stop when passing people (sometimes holding Bruno so he doesn't bark), and because when they are on their leashes, I have to stop so they can go potty. (Bruno has to at least *attempt* to pee whenever he thinks another dog may have urinated on a spot).

Tonight I've just been doing laundry and I "swept" the downstairs (well, basement and main floor). Not too terribly exciting, eh? Now it's about 8:30pm and I'm thinking I may try to be in bed by about 9pm, even if it is just to lay there and read for a bit.
Okay... signing off...

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good time in Wiesbaden...

The town of Gross-Gerau where my friends live (they live on the outskirts)
I loved the top of this building in Wiesbaden... so I zoomed in so that you could have a closer look.

Part of some old Roman ruins in Wiesbaden
The Rathaus (town hall) with the church behind it)
Okay... YOU can decide what's painted on the side of this building...
At the Cathedral...

So, after work on Friday, the dogs & I drove up to Wiesbaden. We got up there about 8pm (thanks to rush hour traffic in the Stuttgart area). Friday night was spent visiting with Andrea & Vince, then Saturday Andrea & I went to some flea markets. I picked up a couple lamps for my guest rooms. We walked over 5 miles yesterday! We also went to downtown Wiesbaden and looked around and did a little shopping. Then it was back home for dinner and more visiting. They live right next to an animal park or bird sanctuary or something. It was neat because there were 2-3 stork nests. This morning as I walked the dogs, I saw a couple of the storks flying around the neighborhood.

I left Wiesbaden about 11:30 or so and was back home by 2pm. Nice beautiful day for driving. Then I went over to a local bazaar, but didn't buy anything... nothing really "on sale" that you can't get cheaper from visiting the local country the stuff was from.
I also took the dogs for another walk when I got home. We did 2.42 miles this evening. (They're pooped, of course, but so am I).
Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

One of these weekends, Andrea and I are going to go over to Poland and shop for some pottery. I've decided that I'd like an 8 place setting of Polish pottery. (Large dinner plates, a set of desert plates and then bowls). Andrea gave me a Polish pitcher and a small casserole dish... they look too pretty to use! (It was an early birthday present).

Okay... I'm going to try once more to load some pictures on my blog, it's failed twice.

Friday, March 18, 2011

On the road again...

Hey, just a quick note, I'm going to head up to see my friends in Wiesbaden, so don't know if I will be able to post this weekend. All is well on this end, other than the fact that Peanut seems to have another ear infection. I put drops in her ear this morning and this evening. If she doesn't get better by next week, I guess I'll have to go meet a German Vet and get hooked up with them.

Okay... signing off.

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Meersburg Photos

Someone had a sense of humor when they put this at the base of the pole at the end of the pier.
Another viewpoint of the pole/statue? at the end of the pier

I loved this statue at the end of the pier...

A swan in the Bodensee (Lake Constance)
This was a church that I passed on my way down to Meersburg.

I thought I'd post some more pictures from my trip to Meersburg this past weekend. THIS weekend I'm planning to head up to Wiesbaden to see my friends up there, if all works out okay.
Today was a busy day at work. I saw a couple this morning, then a father & daughter. This afternoon I had two couples that I kind of mediated some issues between, and then had an individual appointment session with a new client. So... busy day. I only got one of my notes done from yesterday, so have 2-3 more to write tomorrow from yesterday, plus 9 more notes from today. At least I only have one apppointment scheduled. Whew!
I came home at lunch time to take the dogs out for a walk because I knew I would be late getting home tonight. I went and got my nails done after work. Then I went to my favorite restaurant (local one anyway) and made reservations for next Wednesday (my birthday). I'm inviting a bunch of friends that were in the hotel with me, to join me. Should be a fun evening.
Okay... time to sign off. It's already 9pm! YIKES!
Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another day, another walk...

It was an overcast day here today, in fact, when I took the dogs out for their walk, I was going to just do a short walk, because I got home about 45 minutes later than I normally do. But, we ended up walking 2.23 miles. By the time we finished our walk, it was just starting to sprinkle.
Work went okay today, seems like it was a busy day. I was frustrated by the husband of one of my clients, and tomorrow I need to mediate between another couple in distress. I think I had 3-4 appointments today. Oh yea... I am actually doing some mediating between two couples tomorrow, back-to-back. Should be a fun day *not*.
I got an email from my friend Bette. She & her husband flew home to MN (from Hawaii) early because their daughter was having surgery. It sounds like surgery went okay, but the problem is a chronic problem that will probably continue to flare up for the rest of Ellen's life. I just can't imagine having those difficulties..
Not a lot else to write about, so I'll sign off for another day.
Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Only Tuesday?

Sunset tonight...

Walking the dogs after work. We did 2.63 miles tonight. Doing good. Since I've uploaded the RunKeeper on my phone, I've walked 26. Not too shabby. I'm happy with myself. *smiles*

So... after a restless night, I've been tired today. I keep saying I'm going to go to bed early and for some reason stay up or either can't fall asleep. Hopefully I'll get to bed around 9pm tonight.
I had strawberries and cream for dinner. *smiles* I can do that, ya know. *smiles*
Work went okay today, the day kind of dragged on. Tomorrow I have 3-4 appointments.
Okay... short post for today.
Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris

Monday, March 14, 2011

More Meersburg photos

The entry to the lower town....
So... work went okay, although I had a couple no-shows, which is unusual for me. I also dealt with a client in crisis.
Tonight after I got off work, I took the dogs for a 2.2 mile walk. I like that I'm finding logging roads that I can go down... different choices depending on how long I want to walk. I'm tired now though... I had a hard time falling to sleep last night. Maybe I can call it an early night?

Auf Wiedersehen!
- Kris