Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oops... almost forgot!

Pink sunrise skies over Diamond Head... (this am)

So... I almost forgot to blog (and have already taken my ambien... so I'd better write fast!)
Today was fairly busy. I did start the day off by going to DMV and getting my motorcycle registered. THAT's done! Now I just need to clean it up so I can put it up for sale. Hope I get to ride it a little this weekend before I sell it.
Let's see... I saw 4-5 soldiers and then had a couple meetings. I'm going to meet one of bosses, we've got a great relationsip and sing from the same sheet of music. I think I am finding that our newest co-worker would work the best for me. This afternoon we met to discuss which soldier would be assigned to my co-workers, I think that we have come up with a plan that will work well for ever.
Tonight I made a bite to eat and started working on my chores... weeding through junkmail,
and coming up with a bunch of magizines that I don't need to keep anymore. I am thinking about taking those into work.
Okay... I'm fading!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

rainy day in Hawaii...

This morning's sunrise...

So, I had a fairly busy day and had one client in crisis. I had hoped to make it over to get my motorcycle registered, but now I need to get up early tomorrow and go get it done before work. If I don't get done tomorrow, then I will have to pay a late fee.
I didn't get home until about 7, thankfully the pups did okay.
I did submit my credentialing online application today and my boss did her part of it. So, I think it's now in the hands of those in Germany. I don't know if I have to wait until their credentialing committee meets, or if they'll clear me to come on over.
Okay, it's after 9pm, time already to take the dogs for their bedtime walk.

- Kris

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Expensive day...

What a beautiful view to look at in the morning. I took this picture this morning as I walked the dog... I'll miss these views.

So... WHAT a day! First thing this morning I went to DMV and got my car registered. THAT is taken care of. (Only *cost* $180!). Then after I got to work, I got a call saying my motorcycle was ready for pick up. So, I took a late lunch, drove home, called a taxi and went down to the motorcycle shop. *Cost* - $322. (Whew!) . So... expensive day! Tomorrow or Thursday I *have* to get the motorcycle over to get registered. I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow. Then I need to clean it up and advertise it for sale. I'm *hoping* it will sell this weekend (so I can cover the cost of fixing my car on Monday). Oh yea... I called and made an appointment to get my car looked at on Monday to see if they can figure out what is wrong. Then I will need to figure out whether I am selling it or shipping it to Germany (I haven't ruled out that question).

Oh yea, and I went over to the transportation office today to pick up a form I'll need to use to estimate my household goods. Once I get my orders, I'll need to go over and set up a "transportation counseling" appointment. IF I had my orders today, I still couldn't get in until October 7th. And then, they said it is 10 business days after that before I can have the movers out to pack me up. So... based on the 7th, the earliest they are saying that I can be packed up is on October 22nd. And... remind me... WHAT is supposed to be my last day at work? Yea... the 22nd. I don't think THAT is happening. My boss contacted the HR department and it sounds like they will be able to keep me on in my current position until I can transfer to Germany (whew!). I emailed the head boss with the transportation date information, I know he's frustrated things aren't moving faster. He must have called someone today, because I did get a couple calls this afternoon about my Credentialing, so THEY are finally moving on that issue. The boss wrote back and said "well, maybe we will see by Thanksgiving." (I hope he is saying that in jest!).

So... it was a productive day and I was thankful I only had 3 clients scheduled. I have a two-hour period tomorrow afternoon that I'm hoping to use to go get my motorycle registered.

So... that's kind of how my day went.

Okay... it's already time to think about taking the dogs for their bedtime walk.

- Kris

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, Monday...

Sunrise this morning was beautiful! Thought I'd share it with you. *smiles*

Work was a rather typical day. I saw 4 clients this morning and then had a long meeting this afternoon and then saw a new client this afternoon. A rather uneventful day. I did try to call the local dealership to see about getting my car in, but didn't hear back from them (I left a message). I want to get my car in to find out how much it might cost to fix whatever is causing the car to run rough. Maybe I'll take it somewhere else?
When I got home I took the dogs for a long walk, we went down to the park so the dogs could run free for a little bit. They had fun.

Tomorrow I plan to go over to the DMV to get my car registered. I was wishing I could get my car & motorcycle both done, but my motorcycle is still in the shop. That means I'll have to make another trip to DMV, probably next week. The DMV opens at 8am, but I worked an extra hour tonight, so if I am an hour late tomorrow, no worries (I don't have an appt scheduled for 8am).
My landlady called to see if I have any idea when I might be moving out (I don't). We talked for awhile and I assured her I would let her know when I get my orders.
I *did* email my contacts in Germany to ask them when I could expect my orders and to see if there was anything I could do to help the process along. I got an email from my future head boss, he said "Nothing that I am aware that you need to do. Credentials did finally request your file at the end of last week. RM (finance people) is moving slowly due to it being the end of the [fiscal] year." That doesn't tell me a whole lot more than I already knew. Grrrr. I know he doesn't have a lot of control over the situation, but I guess I was hoping for a better answer, i.e. you should have orders by the end of the week. Oh well... guess I'll keep waiting and keep plugging away on my chores here at home.

Okay, time to sign off and take the dogs for their bed time walk.
- Kris

Sunday, September 26, 2010

On another day in the water... counting down...

So, after doing some errands this morning, I headed over to the beach. I spent about 3 hours at my favorite beach - Ala Moana. I enjoyed floating around for about an hour, listening to my music. What a way to spend an afternoon! I did get a little sunburn on my face, this despite putting on sunscreen.

This afternoon I was going to take my pups to the dog park, but needed to wait on someone that was coming to pick up my gazelle (exercise machine). I just gave it away. It's been through its days. I *could* have taken the dogs to the park and been back, but I thought the person was on her way. Oh well. I've just told myself I will take them sometime this week after work.

Okay, I'm going to sign off. I still have some errands to do and need to take the dogs for a walk.

- Kris*

P.S. Is it really Monday again tomorrow? And am I *really* going to be in Germany in 4 weeks?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Go UH!

Peanut "sitting pretty" and Bruno trying to show how long his tongue is! LOL!
I went to the UH vs Southern Charleston Unversity football game today. It wasn't very crowded, the stadium was a little over half full.

Hey... a good action shot! LOL!
Our UH football players did good today, UH won 66-7 (ouch!). We were predicted to win by 21 points, I guess we did a little better. In fact, we did so good, that the coach rotated through 6 Quarterbacks! (After our win was secure!). I think I heard after the game that everyone that wasn't considered a "red shirt" had a chance to play tonight. Theres another game next week, I'm hoping I can go, it'll depend on what I need to get done at that time. I found out tonight that my former CEO (of the dual diagnosis facility where I used to work) has two sons that are playing now on the UH team. I saw a couple people at the game that I know. One guy that I met through the "Meet In" group was there, but then he's an engineer and his job is there at the Stadium. I don't think I've seen him in over a year. He seems to be doing good, work is going well and he's engaged. Then, I saw the Chaplain that used to sit behind me last year (he & his kids), he actually saw me and came over to say hi. I didn't buy season tickets this year (good thing though, since I'd miss half the games).
Today I just did some chores around here. Getting some things ready to sell. I was going to drop off some clothing to Salvation Army, but the one closest to where I live apparently weren't taking clothes when I went by (I thought they had a place out back to accept donations, but there wasn't anyone there). If the weathers nice tomorrow I'm going to go on into the beach tomorrow, so I'll drop the clothes off at a Goodwill in town.
Okay, it's almost 11:30pm. I'm tired. I'm going to try and go to bed before too long. (After I take the dogs out for another walk).

- Kris

Friday, September 24, 2010


Tonight I went on Bob's moonrise walk (I think there were about 20 of us out there tonight). I was surprised that most of the participants were older adults (not all older than me, but within about 10 years of me). The dogs are going to sleep good tonight (I hope!). We walked for a little over an hour.
Today at work went fine, besides misplacing a file that took WAY too long to find. I didn't have any clients to see today, but still managed to stay busy and didn't get out of work until almost 6pm and then I had to stop and pick up the dogs & be down on the other end of the airport by 7pm!
Okay, I'm tired tonight, I've still got to take the dogs for their bedtime walk before I go to bed.

- Kris

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another week almost gone...

So... I saw 4 clients today and sat through meetings on 3 other client cases. In addition, I did some informal counseling with a couple peers. So... all in all, it was a busy day. I did start the day by talking with my friend Bette *smiles*, I'll sure miss seeing them this year when they come over to Hawaii. (Although at the moment, without any more word about "orders" I am beginning to wonder if there is a chance that I'll still be here when they get here??? (I *should* be gone... ).

Tonight I made some Oatmeal cookies (mmm goood!) and shared them with my neighbor. I also pan-friend a boneless, skinless chicken breast and had some long-graine rice to go with it. That was good too. I'm watching "The Mentalist" and then plan to take the dogs for a walk and be in bed by 10:30pm.

Tomorrow night I'm tentatively planning to go on another "Moonrise walk." Thise is over off of Lagoon Drive. I've not done that one before. I'll take the dogs with me if I go.

Okay... signing off.

- Kris

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Isn't this a beautiful moonrise picture? My friend Carmel took it last night (she's also an awesome photographer!). I wanted to share it with you (especially YOU Betty!).

So, this morning I had my doctor's appt, that went fine. My cholesterol is a little elevated so I need to work to get THAT down, but otherwise, my other labs are looking okay. When I get my orders to move to Germany and get ready to leave, my doc will write my prescriptions so I have 90 days of meds when I go.

I also stopped by our "Credentialing" office, because I was told that Credentialing was holding up the process to get my orders cut. I'm thinking it must be the office in Germany not here. Anyway, I feel like that situation (at least on this end) might be resolved. I hope so.

One month from today, Sept 22nd, is supposed to be my last day at work. YIKES! It wouldn't make me mad if they let me wait one extra week to get over to Germany, that would allow me to enjoy some time off between my two jobs. A week to move over there (and just take it easy, hopefully).

This afternoon at work was rather crazy. Found out I had a client almost die last night, thankfully they didn't! It was a mixture of drugs & alcohol, they (other people involved) said it wasn't a suicide attempt, but it makes me wonder as they are getting ready to go through some major life changes. Then, I had a situation involving one of my clients this afternoon that was rather traumatizing for the client, it was something that happened in our workplace that should NOT of happened, but it's being addressed all the way up to the head honcho, so something similar doesn't happen again.

I ended up getting off work about an hour & a half late.

I ate my lunch for dinner (missed my lunch break... I was helping my boss with some computer problems), then watched "Survivor" and one of the "The Unit" tonight. Now the news is on, so I'm going to watch that for a few minutes, then take the dogs for their bedtime walk.

- Kris

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday and counting down...

This is a photo I had my daughter take for me out of the car window on my first trip to Walla Walla (on the way back to Spokane). Neat photo, huh!


Just a quick note because it is already after 9pm and I have a doctor's appt and need to be in town by 7:15am (ugh!). That means going through rush hour traffic.

Today was okay at work, I didn't get as much done as I had hoped to, but that's to be expected sometimes. At lunchtime I *did* go get my car's safety check done, so that's done. Each day I try to get at least one more chore done. I'm trying to "chunk it down."

Okay, signing off...

- Kris

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Day...

So, this morning I dropped my car off at the local garage on the way to work (and then walked the mile or so to my office). They weren't able to do the inspection, but they did the front end alignment, put two new tires on (the switched out the back and front, so the new tires are on the back) and they did an oil change. I still need to get an inspection and I *might* take the car into the shop to see what is causing it to run so rough. I'm afraid to find out, for fear they'll want $1,000+ to fix it! But, at least I got *something* done today. My supervisor gave me a ride back to the station after work to pick up my car. The car repairs/work cost me about $270.

I got an email from one of my future co-workers today asking if I would be interested in renting his apartment (he's moving out November 1st). However, it's smaller than what I have now and it is on the 4th floor. I think I'll decline his offer and hope I can find something larger (I'd like at least a 2 bedroom and preferably ground level and with a yard).

Tonight I'm washing my bedding and watching "House." Not too exciting, eh? I'm going to try and tackle one task a day.

Okay... time to play with my doggies!

- Kris

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a busy Sunday!

Okay... I need a day off from all the work I did today!

Let's see, I got up and took the dogs for a long walk, then I gave a friend a ride to the airport, they are flying back to the mainland.

While I was near the airport, I stopped by a gas station near there, that I know has a vacuum cleaner (for cars) and spent about 30 minutes vacuuming out my car (and trying to get all the dog hair out, I think that's impossible). I cleaned out my car of various accumulation of trash while I was there (sitting under a tree, so it was cooler).

I stopped by Walmart on the way home and bought 5 storage bins (so if I get to have "Hold" baggage picked up first - which would be shipped over via air and I would get it within a few weeks instead of a few months, then I can organize stuff to send by color coordinated bins!).

I came home and did some laundry, took the dogs out for another walk and continued to get stuff out of my car! (I carry WAY too much junk in my car!). I decided to buy seat covers for my two front seats because they were tearing and looked like junk. I also bought a new steering wheel cover. I ran the car through the carwash and then came home and preceeded to "detail" it inside and out (i.e. under the back hatch). The car looks a LOT better, but still shows its age. But, its probably cleaner than it has been in 3 years! I still haven't decided whether I am getting up early to drop the car off at a garage near where I work so I can: 1) get two new front tires, and a front end alignment, 2) get an oil change and 3) get the car inspected. If I don't do it tomorrow, then I will do it Tuesday or Wednesday. I want it this week, so I can get the car registered.

I have my motorcycle at the shop to figure out why it won't run without the choke on. They are also going to do an inspection on it for me. Hopefully I can pick it up next Saturday and then clean IT up and get it ready to sell. I'll be sad to part with it, but I haven't ridden it for a long time.

Other than that, my car now looks good. I've done a couple loads of laundry today, I've cleaned up my bathroom, put away all the towels that had accumulated in my car! LOL.

Now it's almost 10pm, I'm finally eating dinner (leftovers from last night) and I need to take the dogs for a walk, then go take a shower & get to bed! What a day it has been, a productive day indeed! Wish I had this much energy all the time!

- Kris

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I like this picture...

This is one of my favorite pictures of my dogs. Peanut is the white one, Bruno is the brown one. Nevermind that dogs don't belong in trees! *smiles*

So, I've been taking it easy today. I did head into Ala Moana for a couple hours today (not too many more days I can do that!) and then I voted today in the Primary election here in Hawaii. It will be the last time I vote in Hawaii, because as I move to Germany, I am switching my residency to Washington and will be registered to vote in Spokane (I *do* follow Spokane activities/politics via the web). My sister said that she received my new WA driver's license in the mail and is supposed to be sending it to me.

Other than that, my plan for tomorrow is to take a friend to the airport in the morning. They are moving back to the mainland. (I'm hoping my next door neighbor will take me to the airport when I have to leave, as I will have two large suitcases, a rolling carry-on, and quite possibly a large kennel with two dogs in it!). I still don't have my "orders" for Germany. I hope they come this week. There's not much I can do on this end until I have them in hand.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm thinking about trying to "detail" my car (wash inside & out) as I prepare it for selling. I'm hoping to drop it off at a garage on Monday (or Tuesday) to have new front tires put on, get a front-end alignment done, get the annual inspection done, and an oil change done. Maybe they will tell me what else is wrong with it and how much it would take to fix.

My supervisor asked me yesterday where I'd like my going away dinner. I suggested we just do a potluck there where I work, but then I got to thinking this weekend, it would be nice to have it down at "The Little Village" which is my favorite place to eat in Chinatown (and quite possibly, on Oahu!).

Okay, I'd best sign off. I'm watching the Primary election results on TV.

- Kris

Friday, September 17, 2010

Another busy Friday...

Wish I were here today! And I will miss moments like this...

So, today was another busy day, I didn't get out of work until about 6:30pm. This morning was taken up in meetings and one of my co-workers got recognized for her hard work this past year.

I did get a chance to work on my "Credentialing" but I think I still have a lot more to do on it. I don't know why they haven't sent me all the paperwork, I'll deal with that next week. I'm going to start keeping my work schedule a little lighter than it has been and start transitioning cases over to my one other co-worker (who is going to apply for my position when I leave). I'm definitely going to miss my co-workers (some more than others... but I will still miss them!).

Still undecided about the dogs, guess I need to make a decision this week, because they will need their shots by about the 22nd. I think the Vet Clinic told me it would be $260 for the two of them (for an office visit and shots). I still will need to get copies of their medical records so that I can get their health certificates done. So much to think about... and decide about.

Okay, I'm going to sign off. I'm tired tonight. Thinking about my middle daughter as she had a road trip down to Portland for a conference this weekend and hoping all goes well with her.

- Kris

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yea... tomorrow is Friday!

This photo was taken out at Ko'Olina late yesterday afternoon... it's one of the several "lagoons."

So... I had a fairly busy day, but also finished another online training course. I started off the day by going to get lab work done, they drew *9* tubes of blood! (yowza!). Most of the preliminary results coming back are okay. I have a follow up appt with my doc next week.

Anyway... this morning I had one no-show, and then met with three other clients. This afternoon I staffed 2 cases and had one of my new co-workers staff the other two with my guidance. Other than going too long (especially her 2nd one), she did okay. She ended up with a new client today and it kind of freaked her out, it wasn't planned. I think it is going to be challenging for her to keep up with our pace of work, even though she's had to work in a fast-paced environment before.

I ended up working until just after 7pm. Tonight I have been watching "The Apprentice." Pretty soon it will be time to walk the dogs and head to bed.

- Kris

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Training day...

Sunset at Ko O'lina Resort tonight. (Beautiful, eh?)

SO... I was out in Kapolei for an "Ethics" training all day. I knew one other person there, (besides the instructor) and the wife of another person I know, was there as well. Now I have all my training out of the way for my Substance Abuse Certification. YEA! I turned in my packet, along with a check and the person in charge said he would send me my certificate before I leave for Germany, so I will have it. (YEA!). Otherwise I would have waited until November to get it.

I also got to see a former co-worker today, their office is in the same building where my training was today, so I stopped to say "hi."

After training, I headed to Ko O'lina for dinner with my co-workers. I got to meet the person who will be taking over my cases, she starts tomorrow. One of our co-workers has moved over to another clinic, so this was kind of a "good-bye" celebration for her. I'd never been out there to "Chuck's" before, it was rather spendy, but nice.

Okay, time to sign off. I'm watching the finale of "America's Got Talent."

- Kris

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another day another dollar...

I'll definitely miss the sunrises that I have enjoyed here in Hawaii, like this photo I took this morning.

So, today wasn't too bad as far as being busy. I saw about 5 clients and attended one meeting. I also finished an online training course (worth 10 hours of training!). What I *didn't* get to, today, was my "credentialing" (that needs to be done soon) and my performance "review" for this year (in my current position).

I did get my documentation together to renew my Substance Abuse Certification. It's due in November and all I need is one more class (that I'm taking tomorrow, it's a requirement to take every 2 years). I'm planning to turn all the documentation in tomorrow while I am at the class (one less thing to worry about). Hopefully my certification will get sent over to Germany okay (or forwarded from my current address). I will do whatever I need to maintain my certification, it's one of those things that you do *not* want to let expire! (such as... I don't want my clinical license to expire either!).

And I did get off work on time today (yea!). Well, 15 minutes late, but that's okay. Tomorrow I am out of the office for training all day and then tomorrow night I'm going to a dinner for all of my co-workers, for the one that recently transferred to another position in our larger clinic area and then to also welcome our new co-workers on board (one of them I will meet for the first time tomorrow night and she will start on Thursday).

Okay... I'm going to sign off and watch "America's Got Talent."

- Kris

Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy day back at work...

Swinging bridge at Riverside State Park in Spokane, WA

So, I had a busy day. I had clients I saw this morning and then this afternoon was spent in a meeting and then doing some informal training with a fairly new co-worker (who is supposed to assume primary responsibility for my clients... THAT should be interesting). For example, when I do a psych-social history on a client, it ends up being 2-3 pages long. My (new) co-worker said her longest so far has been almost 16 pages long (WHAT THE HECK????). And *I* feel like I write too much. In addition, when she has been doing the full assessment, she hasn't been writing out their diagnosis (to her credit, the person that has taught her to date, hasn't been doing that either). Anyway... if she has even a HOPE to keep up, she'll have to ramp up her ability to get things done. Anyway, I didn't get out of work until about 6:30 because I was discussing cases and how to do write-ups.

Okay, I'm going to sign off. Peanut is wanting to go out for a walk before bedtime.

- Kris

P.S. It has been nice to be back where it's warm!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Enroute to Hawaii...

Here's an adorable picture of my youngest granddaughter by my brother Charlie's pumpkin patch. The Pumpkin isn't quite ready to be picked (another month or so and it will be!).

So... I got up and finished packing this morning, then spent some time with my oldest brother and his wife (although my oldest brother slept most of the time). He's been in a lot of pain the past couple days and discouraged that his surgery has been delayed by at least a couple weeks. He's SO ready to be able to start getting back on the mend. After surgery he said he'll spend at least a week in the hospital, then he will be back on home health care for at least another month as he continues to heal, and I think he'll have a lot of rehab to do. I hope he doesn't lose any more muscle mass (but he will) and that he doesn't lose control over his involuntary muscles (internal). Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

After I left my brother's, I went over to see my youngest daughter & granddaughter for a little bit and one last visit. I should be seeing them in April if everything goes as scheduled (Kori needs to get hers & Kiara's passport cards so I can make our Disney cruise reservations for April).

I did stop by my oldest sister's for a couple minutes and got to see a great neice over there (Ashley). She's one of my favorites and I hadn't seen her in a couple years. Then it was on out to the airport where I boarded a "prop-job" to Seattle, had about an hour layover there before flying to San Francisco on a slightly larger plane. And, as I write this, that's where I am. My flight to Honolulu is currently delayed due to leaking oil on the plane that we are supposed to fly out on. We were supposed to leave at 7:30 and the latest word is possibly 8:30 departure. Sure hope so (Although I want the plane to be fully functional when we depart... don't want to deal with any emergency water landings!... and to be macabre, I have always said that "God won't get me til he wants me... so I don't worry about it").

Okay... moving planes.

- Kris

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Great family time...

Sunset at my brother Charlie's
Back row: Karen, Kris & LaVaune
Front row: Don & Charlie (Charlie is the oldest)

Karen, Don, Kris Charlie & LaVaune

So, yesterday Michelle & I went car shopping to test drive cars. We drove the Ford Fiesta and the Honda Fit. Of THOSE two, we liked the FIT better, but the salesman was very pushy. We also went over and saw a cute (green) Mazda 2 (which was about $4,000 cheaper that the Fit).
Michelle's in the market for a car within the next couple months and she wanted to check out some cars while she was in Spokane for me. It took the better part of a day.

Later in the afternoon we picked up Kori & Kiara (after Kori got off work) and we headed up to my brother Charlie's. Michelle & I had stopped by Winco to pick up some food to take up, we had never been to one before, wow, they have great prices!
We had a blast up at my brother Charlie's. We were missing my youngest brother and my oldest brother (my brother Keith that is not doing well... and still has to wait a couple more weeks for surgery because his lab values had lowered). My brother-in-law Matt said that he had never heard me laugh as much as I did last night. I swear, my younger sister could have been a stand-up comedian last night.

We had speghetti, garlic bread, salad, watermelon, and corn on the cob (FRESH corn on the cob!). For desert we had several different kinds of pies, but my brother Charlie had gotten a fire going out in the yard so the grandkids could roast marshmallows, so I had a S'more for my desert... mmmm!

I didn't get back out to my brother's until about 11:15pm. We had a lot of fun.

Now it's Saturday afternoon. My younger sister and nephew Jacob came down with me & Michelle to Walla Walla. We had to return Michelle today (and tomorrow I fly out to go back to Hawaii). We went to the Farmer's Market here and they had an awesome car show, so I walked up and down Main street to look at cars. I need to sign off now, so we can go get a bite to eat before we head back up to Spokane.
- Kris

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another trip to Walla Walla

So... I *had* to stop by the State Penn today, I remember visiting it as a teen. Today was significant because all the news trucks were showing up there, they are executing (by lethal injection) a man tonight (he raped and tortured a young woman). It's the first execution in Washington for 9 years. Actually, I think the executiion will be shortly after midnight.
So... do you see what is in this picture? Not what you expect to be in a pasture along a Washington Highway (it's a camel, in case you can' tell!)
So, today I drove down and picked up Michelle from Walla Walla. We had a good drive back. On the way down I stopped and visited my friend Sandy, it was good to see her. Her health hasn't been doing too great.
Okay... signing off. I'm on the computer at my daughter's apartment and Michelle & I need to head out to my brother's before it gets much later.
- Kris

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Riverside State Park, Spokane

The "Bowl & Pitcher" (distant rocks) at Riverside State Park.

The "swinging" footbridge at Riverside State Park

So... this morning I got to take my youngest granddaughter to school for the first day of her 2nd grade. She was very excited and we got there about 20 minutes early. Afterwards I went over to the Dept of Motor Vehicles and applied for a Washington State license. I'm going to switch my residency to Washington (instead of keeping it in Hawaii). I'd rather have WA as my state of residence while I'm overseas and with all of my family and two of my daughters living here, I'll most likely end up back here some day anyway.

Then, since I had some time free, I went to visit my parent's grave (they have a wonderful view *smiles*) and spent a little bit of time there. After that I headed down to Riverside State Park to take some pictures and do a little hiking in nature. I *love* the smell of fresh pine...mmm!
Then I headed up to the mall at Northtown and wandered around. The only thing I bought was a car charger for my phone that I forgot to bring. And right now I'm at Barnes & Nobles using their free Wi-Fi so I can upload this blog with some pics.

Time to sign off though and head back out to my brother's. I may stop by my youngest daughter's on the way home. Tomorrow I'm driving over to see a friend in Othello (in the middle of NOWHERE), her health hasn't been very good and she's someone I'd like to see before I head off to Germany for 3 years. Then I'm going from there down to Walla Walla to pick up my middle daughter & bring her back up to Spokane for a couple days.
Okay... Aloha!
- Kris

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just a quick note

I'm at my youngest daughter's apartment and using her computer. My netbook won't work here (or at my brothers) so the only internet access is via my phone (or using my daughter's computer at her place).

All is well here. Yesterday I went down to my old neighborhood, saw my old High School and the new Elementary that was built where my childhood home used to be. I also got to see my youngest brother and my older sister.

Today I drove over to Idaho (just because I could). Where I stay at my brother's, it's less than 5 miles from the Idaho border. This afternoon I went into town and saw a friend (her Mom was like a surrogate mother to me, I came up about two years ago to be with her mom during her final days here on earth). We had a good afternoon of visiting and then went and had a late lunch.

Tonight I went to my granddaughter's orientation at school and got to meet her teacher, now I'm at their place and will be heading out to my brother's place soon.

So... see you in a couple days... (online)... I hope!


- Kris

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Made it to Washington...

So, just a quick note. I am in Walla Walla at my middle daughter's school office (Professor Jenkins'). She's sitting behind her desk, and my youngest daughter & granddaughter are in the picture as well. We are at my daughter's house now, getting ready to go back to Spokane. Since I don't have web access up there, thought I would post a quick blog here.
The flight was uneventful, I got in about 6pm, stopped by my youngest daughter's place then headed out to my brother's. He's sure not doing too well. This morning he lifted his tee shirt and you can literally see his intestines! (yikes!). He's a lot weaker and has lost some muscle mass. Thankfully he gets to go in and see his surgeon later this week. His house has enough medical supplies to supply a clinic (just kidding... but still... he has a lot).

Today I've had fun visiting the Whitman college campus (in my University of Hawaii sweatshirt! *smiles*).
Okay... gotta scoot!
- Kris

Friday, September 3, 2010

Flying out in the morning...

Tomorrow I'm flying out of Hawaii at 7am, heading up to Spokane for a week of visiting with my family. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone for one last time before I fly to Germany, especially my oldest brother who has been very sick this summer. I'll get into Spokane (the picture above is one I took of the downtown area a couple years ago), about 6pm tomorrow night.
Today... hmmm... I worked a half day and then I've been busy moving stuff around (putting stuff back into the spare bedroom which is finally finished! whoohoo!). I didn't have any appointments today, it was busy with meetings and getting some inpatient residency applications submitted. It looks like my last day in Hawaii will be October 23rd. That day will come SO soon. My supervisor was threatening to cancel my trip to California (it's paid for by someone else), but I told her that at this point, if I didn't go, that I would have to reimburse the company for the costs. Then she said she wouldn't cancel my leave, but that I would be expected to work up until the day I am to fly to Germany. (What??? And I'm supposed to pack up my belongings and get them shipped how???? And everything I need to do to outprocess???). Oh well, at the time I was ready to leave, I didn't want to deal with it. That problem will still be there when I get back. Right now I'm focused on my trip to Spokane and just want to enjoy that time with my family.
I'm still packing. It's almost 11pm and my flight leaves at 7am. I need to go to bed soon. But I need to finish packing and get a few things ready.

So... I'll say "aloha" for now. And I may not get to post very often because where I stay at my brother's, they don't have wi-fi (or a computer I can use there). SOOOO... don't worry if I don't post, okay??? *smiles*
If you're on Facebook, look me up there. I'll probably be posting there because I can do that from my phone.

- Kris

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things I'll miss about Hawaii...

Waimea Bay... one of the places I'll miss in Hawaii.

So... today was an okay day at work, not TOO busy, but I didn't get everything done I had hoped to get done. And my guess is that tomorrow will be a long day, for everything I need to get done, both at work and here at home. I haven't even packed yet, but I have to be at the airport by 5:30 am or so on Saturday morning (I plan to sleep on the plane!).

Not much to write about tonight. I'm listening to the UH football game (we are losing). This is the 4th game I've missed in the 8+ years that I have lived here. I'm glad I didn't get a season ticket this year! Hopefully I will make it to at least one game before I leave.

Okay... signing off.

- Kris

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Holy Smokes!!!!

Stuttgart, here I come!

So... I woke up this morning to a shocking email. I was expected to be in Stuttgart by the 10th of October. WHAT?????? YIKES!!!!!!

I did email the personnel office over there and have gotten permission to arrive on the 24th of October... but still, that means I won't be here for Halloween. (Okay, Okay, I can deal with that).

I have to say that I have felt like I have an internal tornado going on ALL day today. I've been trembling with anticipation, nervous, excited and yet I had to get through my VERY hectic day. I didn't finish at work tonight until almost 9:30pm. I saw 9 clients and spoke to one other. So, tonight I had to do all the documentation. I also had to talk with one of my co-workers who will be covering for me while I am gone next week.

I told my boss about my email (I actually gave her a copy of the two emails), that'll help her get busy on the hiring process. It looks like the person we have had help us as a temporary hire will possibly take over (she's the one covering for me next week). That will make for a much smoother transition.

Okay... it's after 10pm. I need to walk the dogs and see if I can calm my mind & body down to relax and get to sleep.

- Kris