Saturday, October 30, 2010

UH wins again!

I'm happy! UH won 45-10 over the "Idaho Vandals"

Vili... the Warrior "Mascot"

Good game!
A lot of people dressed up for Halloween (notice the guy off to his upper right).
So... had a fairly busy day (after I got going...). I took the dogs and ran some errands. I dropped of "electric waste" (i.e. an old desk top tower (but I took the hard-drive out). Then I went into town to a Thrift shop at the church I used to go to and dropped off some donation items there (along with a single cup coffee maker that I had given to Nikki last year, she & Guy volunteer at the Thrift shop, so the plan was to leave it there for them to get when they get back here (less than a month after I leave). Then I called & spoke to Nikki to let her know.
I rewarded the dogs for their patience by taking them to a new dog park (at the base of Diamond Head). Then it was time for me to come home, take a shower and get ready to head to the UH Football game. I put the dogs in their kennel while I was gone. They seem to do okay.
I'm home now, it's after 11m and I'm tired. I plan to go to bed soon. (I also need to start creating a check-off list of everything I need to do!).
- Kris

Friday, October 29, 2010


Wasn't this a nice sunrise this morning? I thought it was!

So... didn't do too much at work, I had a meeting for a couple hours (Fridays are our slow days), then I went over to the travel office to set up my flight arrangements to Germany. What I would have paid over $4,000 for, the Government only had to pay about $1,600 for! Whew! I am thankful I did my homework last night and had found some flight options. I didn't really want to fly 26 hours to get to Germany, so I asked about getting a one-night layover in Atlanta. They had told me I would need to fly on Delta anyway... so I leave here about 9:30pm on Sunday, November 21st (that's 3 weeks from THIS Sunday, folks!), and I get to Atlanta about 7:30am on Monday, the 22nd. THEN, I spend the night in Atlanta, and on the 23rd, at 5:45 or so, I hop BACK on the plane, to Stuttgart and I get there Wednesday about 9:30am (the day before Thanksgiving). I probably could not have timed it better. I doubt if much will be happening on the day AFTER Thanksgiving... so I will get to slide in (hopefully) gradually to may new position (and hopefully start inprocessing on that following Monday). I tried to find any government regs that say if you fly X amount of hours, you are allowed to take a layover. I couldn't find any specifically that dealt with a permanent change of station move (like I am doing) although I found some for when people go on temporary duty stations and have to fly more than 12 hours, they are allowed an overnight stay. I'll take a day of leave if I need to... I just don't think I should be expected to be in flight status for 26 hours. I'll deal with that later if I need to. I just know that *I* will appreciate it and I'm sure Peanut & Bruno will. The first leg is about 8 1/2 hours and the 2nd leg is about 9 hours.

Other than that... I got to go have lunch with my former co-workers today. I think some of them will be coming to my "going away" dinner down at the Little Village Noodle House in Chinatown on the 14th of November (at 5pm). My co-workers made reservations for 25. They can add more if needed, I suppose.

After work this afternoon, I came home and walked the dogs, then locked them in the kennel for the first time, while I went down to "The Willows" for the University of Hawaii, School of Social Work Alumni dinner. It was nice to see some of my former instructors (I sure missed the ones who WEREN'T there too though) and former classmates (AND co-workers that made it as well!). It was a great evening. I even had fun playing in the fountain at the Willows... (if my computer were better at uploading videos to my blog, I'd try to post one of me at the fountain)... maybe I'll try... (sorry... didn't work).

Okay... I'm going to sign's after midnight now (oh, and the dogs did fine!).


- Kris

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stress = 8+ today

Today's sunrise...

So... yes, right now I feel like my stress is an 8+. It started off good... I got my orders! YAY! I knew that when my orders came... things would start to get hectic. Okay... I can accept that.

I *was* able to get into the Travel (transportation) office today for a same-day appointment. That was also a good thing.

THEN... I found out that it will take 90 days for my household goods to make it to Germany from Hawaii. WHAT? And normally they would ship *some* stuff over early, via air, so that you'd have it in about a month. Apparently not anymore. Now it all gets there about the same time, "so you might as well just ship it all at once." Dang it!

Okay. So... I'll deal with that.

They will be coming over to pick up my household goods on November 12th. That means I will be out of my apartment shortly thereafter. And I should expect to get my household goods by about the first week of February.

I made an appointment to ship my car this coming Tuesday... and it is also supposed to take 90 days to get there. I think life in Germany will be VERY interesting for the first three months.

Okay... so I'll deal with that... (what's one more thing?).

Then, I find out that I will most likely be flying on Delta. I couldn't make my reservations today because I forgot to take my passport in. I'll go back and do that tomororw. SOOO... I called Delta. (the best laid plans of mice and men...). I thought I could ship both dogs over together in one large kennel. Everything might be okay with that, except apparently they have to be the same sex to fly in the same kennel. HUH? Does it count if they are both fixed? (apparently not). It's $200 per kennel to ship them, if I have a stop-over, that is considered two flights where the dogs are concerned... so it could possibly cost me $800 to take them to Germany (over and above what it is going to cost to get them one more vet check and their international health certificates).

And, I 've been looking at Delta flights this afternoon. If I fly straight through, the shortest flight is a total of 26 hours (including layovers). If I am able to do a layover in Atlanta, I can fly out on Sunday, catch a 8+ hour flight to Atlanta (getting there on Monday morning) and staying there until Tuesday evening (getting to Stuttgart on Wednesday morning). So... I've got to decide which way would be better to get the dogs over there.

After everything at Transportation, I went this afternoon and got two shots. I got my flu shot in one arm, and the Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) shot in the other arm. I've been taking Tylenol to deal with my sore arms which are making contributing to feeling very irritable tonight. I still want to go into the airport to talk to a Delta agent to figure out what the best way to get the dogs to Germany.

So... I'd best sign off... and if that wasn't bad enough... I went to post this and it didn't post and I've had to go back and re-type the last few paragraphs. If i were smart, I'd just go to bed.

- Kris

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day off...

Sunset photos from tonight (I almost got there too late!).

So... I stayed home today. This morning I woke up with one of my tummy aches, so I decided to take the day off, especially after I worked most of the day yesterday with a tummy ache. I enjoyed taking it easy this morning and by lunchtime or so, my tummy was doing better.
This morning I went through all the junk under my bathroom sink (some of the stuff I brought over from my old apartment!). I am hoping to donate a couple sackfuls of stuff to a homeless shelter or something. I also had a sack full of stuff to throw away too. And I made up a container of stuff (i.e. towels & bedding) that hopefully will be shipped over before the rest of my stuff. (They call it "hold" baggage, although I'm not sure why. I think they send it over by plane though, rather than my ship, so it gets there sooner). Anyway... I feel like the only stuff left in the bathroom is stuff I would like to send to Germany. One room down and four to go? LOL.

I got an email last night saying that I should get my orders tonight (their tomorrow). So... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will indeed get here (via email). I may go hang out at the Transportation office first thing in the morning if the orders get here. I think I'd like to arrange to have my stuff picked up on the 12th, otherwise it will be the 15th (and I'd like to be out of the apartment by then... after my household goods are picked up, then I have to clean it). Oh well... I'll see how things work out. Once I move out, then I'll have to stay in a hotel that I can have the dogs at.
This afternoon I colored my hair (figured I might as well get it done today while I was home), then I ran some errands since I was feeling better. I went and got some passport pictures taken and then went and got my international driver's license. So... that's taken care of. I felt like I was pretty productive even with being sick! (I even tried to get a picture of the sunset... I missed being able to watch the sun set though).
Okay... it's already bedtime. I still need to take the dogs out for their walk.
- Kris

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday... rainy & sick day...

This is an aerial shot of Tripler that I took as we flew over on Saturday. You can see why it would be easy to get lost in there! It's the largest Army hospital (or so I have been told).
So... it was a rainy day today, all day. It was one of those days where you'd rather just curl up o the couch and stay home (or at least *I* wanted to). Then it didn't help that I got one of my tummy aches. I kept debating about going home early, but kept plugging along to finish up all the charts. I think I had 12-13 to do today. And, I did finish.
I thought that while I was feeling junk today anyway, I would go get my flu shot. I made the mistake of asking if I needed any other shots and lo & behold, I was overdue on my TB test. I have to get it done annually and mine expired in September. (Darn!). So, the woman said that because I needed to get my TB test, I needed to wait until Thursday, when I get my TB checked, to get my flu shot. Dang-it! And that wasn't all. She said that while I'm not due for my Tetenus shot, that I should go ahead and get the newer version that also has a Pertussin shot (to prevent the whooping cough that has been going around). So... Thursday I will be getting TWO shots! OUCH!
Other than that... I got an email last night asking me to find out when I could get my household good packed up if I had my orders. I called today and they said if I had my orders this week, that I could be out of here by the 21st of November (which is my new goal). So, I emailed that back today and now I'm just waiting for them to (hopefully) send me my orders.
Not much else going on... I'm watching "The Biggest Loser" so I'll sign off. I'm hoping to be in bed by 9:30 tonight.

- Kris

Monday, October 25, 2010

slow day, but I won't argue...

This is an aerial view of Hanauma Bay that I took Saturday as we were flying back over Oahu on our return flight from Molokai.

So... today was quiet, I needed to recreate some charts today, but had to wait until I could procure some blank charts to do it with. Consequently I didn't even get to start until this afternoon (and I had a 2 hour meeting this afternoon). So... while I was waiting this morning, I looked up the Driver's License Guide for Germany. The practice test has 154 questions on it, ok the test and missed 27 questions (I think that means I got about 85% right, but my math isn't all that great). At least it tells me which sections I need to study. I will need to get a Military Driver's license for Germany when I get over there.

Other than that, I did get notified that my Credentialing has been approved, effective October 22nd. So, does that mean I'll get my orders this week? Hope so. It was my understanding that the Credentialing was the only thing holding up the orders.

Okay... nothing else going on for tonight (watching "Dancing with the Stars"), so I'll sign off.

- Kris

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lazy Sunday...

Here are a couple floral pictures I took over on Molokai... thought you would enjoy them!
Not much to write about today, it has truly been a day of rest for me. I got up and took the dogs out for a walk this morning and I was up for a little bit, but still tired, so I laid on the couch and took a nap with the dogs until about 1pm. Then I have just putzed around my apartment, washed my bedding, finally put away clothes from my last two trips (can we say "Procrastination?"

Tonight I'm watching "Extreme Home-makeover".
So... I'll sign off...

- Kris
P.S. Wonder if my orders will come in this coming week??????

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Awesome visit to Molokai...

Taking off towards the mountains, from the Honolulu airport... front row seating!
Landing at the airport just north of Lahaina, Maui (where we went to pick up another couple for our tour).

Me in front of the plane I flew on from Oahu to Molokai... look at that nose job... made for a great view on the way over to Molokai!

My tour group.. (both couples were from Sacramento, but didn't know each other)

The new hospital in Kalaupapa (they currently have two of the "cured" patients with Hansen's disease that are staying there at the hospital, due to the level of care they currently need). The cement structures in the foreground are from the old hospital...

Mother Marianne Cope's memorial (she dedicated her life to working with those at the Kalaupapa Leper colony)

St. Francis church - Kalaupapa

From the Kalawao lookout point, north shore of Molokai

Father Damien's grave (where is right hand is now buried) at the St. Philomena church in Kalawao, Kalaupapa peninsula, Molokai
Inside the St. Philomena church in Kalawao, Kalaupapa peninsula, Molokai - this is the alter that Father Damien built...

St. Philomena church in Kalawao, Kalaupapa peninsula, Molokai

An arial view of the North shore of Molokai...

The lighthouse at Kalaupapa

So... I got up this morning and made it to the airport to board my flight/tour to Molokai. I *really* was pleased with the plane, the pilot and the tour!
There was one other couple that boarded the flight with me on Oahu, and then we flew over to Maui (north of Lahaina) to pick up another couple.
The tour of Kalaupapa & Kalawao was great. I really feel that I got my money's worth by taking the tour I chose.
Here's the link for the Father Damien's tour:
And here's some information about Fathe Damien:
After I returned from my tour to Molokai, I stopped and got my nails done (they look great). Then I came home and I took the dogs with me to Pets-R-Us, so I could pick up a water bottle for their kennel that they will be traveling over to Germany in.

Now it's after midnight because I've been working with the pictures I took today on the tour (I put a lot more pics of the tour on my Facebook page).

Okay... signing off to take the dogs for their last walk of the night.

- Kris

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's late...

Some of the artwork for sale... I bought the black & white one called "Spiral". I will put it up on my wall in honor of all those who have ever felt like their life was in a spiral.

So, work went fine today, most of the morning was spent in a meeting, but I made good progress this afternoon on charts. I think I only have about 10 to go, and they have to be recreated from the start... they weren't mine initially, I got them when a co-worker left last Spring (and I never did get a couple charts, so I'll have to completely re-create them as much as I can!).

Tonight I went to an Art Therapy show for a company I used to work for. It was nice. I ended up buying two pictures that I will probably put up in my next office. What was REALLY nice, is that I got to see three of my former supervisors/chain of command people.

Okay... I need to sign off and get stuff ready for tomorrow. I'm flying over to Molokai and will be hoping I get a LOT of good pictures. I'm excited about seeing Kalaupapa and the Leper colony. If you haven't read the book "Molokai", I would HIGHLY recommend it!


- Kris

Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 22nd...

Well... tomorrow (October 22nd) *was* supposed to be my last day at work here in Hawaii. I have mixed feelings. There's a part of me that would like to move on to my next chapter, but another part of me that wants to enjoy Hawaii while I can.

To that end, I've just booked a tour to Kalaupapa, Molokai. It's where the Leprosy colony was housed for so many years (and there are still residents there). Of course... then I found out today that one or two of my co-workers have said if I would have let them know, they would have flown over with me and done the rental car thing. Hmmm... wonder if I can afford a 2nd trip? Anyway... I'm flying over to Molokai Saturday morning (apparently we will have to leave here and go pick up a couple people in Maui, then head back over to Molokai... I don't mind).
Work went okay, I still saw 4 clients and then ran two case staffings this afternoon! I did get a few more charts done, so I'm happy about that, but still have quite a bit to go.
Not much going on tonight. I bought a salad for dinner (still need to eat) and I'm trying to get motivated to start clearing out shelves in my kitchen (I'd like to match up my plastic containers and figure out which ones still have lids and which ones to toss. I'll see how I do. Thought I'd get my blog done a little earlier tonight so I can get busy with that project hopefully! *smiles*

Still no word from Germany. The Credentialing committee is supposed to meet tonight/today (my Thursday night is their Friday). Hopefully they will get the final signatures so I can get moving... Will keep you posted.
Okay... signing off.

- Kris

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wow... what a day...

Peanut knows how to "stay" better than!
Peanut thinks she is part bunny. Here she's "sitting pretty."
Don't know what they are looking at/for... no one out there this morning but us.

Okay... I think I got the sunrise photos in the right order... Sunrise this morning... enjoy!

So... I had a crazy day. I saw 4 clients, but one was a new client that was VERY time intensive! I didn't even get any charts done today. (I didn't even get two of my notes done!). I told one of my medical docs that I would gratefully take 5 of one of my High risk clients, over this one new client. (I'm not in the position to say "no" to taking new clients, but on the other hand... I am just in my position another couple weeks (I believe), so this client will be passed on to one of my other newer co-workers (if the client chooses to stay with our clinic).

Tonight I've just been messing on the computer, uploading pictures to a website for those who were at the retreat with me in California (it's taking forever).
Okay... they are finished (so I could upload the photos above)... and now its time to take the dogs out for their bedtime walk and get ready for bed.

- Kris

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Pretend you are looking at these pictures in the opposite order... I didn't feel like re-loading them in the correct order... sorry... BUT, I thought you'd enjoy the sunrise pictures from this morning.
Work went okay today, I only saw 3 clients (as I shift my caseload over to my two newer co-workers), but I spent the day working on charts. I inherited some of them (about 1/2) from a former co-worker and those charts are in VERY sad shape. Oh well... it keeps me busy... AND I only got through to the H's. So... still have quite a bit more to go.
Tonight I made Chocolate chip cookies. I've shared some with my neighbors (who have my dogs spoiled!) and I'm taking the rest into work tomorrow.
No more news yet on Germany. Maybe I *won't* get my orders this week as I had anticipated.
Okay... time to sign off.
- Kris

Monday, October 18, 2010

I wanna go to Molokai...

The dogs in the morning sun...

Work today went fine... amazingly, I saw 9 clients today, about half were brief, long enough to introduce them to their new Social Workers. I also sat in on a meeting for about 2 hours this afternoon... so, busy day, but I did get off work on time.

Germany-wise, I was able to correspond with the Credentialing Office over there in Germany last night, found out the person I was dealing with came from Hawaii. I was able to find out that we know people in common. I'm hoping that helps to speed up the process a little. No more updates today/tonight, either.

I'm thinking about flying over to Molokai this coming weekend. It is the only Hawaiian island that I have not been to (other than Niihau, which is a privately owned island). I put it out on Facebook to see if anyone else is interested flying over with me, getting a rental car and doing a self-guided tour. If not, then I may go through one of the local websites and see if I can arrange a tour. I know my time is limited here in Hawaii, if I want to, this Saturday looks like the best opportunity.

Okay... time to sign off.

- Kris

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nice beach day!

This bottom photo is of the Ala Wai Boat Harbor (and the Honolulu Yacht Club).
I stayed up way too late last night, so slept in this morning. Then I headed into Ala Moana for a few hours of beach time. I sure will miss these moments! I spent a couple hours there. I did some shopping on the way home and now I'm sitting on my couch, with my doggies curled up on my lap and I'm watching "The Amazing Race." I'm going to take a break shortly and give the doggies a bath. (fun).
- Kris

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another UH win!

I forgot to take my camera to the game today, so thought I would post a picture that my neice requested. She wanted a picture of me in my uniform for a "Vet" wall she is creating. This is one of my favorites and it didn't even take long for me to find it!

Today I ran some errands this morning. I had to go to the Post Office to pick up my Substance abuse Certificate (too big for the mailbox?). Then I took the dogs up to the Dog Park for awhile. Peanut was funny. We have a favorite bench we sit on at the other end of the doggie park, and there was someone else sitting there today. She hopped up and there and didn't want to come walk with me. I think she thought that whoever was on that bench would protect her from the BIG dogs in the park. LOL! I keep hoping she will get used to being around other dogs, but I'm glad that at least she doesn't try to attack any of the other dogs. Bruno did good today too, he behaved himself.

This afternoon/evening I went to the UH vs Nevada football game. We were ahead almost through to the 3rd quarter 17-0, but they made a good come-back and UH ended up only winning 27-21. But at least we won. And Nevada had not lost any games this year, until tonight!

Today was military appreciation day at the game and they honored some of our wounded warriors. That was really nice.

Okay... I'm going to sign off, I need to take the dogs for their bedtime walk.

- Kris

Friday, October 15, 2010

Another beautiful day...

Bruno & Peanut this morning, sitting obediently.

Sunset time of Diamond Head.

Sunrise view of Diamond head. (All photos taken today).
So...this morning was tied up in meetings and then this afternoon I got my office moved, I lugged 4 boxes & a couple bags of books moved over to my temporary office. I'm hoping that when I get ready to move, that the movers will be able to come over to my office and pack that stuff up.
Tonight I haven't been doing much. I took the dogs for a long walk and let them run in the park near where I live (and where the sunset view of Diamond Head was taken). Other than that, I've just been surfing the web and watching TV. Not feeling very motivated tonight.

Tomorrow I need to go down to the Post Office to pick up my Substance Abuse Certificate. It came this week, but the Post Office conflicts with my work hours and I just couldn't manage to get away from work long enough to go pick it up at lunch time. I *may* think about going to the beach if the weather is nice in the morning, I'll have to wait and see. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to go to the UH Football game (at least that is my plan). The game doesn't start until 5:30pm. They are playing Nevada.
Okay... signing off...
- Kris

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What can I say? I'll definitely miss this place!

I took this photo this morning while walking the dogs... its definitely one advantage of getting up in the morning to walk them... I'm trying not to think of the cold, snowy mornings that I will be walking them in Germany one of these days! I'll cherish these moments (and I *do* cherish these moments).

Work went fine, it wasn't too busy with clients as I pass off the responsibility for seeing my clients to my newer co-workers. Today I packed up my books and have a bunch (that I had gotten from Janis after her husband had passed away with cancer) that I wanted to give away. I sent out an email to some of the docs in my clinic to see if they were interested, one came over and picked up about 20 or so books... I still have two shelves of books to donate to somebody that wants to fill their psychology library with theory books. Tomorrow I'm supposed to move out of my office, it just means going through one more junk area (not too bad) and then getting my pictures off the wall and moving the boxes over to my temporary office or bringing them home. (I've got offers to help me load them to my car, but that still means I'll need to haul them up to my apartment and figure out an out-of-the-way place to put them as I continue to weed through stuff here in my apartment in preparation for my move.

Tonight haven't been doing much, surfing the web, playing with the dogs. Nothing good on TV. I took the dogs down to Wendy's and got me some chili for dinner (and a small frosty for desert in a bit).

As far as the Germany move, I got a request to make some corrections on a form for Credentialing (corrections that were discussed with my soon-to-be supervisor), so I did that and re-submitted that paperwork. They said once they have everything, they will "adhoc" a meeting so I can get credentialed sooner rather than later (adhoc... call a special meeting). Then I also got an email from the HR person over there, sounds like they will give me 30-45 days to report, AFTER I get my orders. HUH? Oh well... I'm hoping if my orders come next week, I can be there by the 7th of November... if not, I guess it may be the 21st? Once I get the orders, my life will most likely get SO much busier. I don't even want to think about it yet!

Okay... signing off.

- Kris
Okay... will sign off for another day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sunrise this morning in Hawaii...

Isn't this a pretty picture? I took it this morning while walking the dogs. (I can get some decent photos when I walk the dogs... nothing like multi-tasking!).

So... work-wise, I only saw 3 clients today, I used the rest of the time to weed through a couple thousand emails, so far I have them pared down to 700. I also went through my "documents" file and emailed myself a bunch of stuff (so I would have them, because we can't use flash drives and we don't have DVD/CD writers on our computers, so the only way you can hang onto files is to email them to yourself).

I was grateful today to see that they got all the miners up from that mine in Chile (I think everyone in the world that saw the rescue or knew of the trapped miners rejoiced!).

Not much else to write about. I'm about ready to go doctor Peanut's ears with some ear mite stuff. She's been scratching at her ears for about a week now and I don't want it to get worse. So I got some med stuff to put in there. And then I'm going to give both dogs a bath before I go to bed (and before their evening walk).

- Kris

P.S. Continued prayers appreciated for my oldest brother as he continues to heal, and for my youngest daughter who was running a temperature temperature today.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Home again, Home again...

Home sweet home...

So, I *am* back home in Hawaii. It was a completely full flight, but uneventful. I slept a good part of the way. Hopefully I've gotten enough sleep over the past few days to be prepared for the next month ahead. They are still working on my credentialing, hopefully it will continue to move ahead. I'd LOVE for them to finish it BEFORE the 22nd! (Which is the date they said they would review it).

After I got home late afternoon, I dropped my luggage off at my apartment before going over to pick up my dogs (I figured it would be easier!). Then I headed over to the other side of the island to pick them up. They were VERY happy to see me, but were well adjusted to the other 4-5 dogs that were there. I'm sure they are not used to be so busy, tonight they have spent a considerable amount of time on my lap sleeping.

When I got home, I found that all but 1 of my fish had died (including my large goldfish). Oh well... I had planned to give away my fish tank anyway. So, my chore for tonight was to clean out the fish tank and now I've got the water adjusting (with a tablet) before I put the one fish back in.

Tonight I watched "The Biggest Loser" and after I finish my blog, I'm going to take my dogs for their bedtime walk and then get ready for tomorrow & head to bed.

So... I'll sign off for now.


- Kris