Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Olomana (Saturday night)

So... back to work today... I only had 5 clients today and a meeting this afternoon. Then was talking with two of my co-workers about cases after I should have been getting off, then helped another co-worker get her work cell phone set up (that should have been done for her... but heck, she couldn't even figure otu how to put in her pasword!). At least she can now get phone calls (AND answer them). I didn't get out of work until about 7. My guess is that I will have another long day tomorrow... I have *9* clients scheduled! YIKES!

I did tell my boss that I accepted the "firm" job offer. I think she has mixed feelings... she's just getting things up to speed at the office, bringing new people on board and now I'm leaving. She applied for a job in Germany and DIDN'T get it. And I think she's just as surprised as I am at how fast things have been going!

I haven't heard anything from the Brussel's job yet and then today I was looking and my resume has been forwarded on another position (that I wasn't going to accept after I found out more about the job... and WON'T do an interview for).

So... life goes on... I'm in the hurry up and wait situation now... I will focus on just taking it one day at a time, that's all I can do (and continue to do some house-cleaning).

Oh yea... and one of my co-workers has offered to sell me her dog kennel and another co-worker that has only gotten here less than a year ago, has offered to give me an electric blanket and a heavy duty down comforter! YEA!!!

Okay... signing off... I'm watching "America's Got Talent."

Aloha & Auf Weidersehn!
- Kris

Monday, August 30, 2010

Great day off...

Come relax in the water with me... *smiles*

So... after sleeping in (and not being awaken by dogs!), I got up, showered and went over to the first place I worked after I got my MSW. There are still some of the old co-workers there, including a few of my favorites! One person I used to work for has become a supervisor (if I were still there, she'd be my boss! *smiles*). She's an awesome person and the main reason I went over there. We shared a lot of good memories when I was there.

Afterwards, I came back to the hotel, had some leftovers for lunch and then checked out and headed over to the beach (where I took the picture above). I also videotaped about 5 minutes of floating out there on the water, so I can watch it at a later date (in the middle of winter... and cry! LOL!).

After a couple hours of sunshine, I went and got my nails done, picked up the dogs and came home (and have done up some dishes and I'm doing laundry). Do I *really* have to go to work tomorrow?

I suppose I will tell my boss tomorrow that I have gotten the firm job offer. And wouldn't you know it. I checked the online website where I had applied for this job and another... and it said my resume was forwarded to those involved in hiring for the Brussels, Belgium job. I think I've mentioned that I was one of 46 who applied for the Stuttgart and one of 8 interviewed. I don't know how many will be interviewed for the Brussels position, but there were 52 applicants. So... do I go ahead with an interview when they call? Or let them know up front that I have accepted another position (I suppose if I were to be chosen for the Brussels job, I could still take it and turn down the other???). The Stuttgart position is a Clinical position, the other has a lot of potential for future growth. Hmmmm.

Okay... signing off... need to go take care of some laundry.

- Kris

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beautiful Hawaiian Sunset...

So... after sleeping in til noon (with no dogs to wake me... although to be truthful, I did wake up a couple times, but went back to sleep), I got up and walked over to the mall to have some lunch (Panda Express). I decided not to head over to the beach, but instead went downstairs to the pool here at the hotel. That wasn't the best idea... it was a little overcast and the kids playing in the pool were rather noisy. So... came back upstairs and decided to head over to Jim & Barbs to check on the dogs (they were fine). Barb's such an angel to take them for me this weekend, she already has about 6 others there (usually she caps it off at 4, but someone's grandma passed away and they left her with a mama dog & two adorable puppies that are 8 weeks old).
Peanut & Bruno are doing good!
On my way back to the hotel, I stopped by Little Village and got some Garlic Fried Rice (mmmmm!)... then stopped by Ala Moana to get some pictures of sunset before I came back to the hotel for the last night.
Tomorrow check out is at noon... so I'll see if I feel like getting up and going early in the morning (I wouldn't mind going over to the Diamond Head clinic to see some former co-workers there), and then I'd like to spend some time at the beach before I have to pick up the dogs, weather permitting (going to the beach... picking up the dogs is a MUST!). *smiles*
Okay... I'm going to sign off. I've actually been reading through "The Teaching of Buddha" they had it in the nightstand with a Bible. Since I've never seen "the Teaching" I thought I'd scan through it. I'm also listening to a Hawaiian CD that I bought yesterday.
- Kris
P.S. I'm hoping I wake up in the morning with more news about the job in Germany

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beautiful Ala Moana...

Sunset at Ala Moana
Sunset at Ala Moana Beach, still a lot of people swimming and mulling about.
So... after dancing the night away and seeing a lot of old friends at "Rumours" (a night club that plays "oldies" if you come early), I came up to my room and crashed about 10pm. Unfortunately, then I woke at 3 and 5, before getting up about 7:30. I relaxed awhile and then headed over to Ala Moana beach about 9am (after stopping to fill my mug with soda & pick up something to eat). It was a HOT day there at the beach, especially over the lunch hour. I was there until about 2pm... I did float in the water awhile... listening to my "tunes" with my waterproof Ipod container/holder.
After I left the beach, I returned to my hotel to shower off then spent the afternoon wandering around the mall. One of my friends had asked me to pick her up some Hawaiian Calendars (Long's Drug has then for $0.88 cents), and I picked up a few other things.

Oh yea... and I had an early dinner at BUBBA GUMP's! Probably the last time I go there (unless I make it in the next couple months again). Then it was time to head back over to my hotel to drop off my purchases, and I got my car & drove back over to watch the sunset. I was almost too late!

Now I'm back at my room, its almost 8pm. I think I'll change into a decent outfit (not shorts & tee shirt) and head over to the Hilton Hawaiian Village to listen to Jerry Santos sing.
So... Aloha for one more night...
- Kris

Friday, August 27, 2010

FIRM job offer received & accepted!

Stuttgart Christmas Market
With its more than 200 delightfully decorated stands the Stuttgart Christmas Market is not only one of the oldest, but certainly also one of the most beautiful and largest Christmas markets in Europe.
The unequalled illuminations, the wonderful smell of cinnamon and vanilla, the festive Advent concerts, the small wooden houses lovingly decorated with angelic figures, fir branches and Christmas balls, and the "fairy-tale land" on Schlossplatz form a fabulous backdrop and produce a Christmas atmosphere which fills millions of visitors every year with enthusiasm.
One of the Stuttgart Christmas Market highlight is the Open-air-skating area. The 500qm skating rink in front of the New Palace welcomes visitors to a real winter pleasure-open-air skating in the middle of the city in a romantic, fairy-tale atmosphere. Mulled wine and punch, grilled sausages and baked apples are all available from numerous wooden stalls around the skating rink which is open during New Years eve too.
Grrr.... I had written a long post and when I tried to post it... it got deleted. Some kind of conflict! So... will try again, but it won't be as long.
I should be at this Christkindlemarkt this year!!!
This morning I received a firm job offer... a 5% pay increase, housing PAID for, and a little more cost of living allowance than I am receiving here. I sent back an "acceptance" email and asked "what next?"
I've got a lot of mixed emotions running through me... excitement, anticipation, nervousness, anxiety, happiness, sadness (I didn't know that my time with my snowbird friends last year might be my last time to see them... I should be gone before they get here this year, I didn't know that I wouldn't walk another "Great Aloha Run" this year... etc). I'm going to miss Hawaii... I LOVE Hawaii... but also look forward with great anticipation to what lies ahead. I worry about all the preparation that needs to take place before I leave... and realize that may happen within a couple months.

BUT... for now... today... I only worked a half day and I'm headed down to Ala Moana for the weekend. I'm going to go dance the night away tonight and relax at my favorite beach this weekend (and by the pool maybe... and maybe do a little shopping at the mall... (not that I need anything!)).

So... I'll sign off and say Aloha AND Auf Weidersehn!
- Kris

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I told my boss today about my "tentative" job offer. She wasn't surprised (and I wasn't surprised to find out that she had also submitted an application for a job in Germany, but she didn't get the job she applied for). She also approved my leave request for the week after Labor Day weekend, so I'm flying out on the 4th to Spokane to see my oldest brother (and the rest of my siblings and my youngest daughter, youngest granddaughter... and I plan to make a trip down to Walla Walla to see my middle daughter). Hopefully tomorrow I will find out that she will approve my leave for October so I can go to a Resilliency program up there.

Work went okay today, it wasn't TOO busy, but between clients and consultations, I didn't leave work until 6:30pm. Tomorrow I'm working a half-day and then I'm going to spend the weekend down at Ala Moana in a hotel down there... spending my days at the beach... hanging out and relaxing.

Okay... I'm signing off for tonight.

- Kris

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home early...

Come swim with me...

So... I came home from work early after seeing 3-4 clients this morning. I've got some sinus drainage and a tickle in my throat and a little bit of a sore throat. One of my co-workers agreed to see my clients this afternoon, so I felt okay coming home to take a nap and rest.

Not a lot to write about tonight. I *am* hoping to fly up to Spokane, possibly next week to see my brother who is still struggling with his health. I'll find out tomorrow (when my boss is back), if I can go.

Okay... signing off...


- Kris

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Feels like Wednesday... but its only Tuesday...

This is one of my co-workers as he was out playing on a paddle board last week at the beach (he's a GREAT asset to our clinic!).

So... work went okay, I got everything done and was out by 6pm! YEA! Well... I could have stayed later and got some online stuff done... but I was trying to get out work at a relatively decent time so I could stop by the grocery store on the way home.

I emailed all the required documentation for the position in Germany (all that has been requested to date). I'm sure I've only done 1/2 of what is going to be required (if even that much!). At least no one can say I'm not getting my part done in a timely manner. One of the forms was a "Direct deposit" form, so I had to go to the bank for their autograph saying I had written the routing code correctly on the form. Whatever.

My boss was supposed to be back to work tomorrow, but it sounds like she won't be back until Thursday. That's fine. It's not like we can't handle it til then... we've been handling it for the past 2-3 weeks. *smiles* I suppose I could call her & tell her I have a tentative job offer... but I'd rather talk to her in person. Guess it will have to be Thursday.

Okay... signing off. Hoping to be ASLEEP by 10pm!

- Kris

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another 12 hour day...

I took this Saturday when I took the dogs to Waimea Bay to cool off in the late afternoon. They weren't too sure about boogie boarding! LOL!

So... today was a fairly busy day. I think I had 5-6 appointments scheduled for this morning, but one had to reschedule his appointment and another didn't show up this morning, but came in at the end of the day instead (after some coordination). Most of the afternoon was spent in a meeting. I stayed at work til 8pm, now it's almost 10... and I still need to walk the dogs.

I got an email from the personnel office in Germany and need to complete about a dozen more
forms (got most of them done, need to wait on some information to get another one done). Hopefully tomorrow I can find time to organize it all and get it scanned in and emailed to them. I will still have a whole bucketful of paperwork to do for the Credentialing Office. (They'll need about 2 dozen forms filled out with reference letters, etc). I guess I should try to lighten my workload so I can have time to get this paperwork done (it's all for the same "Company"... ).

At lunchtime today I went over to the local Government Satellite office to get a new registration & sticker for my motorcycle (which somehow got lost)... I waited in line for 45 minutes! And didn't even make it halfway through the line! What the HECK????? They were averaging 20 minutes per customer. IS that SLOW or what???? Sheesh! I'm going to try and get up there about 7:30am on Wednesday (I don't have an 8am appointment scheduled) and see if I can't be one of the first in line, so I can get it done. GRRRRR!

Okay...signing off so I can be in bed before 11pm tonight (last night it was about midnight and I've been tired today because of it). (Because I went to the concert).

- Kris

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Air Supply!

Graham Russell & Russell Hitchcock from the band "Air Supply"
So... after a day of working on the spare bedroom (still needs to be grouted), I went to see "Air Supply" with a former co-worker. It was a GREAT concert. We were in the 3rd row back, center stage. Then towards the end they invited people to come stand up at the stage, so we didn't hesitate! It was great! They put on one of THE best concerts I've seen. I bought their latest CD and ended up with a guitar pick too! *smiles* Ohhh... I'll cherish these memories for sure!
Other than that, I *did* get confirmation from Germany that they received my "tentative" job acceptance and paperwork. I'm sure there will be many emails going back and forth!
I'm signing off.. it's almost 11:30pm, I have been down-loading & up-loading pictures to my computer and want to take the dogs out for one last walk. (At least I live in a safe neighborhood!
- Kris

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tiring day...

Sunset tonight at Waimea Bay... beautiful, eh?
After getting the spare bedroom most of the way done with Tiling, I decided to head up to Waimea Bay and cool off with the dogs & a friend. Sure was a nice sunset too!
Not a whole lot to write about today... The spare bedroom is 85% done, need to grout what's been done, but then also need to move my bookcase & desk into the center of the room tomorrow so that the rest of the room can be tiled. Tomorrow the guy doing the tiling will have to cut all the pieces for around the edges (read: Noisy day!). Tomorrow night I get to go see "Air Supply" with one of my former co-workers, I'm looking forward to that. Today has felt like Sunday... probably because I got to spend the day at the beach yesterday for work. (whooohoo!)

Okay... time to sign off.

- Kris

Friday, August 20, 2010

Absolutely one of the best days!

I *did* find one Honu (turtle) today...

So... I got paid to play today! The only thing that would have made it better, was if I could have seen dolphins (and or swam with them today!). I got out there about 9am... jumped into the water about a half hour later (with my waterproof camera and ipod holder) and snorkeled out to where I saw dolphins last month. It's the first time I've snorkeled in Pokai bay and wasn't too impressed, the water was rather murky. I'll stick to the North Shore for snorkeling, thank you.
I did get to hang out with co-workers though (and clients were invited as well), it was enjoyable. (I wore long board shorts & a long-sleeved rash guard (shirt that people surf in, but they are good for keeping you from getting sunburned). I didn't necessarily want to encounter my clients in a bathing suit!). So... after snorkeling and taking it easy for awhile... chatting with co-workers, and having lunch... I took one of the kayaks out for awhile. It was neat... the company provided LOTS of kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and snorkel gear. It was the best company moral building day that I've been to! I didn't do the paddle board, guess I should have, but I was happy just to be out there and to veg in the water and listen to my music.
I've been lazy tonight, other than taking the dogs for a couple walks and surfing the web... and getting the carpet ripped up in the bedroom... not much going on. Hoping to start tiling tomorrow (although I'd REALLY like to be going back up to Waimea Bay in the morning... it's supposed to be flat up there tomorrow... duty/housework calls).
Okay... signing off!

- Kris

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pau Hana day...

So... I'm done with work until Monday! YAY! After such a late night last night... I only "worked" a half day today (and saw 4 clients). Then I had to go into the Personnel Office to pick up some paperwork I need for the job in Germany. I hope to get all the forms scanned and sent to the HR office over there this weekend, so they are there waiting on THEIR Monday. This afternoon I got to go to a graduation program for some clients with PTSD, its a great achievement for them. I still didn't get home until 6 (due to the horrible traffice from town to out west where I live).

Tomorrow is technically a work day... but I get to spend it at a beach/company function. Hooray! We will be at a beach near where I went dolphin watching last month. I'm hoping to get out there early... rent a kayak and go looking for dolphins! (Maybe I can talk someone into going with me???). I'll look forward to it.

Then... this is the weekend the spare bedroom gets tackled for laying tile (finally!). I'll be sore. But... at the end of the weekend I will get rewarded by being able to go see the group "Air Supply" with one of my former co-workers (Sunday night).

Okay... time to go take the dogs out for a walk so I can get to bed. I only got maybe 5 hours of sleep last night, so I've been tired today.

- Kris

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Long Day...

It's been a really long day... so I'm just going to post a short blog. I had 8 clients or so today, but also spent about an hour talking with one of my off-site supervisors (I did tell him about my tentative job offer... oh yea... that's right! That just came this morning... I got my official tentative job offer! YEA!). I have a good relationship with this supervisor (who will really miss having me to coordinate care with)... I have a good relationship with all of my co-workers... in fact two of the nurses I work with are already plotting to come over to see me next Spring (one has family in the area... the other one is considering putting in for a job over there herself!).

I got a bunch of forms to complete with my tentative job offer (I probably won't get the salary offer until a week before I leave here... GRRRR)... so I stayed in part, to get as much done on those as I can. I didn't get home until after 10pm! It looks like I need to go to my personnel office for some of the information and for them to complete one of the forms. So... I'm hoping I can do that tomorrow. I have to go into our main clinic tomorrow afternoon regarding some clients, so I can stop by the personnel office on the way there (Hopefully).

Okay... signing off... just took my Ambien... I should be out like a light soon.

- Kris

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wie Gehts???

Guten Morgan, Wie Gehts?

So... I got an unofficial nod that I have been selected for the position in Stuttgart, Germany. Here's what the email said, when I wrote & asked if a decision had been made... "I have made a decision. I cannot inform that person that I selected. CPO has to do that. I will say that I hope you have not taken another job and that I hope to meet you in person soon!" So... what do you think? Do you think I have the job???

I still have to wait for official notification and some negotiations... etc... etc... but as I may have said earlier... the boss is hoping I'm there in November. They will pay to ship my household goods, I'll sell my car before I leave (hopefully to my landlady, for her daughter) and I'll buy a new car over there... I won't be taking many of my electronics... (don't work over there without a transformer)... and I've got to decide what to do about my doggies... I'm tentatively planning to take them, but hate to put them through that long move... and then having them might limit my traveling opportunities over there (although its easier to travel with dogs over there).

So... I'm still waiting for an official notification... and then I'll let my boss know. Thankfully we have one new (competent) person on board who hopefully can walk in and take over my clients and we have two more Social Workers coming aboard next month.
I'm excited... I'm nervous... I'm a little worried about all that I will need to do before I leave... I know I'm happy, but will also be sad to leave my friends here, and to leave Hawaii (I love it here, I *really* do... anyone who knows me... knows that!... but those who know me, know that my goal has been to move to Europe and use it as a base of travel!).

Work today was busy... I had 8 clients today, tomorrow I was scheduled for *10* clients! (YIKES!), but did have one call and cancel tomorrow, so that works. I still will work late tomorrow, just to get all the documentation done. Speaking of working overtime, I will need to use my comp time up before I leave... hoping for a trip to Spokane, but also know I need to conserve on $$ because I'll need it for the moving process (no matter what they cover... there's always money out of your pocket!
Okay... time to walk the dogs & get ready for bed.
Aloha... or shall I say... Auf Weidersehn!
- Kris

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday, monday...

Saturday on the water (photo taken at Waimea Bay)

So... it was a typically busy day. I only had four appts, but one of them was a couple hours long as I did a complete psych-social on the person. And I had a 3 hour meeting this afternoon as well. The next two days will be REALLY busy as I have 9 clients scheduled for each day (yikes!). Oh well... as I've said before... my mantra is "this too shall pass." And it will.

No word yet on the job in Germany. I did email the guy I interviewed with and asked him if a decision had been made, but the response was that he is on vacation until the 22nd. The email did indicate that he would be checking his email daily... so I'll still keep my fingers crossed.

Okay... time to sign off. I didn't get home until 8pm and I need to take the dogs for a walk and get to bed soon.

- Kris

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lazy Sunday...

This is a picture I took yesterday of a small turtle at Waimea Bay.

So... today's been a lazy day. I took my car over to a friend's house, he offered to change out my front brakes (he's the same one that did the rear brakes, wheel hub assembly). Forest does all kind of mechanical stuff, he & his wife Avis have one daughter who is now in college. They're a great local family. Anyway, I got a ride back home and then took a nap. After I got my car back, I took the dogs to the Dog Park. Peanut was her typical timid self... Bruno wanted to ensure the other dogs knew his boundaries... and steps in every now and then if he feels Peanut is being threatened by another dog. LOL.

Oh yea... Forest said I need a front end alignment and need a new tire (I think I have to replace two at a time). I must have damaged the tire by hitting a pothole (there are more than a few on this island!).

Other than that... I've been researching Germany (and I keep checking my phone, just in case they call to tell me I have the job). Looks like the temperature ranges from about 32 in the winter, to the upper 70's in the summer... quite a change from Hawaii! BUT... oh, the traveling and sight-seeing I will be able to do... whoohoo!

Okay... signing off.

- Kris

5 hours at Waimea Bay!

So... I got up fairly early this morning and after taking the dogs for their walk, I headed up to Waimea Bay and spent 5 hours up there! It was a beautiful day! The only negative thing was that I *did* see dolphins, but they were coming by just after the paddle board race had started, so either they decided to go swim along with the paddle boarders as they paddled to Haleiwa, or they got scared off by the paddle boarders. I swam quite a ways out... to no avail... darn it! Oh well, I'm hoping I get another opportunity some day to swim with the dolphins. I *did* get to swim with a small turtle today and posted the video on Facebook.
After my time at the beach, I got a bite to eat then came home for a shower. I walked the dogs, and then because it was so warm in my apartment, I decided to go see the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" tonight. It was pretty good. I had read the book several years ago. It was nice being able to recognize places in Rome! *smiles*
Okay... it's late. I'm going to sign off.
- Kris

Friday, August 13, 2010

Keeping fingers Crossed!

So... I still haven't gotten any phone calls... but I went over to talk to my former supervisor and he told me he'd gotten a phone call from Germany for a reference check! YEA!!! Here's to hoping!

Work went okay today... I don't understand how I can be so busy when I only had one client to see today! Not sure where this morning went, I guess doing some data entry and talking with the "acting supervisor." I did take our new (temporary) Social Work around to introduce her to some clinics this afternoon (after taking her to the local cafeteria to have some lunch, she got to meet some of our peers while there). I think I took her to 4 clinics, but that only took about an hour. I spent a lot of time with a couple co-workers... I don't get paid for it, but I'm also there (at work) for those who work with our clients, I give them a chance to vent and process what they are going through. At the end of the day though... as much as I hinted that I needed to finish up some paperwork, I had a hard time getting them to wrap up & leave. There are some days I feel like I do more counseling with co-workers and those who work with our clients, than I do with my clients! Oh well... it's a job and it's a good one. Which reminds me, we had to do our timesheets today and with the hours I got comp time for this pay period, I'm up to about 68 hours of comp time. That'll come in handy when I prepare to move!
Okay... I'm going to sign off... I need to be taking the dogs for another walk soon (before bedtime). I'm *hoping* to wake up and go to the beach in the morning... I hope the weather cooperates! Sunday I'm taking my car over to a friend's house, he's going to change out my front brakes and rotors (they are warped).

- Kris

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Up & Down Day...

The Four Tops
The Temptations...

So... I had an up & down day. I had three clients in varying states of crisis, one of them I had to write a letter regarding their mental status, one ended up in the hospital and the other we are trying to advocate for services for (and people are losing files and not following through on what they said they would do!).
Then... I had emailed my supervisor about a weekend retreat thing for providers, the people who sponsor it, provide the airline tickets and the cost for the weekend. It runs from Thursday through Sunday. Now mind you... my supervisor has been to about 3 conferences, my one other co-worker has been to 2 (off island) and I have only been to one training here on island. I feel like it's about my turn, especially given the amount of work I have done over the summer. Anyway... I wrote to her (she's still at the conference) and told her I would need to get an application submitted ASAP and then wait to see if I get accepted to the program. Well... I got an email back from her today, stating she cannot approve the conference at this time until she can make her assessment upon her return, and that we would talk then. Well... it doesn't sound like I have the luxury of waiting. Those are the kind of comments that make me soooo frustrated in my current position!!! A couple of my seasoned employees suggested I go ahead and do the application and then just put in for leave or comp time. I think I may just do that.
Then...no word on the job offer yet, but earlier this week I wrote the two people who interviewed me to say thank you for the job interview. I ended it with: Thanks again for the interview and I hope to meet you in person before too long", I got a response back from the head person doing the interview and he just said "Thanks for the note. Hopefully we willl meet one day soon." So.... I'm keeping my finger crossed! I'd love to hear, sooner than later!
After work a friend had called with an extra ticket to go see "The Temptations and the Four Tops" The Temptations did the better job of the two. Now it is almost midnight and I have to get up and go to work in the morning!
So... Aloha!
- Kris

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

YAY! Short day!

So... I had a busy morning and managed to get all my notes entered into the computer by early afternoon (for some reason I didn't have any appointments scheduled this afternoon and I worked through lunch), so I left work about 3:30! (WOW!!!!). I went and got my nails done and was home by 5:30pm. Sure felt good to get home at a decent time. My supervisor is still gone, but the other main co-worker returned and she gets to take over the leadership role! YEA!

No word on the job yet... keeping my fingers crossed that I get a call tomorrow night. Otherwise... it will be Sunday night to sometime the middle of next week.

I found out that an online friend had a massive heart attack, her 9 year-old grandson found her in the bedroom on the floor, she was clinically dead and was revived by the paramedics and spent 4 days in a coma. She found my blog a couple years ago when she was coming to Hawaii for a cruise. I didn't get to meet her while she was here, but we exchanged emails and we are facebook friends (she is originally from Michigan up by Mackinac, but has lived in CA for many years). Keep Carol Ann in your prayers as she continues to heal (she's in her 60's). Thanks!

Okay... signing off... I'm watching "America's Got Talent" and hope to be in bed by 10pm!

- Kris

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another Long day...

So... I had another 12 hour day... long day, considering I only saw 6 soldiers (but I *did* fill in for my supervisor at a "head honcho" meeting for a couple hours this afternoon). I did 5 Risk Assessments (as part of my appointments) and those take time to write up and incorporate into the records. Tomorrow the other Social Worker will be back (she's been gone for 2 weeks) and she'll take over as acting supervisor. My boss will be back in 2 weeks (well, the 24th) and then shortly after that, we'll be getting some additional help. Life might go back to normal then? Hope so. Of course... I may not be here in this position in 6 months.

Last night I was checking air fares because I have plans to take a Disney cruise with my youngest daughter & granddaughter in April and round-trip from Germany was less than $200 than flying from here. That's doable. (see... I already have it in my head that I'm there).

Okay... Peanut is wanting to go out for her walk... (with Bruno). So... gotta sign off (then its bedtime!).

- Kris

Monday, August 9, 2010


So... will I be spending Christmas here? (YIKES!). I had my phone interview tonight with the supervisors in charge over in Stuttgart. I thought the interview went well, although I have to say, they seemed more concerned whether or not I could handle being away from family & live in Germany, than whether I had the clinical skills to work there. They did ask if I had Domestic Violence experience (I do). There are 4 people in the clinic, to include the supervisor and the position requires you to pull "on-call" every four weeks (if someone is out, you may have to pull it more often). I think I made it clear that I could handle living over there (heck... in my mind I already have myself living there). Of course, they want to make sure someone can handle living overseas. They are hoping to have a decision by the end of the week... so I'll keep my fingers crossed. I did say I worried about bringing my dogs over to Germany, and the head boss said he brought his dogs to Germany from Korea and that they did just fine.

Work today went okay... had I not had the interview, or the VERY late intake, I would have gotten off at least by 6pm. I saw three clients today and had a 3 hour meeting.

Anyway... it's almost 9:30pm... I am feeling amped up... but need to wind down and get ready for bed. And I need to take the dogs out for one last walk before bedtime.

- Kris

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Honu Swimming again...

So... I went back out to Waimea Bay today and got to swim with another turtle (Honu)... man, I was cruizin... I had my Hawaiian tunes playing (with my waterproof earphones & Ipod holder) and the weather was great! I didn't see any dolphins today... I guess I got out there too late.

After I got home late this afternoon and took a shower, I took the dogs over to the Dog Park... each week they do better with their socialization skills. *smiles*

Tonight I'm just doing chores & watching TV... chillin' before I start another busy week. We are
scheduled to get several new clients this week.

Tomorrow will be a long day... I'll be home late... I have my job interview tomorrow evening and I'm going to do it from my office (via the phone).

So... Aloha for today...

- Kris

Saturday, August 7, 2010

End of a good day...

Taken from Waimanalo Beach park...

I had a very lazy day today. This morning I slept in (needed to recover from the week) and then I talked with my youngest daughter for awhile and called my friend Nikki to wish her a belated Happy Birthday (it was yesterday... but her card made it in time).

This afternoon I headed to the other side of the island, to Waimanalo for the "llocal" music festival. I missed about half of it, but throughout the day they had over 100 Hawaiian performers and best of all... the festival is free. I may head down to Waikiki - Kapiolani Park next Sunday for a day of free music, it's the Slack Key guitar festival. I *love* all the free Hawaiian music!

On the way home I stopped by the Greek Marina restaurant & had a gyro for dinner...mmmm good! AND, they had a huge wall mural/photo of Santorini... hey... I've been there!

Now it's almost 11 and I'd better head to bed. I'm hoping to go snorkeling again tomorrow... but its also forecasted to rain... I'll see how it goes. It might clear up by afternoon (if forecasters are right... in that case, I might head to Ala Moana). Parking on the North Shore is nearly impossible during the weekend day!

- Kris


So... I got a call this morning from one of the people who are supposed to interview me for the position in Germany, they are switching the time of the interview to Monday night. I guess they needed to do more coordination with other people that they are interviewing. While I had him on the phone, I took the liberty to ask him how many applicants they had received, he said 46, and I asked how many they were interviewing, he said 8. So... at least I have an idea what the competition is (I just need to beat out 7 others). I emailed a couple other Social Work friends that are overseas to see if either of him knew of the head guy... but so far no luck (3 out of 4 of my friends/co-workers).

Work-wise... it *was* a relatively easy day... we had work-related training this morning [yawn] (I don't normally say that... but the learning environment just was not conducive to learning).
This afternoon I had one appointment and worked to get caught up on documentation and filing. I would have gotten done too... but spent WAY too much time talking with a couple co-workers (I'm acting supervisor right now). Then, as a result it was 7:30pm before I got out
of work. I stopped and picked up a bite to eat on the way home... didn't feel like cooking (I had subway for lunch).

Tonight I've been messing with an internet site ancestry.com and working on a family tree... it's a pretty good site. I've gone back a few generations on my mom's side (most likely thanks to a cousin that I have, that has done a LOT of work on it), but I'm only able to go back a generation or 2 on my Dad's side of the family. Both families have been in the US a LONG time. Sure is a time-waster though... *smiles*

Okay... I'm going to sign off... and I'm hoping for good weather tomorrow. I'm planning to go find my friend Carmel and join her for a day of Hawaiian music over in Waimanalo. (I think there will be a lot of slack key guitar). Looking forward to enjoying some good music!

- Kris

Thursday, August 5, 2010


So... I had a CRAZY busy day today, but it started off on a very good note. I got a call from Germany first thing this morning asking if I would be interested in setting up a time for a job interview. Of COURSE, I said yes! So... don't anyone try to call me Sunday night... (it'll be Monday morning in Germany). I did make small talk with the head boss... ensured he knew I had lived in Germany before (that's something I would want to know - if I was going to pay someone to move halfway around the world... that they could *tolerate* living in a foreign country).

Other than that... I think I saw 7 clients before noon, I had two case staffings this afternoon, plus met with three other staff members (two are temp workers... and I'm acting supervisor at the moment... til Wednesday).
I didn't get out of work until 9pm, so now it's getting close to 11pm (dogs have already been walked)... AND I've taken my Ambien... so I'd better sign off and say "Aloha".

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


underwater boulders...
Running with boulders underwater to build lung capacity and endurance...
So... up at Waimea Bay, you'll see random boulders under the water... 20-40 feet. It's typically a sandy underwater area (as you can see)... so the boulders seem out of place. But... it's something that locals and adolescents do to build their endurance to remain under water. From what I understand, ancient pacific islanders used to do this, it helped enable them to dive for oysters (pearls) and dive without gear.
So... work-wise... I was busy this morning, I had a couple no-shows, but then saw a couple people in their place. This afternoon was spent in meetings. I left about 6pm, but left a couple notes undone.
On another note... I found out that my application for the position in Germany has been sent on to the selecting official. A person I know that went over there a couple years ago, (I may have said this before), but the job closed in October, she was interviewed in January and didn't get over there until June. With the job in Germany, I applied on 7 July, the job closed 20 July. So... maybe by 1 Sept I will have an interview? Time will tell. I'm curious how many applications were forwarded to the selecting official.
Okay... I'm going to sign off for tonight. I'm watching "The Unit." Pretty soon it will be time to take the dogs for their walk and then head to bed.
- Kris

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another busy day...

I didn't take this picture, but liked it so much that I wanted to post it here...

Work WAS busy today... I only saw 5 clients, but also met with a couple nurses, my supervisor and attended a meeting that lasted about an hour and a half. I didn't get out of work until about 7:45, then had to stop by and drop off my rent... got to talking with my landlady... she's such a neat person, I really like her! I told her that I was putting in for some jobs in Europe (no worries... they are at least 9 months away)... which reminds me... someone said something today that makes me wonder if my boss has put in for one or the other as well??? Hmmm... (she'd be more qualified, she's got a LOT of years of experience).

Okay... gotta go take the dogs for their last walk of the evening, its already past 10:30pm.

- Kris

Monday, August 2, 2010

Peaceful scene...

This was a photo I took yesterday... another beautiful day in Hawaii Nei...

Work today went okay... jus steadily busy. I started the day meeting a new co-worker near where we work, to show her how to get to our clinic (which isn't necessarily the easiest to find). I met with five clients today, one will be leaving soon... and my last appointment of the day was in the midst of a crisis. I also managed to get a couple hour meeting in there today and left work about 6:45pm. I didn't have a lot of interaction with the new co-worker, I did have her attend the staff meeting with me, so she could meet some of my co-workers.

Not much else going on... I watched "The Bachelorette" on TV tonight... I called my older sister earlier tonight (on my way home from work)... I was in a panic thinking I hadn't called her yesterday to wish her a Happy Birthday... I woke her up and she told me I called her before I went to the beach! *smiles* (Sorry Vonnie!). My middle daughter got the keys to her new house (she's renting)... its small and I'm sure she would LOVE to give it a paint job (not sure she's allowed to... but...). AND... my youngest granddaughter made it back home to her Mama. She's got pictures of her in front of every "state" sign that she visited on her journey to Arizona and back (along with other pictures).

The cruise I was looking at in China has dropped in price substantially... but now the airfare has gone UP substantially! Go figure! I guess it's just as well... I'm wanting to save up as much money as possible in hopes of buying a new car within the next year (AND paying cash).

Okay... signing off...

- Kris

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Snorkeling with Dolphins, Turtles and Squid... oh my!

So.... I went snorkeling today up at Waimea Bay... and after I had come to shore and was laying down, sunbathing... drying... someone said there were dolphins out in the bay (a ways out... but you *could* see them from shore). People were headed out on their paddle boards, and kayaks... and there were a few swimmers... so I debated 5-10 minutes (it was quite a ways out) and decided, what the heck... I'd LOVE to swim with some dolphins... even if I didn't get real close... maybe I could get some pictures... I was duly impressed. I didn't want to stay out there with them for too long (didn't want to become shark bait and its against the law to harrass them... but I got these photos and thought I would share! (these turned out the best).

Earlier I had seen turtles... I saw 3-4... I *love* swimming with turtles... and try to take care not to harrass them or get too close. (I *do* have a zoom on my camera).

These are two different turtles... but I caught them both as they were coming up for air...

And then today was the first time I think I have ever seen Squid! And then... not just one, but 4 or 5!

So... to make a long story short... I had a BLAST today snorkeling! (I did see a lot of fish today too... and watched people jump off the ROCK too). The weather wasn't sure what it wanted to do... but when you are in the water, what does it matter?
On the way home, I stopped for a bite to eat and stopped by the store to pick up some groceries... I'm baking a cake now (going to take some into work and share with the neighbors... I'm making a German Chocolate cake...mmmm...!). As soon as I get it out of the oven, I'm going to take the dogs up to the Dog Park (while the cake is cooling)... and pretty soon it'll be the end of another weekend.

I hav to say... it's days like today that I *live* for here in Hawaii (the snorkeling). I was up at Waimea Bay by about 8:30am... and didn't leave until about 2! NICE!
Okay... sounds like the cake is done... gotta scoot. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
- Kris