Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

This is the view if you eat at Bubba Gumps in Lahaina!

So... this morning was okay... this after got busier. I had to chastise a co-worker, she was in the hallway, just kind of paused there for a minute or two and another co-worker asked her what she was doing, she responded something to the effect of "just waiting for something to happen!" I told her "NO!!! Don't say that... I (mostly) believe that if you project thoughts like that, something WILL happen. The same co-worker that asked her what she was doing there in the hallway, last week had her daughter's car broken into and she made the comment "what more can happen!" I told her she couldn't ask that, because believe me, more WORSE things could have and could happen! So... if you're around me... DON'T go there with that kind of thinking! *smiles*

Not much else going on... tonight I've been relaxing while watching "The Unit." I've taken the dogs out for their walk and now I'm getting ready to head to bed (but needed to blog before going to bed... right Bette? *smiles*)

- Kris

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm thankful for friends...

No special reason for the header... but I *am* thankful for my friends... and my family and my three wonderful daughters that I love so much. I'm also very blessed to have three grandchildren that I adore - Kiara, Taylor and little Koen.

Work today went fine, this morning was spent in a meeting and with my supervisor, this afternoon got very hectic. I got two clients who were discharged for a psych unit, they came in this afternoon at the same time. YIKES! I appreciate prayers for my clients, many struggle with so many problems.

I didn't leave work until 7 pm. I guess it could have been worse. *smiles* My boss is off for the next two days. I *do* have to say, that where I work, the saying "while the cats away the mice will play" just doesn't happen. We work just as hard whether the boss is there or not.

Okay... time to sign off. I'm watching "The Biggest Loser" and as soon as it is over & I can watch 5 minutes of news, then I'll take the dogs out for a walk and come back and get ready for bed.

So... Aloha!
- Kris

Monday, March 29, 2010

time to head to bed...

O'heo Gulch (7 sacred pools).

So... it's been a long day and I'm tired, but will try NOT to fall asleep before I post this.

Work was okay today... the morning was busy meeting with clients and this afternoon was spent in a meeting. After my duty hours, I had to meet with some case managers and my supervisor (for about a half hour each...) so I didn't get out of work until just after 6pm.

Other than that, I've been watching "So You Think You Can Dance"; mainly because the person in the lead is from Hawaii and I wanted to see what she looked like. I've also been surfing the web for a new (Canon) camera.

It's time to take the dogs out for their walk so I can get to bed.

- Kris

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good news, bad news, but still had fun

Well, I headed out to Hawaii Kai by lunchtime for my first scuba dive since 2006. (Wow... I didn't realize it had been that long!). It was a birthday treat. I guess it was kind of a test to find out if I want to get back into diving.

The boat was EXTREMELY crowded, with 44 people on board (including staff). There were a bunch of military guys on board and then about 1/4 th of the board were other people, like me. There were also a few that were along for the ride and did some snorkeling.

My first dive was at turtle craters. We didn't see any turtles though. It was my first dive in over 4 years. (wow... has it been that long???). After struggling to get into a wetsuit, and then struggling with bouyancy (I had a hard time sinking), I was finally ready to go. With so many people on board, initially I was supposed to go with another group(playing follow-the-leader), but they said I could go with a master diver guy that was on board (his name was Steve, he's probably about 30). At least he was easy to distinguish from the other divers, he was wearing a camoflage wetsuit. We found some eels, some small slug type animals (I can't remember what he called it). We saw lots of regular tropical fish too. I took quite a few pictures. Steve & I were the last ones back on the boat. I was happy to find out that even though it seemed like I struggled to stay down (I felt like I had to swim head down sometimes), I didn't use much air. In fact, Steve & I were on par for how much air we used (which was less than everyone else that came up earlier).

After an hour break or so, we headed over to Koko craters and jumped back in for our 2nd tank dive. There was a cool little tiki statue not far from where the boat was moored. Steve had warned me that he was going to try and find a small crater area and that he might have to surface to find out way back to the boat. We had no problems finding it. We took several pictures near the tiki statue, then I took a few more after that. I remember securing my camera on the velcro wrist band on my gloves. The next thing I remember... (no I didn't black out), was Steve catching up to a squid and picking it up, causing it to squirt out the ink-like substance. The squid was clinging onto him really tight on his arm, but he finally was able to get it off his arm (it doens't hurt you). It was here that I realized my underwater camera was no where to be found. Yep... I LOST my underwater camera (my canon & my underwater housing). Boy was I upset!!! Sure ruined the rest of the dive for me. I would have loved to get some up close and personal pictures of the squid... and then we saw a LARGE turtle just hanging out that I got swim around. The turtle was just kind of "hanging" there letting the fish clean his shell.

We left there (and I kept looking toward the surface to see if I could see my camera... with no luck) and headed back towards the boat, but since we still had over 1000 pounds of air left, we headed in the opposite direction. We ended up getting caught in a tide which pulled us quite a bit away from where the boat was. Steve ended up surfacing a couple times to help get our direction (I stayed down below) and once again, we were the last ones back to the boat. I did make it back with 500 lbs to spare.

One of the women on the boat...Amy invited me to go out next Saturday when they are going to do an underwater easter egg hunt with special prices. I'll think about it.

Whoops... I just realized this didn't get sent last night before I went to bed. Guess I must have been pretty tired. So, I am posting my blog this morning. Bette's back home now, so will be looking for my daily blog the first thing in the morning when she wakes up! *smiles*

- Kris

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great day at the beach!

So... I went to the Hickam beach again today (no paddle surfing today though). It was a beautiful day to be at the beach. I just wish there were some place close where there were a nice QUIET beach, so I could lay and listen to my Ipod and NOT listen to kids screeching and hollering (or other people talking). I guess that's just my age showing.

So... while I was sitting up at one point, I saw this submarine off shore. How cool is that? I figure it was either going to, or coming from, Pearl Harbor. Of course, the bottom picture was zoomed in.
Not much else going on... just surfing the web for stuff on Italy and I'm also fighting with my netbook which is giving me fits. I need to have it ready before I go on my trip. The latest thing with it, is that it says my Task Manager is running at 98% or so. It shouldn't be! So, I'm running a "chkdsk" on it right now. It looks like the chkdsk will take all night to run though.
Not much else going on. I'm looking forward to my scuba diving trip tomorrow. I need to go see where I put the underwater casing for my camera so I can take some pictures while I'm down there scuba diving. Hope they have a wet suit big enough for me! ; )
Signing off for another day!
- Kris

Friday, March 26, 2010

Whew! It's Friday!

So, this morning we had something called a "safety stand-down." It was mandatory for all employees. In this particular incident, they set up tents and somehow assigned groups and we had to go to each of the "stations". I don't know that I was fully present for any ONE of them, but I was there. They had sex safety, traffic safety, outdoor sports safety, fire safety, substance abuse training, domestic violence safety briefing and at least one other I don't remember. It was nice to do a little networking with peers, but I also to go to talk to a few clients while I was there.

They had a catered lunch, I just had a hotdog with some chips.

Then it was back to work. I was still dealing with the case from yesterday afternoon. We heightened his risk level to HIGH and he will be monitored closely. If that doesn't work, he may need to be hospitalized.

I got a message from Bette, they have made it to Duluth in one piece. Glad they made it safely, I'm sure their daughter Ellen will enjoy having them there!

Okay... I'm pretty tired. I didn't sleep real well last night, so I am going to sogn off.


- Kris

Thursday, March 25, 2010

One of those days...

So... today was NOT my average day (unlike yesterday!). MOST of the day was average... until my last client of the day. He was highly agitated and for the first time in 2+ years, I wondered about my safety and about him breaking some of my pictures on the wall (he was ready to punch something or someone!). Fortunately, he calmed down some. It left me pretty emotionally drained though and now I have a headache. I keep telling myself "this too shall pass, this too shall pass..." It feels like it should be a full moon all this week! I've had to hospitalize two clients, I had another one that was *almost* hospitalized and then this guy today where he was a danger to others. (At one point in my office I would have rated him as a 9.5 on a 10pt scale for dangerousness to others).

Okay... nuff about that.

My snowbird friends Walt & Bette were to leave today. I hope they have a safe flight.

Going to scoot!

- Kris

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

getting closer...

So... I made our reservations for Venice tonight. Actually, Michelle (my daughter) found the hotel we will stay in for our first 2 days in Venice and then I found the hotel we will stay in for the last night (a little better quality, but it's just for 1 night). And so... the Venice hotels are paid for already. (yea!). I still have to pay for our Rome hotels (I have a confirmation and they have my credit card #, but apparently they don't charge until you get there, but if you cancel your reservations, then they bill you for one night). Anyway... so now we're set for most of the stuff (flights, hotels & cruise). Now just to worry about any sight-seeing and food stuff (and souvenirs).

Work went fine today, about as average of a day as one can have, if there is such a thing *smiles*

I worked til 6, and then went into town to pick up Guy & Nikki to take them to the airport tonight. Their flight leaves in about an hour now. Tomorrow Bette & Walt leave. At least when I picked up Guy & Nikki, we got to swing around the block and say good bye to B & W. That was nice.

Okay... its after 10 and the dogs are wanting me to take them out for a walk, so I'll sign off for another night.

- Kris

P.S. for some reason it isn't letting me add a photo tonight... grrr. Sorry about that!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beautiful Birthday in Hawaii Nei!

Gorgeous & not too crowded at the beach today!
Yup... that'd be me out there! LOL! (I decided not to scare you with a closer up view! *smiles*)
SO... NO work today, went back to bed after the dogs got me up early, then did some errands and went to the beach about lunchtime. I went to Hickam beach where you can rent paddle boards for $9 an hour. THAT is a pretty good deal. There were two other women/girls out there learning with me. At least I feel good that I made it to the stand-up position! I felt pretty wobbly out there though. It was fun.
Afterwards I drove in to see Bette & Walt for the last time. (awww... what a horrible thing to have to do on your birthday... say good bye to dear friends!). Guy & Nikki were there too, but I'll see them tomorrow after work because I'm taking THEM to the airport tomorrow evening.

Okay, it's almost 11pm, WAY past my bedtime. Morning will come early!
- Kris

Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh what a day...

This is the park my pups like to run & play in, you can see Diamond Head off in the distance...

So... first.

I tried to post last night the server was giving me fits and I kept losing what I wrote, so I finally gave up. I had a good visit with Guy & Nikki, we barbequed hotdogs & bratwurst. I'm going to miss them, but will look forward to having my weekends (all weekend). I don't mind giving up my weekends or Sundays when my snowbird friends are in town though, because I cherish my time with them and know that it is limited. Who knows if they will be able to come down next year or how many more years they will have left TO come down. (Or how many more years I will remain in Hawaii).

So... onto today... and the "Oh What A Day" comment.

About 10:45 our clinic was evacuated. They had been digging next to my building and hit a gas line and ruptured it. I'm VERY thankful that it didn't "blow" because they said it could have blown an area of 400 square feet and they were digging just below MY window! Potential for harm was high if it had blown. We were out of the clinic almost 3 hours. It did give me a chance to see some of my other co-workers from nearby clinics and I got to consult with some docs about a client that I ended up admitting to a hospital today.

Then, about 4:30, one of the nurses in our clinic came and asked if I would see a client if they brought him over, so I did... about 5pm. I met with that client, determined he was a danger to himself and/others and instructed them to take him to the hospital as well (Hospital's gonna love ME today/tonight!). Whenever we admit someone, there is a lot of paperwork to do, so by the time I got it all typed up and faxed and notified everyone that needed to be notified, I didn't leave work until 9:15pm. So... I guess that covers half the day off I'm taking tomorrow! (Comp time).

Okay... I'm going to sign off. Hopefully this will upload okay today. It's after 11pm. I didn't get home until 9:45 or so. At least I got to watch the 10pm news... *smiles*


- Kris

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Pamper kind of day!

Birthday dinner tonight was at Bubba Gump's, in the Ala Moana Mall.
Birthday dinner was with Bette & Walt. I think I favor Bette more than Walt... whaddaya think? *smiles* Hard to believe that within a couple months, Walt will be 85 and Bette will be 84! Bette is getting around much better, but still has to be careful not to overdo it. (She got a small fracture on her knee a little over a month ago! Or has it been 6 weeks?).

The Waikiki Skyline from up at Bubba Gumps, the sun was just setting.
So... pamper ME day.
1) Clean apartment.
2) Color hair
3) Get a full body massage here in my apartment with the breeze blowing through. Amy did a great job and I really appreciate the gift from my former supervisor/co-worker, Corey. (She paid for the massage & Amy does house calls! *smiles*).
4) Got my nails done (way overdue!)
5) Got my hair cut (VERY short!)
6) Had a wonderful dinner with my friends Walt & Bette. It was my birthday present from them. (I even tolerated having the birthday song sang to me!) I love Walt & Bette dearly! I wish I weren't so far away (even here on the island), or that I worked so many hours. I miss all the times we used to meet up at Magic Island for sunset.
7) Driving through Waikiki after dinner, at night with Walt & Bette. They never get down there at night, so it was a treat for them. Walt was surprised at how many people come out at night to walk the streets of Waikiki. It's a regular beehive down there. Walt says it isn't as busy during they day (probably because everyone is at the beach or pool?).
Tomorrow Guy & Nikki are coming over. I've decided to grill some Bratwurst. I'm also going to make another batch of the Almond-flavored Chocolate chip Ice cream.
Okay... it's almost 1am, I should consider going to bed soon. The dogs have had their walk, but I'll need to take them downstairs for a last minute potty break... in hopes that they let me sleep in a little longer in the morning.

- Kris
P.S. I also got my lanai put back together. You can actually sit on it and enjoy yourself! (Although I still have some boxes of tiles out there, there is still one more bedroom that needs to be tiled).

Friday, March 19, 2010

ooohhh la la its Friday! Yea!

Here's hoping I can make it to the beach sometime this weekend! If not... I'm taking my birthday off and will pray for good weather then!

Today was okay... the morning was spent in meetings, I had lunch with my former supervisor and a couple former co-workers. This afternoon was spent doing online documentation (and I have to admit, I did do a little web-surfing about my trip) and I had to talk to a couple case managers about clients. I got out about 5:15pm or so.

Tonight after work I went and got an inside/outside carpet for my lanai. My landlady gave me permission to buy a new rug, the one that is out there has probably been there since 1994 when the apartment was built. I also had permission to buy a new closet organizer. I got the more expensive one, I hope she doesn't mind. (I'm able to take it off my rent).

They've finished painting my building, it looks pretty darn good! Now I have to move everything back out to the lanai.

Tomorrow I have a woman coming out to give me a massage. It should feel nice. My neck has been aching for awhile. It's a gift from a former co-worker (when I worked with the Dually diagnosed clients). I'll enjoy it.

I've still got to decide if I'm going to the beach barbeque on Sunday with friends (and inviting my snow-bird friends), or if I will just have one of the couples come up here. I would really like to spend time with both couples as they *both* leave later this coming week. I feel bad I haven't been able to spend more time with them. They are dear people!

Okay... I'm going to sign off... it's time to take the pups out for their walk.

- Kris

P.S. I've also been surfing the web tonight. Thinking about climbing up St. Peter's Dome in Rome while I'm there. Thinking about doing a night tour of Rome. I really want to climb up to the top of the Tower in Pisa while I'm there. I'm thinking I will need to ensure I have some Aleve or pain pills with me! I can handle fairly long walks, much better than I can handle stairs.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where I will be in two months!

Efes (Ephesus) - second only to Rome, Ephesus or Efes is a huge complex of amazing ruins located just near the beautiful town of Selcuk (Turkey).

Our cruise will arrive in the Port City of Kusadasi:

Kusadasi is a town on the Aegean coast of Turkey, near Ephesus. It is really popular as a tourist destination, both for its many beaches, and as the port for cruise ship passengers heading to Ephesus. Kusadasi has a population of 50,000 which rises to over half a million during the summer due to national and foreign tourists. Kusadasi was a minor port overshadowed by Ephesus until Ephesus harbor silted up. It was known as New Ephesus, Scala Nuova, and Kush Adasi at the beginning of the 20th century.
Just next to the old harbor is a small island that has a rock with the shape of a bird's head. Near to Kusadasi, there is a national park full of beautiful beaches. Also, several aqua-parks are located near the town.

I'm having fun researching for my upcoming trip (never too early and we are down to less than 60 days to departure!). I got my "Rick Steve's 2010 Italy" guidebook yesterday and have just begun reading it. I'm trying to store away (in my head) important reminders and key points to remember.
I have yet to make a reservation for a hotel in Venice, but I did send an email inquiry tonight about the cost of one mentioned in "Rick's" book.

Work was okay today, some cancellations and one person I was supposed to see this morning, came this afternoon. It all works out in the end. Today was probably as "normal" of a day as I could hope for. I told one of my co-workers that is is nice to come in and know that no two days are alike. Every day is a different challenge. It's definitely not a boring job. In fact, there's a position open in another clinic and one of my co-workers asked me if I was going to apply for it (he's moving on, but he's been with our clinic for 3 years, it's time for a change and a new challenge for him). I told him "No." I told him that I plan to remain where I am until at least October (unless something drastic happens, or everyone else bales on me!). I have said it before and I will say it again. I like to work someplace long enough to feel like I have learned the job. I guess for the most part I feel like I am competent in my job where I am. There *are* changes that are coming and I'll have to deal with those. But, my hope and my plan, is that I will remain where I am until the fall and then I hope to put in for an overseas position in Europe somewhere.
Meanwhile... I continue with a "different day, different challenge!" I *do* like that I'm gaining skills in a variety of clinics which will hopefully make me more marketable in the future.
On another note, they are almost done painting my apartment building. Today I came home and they had painted my front door (I'm sure my dogs weren't happy about that!).
Okay, time to head out for my evening walk. It's 9:40 and I'm shooting to be in bed by 10pm.
- Kris

Things To Do
The main attractions are site seeing tours. Take a tour and see the Great Amphitheatre, where St. Paul addressed the Ephesians.

Also take time to visit the temples of Athena and Apollo its all connected by marble streets furrowed by the wheels of numerous chariots.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And the rain poured down...

I took this photo the other day, but man... did it POUR this afternoon. It was raining so hard that the rain was coming off the building next door in sheets! Whew! Guess I should learn to take my umbrella into work and NOT leave it in my car!

Work was an average day, I had a couple psych-socials to do today that I didn't finish the write-ups on, hopefully I will get them done over the next couple days.

Hoping to go to bed earlier tonight and not stay up all night on the computer (preparing for my upcoming trip, I now have reservations for Florence & Rome, still need to figure out where we are staying in Venice.).

Okay... keeping it short tonight!

- Kris

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OKay... one down, two to go

So... I made our reservations for our hotel in Rome. Now I just need to settle on a place in Florence for one night and then some place in Venice where we will spend 2 nights before we board our cruise and 1 night at the end of the cruise. It feels like the trip is 'coming together." I like the hotel in Rome because it appears to be fairly centralized to many of the things we want to see (like the Bastilica). I guess at some point I need to print out some maps so we have an idea how we want to go to each place there in Rome and decide if we are better paying for a hop-on, hop-off buss, or with a "roma pass" which offers more ammenities. Hopefully within the next couple weeks we will have finalized all of our reservations. We still need to make train reservations too.
Work-wise, we had a meeting first thing this morning that ran a little over, not sure if it actually covered anything or not, but it did give us a chance to share. This morning went by fast. I met a couple clients and had a couple no-shows so that kind of opened up the slots so I could deal with some other issues.. At the end of the day, when I went to put in my documentation and my computer was not being cooperating, I decided "to heck with it and came home.
Tonight I watched both episodes of LOST (since I missed it last week). Then I watched some of the news & took the dogs out for their walk. I've also been searching hotel opportunites for Rome. Haven't looked too much tonigh at the other cities (Florece & Venice).
Tomorrow I have a busy morning at least, not sure what the afternoon will bring. I think I have some training at some point tomorrow.
Okay... signing off...
- Kris

Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Bruno!

So... I made Bruno a "birthday cake" out of Peanut Butter topped with whip cream and a candle (for the photo shot). He sure enjoyed his "cake!"

Work was busy this morning and then I was in a meeting all afternoon. I struggled through this morning because I was SOOOO tired. I ended up awake until 11pm last night. I started to go to bed after the news, but then "The Unit" came on and it was a very action packed episode. It didn't get over until 10:30pm.

Tonight I've been watching 20/20 about "behind the Bachelor" show. It's been interesting, but i find myself dozing. So, I thought I'd better get my blog done before I fall to sleep completely!

Okay... signing off!

- Kris

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lazy Sunday...

So... I made a pork pot roast and started it in the crock pot last night (it was VERY tender for dinner today). I stayed up until about 1am last night and then the pups had me up at 8am. Speaking of pups... tomorrow is Bruno's birthday. He will be 1 year old on March 15th. *smiles*
This morning I got up and cleaned a little, then made some home-made almond flavored chocolate chip ice cream and then I made some rotel cheese dip (to go along with the chips I got yesterday). Guy & Nikki got here just after noon. They call me when they get to the last bus stop down the road and I have enough time to jump in the shower, get dressed and then go out to meet them with the dogs.
I don't know what was wrong with me today though, I was SOOOOOO tired and had difficulty not nodding off during conversations. I felt like I had narcolepsy!
Dinner was really good, I sent them home with the leftovers (at least most of it), they took two containers of the pot roast (It was pork, potatoes, carrots, corn, celery and onions in a mushroom gravy). They are going to give one of the containers to Bette & Walt who couldn't make it today. I also sent them some cheese dip with them too.
After they left, I laid down on the couch with the pups for about an hour. Then I had to get up and clean off my lanai. They are going to be painting my building this week, so most of the stuff I had on the lanai, I brought into the dining room area (after I moved the table against one wall).
Tonight I've been watching "The Amazing Race" and right now I'm watching "Undercover Boss."
Both are good shows.
Okay... I'm going to sign off.
- Kris

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Beach Day!

So... I *did* make it to the beach today. YEA! I spent a couple hours before my friend Walt found me (I had talked to Bette, so she knew I was down there, and that I was near my car, which was parked on the road). It was probably good that I didn't spend anymore time than that, otherwise I might have really regretted it (by getting burned).
This section of the beach is a little rockier, and isn't as wide as where I normally go (on further down towards the Diamond Head end of Ala Moana beach).
This morning I got up and went to the Satellite City Hall at the mall to get my Driver's License renewed. It's good until 2018! One less thing to worry about. That was after going to sleep about 3am and having my dogs wake me up at 7:30am for their walk!
After my beach time I went over to see Bette, (I gave Walt a ride over to their place) as they won't be able to make it out tomorrow. They are going to spend it with some other friends that they want to see before they leave in a couple weeks.
When I got back home I took a shower and then went and did some grocery shopping. I still have Guy & Nikki coming over tomorrow for dinner. I'm going to make a pot roast. I'm also going to make some "Rotel cheese" dip for our "appetiser."
Tonight I've been surfing the web, mainly looking at accomodations in Venice at this point. One place I found that isn't too far from where the cruise leaves, would cost me about $300 for 2 nights (because the value of the Euro is up there!). I wish I had about $3,000 extra to play with, money wise. Oh well, we'll make do!
Okay... time to sign off... my doggies are wanting their bedtime walk.
- Kris

Late night!

SO... it's 2:15am and I am just starting my blog. UGH! I've stayed up late tonight reading (for a change... I don't do enough of that these days!). I ordered three books about Italy from Amazon and two of them came in the mail today. SO... tonight I read most of "Essential Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice and the top spots in between". It's a FODOR's book. It's one of those books that once you start, it's hard to put down. Especially if you are traveling to those areas within the next couple months! It's about 500 pages. I didn't read EVERY page, but the most pertinent. I'll re-read some of the ones about Venice because I'm probably not going to remember much of that section (the last section) because I've just about been nodding off as I've been reading (way past my bedtime!). Needless to say, I'm getting excited about my upcoming trip! And yes... I was able to make my reservations this morning for MY flight to Italy. SO... flights & cruise are paid for. NOW, I just have to deal with lodging for about a week (5-6 nights) and then any tours we may want to take. Oh yea... and decide whether to take the train or drive. I was ready to do a car rental tonight, but after reading the book, I'm now back to leaning towards taking the train. (and that's not necessarily cheap!).
Okay... work-wise today... ugh! I had a meeting from 8 - 9:30. Another one from 10-11:30. Then I had lunch with current and former co-workers, which was nice. Then there was another meeting at 1:30pm that lasted for an hour (I had to leave because then I had two clients to see this afternoon). During my "spare" time today, I had to complete an application package to get a client into a residental program on the mainland.
Okay... signing off.
- Kris

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Buying tickets...

Halona Blow Hole on Oahu

So... work wasn't as productive as I hoped. I got side-tracked trying to find resources for a group that I'm being asked to co-facilitate. I was supposed to focus on getting trainings done online... maybe tomorrow?

I got frustrated with someone from another clinic today. I was told that they needed to be the one to fill out an application to get a client into a residential program. That person said he was told We needed to fill out the paperwork. Now, mind you, I do NOT mind completing the paperwork, if I had known this was going to be the outcome, I would have done it last week. Instead I feel like I have been waiting on some imbecile who does not want to do anything more than he absolutely has to. Needless to say, if anyone ever suggests that he's looking for a job in *our* company, I'll definitely put my "no" vote in.

Tonight I've been on the phone with my middle daughter trying to make flight arrangements for our trip to Italy. We finally settled on a ticket for her (the cheapest), and I paid for that. Then I went to purchase a ticket for me (after much searching, we just couldn't find a way to fly over and back together, even for part of the flights, darn it... anyway), I went to pay for my ticket and my payment was denied. Darn it! My bank has a limit on how much I can take out of my account on any one day, regardless of how much I have in there! GRRRR! I sure hope it doesn't mess up for tomorrow morning when I try to get up and make the reservation. I think on two of the flights there were only 1 seat each, window seats, left. I'm going to be upset if the seats are not available tomorrow when I attempt to purchase them (AND the purchase BETTER go through!). Anyway, that has taken most of the night. I missed the "Bonus round" on "Wheel of Fortune" (something I always like to watch, I missed who got voted off of "The Survivor" (guess I can go read the online summary). And now I've been watching "The Mentalist." It's just getting over, which means it is time to walk the dogs and then head to bed.

- Kris

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Normal day? And reconnections...

So... today was fairly normal at work, other than having a client making non-specific death threats against a specific racial population. (sorry... can't be more clear than that). Hopefully I have all my bases covered where that client is concerned (to ensure they don't follow through).

I only worked 1 extra hour tonight and that was because I was trying to "cover my bases" as mentioned above.

Tonight I've been surfing the web for airfares to Italy. I haven't made my reservations yet, but it isn't going to be cheap. Hopefully as I search the web, the fares won't go up too much.

Talk about reconnections. A couple friends found me on Facebook today! YEA! One is a friend that I've had since 1994, and the other is a friend I used to work with. She retired last year and I didn't get her forwarding address before she moved. So... I was very grateful to get an Facebook request from her! I'll look forward to maintaining contact with her.

Okay... gotta scoot!

- Kris

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


There --> There's that pot of gold... can I go grab it, huh Mom, huh Mom? *smiles*


I found out tonight that one of my co-workers are leaving. That means I will get most, if not all of his old clients (I currently have 56 or so... but I think he has about 80! I have more "Higher Risk" clients than he does). He's thinking he will be leaving about mid-April. I hope it doesn't mess up my vacation! (It can't. I won't let it... they will just have to figure some way to cover for me!). Fortunately (for what it is worth anyway), my supervisor has already signed my leave paperwork. I'm taking off on my birthday and from May 10th - 25th or so. (I'm actually hoping to allow myself a day or two back home before I return to work).

Today I had a 12 hour day. I should not allow myself to get so scheduled! I had an 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, and noon appt. My 1pm appt was a no-show, which was a good thing, because then I ended up with two new clients that I needed to do risk assessments on. Then I had my 3pm appt show and my final appt of the day was a "no show." Then it took me until almost 8 to get all my notes in. I won't have time tomorrow to do any notes, so needed to get them done tonight. I did let my supervisor know I would need to stay late tonight. I don't get over time, but at least I do get comp time.

Okay... guess that's about it. It is already 10:30pm and past my bedtime.

- Kris

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ugh! Tired today with a tummy ache

Hickam beach

So, I had a slow morning at work, but then developed one of my "tummy aches," I have only had two since the middle of December and they were at night. My doc had instructed me to go get labs done during the middle of an episode, so I went over to the lab, then asked my supervisor if I could go home. I had an appointment scheduled for 11am, which I kept, but shortened, then I had our receptionist reschedule my 1pm appt (the rest of the afternoon would have been in a meeting). Then I came home and slept.
This morning I had to take the pups in to the vet. They are both now fixed! I picked them up about 2:30 and we've been dozing on the couch since. I took them down for a potty break about 6pm, and will take them down again tonight before bedtime. I've got head caps for them (cone shaped so that they cannot lick themselves). I may have to cut them down a little bit though, because I'm not sure they can even drink water with them on!
Okay, I'm going to sign off. I've been watching the "Jason & Mollie" wedding (they met on "The Bachelor" show).

- Kris

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is the weekend really over?

So... I *really* should know better. I stayed up til 1am and the dogs woke me up at 6:30am and wanted to go out for a walk. This is what it looked like. The sun hadn't come up yet, it was raining over the hills and then it was raining before we got back from our walk.
I don't know where the weekend went. I remember I got to spend a little bit of time at the beach yesterday and I remember I saw Bette & got to do some shopping yesterday... oh yea and I watched "My life in Ruins" last night. Today, the only significant thing was getting to spend time with my snowbird friends. We barbequed some chicken, grilled some asperagus & had some salad. I also baked some chocolate chip cookies (and we had chips & dip before dinner). It was a good visit and the time flew by fast!

I went in to pick them up and then took them back home tonight. Bette is still struggling with her knee and she is still having a lot of pain. Please keep her in your prayers.
Okay... I'm going to sign off and go to bed (hopefully I will get there before the news? But I still need to walk the dogs).

- Kris

Saturday, March 6, 2010

beach day!

Look at this beach day... fantastic, huh!

This is the Ala Wai Boat Harbor with Waikiki in the background.
So... I *did* make it to the beach about 3 hours. (and I did get some sunburn!). Then I did some shopping & then went over to spend some time with my friends Walt & Bette. After that, I did some grocery shopping (and spent more than I should have..).

Tonight I've watched "Bubba Gump" and then tonight I've been watching "My Life in Ruins." Someone recommended I see it before I go to Greece in May. I think I need to send it on to my middle daughter who will be going with me, I think she would like it.
Okay, time to go walk the dogs and then bedtime for me. Last night I stayed up surfing the web until 3am. Ugh! Now I'm *really* tired.
- Kris

Polynesian Cultural Center

This is what happens when you don't keep an eye on the person you want a picture with! *smiles*
A building in the Fiji village at the Polynesian Cultural Center

They do a boat parade with boats representing each of the various cultures at the PCC. This is the Hawaiian boat. (they didn't dance, they just stood there. I guess "royalty" doesn't need to dance! *smiles*)

I went on one of these boat rides with my supervisor & another co-worker.

With a stone statue...

So. It has been an EXTREMELY long day. It started with a staff meeting at 8am. Then we (my supervisor & one of the co-workers in OUR section) headed over to a conference room to hook up with other co-workers from my "company' that were getting a day off work and free tickets to go up to the Polynesian Cultural Center (so... the "PCC" was my place of work for the day!). I rode up with my supervisor & her husband and we stopped at Ted's Bakery for lunch (I had a crab (salad) & bacon sandwhich, along with a small slice of chocolate cream pie). Since my supervisor & her husband haven't been on island too long (and don't explore as much as I do), I decided to have them stop at Laie Point (it's only about 5 minutes from PCC). They were amazed & appreciated the stop. I'm sure they will get back up there again some day.
We got to the PCC about 12:30pm or so. I really enjoy going up there, I just regret that there doesn't seem to be any way humanly possible to see EVERYTHING there in one day. We made the most of it though. I've been there one other time, about 6 years ago. Two activities I did today. I got a "tattoo" (a fake one) around my right wrist and then I tried the spear throwing contest again. And I managed to lob the spear up and have it come down in the circle. I was SO proud of myself!

I also went to the IMAX theater there today. I didn't do that last time. My supervisor's knee was really bothering her (her knees hurt her worse than MINE hurt me!). So, we probably didn't walk quite as much as I might have, had I been on my own.

Dinner was exquisite. I was surprised though, that my supervisor & her husband haven't had crab before (didn't know how to eat it and didn't like having to fight to get their meat! *smiles*). So... I had their crab along with mine. In fact. My dinner consisted of cold, peel & eat shrimp (with cocktail sauce), 1 small half of a baby red potato (or something like that), CRAB (with melted butter), strawberries & Kiwi! Great dinner! *smiles*
After dinner they had the night show "Ha'a" (breath). My supervisor & her husband decided they were too tired to stay, so I bummed a ride back to work with another co-worker & her husband, so I could pick up my car. It was after 10pm before I got home. Now it's after 1am and I'm beat. AND, it's sounding like it is supposed to rain tomorrow. I was *really* hoping for a beach day, darn it. I *really* need it.
Okay... signing off.

- Kris

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kind of like Friday

Today was fairly busy. This morning I was late to work due to an accident on the road that I take to work. I still met with four clients this morning and then had one appt this afternoon (it lasted a long time though).

Today was a rainy day, most of the day.

Tonight I've just been watching "The Survivor" and I'm hoping to stay awake to watch "The Mentalist." For some reason I'm really tired tonight.

Tomorrow I have to go into work for a meeting and then I get to go out to the Polynesian Cultural Center with a bunch of my co-workers for the rest of the day. It should be fun, but it will be a long day because we will be staying for the dinner and evening show. I'll be sure to take pictures! *smiles*
Time to sign off.

- Kris

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tired today...

So... my dogs woke me up just after 4am. Peanut should NOT have had some hamburger yesterday! I had three messes to clean up before 5am. Fortunately she is trained to go potty on a pad. AND... I got them out for a walk and back before 5am. Consequently, I'm going to go to bed right after the 9pm news!

Last night I had fun surfing the web, looking at travel stuff for Italy... like... should we take the train from Rome (via Florence & Pisa) to Venice or shall I see about getting an international driver's license and rent a car? (I *am* a little nervous about that, but then we would have more freedom to go where we want to go).

Okay... I'm going to sign off.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aloha Soldier

Today I had the opportunity to go to the Memorial Service of a Soldier. I did fine, until they did the Roll-call and Taps. If you have never attended the service of a soldier, it is a sobering experience. At the end of the service, they call the names of soldiers that belong to the squad of the deceased. When the name of the deceased is called, there is [dead] silence. They call his/her name several times with no response (obviously). Then they play taps. I know several people who worked with this soldier and they are struggling. Unexpected deaths are never easy. Please keep the soldier's family in your prayers.

This afternoon was busy, I spent most of it with one client in crisis and completing paperwork to help them get into a residential treatment program. I hope it works and I hope they can go before the situation gets worse.

I didn't leave work until almost 7. One of my bosses called about 7 (to discuss my client in crisis) and I joked "how did you know I was still here." It's just typical for me, I guess.

Okay, I'm going to sign off, it's about time to take the dogs out for their walk.

- Kris

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Couple Tsunami Pictures

These were taken from my friend Barb's 32nd Floor apartment overlooking the Ala Moana coastal area. The boats are all out "to sea" so that when the Tsunami hit, they would not be bashed against their moorings. Fortunately, as everyone knows by now, it was basically a "non-event" for Hawaii.
Looking down at the deserted streets of Waikiki, this is just amazing (and the three cop cars going down the streets to evacuate the area).
So... work went fine, I had a couple appts call to reschedule and I had a couple unexpected appointments, and then this afternoon I was in a meeting all afternoon.
I finally cleared things with my travel agency for my Cruise. They had said my credit card was declined, but when I called the bank, it was just because they had put in the wrong expiration date (and when I called, the cruise agency had the RIGHT date, but someone must have input it incorrectly). So, that's done. Now to hope I can get some cheaper airfares to Rome. *smiles* I'm so excited about getting to know Italy better.
Time to sign off... the dogs need a walk before bedtime.
- Kris