Friday, October 30, 2009

Survived another week! *smiles*

Wow... another week is over... whew! Today was spent in meetings almost ALL day! We had our section staff meeting from 8-9:15, then had to leave to go join a bunch of other people for a clinic-wide training, I rode over with co-workers to & from the meeting. We got back about 11:15 and I went down at 11:30 to assist my supervisor to help develop & update annual performance objectives. I feel bad for her in that she is a new supervisor, she has limited supervision herself and she's has a lot of expectations put upon her. For example, she was informed that everyone was to write their own goals and objectives, but when she called the person in charge of the appraisal system, she was told that the supervisor was the one that was supposed to write & develop them for her subordinates (so my supervisor has three sets to write). Anyway... we knocked it out this afternoon, and my co-workers were relieved that it was one less thing they had to do. My supervisor still plans to write her own up this weekend.

Anyway... that took up most of the afternoon. I *did* get to see one client that is going through some struggles and I called and talked to a couple other clients. Before I knew it, it was almost 5:30pm. Where does the time go?
I didn't even take a lunch break per se. Some of the nurses where I work were having a potluck, so they offered me some food...mmmm! I sat down for about 10 minutes while my boss was on the phone dealing with another matter.

I *did* call & make an appointment for my doggy Peanut. I need to find out if she's pregnant so I can figure out what to do next (i.e. who to have watch her while I'm on my cruise). If by chance she *isn't* pregnant, then she needs her annual shots. I'm going to take her in tomorrow morning. At least the Vet office isn't far from where I live.
Tonight has been filled with just doing chores. I stopped on the way home to pick up a salad for dinner (which grilled chicken), and then I've done up all my dishes & I'm also doing laundry. I've also been watching some tv. I'm looking forward to Halloween in Waikiki tomorow night... although I haven't even gotten my costume out to look at! I may be working on tile tomorrow too... we'll see.
Okay... time to sign off for another day... I haven't heard from my friends Bette & Walt, they are supposed to be on the Big Island right now. I hope they made it safely and are doing okay.
- Kris

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not a whole lot to write about today... work went okay, it wasn't as busy as some, and I probably should have met with a few clients today (I only met with two, but was instructed to block out the afternoon). I did my first case presentation this afternoon and it went fine. Thankfully I went over the case with my supervisor first, so I was better prepared about the client than I would have been otherwise. I got good feedback after the presentation.
I've been helping my supervisor with computer issues. I feel like I've made a hundred trips down to her office at the other end of the hall today. I helped her create a satisfaction survey for the case presentation staffing. The client is present at this staffing, so it is to determine whether they felt heard and respected, and whether they felt their identified goals were addressed (there were 6 measures total). The case I staffed today was the first time we used the survey tool. The results go directly to one of the top bosses (yikes!). The overall purpose though is to find out how we can make the process better for the client, so it is important to do.
I've also made door signs for each of my co-workers, at least we now have a way to state whether we are with a client, in (please knock), with the supervisor, at the main office...etc). Those are just little things I do to help out. I just need to balance my "helping" with getting my own work done.
Okay... time to sign off. I've been watching TV... "Survivor," "CSI" and now "The Mentalist."
- Kris

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

God Bless You & Keep You Kay-Kay

An beautiful sunset tonight as the sun set over the mountains... a very appropriate sunset as it was as if God was saying "my shining light is here with me." I found out last night, that my friend Jim's wife, Kay-Kay, passed away last week. She was such a wonderful and spunky person and we became instant friends from the moment we met. I couldn't have picked a better wife for my friend Jim (from Alabama). I saw them last year when I was out there for Labor Day weekend, it was my first (and only thus far) trip to Alabama. Both Jim & Kay-Kay have had chronic, serious health problems. Kay had multiple health problems and had been a nurse by training, so seeing her get hooked up at home to an IV and wheel it around wasn't surprising. And she has stood by Jim as he had a brain aneurism that resulted in a large side of his skull being removed, and then just this past year he lost (at least) one of his feet due to complications from blood clots in his legs. They used to joke about being in ICU together (for different reasons, but at the same time). Please keep my friend Jim in your thoughts and prayers, this will definitey be a tough time for him. They had both hoped to get well enough to come back over to Hawaii for a visit.

On the work side... it was another busy day, I only saw 3-4 clients today, but had to spend quite a bit of time familiarizing myself with my list of clients, reviewing their notes and such, but technically, I'm supposed to see 10 more clients over the next two days, and tomorrow afternoon I have to staff a case, and then Friday morning is blown with staff meetings. It doesn't leave much time for appointments! At some point, I need to sit down with my calendar and figure out where the time goes in this position. I don't feel like I am wasting any time, and like today, I think I had 15 minutes to grab something for lunch.

On a good note... I did get up and I took the dogs for a quick 1 mile walk this morning... picking up the speed... they didn't know what to think when I wouldn't let them stop at every bush for a sniff and a smell. *smiles*

On another note... wow... was it hazy today! We had a lot of VOG (Volcanic fog). It was so thick I could barely see Honolulu on my drive home, and I couldn't see Diamond Head from my apartment!

My friends Bette & Walt should be in Kona tonight... I hope the VOG isn't TOO bad for them there... and that it doesn't cause any respiratory problems for them. A lot of people get sinus headaches with the VOG and those with Asthma have increased difficulties.

Okay... signing off!

- Kris

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday, Tuesday...

So... it was another busy day. It started off that there was an accident on the main road that I take to work, so I had to take the long way around detour. And as it turned out, it probably took just as long to go that way than if I had gone the road I usually take and waited through the accident. Oh well. That's just how it is sometimes.

This morning was spent in a meeting, I got out about 11:30 and had a noon appointment with a client. I saw another one or two clients this afternoon. (sheesh... I can't remember). I was also trying to put together some statistics about my clients for my supervisor... I'm at a little bit of a disadvantage because I'm still just getting to know my clients. I think right now I have about 50 clients. And I've only met with 4-5. Guess I've got to get busy. I forgot to mention that I got my on-line training done yesterday with a score of 98%. *smiles* It is a training that has to be completed within 30 days of starting. I don't know, but I would say that it takes almost 30 hours to go through it. I'm just glad it's done.

Tomorrow my friends Bette & Walt are flying over to the Big Island. Pray that they have a safe journey and a safe time while they are here.

Time to sign off...

- Kris

Monday, October 26, 2009

It would have been a nice to have a beach day...

Well, I had a busy day today. I've got all my stuff in my office, several people said it looks good (I still have more pictures to hang and still have 7 boxes stacked up of books... but oh well). It's kind of like the final severance between my new job and my old job. I went over to my old office and dropped off my keys and they already had someone in my office (he's an intern that works 3 days a week... a really nice guy!). At my new office I had two risk assessments and met with two other clients. I finally got to get online to do the documentation that I haven't been able to do for a week, I got all the notes done this afternoon except for two that I'll do tomorrow. As it is, I didn't leave work until aboug 6pm.

Tomorrow I have a busy day, I have to go sign in at the main office (they want to make sure we ALL have our hospital identification cards for accountability purposes), then I have a meeting that will probably last three hours, after that I have an appointment at noon, and I don't remember what is scheduled for the rest of the afternoon.

Not much else to write about tonight... I got my Christmas cards in the mail today (I ordered them and received them). My goal is to have them mailed before I go on my Cruise just after Thanksgiving.

So... Aloha for another day...

- Kris

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday... where did the weekend go???

Gosh... is the weekend over already? I was going to say that I'm going to regret not making more of my weekend... but it was what it was. Yesterday was focused on the football game, today was focused on getting my office moved from one side of the complex to another (which took quite a bit of time). I took the pups with me and wore them out going from one side of the complex to another. At least I had a hand-truck to use, that helped! I have 7 boxes of books now stacked in my new office... I *need* a bookcase for my new office. Hopefully I can beg around the new workplace and find someone that has an extra one that I can use/have.
On a side note, I got an email from my middle daughter, one of the colleges that came up looking for a Professor in her field, is the University of Hawaii! *smiles* Her top three choices are Reed College, in Portland; St. Olaf College near Minneapolis, and the University of Chicago. It'll be interesting to see where she ends up!
Not much happening tonight... I watched "The Amazing Race" and have been reading on the web. The ship I plan to sail on next November (2010), went through a severe storm south of Italy on it's way back to Barcelona. It sounds like several cabins were damaged with broken windows to boot. It must have been a scary night in the storm! I'm sure it will all be fixed before I board next year (and they are sailing back out tomorrow with another group of people, so they must be able to fix those type of things fairly readily if they are able to go sail again). I guess those that were on the cruise had to miss a couple ports and those leaving on the cruise this week will have to miss 1 port (because they are leaving a day late). As someone said... I'd rather be on the ship missing a port, than at work! (or something like that!). I'm counting down my time to my cruise in November. I fly out a month from today. Wow... hard to believe it is coming so fast! I'm hoping I can get everything into 1 LARGE suitcase & a carry-on.
I did talk to Bette today, she & Walt are coming down this week, but will be over on the Big Island for 10 days. If I had the $$ I would have flown over to see them next weekend... but alas, with my trip coming up and other expenditures, I can't afford to go. Oh well... I'll see them in a few more months.
Okay... guess I'll sign off. I need to finish up my laundry and get things ready for work tomorrow.

- Kris

Saturday, October 24, 2009

UH lost to Boise

So... UH lost to Boise 54-9. It was a painful game to watch and a lot of people left early. Not me... I consider myself to be a very loyal fan and will stay to the end! Our 2nd Quarterback was hurt tonight and only played part of the 1st quarter (the one that started the season was hurt in about the 3rd game and is out for the season). So... they brought the THIRD quarterback in and it took him a little while to lose the nervousness and start making some connections (with the players on OUR team... he did pretty good connecting with the OTHER team, unfortunately).

Other than the football game, I didn't do anything. Just feeling rather tired, so had a lazy first half of the day... watched some football on TV.

It's almost midnight now though... so will sign off for today!

- Kris

Friday, October 23, 2009

Yippppeeee! It's Friday!

Yipppeeee! It's Friday!

This morning was whacky... we were supposed to have a staff meeting but it got interrupted for a teleconference... and then by the time my supervisor was ready to meet, it was about 10 before noon. And I had asked my former co-workers to meet me for lunch. I let my supervisor know that I had made plans... so I left about 15 after and got to go meet them for lunch. It was good to see them and spend time with them.

I got more of my online training done today. That was about it for this afternoon.

Tonight I went to the mall for a little bit and had some California Pizza Kitchen for dinner (pizza). It sure was good!

Okay... time to sign off for the day...

- Kris

Thursday, October 22, 2009

One more day...

Well... today was pretty good. I saw a client this morning and then this afternoon I spent the better part of the afternoon doing training. So... a fairly mellow day. I had a good talk with my new supervisor when I should have been getting off work... she really appreciates having me there...

Okay... I'm going to sign off...


- Kris

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Week is half done!

Not a lot to write about today. I spent this morning back at my old clinic because they were staffing cases today, so I went to staff a couple cases. It was basically the last thing I needed to do to wrap up my cases at my old clinic. It was nice to be back there in my old office (I still haven't moved everything). I stayed and had lunch with my old co-workers... I enjoyed the time with them and will miss seeing them on a daily basis.
This afternoon I didn't do too much, although I was busy. I took all my notes and put them into an "Excel" spreadsheet, so I can sort them alphabetically or by the level of risk they have. Works for me... at least for now!
Okay... I'm going to sign off.

- Kris

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How was YOUR Tuesday?

I haven't posted this picture for awhile, it's the Buddhist temple over on the North Windward side of the island.

Today was busy, as I expected it to be. I was asked to go sit in on a meeting that started at 9am, I left at 11:50, before it was over, because I had a client coming in at noon (pre-scheduled). It was a good session, I really liked the client, he's a good kid. After that I met with my supervisor for a little bit, and then had another client come in. Both clients had pretty good insight, and are learning coping skills for their issues.

I finally got on another co-worker's computer to put in a work request so that I can get my computer hooked up to the rest of the system (have my computer "mapped" to the system). About the only thing I can do is to remotely look at my emails. So, I can't document the clients I have seen yesterday or today.

One nice thing now (with the position change) is that I have free access to "The Rosetta Stone" which is a language aquisition program. I logged on tonight at home and started the first lesson of Spanish. I need to hook up my voice recognition program though so I can take advantage of that part as well. I would like to brush up on my Spanish before I leave on my cruise in a little over a month.

Other than that...I *did* get my car back last night and the brakes are working great... no more squeaking in the back end! It still sounds like there is a grumbling noise in the engine, not sure what that is about, but at least the rear axle hub was replaced, so I don't have to worry about that anymore. I guess if I had taken it into the dealership, my friend said that they probably would have charged me about $1500 (because they would have done more replacing and charged for the labor). With the wonderful friends I have, it only cost me $150 in parts (and I owe them a dinner!).

Okay... I'm going to sign off. I've been playing on the computer too much tonight (while I watched "The Biggest Loser")... wasn't really "playing" but trying to get to where I could sign in for the Spanish program and then, as I said, did some of the first lesson. I need to go get ready for tomorrow.

- Kris

Monday, October 19, 2009

Twasn't too bad of a day...

So... I spent all morning finishing up my inprocessing, so THAT's done! I also went ahead and got some labs done (to check my PTH levels again... although I was supposed to try out some meds and didn't follow up on that... bad on me... the meds weren't in the "formulary" meaning "insurance" didn't want to pay for them and I didn't follow up on whether a waiver was received).
This afternoon I checked back in at my clinic, saw a client (although I couldn't do the online documentation because I'm still mapped to my old clinic, I'll work on that tomorrow). After meeting with the client, I met with my supervisor for the rest of the afternoon. She's SO glad to have me there. I had hoped to pop in on my old clinic, but didn't get the chance. I also had some messages on the phone of my new office, but didn't take the time to even check them. One thing at a time. As it was, I didn't leave work until 5:15pm.
Okay... I'm going to sign off... I watched "House" and now I'm watching "Lie to Me." Both are good shows.

Soon I need to take the pups out for a walk, and then I'll need to get ready for tomorrow.

As far as my car goes, I think they are working on it tonight, so hopefully I will get it back tomorrow after work? I hope so.

- Kris

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Starting to tile in the livingroom...
Coming out from the hallway...

A close up of where the tile had to be cut around the corner (and then all the pieces along that wall had to be cut). This coming from the hallway into the livingroom (behind where the couch normally is).

A day's work... it took about 10 hours of steady work to do part of the hallway and this much in the livingroom. This is looking towards the sliders & front door.

The same tiling area... but looking toward the kitchen and hallway.
So... those are the pictures I wanted to post last night but couldn't. And the grouting didn't get done today... so guess that will happen next weekend? (Although there is a UH football game next weekend).
Today I ripped up the rest of the carpet in the livingroom (under the TV area) and I pulled up the linoleum by the front door. I also emptied out part of the laundry room area, because everything will have to come out of it when it gets tiled (including the stacking washer & dryer).
I have some friends who are working on my car. They offered to replace my rear brakes for me (they were making some noise and sounded like they were dragging). I bought the brakes and they took the car over to their house to work on it. Well... they said the brakes weren't that bad, but that I had a bad bearing... that's what was causing the noise. (The dealership said I needed new brakes when they had it in the shop a couple weeks ago). So... they called me and asked me about changing out the bearrings... I said go ahead. Well... they got a new bearing, but couldn't get the old bearing out. They think that the hub got so hot that it kind of melted the bearing into the hub. SO... now I'm looking at having to buy new rear hubs... And they couldn't fix my car today, so one of them brought me his car to drive.
And then... my desktop is messing it up. When the one guy was here to drop off the car, he looked at my desktop and was able to get me into it (using the F12 key and the F1 key)... I can get it open and I've tried to "restore" it back to an earlier date... but it is still giving me the same problem. Earlier this week I just put it to "sleep" instead of shutting it down and then it wouldn't come back on a couple days later when I decided to get back on it. So... I don't know what is wrong with it. The guy suggested it might be the CPU fan? At least it isn't the hard-drive... but whenI got it up and running, the first thing I did was a new back up (I actually have it scheduled to back up once a week... which is good... a lot of people should back up their computers and don't and when it freezes up, they freak out because they lose all their stuff off their computer). The last time it had been backed up was on the 11th... so I wouldn't have lost much. I tend to use my lap top more (which has NOT been backed up in at least a month... so I should do that again soon).

Okay... I should sign off... it's back to the work week tomorrow. I feel like I could use a day off to sleep! Tomorrow morning I have to go into town for some inprocessing... hopefully wrap that up. I need to go get everything ready for tomorrow... because I have to go into town, I have to get up earlier. Ugh!
- Kris

Saturday, October 17, 2009

No pictures tonight... sorry!

Well... darn... I was going to upload pictures of my day today... a little over half of the living room is now tiled. I posted the pictures to my Facebook account, but couldn't load them on my blog... darn it!

I'm exhausted! And I didn't do all the laying of the tile. I just helped the guy here doing it. I helped pull up the old carpet and the padding and hauled most of that downstairs to the garbage, I helped pull up some of the tacking strips and I helped scrape up where the carpet padding was stuck to the glue on the floor from when the carpet was first laid. I also took the pups out several times for walks. They've been so good today. Oh yea... I forgot... I had to move everything out of the living room... I put the couch and the recliner in the dining area (after putting the dining table and chairs in the spare bedroom). Tomorrow I get to help grout. At least that goes fast. BUT... before the grouting in the afternoon, I have to take my car down to a friend's house "Forest's" house. He's going to change out my rear brakes, which is desparately needed and I can't afford to take them to a shop (Ford would want WAY too much!). I bought the brakes when I had my front brakes changed out, but the rear brakes didn't need to be changed then (you use your rear brakes less).

Okay... that's about it today...sorry about no pics today...

- Kris

Friday, October 16, 2009

Rainbow over Ala Moana

I took this photo last weekend while floating off Ala Moana beach... it barely sprinkled at the beach, but this view is towards the mountain (Mauka) side, where the clouds often gather.

Today was busy... although I had a hard time getting started this morning... dragging my feet at home. Work itself was fine and was the last day in my "old" position. I felt like I got just about everything I needed to get done, finished. I haven't done a thing to pack up my office though... I guess I will need to do that this next week at some point. Monday morning I am going to head into the main hospital and hopefully finish in-processing there, so I can move forward.

Not much happening tonight... did some laundry (one of the pups got sick ON the bed last night, so had to change the bedding and do the wash). I did some grocery shopping to be ready for the upcoming week.
I *think* tomorrow I'll be back to helping with tiling. I need to get busy and get the livingroom/diningroom half-way emptied (he's going to be doing half that area at a time...). I am definitely hoping the tiling will be done before I go on my cruise.

On another note... I just got new neighbors moving in today. He's a young Army guy, I hope I don't have any problems... and I'm noticing that someone must smoke... and the smell is coming in through the fan I have by the livingroom sliders. Yuk!

Okay... signing off...
- Kris

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunrise, sunset...

This was the sunrise this morning as I was out walking Peannut & Bruno... beautiful, eh? While I hate getting up any earlier than I have to, there *are* rewards... such as views like this.

Work was SO busy today. This morning I worked on a couple charts and then briefed my (soon to be ex) boss on the clients I've had. We went over something like 57 cases, then I had to go over to the new position and the person I'm replacing briefed on some of the high risk cases I'll be taking over (a little over a dozen) and then we had a company luncheon to go to (where they welcomed new employees for the month and said good-bye to those leaving), then we had to go over to staff a couple cases I will be taking over and then spent the rest of the afternoon going over all the other cases I will be taking over. I'll be taking over about 55 cases or so... ugh! Nothing like jumping in with both feet! I *still* need to finish my online training and I still need to finish inprocessing... Me thinks my life will be getting VERY hectic VERY fast. I'll have to work to take care of ME... and do things that will help me relax on my off time and enjoy my off time so I am more present at work when I need to be.

Okay... I'm going to sign off...

- Kris

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making progress...

I went and got a new ID card today, that's out of the way... and I went through a lot of charts and made a matrix listing all of my clients that I have had and closed a bunch more charts. I'm *almost* done. Tomorrow I'll be spending most of the day at the new position.
One extra special nice thing for me today... was that my doc wrote me a waiver so I don't have to get the flu shot or the H1N1 shot this year. YEA! (Whew!).
I left work at 6 and went out to a co-worker's place. In addition to being a good therapist, she is is learning the art of "healing" through touch, so she needed someone to practice on and asked me if I would be willing... so I said sure. So... I got home about 8:30pm. It's been a long day.
I also got my cruise documents for my cruise in November... yea!
Okay... signing off...
- Kris

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where would you rather be?

Work or the beach? I agree... the beach... isn't this a beautiful place? Don't you wish you were here?

Work went fine today... I got a lot done, but also had a lot of interruptions. It looks like I'll be moving over to the new clinic on Monday (not Thursday as I had thought), but I will have to be over at the other clinic for a few hours each day.

Okay, time to sign off...

- Kris

Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day 2009

So... first... here's a look at my 2010 calendars that I have made for this year. They turned out really, really nice! *smiles* I'm taking orders... the wall calendars are $12 each and the desk calendars are $7 each. I've got the calendars already, so if you're thinking of a Christmas Present... these make nice ones! (Trust me... I know... I'm giving them to my family members).

Peanut & Bruno today... awesome pups!

Another beautiful day in Hawaii Nei... I did make it to the beach today for a little while. It was nice to lay on the beach and to lay on my floaty for awhile. I could have enjoyed a couple more hours, but left home late because I did some chores... I used up some aging vegetables and meat and made a wonderful crock pot meal and I made some of my wonderful chocolate chip cookies... they turned out really nice! MMMMM! I also made it to the park with Bruno & Peanut for awhile to wear them out while I went to the beach (so they could be home & sleep and not make a mess! *smiles*).

Okay... that's about it. I'm going to sign off and get ready for the work week... it's going to be an interesting week! Busy and interesting both!

- Kris

Sunday, October 11, 2009


I found someone to take my picture before the game... bad hair day... huh!

So... after getting up early to take the puppies out for their walk, I laid back down for a few hours of restless sleep. Then I went online to figure out flight arrangements for my cruise in November. I now have my tickets. I'll be flying out shortly after lunch the day before Thanksgiving and will be spending Thanksgiving & the day after in Fort Lauderdale, before boarding the cruise ship (Enchantment - Royal Caribbean). I was also considering things to do while I'm in Fort Lauderdale. I am thinking about driving down to Homestead and on down to Key West. I haven't been to those places since 1977. When I was in the Air Force, my first duty station was Homestead AFB, Fl (76-77). It was hit really hard by Hurricane Andrew back in the early 90's and is no longer a regular base, I think it's a reserve base now.
Other than working on cruise things... and surfing the web, I *did* go see "Couples Retreat." It was pretty good, and was funny.
Okay... Peanut is begging me to take her out for a walk before bed, so I guess I will sign off.
- Kris

Saturday, October 10, 2009

UH Lost to Fresno...

This will probably go down as one of my shortest blogs. The only thing I really did today was go to the UH versus Fresno football game... and UH lost 42-17. We had a new quarterback today (the guy who has been our quarterback was injured at one of the last games). It really downpoured during the game today.. whew! Glad I carry a poncho!

Not much else to write about today, so I'll sign off.

- Kris

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sunrise in Hawaii

This was the sunrise over the mountains as I took my pups out early this morning for their walk. Beautiful, huh! That's one of benefits of walking dogs early in the morning before work! *smiles* It's a great way to start the day.

I spent this morning over at the new clinic and then this afternoon I was at my former job (where I've spent more time, but that will change next week). I've been closing charts. I'm going to miss the difference between the two clinics. At the new clinic, it was 12:50pm and no one had stopped for lunch... at the old clinic... they went to Ruby Tuesdays and were gone for a two hour lunch. I *know* I'm going from the frying pan to the fire. *smiles*

Other than that, I got the additional order of calendars. I forgot to order the calendars to be on cardstock, so the wall calendars are lighter-weight, which will be good for mailing. SO... if anyone is interested in ordering some calendars, I have 40+ wall calendars and 70+ desk calendars. I'm selling the wall calendars for $12 each and the desk calendars for $7 each. Personally, I like the desk calendars. They are about 4" high and 8" wide (rectangle shape) and they have an accordian base to allow them to stand up on the desk. All of the pictures were taken by me, and I have to say, this is the best calendar of the four years that I've been making them. *smiles*

Okay...time to sign off.

- Kris

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Almost to the 3 day weekend! YAY!

So... another day... I was *some* what productive, once I figured out what I needed to do to move forward. I started closing some charts (long overdue), then I went to a meeting this afternoon that I really liked the idea of. It puts the CLIENT in the center of his treatment, with a team supporting and surrounding him. The CLIENT decides what his goals are and then resources are discussed to determine how we can best help that client reach those goals, whether it is to become healthier, to change careers, or go to college. (That's at the new position).
Other than that... I've walked the dog a couple times tonight, I've watched Survivor and now I'm waiting for "The Mentalist" to come on. I like that show!
I talked to my daughter Michelle today (and my oldest daughter... need to call my youngest to find out how SHE is doing). My oldest daughter has been waiting for a list of job openings to come out, apparently they come out in October (now) and again in November. She will be a Professor (of Ancient Philosophy). She's got some GREAT places to apply to, one that strikes her fancy is Whitman College, in Walla, Walla, Washington. She would be about 150 miles from my family then, close enough to visit if she wants to. She will also be applying to teach at Harvard, a place named "New School" (? in NY?), Tufts University, the University of Pittsburg, University of Victoria, UCLA, University of Chicago, and St Olaf College in MN. There are many more on her list. I'll keep my fingers crossed AND pray that she is able to land the best job possible (afterall, she's promised to be my retirement plan someday *smiles*).
Okay... time to scoot.
- Kris

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy day

The road to Hana, on Maui...
SO... today was really busy. I didn't think I would be quite as busy this morning and then this afternoon flew past! I left promptly at 4:30, which is VERY unusual for me. It was nice to get home in time for the 5pm news. (And yes Bette... I stayed home once I got home, other than to take the pups for a walk around the apartment complex).
This afternoon we received notice that Hawaii was put on another Tsunami watch because of the large earthquake off of Vanuatu (which ironically, is the area I had considered for next year's cruise, it was the cruise that went out of Sydney). I don't think Oahu even saw a 2" bump. I had sent out an email to my kids, sisters and a friend (Bette) and suggested that if I knew how to surf, that I thought it would be cool to go surf a Tsunami (I knew that even if it came as far as Hawaii, it would be at most a foot or so). How cool would it be to say that you have surfed a Tsunami. I met someone (at a church function at our pastor's house, here on Oahu) that has surfed a Tsunami... he said it was only a couple inches! *smiles* It was one of those ice breaker games where you had to say three things about yourself, 2 were true, one was false and we were supposed to guess which one was false. I remember my "false" statement, but I don't remember which one they guessed (they didn't guess the "lie").
Other than that, it's just plain hot and muggy tonight. It's about 80 degrees out at just after 8pm. There is no wind (I just got back from walking the pups again, because I thought it would be cooler outside, but it wasn't).
Oh yea... related to leaving work on time. As most of you know that read my blog, I tend to stay late often. VERY rarely do I leave on time. Most of the time it is my own choice... it's quieter when everyone else leaves and it's easier to get my documentation done. I also always strive to get my online documentation done the same day. Today I had to put in about 25 online notes for case presentations that I did. Whew! But... yesterday I skipped the staff meeting (technically I'm not part of that clinic anymore). It's held downtown once a month so that everyone from each of our clinics can be present. I found out that our co-workers that do the same job downtown work "9-9's". Meaning they work 9 days of 9 hour shifts and take every other Friday off! Dang! I put in AT least that much time a week... and I don't get a nickle for it... it again, just goes to show the disparity between the main clinic and our clinic which is an "outlyer" (sp).
Okay... time to sign off. It might be necessary to go take a cool shower to cool down! *smiles*
- Kris

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Not much to write about today... work was just trying to work on loose ends, but I did see one client and still need to get his wife in before I move over to the other clinic on the 15th.

I *did* make a reservation for the Barcelona cruise next November (2010)... now I just have to pay for it!

Tonight I've been watching "Biggest Loser", it just got over and I'm watching the news and will be taking Bruno & Peanut out for their walk. Which reminds me, one of my co-workers told me that IF Peanut IS pregnant, she will come house-sit for me and help with the delivery. She's had dog kennels most of her life (she raises German Shepherds), so she has a lot of experience whelping pups (big ones though). I hope it doesn't come to that. I am trying to talk my older sister into coming over for a couple weeks while I'm gone... time will tell. I tried to talk her into coming last year, but she didn't. Darn it.

Okay... time to sign off.

- Kris

Monday, October 5, 2009

Beginning of another week...

Well, I spent another day at my former/current office. This morning it was nice because I had the clinic pretty much to myself, although I had one client come in to see me (they are leaving the island next week). The rest of my co-workers were in town for a staff meeting all morning.

I also had to sign up online for some training for my new position, and I was able to get 4 modules done out of about 30 I need to do. My new supervisor wants me to get through the training, but I also need to make sure cases are wrapped up in my current position.

I spent the afternoon working on the online training.

Not much else to write about tonight, so I'll make this post short.

- Kris

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Today has been an absolutely LAZY day! I've been surfing the web and reading traveling information. I found a blog by someone who went on the Barcelona cruise (similar to what I am thinking about going on next year, in November 2010). The guy was very detailed in his blog and it was interesting to read. After he wrote that initial blog, he actually started a travel blog website. On that he gives statistics on where he & his wife have traveled to: As of August, 2009:
3 out of 7 continents (43%)
24 out of 100 countries* (24%)
18 out of 50 states (36%)

It made me think of the places that I have traveled to (and I know many of you have traveled to a LOT more places than I have!). First I had to remind myself of the various continents:
Asia, Australia, Africa, Antarctica, North America, South America and Europe.
So... of the continents, I've been to Australia, North America and Europe. In November I can cross off South America (although I'll have only touched the top of it when I go to Columbia). I will have gotten to 4/7 continents. IF I go on the cruise next year out of Barcelona, then that would be 5/7 continents, leaving Asia & Antarctica to travel to. From here, Asia would probably be easier. There IS a tour next fall that goes down to Antarctica, so maybe I can do that another year.

Countries I've been to. This is a little tougher. The guy is using "Traveler's Century Club" guidelines for countries. The goal is to reach 100 countries that you have been to, but it is quite expansive about what are referred to as countries, for example, they consider Hawaii and Alaska as "countries" probably due to there remoteness. I'll have to look at that list more closely. I've been to Germany, Liechtenstein, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, England, Wales, Ireland, and Austria in Europe. In North America I've been to Alaska, Canada, US and Mexico. I've been to Australia, Cook Islands, New Zealand, French Polynesia and Hawaii *smiles*. The only other place I can think of that I have been is to the Virgin Islands. So... 20 out of 100 countries... I have a long way to go to reach 100 countries.
As far as states go... that's where I hit the jackpot. I've been to all 50 states. *smiles* I accomplished that last year.
Anyway... that's where my head has been today. On travel. I keep thinking of how many countries I could hit in the next year. November - Columbia, Costa Rica, Jamaica & Panama. In May it will be Italy, Croatia, Turkey and Greece, and then the following November it will be Spain, Sicily, Greece, Egypt and Malta. I could hit 13 more countries in a little over a year.
Oh well... time will tell. In the meantime... have passport... will travel! *smiles*
Other than that... just a lazy day here at home. I haven't even had a shower or changed and it's 4:30pm. I guess with all the stress of the last couple weeks, having a lazy day is probably just what the doctor would order. I *do* need to throw some pants (and a hat) on and take the dogs out for a walk. By the way... did I mention that IF Peanut got pregnant, she would be due about the time I am on my cruise in November???? YIKES!
Okay... signing off for another day...
- Kris

Saturday, October 3, 2009

No work today...

Well, the person that was to be here to lay tile wasn't able to do it today... so I took advantage of the "free" day to do errands. I took WAY too many pop cans in to be recycled (at least they are now out of my car and apartment!). I had to stop by a store to pick up a box to mail stuff to my friend Susanne (she had put in an order, and I've had her stuff for awhile, I just had to get it all mailed). I sent her bamboo windchimes, the inexpensive walmart calendars and a specific brand of tuna. It cost me about $35 just to mail the stuff. I also sent her one of my 2010 calendars.
I sent a package off to my oldest daughter, along with a calendar (since I was sending something her way anyway), and I had to mail my friend Michelle a letter that had been sent to me, so I stuck it in an envelope with a calendar. I figured I would kill 2 birds with one stone.

I had to go pick up more dog food for the pups, along with the puppy pads - and looked for some more "poop" bags, but that store didn't have any, so stopped at a new Petco up in the Pearl City area and found them there. Other than that, I did some grocery shopping so I'm ready for this next week.

Other than that, I got an email that Royal Caribbean is having a sale October 6-7th, which got me looking at a possible cruise in another year. I'm already taking a cruise to Jamaica, Columbia, Costa Rica & Panama. In May I'm going with my middle daughter to Rome, then we will be boarding a cruise ship in Venice, going to Croatia, Turkey and Greece.

So.... I started looking a cruises I could do NEXT November (2010). There are several I am interested in. One of them would involve flying to Hong Kong, and sailing over there for a few nights (mainly going to a couple places in Taiwan and back); another would be flying to Galveston, TX and going to Honduras, Belize and Cozumel, Mexico; another one would sail round-trip out of Sydney, Australia and goes to some South Pacific Islands (like Vanuatu, where Survivor was filmed one season) and then last, and the one I am most interested in, would go round-trip out of Barcelona, Spain. That one goes to Palermo (Sicily), Italy; Piraeus (Athens), Greece; Rhodes, Greece; Alexandria, Egypt; Valletta, Malta and back to Barcelona. The ship spends two days in Egypt (overnights there) and I could go see the Pyramids & the Sphinx, etc. I'd have a year to pay on the cruise, that's the good part.

So... that's about it for me today. Will write again tomorrow.

- Kris

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pau Hana Friday...

So... the end to another week, a week that has been somewhat more stressful than most, in different ways. Biggest change this week has been to switch back to Civil Service. I'll go three weeks or so before I get my first check so I can find out how much of a decrease the new pay will be. (I did sign up for 5% to be deposited in my retirement plan, that's what they will match).

I got some of my in-processing done today, I didn't realize my supervisor needed to sign off on a form and she was out of the office today. I didn't go over to the new position at all today. I went into town to do the in-processing all morning and then had lunch with my "current" co-workers (in my old position) and then was there at my old job (doesn't feel like it's my "old" job yet, because I've been there more than I've been at the new position). I stayed until about 6pm. I'm tired tonight, probably both emotionally and physically. Hope I can get some rest this weekend, but I know it won't be much, because that person is supposed to be here laying tile again this weekend... and I'm helping. I need to get furniture moved out of half my livingroom, because that's where he said he wanted to work on next (he's going to do half, so I can go in and out of the sliders, then I need to help move everything to the other side of the room, to do the other side of the livingroom area. Fun. But... what has been done so far looks nice.

Oh yea... I forgot to mention that when I got home last night, Bruno had knocked over the gate and "enjoyed" his day with Peanut. SO... I may be having puppies in about 60 days. I sure hope not... because that's about the time I'm supposed to be gone on my cruise. I haven't found anyone to watch the dogs yet for that time frame. Any suggestions? *smiles*

Okay... time to sign off.

- Kris

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I took this one day when I was swimming and boogie boarding over at Bellows beach in Waimanalo.

So... I spent the whole day in the office where I've been working and didn't even make it into the new workplace (which is about 1/4 block away). While I was very busy all day, it doesn't feel like I made a lot of progress. I went through all my cases (with the exception of about 4 that were transferred to me). I had several "collateral" contacts (where I talk with other people who are involved in the cases), then I got a call from a client in a crisis, so I had her come in this afternoon. She should be leaving the island within a couple weeks (I hope so, for HER sake). Then as I was reviewing a case I need to present, I saw that she was recently assaulted, so I called to check on her. It's always something. I didn't leave work until about 8pm. I get a lot more done after hours when there aren't people to interrupt me either by phone calls or by stopping into the office.

Tomorrow I have to spend the morning doing some inprocessing and in the afternoon I will be in a case staffing meeting most of the afternoon.

My youngest daughter found out today that she is having a boy. She is due in January. It's a long story, but she is giving the baby up for adoption. She is doing an "open" adoption, she went through a bunch of files of potential parents and found one that she liked. She met them last weekend and the Mom got to be with her day for the ultrasound and to find out the sex of the baby. The adoptive parents have already chosen possible names as "Brecken" or "Xander." I'm sure they are absolutely thrilled.

Okay... I need to sign off...

- Kris