Monday, June 30, 2008

Nice Sunrise!

Wow... this morning there was a BEAUTIFUL sunrise... (I wish my windows were cleaner tho!). I think it's the first time I've actually watched it rise over the mountains, instead of the clouds. The clouds in this picture are thin and above where the sun came up. Sure was pretty!

Work was busy today... one emergency walk-in after another. If it isn't one thing, it's another. One of the walk-ins that I thought I was going to have, went to the Marriage & Family clinic instead... so I only had to deal with 1 at 7:30. (whew!). Otherwise... it was a busy day.

Only 2 more working days this week. YEA! And I fly out Weds night. Have I mentioned that I haven't started packing yet. Nothing like leaving it for the last minute. I've made a LITTLE preparation... not enough though (obviously). But... that is kind of typical for me... it'll all come together by Weds night. *smiles*

Tonight I went and got my nails done, they'll last til I get back. That took awhile... I'm just getting ready for bed... got a call from one of my supervisors, asking if I had one of my former co-worker's numbers... I didn't. But... to make a long story short... I was able to get on my IM (instant Messaging) and luckily a mutual friend was online and I was able to get the co-worker's number from her. Apparently there is a crisis situation going on tonight and they need to talk with her about a client. Hope it all works out okay for them.

Okay... time for me to head to bed...

- Kris

Sunday, June 29, 2008

some flowers and some pool time

Don't know what happened in the bottom picture... but the top one was just of some pretty yellow flowers that were blossoming with white flowers. And go figure... I had only taken my Olympus (my waterproof) camera, and went to turn it on and the battery was dead! So... I just had to rely on my cellphone which isn't nearly as good. Oh well. Having said that though... I had a wonderful day... well... sort of... let me back track.

I *did* decide to head into church, and Tom pulled up right after I did. I haven't been there in at least three to four months. I was looking forward to it. Then... in the middle of the prayer & meditation time... my pager went off. And I couldn't find the stupid thing! The pager hasn't gone off at all in the past week... and it goes off during the prayer time... which meant I also had to get up and excuse myself. THEN... I spent the next hour on the phone to someone in crisis... and missed the whole service (and did I say I have to drive 30+ miles to get there???). While I *am* concerned about the individual... I had a hard time being sympathetic. He & his wife were in a domestic violence situation last weekend when he punched her in the stomach (oh... and I did I mention she is pregnant?)... he's cheated on her... etc... and now "she's my life, I can't live without her..." He wanted ME to call her and tell her that he wanted to work things out, that's beyond the realm of what is expected of me... so I convinced him to come into the office tomorrow morning as a walk-in (never mind I already have someone ELSE I am supposed to see tomorrow morning at 7:30)... and I instructed him to call me later today if he needed to (to stay safe). Anyway... there's a lot more to the story... but I spent an hour on the phone with him and as I said... missed church... darn it! I *did* go have lunch with Tom, got to check on him and see how he's doing.

THEN... I went over to Waikiki & hung out at the Hale Koa hotel pool. (Jelly fish were still out today). It was nice. Chillin, reclining by the pool, going for a dip every now and then. About every hour the lifeguards get to take a break, when they do, only adults can be in the pool, so that's when I would go in. And I have to say... I loved having my waterproof Ishuffle to listen to... it rocks just floating in the pool and listening to water and blocking out most of the other noises. And the water-proof container worked pretty darn good! I spent about 4 hours there at the hotel, feeling very much like a tourist... like I was on a mini-vacation for the day. It was wonderful! And because I wasn't in the ocean, I wasn't all salty. And... they have a waitress that comes around and takes your drink order if you want something from the bar (I just had soda).

I think I'll have to do that one again someday. I've been down there many times, but this is the first time I've hung out by the pool.

On the way home I stopped by the grocery store & picked up some snacks for my trip back to Spokane... (I'll probably sleep the whole way... but at least I'll have food options!). I also bought some fruit that I hope to eat up before I go to Spokane (Strawberries, plums & bananas). mmmmm!

Okay... I'm going to sign off & go watch "Extreme Home Makeover"

- Kris

Saturday, June 28, 2008


So... about 10 days after a full moon there is often an influx of jellyfish on the south shore... I was hoping they had "peaked" yesterday, but when I got to Ala Moana, the ambulance was just pulling up, apparently a young girl had been stung pretty bad on her back and must have had a reaction (most feel like a bad bee sting, or several bee stings in a line). The lifeguard said that at least 50 jellyfish had been found this morning. BUT... having said that... *I* didn't see any jellyfish. So... I blew up my inflatable floaty... and kicked back for about an hour (near shore) and listened to my Ishuffle (via my waterproof earphones and container). It was great... although I have to say... the ear phones are a little uncomfortable, they weren't meant to use when laying on a pillow (or inflatable). My inflatable is kind of like a chair, you sit up somewhat. But still... it was nice to be able to be in the water & listen to music! I LOVE IT! Oh... and the whole time I was at the beach (about 3 hours) I never did see anyone else get stung. Usually by afternoon they jellyfish head out to deeper, cooler water, they don't really like very warm water (or so I have been told).
Just a shot of the beach today... another beautiful day in Hawaii Nei!

Okay... let me say a word about the pictures below... I went to see the movie "Made of Honor" last night (good movie!). I got into town plenty early (it was at the dollar theater)... and ran into some of my "Meet In" friends... so as we stood waiting for the movie to start, there was a "cut-out" of Adam Sandler for the movie "Zohan" (I'm not interested in seeing it... it looks too cheesy!). However... since I always have my camera with me... I asked one of them to take a picture of me with the cut-out... so... below is the result. I had fun being silly! LOL!

Other than that... today was one of those days that I say I work "Monday through Friday" for... so that I can enjoy my weekends in Paradise. It was a gorgeous day... although there wasn't much wind and we had some "Vog" coming in from the Big Island.

On my way home I decided to stop by "Dixie Grill." I haven't been there for a long time. I used to go to the one down by Ala Moana every once in awhile, but they closed it down and now only have one open, near the stadium. Anyway... it was SOOOO good. I had some crab.... mmmm... I think I was in heaven! AND... I was very happy to see one of my favorite (former) waiters there, his name is Adam. I've probably known him for about 4 years... as he's slowly been working his way through college, as he became engaged... and last I knew he was getting married. When I asked him about it today... he said they've already split up... they did better together before they got married. Too bad. He's a really nice kid (about 6'4", likes to surf, probably about 27 - 30 years old).

Tonight I've just been putting my end table together, I'm surprised at how heavy duty it is... but I'm happy to say I got it put together (all by myself!)... and it looks good. Now I can put the TV tray/stand back in it's holder.

I called Tom tonight to see which church service he's going to tomorrow, he's going to the 9am one... so I think I'll try to get up and go with him (and I'm guess Dan, his brother, will be there as well, along with some other friends).

Okay... time to sign off... just wanted to jot a note.

- Kris

Friday, June 27, 2008

Yea! It's FRIDAY!

This is just another shot of the sunset from last night.

Not much to write about tonight... work was busy as usual, I already know I have a walk-in at 7:30am on Monday... but at least I did get out of work relatively on time (because I had a no show at 3pm). I made it to the gym and worked out on the Elliptic machine... I'm home, I've been watching TV. Apparently Hawaii had three Marines die in Iraq today, and one was a Company Commander or something. With such a high population of military on this island, it seems like we have more than our share of military losses.

I think I'm going to head into town for a movie tonight... go see "Made of Honor" it looks like it should be a good chick flick.

So... Aloha til tomorrow!
- Kris

P.S. 1 week from tonight I'll be enjoying fireworks in Spokane with my daughters... I'm SO looking forward to that!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ala Moana Sunset

I thought I'd share some Ala Moana Sunsets for tonight. During this time of year, the sun sets over the Waianae mountains, if you're watching it from Magic Island or Ala Moana (the bottom picture is the beach I like to be at on most weekends). I could head up to the North Shore, or farther out west & watch it set over the ocean, but I happened to be in town tonight, so watched the sunset at the place I've enjoyed more sunsets than ever, in my life. It brought back memories of walking there regularly after work, of meeting Bette & Walt, Guy & Nikki there (and later Barb & Bob), of swimming there after work, as I used to...

And actually... where the sun is setting, is just about over where I live now.

Work was BUSY today... I had 10 clients by my name... but three were no-shows and two were supposed to be 1/2 appts. I had a walk-in first thing this morning, someone I'm supposed to actually see next week for the first time... and I have to say, this is the first time that I've actually thought someone might be faking symptoms for drugs. Time will tell the truth. He's had a lot go on in his life... but still... with this one there was an inkling of doubt.

I *did* make it to the gym after work, then headed into town to MY bank branch, mainly because I wanted to catch up with Janis' daughter Sarah. I was supposed to go in last Thursday to see her, but there was a fiasco with getting my car picked up after the servicing. SO... I purposed to go down there tonight after work (they are open til 7). I needed to make a deposit anyway. And I'm *SO* glad I did. Poor Sarah has had a rough day and burst into tears when she saw me... she came around and gave me a big hug. I ended up asking her if she wanted to meet me for dinner afterwards, so we met up at Ala Moana mall and had dinner at Bubba Gumps (mmmm... good!). We had a nice LONG heart-to-heart talk, it's the first time we've been able to sit down and talk about her mom... about life... etc. It was good. It was right. I need to purpose in my heart to spend more time with her (and Tom). They both need my support now as much as Janis needed it before she passed away.

I didn't get home until about 10:30pm... and now it's about 11:15pm. I needed to wait for my computer to boot up and I wanted to upload a couple pictures of the sunset from tonight. While I was waiting for Sarah to get off, I went over to Sears and (finally) picked up my end table that I tried to buy a month ago and had to wait for... and then went over and watched the sunset while I waited for Sarah. It was a wonderful evening... tears, laughter, and hugs.

- Kris

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

getting older...

These were just some pretty flowers at the store the other day. So... thought I would post the picture here.

As far as getting older... I had a doctor's appt this afternoon... it went fine... just feel like I'm getting older (I feel like that every *once* in awhile! *wink*). Let's see... she gave me some Mobic for my knees... and then some Prilosec to reduce the side effects of the Mobic. I got my regular sleep meds, with a refill this time... so I don't have to pester her every 6 weeks or so for a refill (She's been my doc for a year now... so we have an "established" relationship)... and let's see... what else... oh yea... I've got to call in for my annual female exam and she put me in for my colonoscopy/endoscopy (whatever the GI clinic decides to do)... and I got labs to measure my iron levels.

I got off work a little after 2... and I was worried about making it to my appt at 3:15... there was a fatality on the way to where I was headed, at 10:30am this morning, and they were just removing the body about 1:30... at least they didn't close down the WHOLE highway as they tend to do... they only closed down 2 lanes. But... as it turned out, by 2:30 or so, when I went by the scene, it was all cleaned up and traffic was moving smoothly. (whew!). Coming home through rush hour traffic was sluggish though... glad that's not my daily commute!

Work itself went fine... had a couple walk-ins first thing this morning, the first one has me concerned... wish there were some way to "red flag" an individual, I did bring it up to one of my supervisors, and she was aware of this individual's most recent trauma and the individual is scheduled for a regular intake appointment next week. I was grateful for the ability to get out of the building for lunch... and time to speak with the supervisor. Oh yea... and I found out that I will be the ONLY Social Worker for a week or two at the end of July (YIKES!). One thing that may happen, is that the techs may do more of the intakes, freeing me up to focus on the regular appts (because I'll be covering for others), which require less computer documentation time. However... I *wasn't* happy to find out that I'm now booked out to the end of July. It's like... hey... you got a problem? Come see me the end of next month. Hellooo... anyone see something wrong with this picture??? One thing... at least the doors shut at 4:30 (no clients after 4)... so it's not like I'm expected to work outside my normal hours (although I'll probably be staying to do *some* paperwork at least once in awhile)... and the other thing... is my contract hasn't been ironed out yet. My *assumption* is that it will work out... but who knows... there's always that slight chance for a problem (but then... I know I can find work easily if needed... so it would really be more of a problem for them, I think).

Okay... nuff speculation. BTW... Wheel Of Fortune is going to be filming in Hawaii (on the Big Island) in Sept. They apparently are going to do a "friend's" week. I submitted my name along with my former neighbor Michelle's. Who knows... I'll keep my fingers crossed. Wish they were doing family week... I'd get my older sister here... she's AMAZING at Wheel of Fortune! Probably the chance of being selected is 1 in 5000... so if I don't... I'm half considering getting a ticket to be in the audience, I think that would be fun & experiential too!

Time to sign off...
- Kris

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ahh... well...

Thought I'd just post another picture of the Rock at Waimea Bay, it's about a 35' jump. I jumped off it last year. I (obviously) took this picture from the water last weekend.

Work went okay today, had some cancellations which allowed me to get caught up on almost everything. My first appt was a walk-in, but since my 8am didn't show up, I ended up spending about an hour & a half with my 1st appt, he really could have benefited from having some on-going treatment to deal with his PTSD, to process what he's been through, hopefully he'll seek the help he needs in the future. I have to say I felt honored that he trusted me to open up as much as he did.

Oh... and one of my supervisors said that it looks like they are going to have the contract thing ironed out before next week (within the next couple days). I was talking about it with Lorrie at the gym after work (she works there)... and she said that's one thing she likes about me... my attitude. I'm one of those people that try not to worry too much about those things over which I have no control... my favorite mantra's are "trust the process" and "things work out the way they are supposed to... so trust the process."

I also helped to kind of finalize our family reunion... it's going to be July 5th at my younger brother's new place out at the lake. He's still finishing the house, so now he has a challenge to finish it in the next 10 days or so.

My older daughter & her husband narrowly missed having a truck plow into their bedroom late last night... fortunately the woman hit a neighbor's truck (which was unoccupied) and then took down a tree... but had she gone one way or another, she could have easily seriously injured someone or killed someone. The woman was driving drunk (hopefully she was arrested & jailed, especially since she had open containers in her car & tried to get away!). I'm just thankful that my daughter & son-in-law are okay and that no one got hurt!

Okay... time to sign off for another day!

- Kris

Monday, June 23, 2008

Decisions, Decisions...

Another picture from yesterday at the beach...

So... on to the title...
My two supervisors came into the room today... kind of one of those "we have good news and we have bad news" type situations. I think I've mentioned on here before that my contract ends on June 30th (next week). We've been told that most likely our contracts would be extended until we could become Civil Service employees. Well... today they aren't so sure that's going to happen. Basically there are two choices. I can remain on my contract for another year, or I can stop working June 30th, and *hopefully* be a Civil Service employee in 2-4 weeks. Of that time frame, I'll already be off work for almost 2 weeks. (I don't get paid for days I don't work).

So... it sounds like I can renew my contract (and right now... I'm thinking that's probably the wisest idea)... or I can take a month off (without pay)... and if there were any time in my life that I could possibly get away with that, it's now. That's enticing. I've ALWAYS gone from one job to another... I've ALWAYS (it seems) just taken a week off here, a week off there. I could enjoy a month of not working in Paradise and enjoy some relaxation for awhile! (I'd be off island for 10 of those days).

I should know more by the end of the week... I don't know when I have to give them my decision (obviously before next Tuesday). They know that I really would like to become a Civil Service employee... but my worry is that they are saying they think it will be 2-4 weeks... but with bureaucracy, it could be longer. After all... they said they *thought* we were just going to be in the position to extend our contracts and renew when the Civil service stuff went through, by now. So... some things to think about.

Other than that... work was busy as usual... had two walk-ins first thing this morning. It's always something. After work I went to the gym... but wasn't feeling up to par so I only exercised for a 1/2 hour and felt wiped out. Maybe I'm still recovering from all the "sun" time yesterday... I don't know. I didn't sleep very well last night either, so I'm tired tonight. I've just been watching "The Bachelorette" and crocheting the arm cover for my recliner.

I'm going to sign off now... but wanted to get my blog done. Hopefully within an hour I'll be in bed & asleep.

- Kris

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Waimea Bay beach
Scenic shot...
A sailboat moored in the bay
What a beautiful day! I headed up to Waimea Bay on the North Shore. Nope... I didn't jump off the rock today, but I did hop into the water with my Olympus (waterproof) camera and swam from one side of the bay to the other. I swam for about an hour & a half (not strong swimming, just kind of kicking along). The water was so clear and relatively calm. It was really nice. At one point I had a turtle swim under me... but by the time I realized it was a turtle & not a rock, I couldn't get my camera out of it's soft case fast enough to chase after the turtle & take a picture... it was swimming pretty fast. Glad it didn't decide to come up for air there where I was... LOL.

Anyway... I got up there before 9... otherwise you can't find a place to park. And I left there about 1:30 or so... SO... a long day. I can tell that I got too much sun in a couple places, although I did put sunscreen on (at least on my front side). It was amazing... when the clouds came over the temperature was moderate, but when it was out, I felt like it was a 350 degree oven!

I'm home now (it's almost 5... I've been home for awhile, although I did stop & pick up some groceries on my way home)... and I've had a shower & put some lounging clothes on... time to go chill and prepare myself (mentally) for another week. I only have something like 8 more work days until I get to fly up to Spokane. YEA!

Gotta Scoot!

- Kris

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nice beach day

Well... I don't feel like uploading my camera today, so thought I'd post this picture I took with my phone. It was a wonderful day at the beach... a tad hot... but nice.

This afternoon I went over to the Apple store because I wanted to pick up a waterproof case for my Ipod. I got one (it was a zoo in there). And I knew I needed headphones with it, special waterproof ones... I didn't see any on the wall, so the kid said they had some in the back & brought one out for me (Dang were they expensive). Well... tonight when I was home, I was going to check it out so I could hopefully use it at the beach tomorrow and wouldn't you know it... they sold me headphones that go with one of those square Ishuffles. So... now I have the waterproof Ipod container... but I can't use it because they sold me the wrong head/hearing part for it. Go figure. GRRR!

That & I went to Sears today since I was there at the mall. While I was in the parking lot, I decided to call & see if the end table was in, the lady on the phone said it was... but when I went to get it... it wasn't. I had even asked her name (but couldn't understand it)... so of course... even though I had talked to the person a few moments before... no one knew who she was (or where she was). Supposedly the table is supposed to be in on Thursday. Maybe I'll get it next weekend? I'll keep my fingers crossed. Needless to say... I'm not too impressed with Sears right now. Sheesh... even as I shopped... I went to try on a couple pairs of pants and had to wait in a line of about 8 people waiting for about 20 dressing rooms... they only had one dressing room opened on the whole floor. Then... trying to pay for the pants I ended up with was another story... I finally thought maybe if I went down to the tools section it would be easier... not... there wasn't a cashier there and I ended up waiting about 5-10 minutes for a salesclerk to show up & help me. I plan to respond to their computer "how did we do" survey.

Tonight I've been "crocheting." Dang... it's been too long since I've used a crochet hook... it took forever for me to come up with something that resembles an intentional pattern. I'm just using a dark blue yarn and I hope to crochet a couple covers for the arm rests... and then maybe a matching afghan that will cover the whole chair (I'm trying to figure out a way to keep the chair clean (I tend to eat in it... and if I have company over...).

Okay... it's about bedtime. I think I'll try to get to bed a little earlier tonight so I can get up earlier tomorrow morning and hopefully go find some sand & sea.

- Kris

Friday, June 20, 2008

Another busy day...

Today was another busy day at work. With a "first thing in the morning" walk-in, I was due to have 5 appointments before noon. Fortunately, one was a no-show. I was able to keep up with the workload. I ended the morning with a favorite client, one that is leaving (retiring) within the next few weeks, so it was our last session. Sheesh... poor guy, sent his wife & kid on to the mainland, and then shipped their two dogs. When the crates got there this morning (delivered), they got the first dog out and everything was okay... but when they went to get the 2nd dog out... right kennel... wrong dog. Apparently when they had taken the dogs out of their crates in Houston, they put the wrong dog back into one of the crates. Oops. It took MANY phone calls, and emailing a picture of the missing dog, before they were able to track it down (in Houston) and when I had seen the client, the dog was allegedly in the state and almost to their new house where his wife was waiting. Maybe if you ever decide to ship dogs, in addition to labeling the crater all over... maybe you should attach a picture of the dog that belongs in the crate???

This afternoon I just had two clients (I had another appt that was a no-show)... first one was a guy with a LOT of anger, that has some narcissistic stuff going on, some anti-social stuff going on and probably a big pain in the rear personality to work with. I did my best to empathize & listen, don't know that I gave him any real solutions... but we did give him something that will hopefully decrease his anger. Time will tell. The other guy I saw is one that has come back several times... I really feel for this guy. When he got back (from deployment) due to his being an *ss, his wife left him & took their son. He's the one that's been on 3 deployments, and is just NOT emotionally ready to go on a 4th. Give him ANY other job for the next two years... THEN he would probably be capable of returning to the war... just not yet. He needs more time to heal. And I really get that this guy is a very competent person. (other than drinking himself into a stupor most nights to cope with his memories). Last time we talked about giving him an "adjustment" type discharge (we can only recommend, it's up to the command after that)... and he really doesn't want that... he feels like if he takes that way out... he'll be a failure. He's still coming to grips with that. He's given the military more than most guys have. Anyway... after talking to the doc again today... she's going to sit down with him and do a more thorough assessment (based on my recommendation and assessment of what's going on), and he may just be "med-boarded" out. Not something that we do very often. But, at least its better than the adjustment way out... in that he'll be able to continue to get help for his symptoms. He doesn't know that's what the assessment is for, they don't want to risk him faking anything (he's been pretty consistent in his symptoms). They don't want ANY one going through the process to know the real reason, it's not just him. I'm keeping my fingers crossed things will work out for him. When he met this particular doc last time, he had difficulty handling her aloof attitude... so I really tried to encourage him to open up to her and be as honest as possible so that she can do a thorough assessment. As I said... I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Other than that... just heard a bunch more gruesome war tales today, fortunately I'm not one of those people who express a look of shock when I hear things... but I feel for these guys (and gals) for though I may hear the stories, they relive the scenes over and over and over with vivid details in their minds. I probably shouldn't mention any details here... but I'll give 1 (horrific) example for today... stopping someone at a checkpoint on a bike, saying their infant was sick (it was in a basket in the front of the bike)... so, they reluctantly let the guy through... that baby had a grenade shoved down its throat and it was in the baby's belly... it went off when it got to the hospital). That's just one example of so many thousands out there that our guys & gals deal with over there. Sad, eh?

I'll reiterate what I've said many times... our guys & gals need at least a year for every deployment, back here on US soil, to heal. Two deployments? On US soil for at LEAST 2 years... 3rd deployment... you're home for 3 years. I don't know logistically how it could be accomplished... but that's the minimum that we need if we are going to keep sending our troops over to fight a war that fewer and fewer are believing that we should be fighting.

Oh well... nuff work stuff. I came home tonight and then went to see "The Happening" with a friend. As I was pulling up to the theater, my middle daughter called... I told her what I was going to do and she warned me not to go see it... it's pretty gruesome. But... we saw it any way (I plugged my ears a lot... because the scenes don't seem so bad if you don't hear it)... and I did close my eyes a few times... I *did* have hopes that it would be better... that the science teacher would determine in the end what was causing all the people to kill themselves... but he didn't... and I was kind of bummed about that. Oh well... live & learn... at least the popcorn was good. *smiles*

Time to sign off...
- Kris

Thursday, June 19, 2008

another day, another dollar...

Rainbow over Waikiki... taken from the top of Diamond Head

Aloha! Yea... another week is almost over! Each day brings me one day closer to heading to Spokane! I'm looking forward to spending time with my siblings & kids (AND Granddaughters!).

Work was okay today... although I saw 5 clients before noon! (yikes!) Fortunately, this afternoon I had a couple cancellations which allowed me to catch up on all the documentation and get off on time.

I had my car in for servicing today (and took my new driver's side external mirror in to be put on... my current one had been knocked off in a car wash, they gave me the money to buy a new mirror and I thought I was going to have a friend put it on... but it's been several months, so I thought that since the car was in the shop today anyway, I'd just go ahead and let them put it on). All-in-all though... being a car mechanic in this town must pay pretty good... to get the 30K mileage servicing, it cost me almost $700! YIKES! They charge $120 per hour for labor! They did replace a couple little bulbs in my brake light that is on the top of my hatch (back) and they said I need to be looking to get new tires. At least I'm not driving up & down the Pali now, so it should make the wear & tear on my brakes & tires a little easier now.

I also picked up my new glasses tonight & an annual supply of contacts (which should last me 2 years, because when I wear contacts, I only wear one (monovision)).

I'm a little nervous about the upcoming work scene... Several of our current providers are leaving for various reasons... P is leaving to work with the VA, his last day will be July 18th. N is leaving the end of July to have her baby, E will be out half of July to have her baby, but then she'll be back, MW is relocating to Texas (work-related), our student interns are all wrapping up their year, so they are leaving (there have been at least 4 of them there), and L will be going to part-time so that she can fulfill other necessary duties the other half of the time. Right now, come the beginning of August, it should just be me & E doing therapy, although they've said they have a new Psychologist due to start the first part of August, and they have some Psychiatrists that are supposed to be on their way... but the Psychiatrists primarily just do prescribing, not too much counseling. SOOOO... it should be interesting. I know I'll make it through it okay (for one thing... no clients are seen past 4pm as a rule)... and I know that I can just put one foot in front of the other and march on... and do what needs to be done. The ones that will suffer will be the clients, we are seeing more new clients each week than we are regular clients, which means our regular appointments are getting farther & farther out (already they are almost a month out for me... meaning if I see a new clients and he needs stabilization and should be seen more frequently in the next 4-6 weeks... it will be a month before I can even see him again! (or her).

Life will be interesting after I return from my (much-needed) vacation.

Okay... time to sign off... the news is coming on.

- Kris

P.S. my crisis client yesterday did make it in today... doped up... but she's hanging in there.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So... did you see the moon tonight (or last night)? I happened to be sitting at my computer desk as the moon was just coming out from behind some clouds... and yes... it DID look big! I'm glad I got to watch it rise for a little bit.

Work was busy today (and I brought some work home with me... I need to complete some paperwork for a client coming in tomorrow). I had a walk-in this morning first thing, then an emergency walk-in this afternoon, that if I'd had my way, would have gone to the hospital. I hate to say that I'm keeping my fingers crossed they will be okay... but I am. I turned the client over to the doc, who (rightfully so) is trying to do the "least restrictive" thing. We gave the client some meds to calm them down and hopefully that will help to get them through this crisis point. I'll see the client at 7:30 tomorrow morning to check and see how they are doing.

I had another client that has only been on island for a month, but hates the unit so much, they are volunteering to go back over to fight the war. The client recently (within the last 9 months) returned from a deployment, went back to their original base, got stationed here... and will do anything to get away from here. That's sad. I have to remind myself that I see a subset of the population... the majority do okay here.

I dropped my car off at the dealership after work and they'll be giving it the MAJOR service tomorrow (I arranged for a ride home from there), tomorrow I'm riding to work with a co-worker and then the dealership will be sending out the courtesy vehicle to pick me up (their courtesy vehicle doesn't start running til about 8am, but I have to be at work at 7:30am).

I'm thinking that when I get back from my trip to Spokane, I'm going to take my vehicle to a particular place in Wahiwa (so-so- auto detailing (or something like that)) and have them "trick out my car" *smiles* Actually... they've promised me that when I get it back, it will be in brand new condition (they even remove small dings and stuff!). I thought about doing it next week, but decided my car would be sitting the whole time I'm in WA, so have decided I should wait until I get back.

Speaking of Spokane... I got an email from one of my HS classmates... she's in Spokane right now. Not sure how long she will be there... or if I will be able to see her when I get there. One of my other classmates that sends me joke emails all the time will be leaving July 8th, I think he's preparing to be re-deployed over to Iraq or Afghanistan. (And yes... he's MY age!).

Okay... time to sign off. I'm watching a show "Tougher in Alaska" on the History channel again tonight. I caught most of it last week, but missed the first part. SO... since it was on again tonight, thought I'd watch it. It's focused on Fairbanks, Alaska where I lived for 18 years. They feature a couple people that I know... the Biologist on the show... Tom, was a technician when I worked for Fish & Game and I watched as he moved up through the rank (super nice guy!)... and then I used to work with the "Chimney Sweep" guy, before he became a Chimney sweep (and I worked with his wife). I talked to my daughter that still lives up in the area and they know a couple of the other people that are on the show. It's kind of neat to watch and know the place they are talking about.

SO... aloha for another day!
- Kris

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Full Moon

Hey... I read somewhere that tomorrow night (Weds) night there's supposed to be an illusionary full moon (the moon will look larger than normal). You may want to check it out if you can (sorry Kati... with 24 hr daylight... you'll miss it). I've been watching the moon rise tonight, a full moon... it's beautiful!

Work went okay today... it was nice... I had several cancellations which allowed me to catch up on my documentation from yesterday and I was able to stay caught up all day. I also sat in on a group this afternoon, it's a "Depression" group. Looks like I'll be running it after I return from Spokane.

After work I *did* make it to the gym. I enjoy visiting with my friends who work there, tonight it was Lorrie & Randy. I got to do some "googling" last night. Lorrie mentioned that her daughter had her tubes tied (well... shucks... I don't know what else to call it right now)... but it wasn't your typical procedure. It was a procedure named "Essure" and involves implanting a micro-tube of sorts into the fallopian tubes. They then scar over (after about 3 months) and you have a form of permanent birth control that is less invasive than your typical tube tie where they go in laparoscopically (or however) and do the procedure. Anyway... after last night we both went home and googled the topic... now we are both more educated *smiles*.

On another note, I was reading my oldest daughter's blog... guess her husband was worried that she was using this trip as a way to leave him (as in divorce)... nope. As she said... they've had some rough times & up & down times... and she hasn't left him yet... she's not going to leave him now.Okay... time to sign off... I bought the stuff to make Strawberry Shortcake... so guess what I'm going to go make for desert! MMMM!

- Kris

Monday, June 16, 2008

What I wake up to...

When I wake up in the morning, this is often the scene outside my bedroom window. I still find myself wishing that the sun rose over Diamond Head... but alas... it's still pretty (sorry pictures were taken through the screen on my window).

Work was busy today... this morning I met with 4 clients and had two no-shows this morning. This afternoon I met with another 3 clients (so I saw 7 clients today). I decided not to stay and finish up notes on the two new clients I met with this afternoon... I'm hoping I get a cancellation tomorrow or Weds... so I can get the notes done this. As it was, I didn't leave work until about 4:45 and I worked through about half of my lunch.

Not much else going on... getting excited about going home...

- Kris

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nice day at the beach...

Yep... it was a Beautiful day at the beach (as you can tell from the picture). I got to spend a couple glorious hours there... soaking up some sun. Then I went over to the mall... picked up my annual 4th of July Old Navy Tee shirt and also picked up some extra to take up to Spokane... hoping when we go down to Riverfront Park to celebrate the day... at least most of us can be easily identifiable by having a similar T shirt (I got matching ones for Tay & Kiara... and me...). I went over to Sears, because I'm still waiting for an end table. I had called this morning & they said it was in, but when I got over there, they told me it wasn't. Needless to say... I wasn't a happy camper, that means I have to drive back in again to pick it up.

Then I went over to the Humane Society... I've got to stay away from that place... I fell in love with a wonderfully mellow siamese cat. That cat allowed me to pick it right up and it was very content to cuddle in my lap. Wow. Good thing that the owner has apparently found out that it was there and is re-claiming it... otherwise I might have ended up with a cat! *smiles* One of my favorite sayings is that "Things work out the way they are supposed to work out."

Okay... time to sign off... I need to finish up some laundry & get ready for bed.

- Kris

Saturday, June 14, 2008

About me in the Youniverse

A "self-portrait" from a couple years ago...

SO... I found another cool website:
You need to go there and find out what your choice of pictures has to say about your personality... and discover your VisualDNA. I did... here's what my choices said about me. And for those who know me very well... you'll probably agree with most of what it has to say:


You’re romantic in your outlook with a bit of a taste for the exotic. You love feeling the sea breeze in your hair, sun on your skin… You always take the first dip. When it comes to art you appreciate precision and hard work. Nothing is more impressive than real craftsmanship. Your music collection is your treasure. You’re a focused listener and you’re always on the look out for something new.


You love physical activity – you’ve got serious wanderlust. Keeping a clear head and a healthy body makes you ready for whatever life throws at you. For kicks, you like to indulge in your great passions. You are happy to live highs and lows; you are fiercely loyal and passionate. You like to be part of the big picture. When it comes to holidays, you like to be immersed in a completely different world. It’s a chance to explore activities that you don’t have the time for in day-to-day life.


You love being a little bit naughty. Being good all the time is too boring – life should be about enjoyment. When it comes to drinking, you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth and you don’t get too hung up about making healthy choices. As for the home, you have an expressive personality with contemporary tastes. You like to be surrounded by the precious possessions that define who you are.


For you friendship is all about being there for one another. You can’t imagine life without your best friends. And they’re the first place you go when you need some advice. When you think of freedom – the great outdoors spring to mind. Getting back to nature is a big draw. It’s the perfect place to find peace and quiet.

So... that's me in a nutshell... you're turn!

- Kris

Friday, June 13, 2008


Hmmm... I was trying to remember when I took this picture... and I can't... oh well... it *was* a beautiful sunset. I guess that's one thing I miss... back when I worked my 1st job here after I got my Master's degree, I used to go down to Magic Island at least 4 nights a week to watch the sunset... gone are those days. I was thinking tonight that I could at least head up to the North Shore & watch it there once in awhile.

Work was kind of backwards today, this morning I had a cancellation & two no shows, so only had 1 appt this morning (at 11)... but then everyone showed up this afternoon so I had two new clients (intakes) and a regular appt.... so it was about 5:45 by the time I wrapped it up and got out of there.

I decided to head into town tonight to the dollar theater... first I treated myself to dinner at "Bubba Gumps" (shrimp & clam chowder), then went to the movie. I saw "21." It's about a math wizard kid trying to get into Harvard Medical School and he ends up on a team of students led by a wayward professor going to Vegas for the weekends to "count cards" and beat the house. In the movie (which is based on a book... which may or may not be based on a real movie) the professor keeps half the take, but is just the mastermind... he doesn't gamble (at least initially), and the kid gets ripped off for all that he has earned... twice. And it was a testament to how money can inflict greed and change people. All-in-all, I thought it was a fairly good movie.

Hey... I want to turn you onto a couple good links. This first one is just fun to read through and you can decide for yourself whether your "neurotic" or not. *smiles*

This next link is a great page to bookmark. Why? Because it gives you easy, concise links to so many websites that come in handy...

As I was making reservations this past week, I found that "Kayak" was great... it searches all the various travel websites and then directs you to whichever is cheapest for the flight (or whatever) you are looking for.

Okay... time to say Aloha!
- Kris

Thursday, June 12, 2008

YAY! To Spokane!

"Bowl & Pitcher" at the Spokane River State Park... a favorite place to visit each year.
Sunset at Clear Lake in Spokane where we had our family reunion last year...

It's final... I'll be in Spokane with all of my siblings, all three of my daughters and both of my granddaughters... who could ask for more? *smiles* I finalized the tickets for my oldest daughter & oldest granddaughter... and without planning it (and trying to get the cheapest tickets)... and as luck would have it... I am flying on the same flight with them from Seattle to Spokane. How cool is that? I had that happen one other time as my daughter Michelle & I were flying to Alaska for Christmas a couple years ago... I think we were on the same flight from Anchorage to Fairbanks. SO... I'll get to enjoy my oldest daughter & granddaughter for a little bit before everyone else gets to see them... I'm excited about that!

Work... went okay today... slow day because I had a couple no-shows and a couple cancellations. I think there have been more no-shows than normal (and cancellations) because a lot of the folks are on a 2 week break. I can only hope I have 1-2 cancellations tomorrow afternoon... otherwise it'll be another killer (with 2 intakes & a regularly scheduled appt). I went to the Dining facility for lunch today... normally it only costs $3.85 for lunch, today it was $6.35. But... for that amount... I got a (1/2 inch thick, boiled?) T Bone steak and a HUGE Alaska King Crab leg (the meat was about 7" long and about an inch in diameter... mmmm good! And they even had melted butter!). I also had some baked potato and a small corn on the cob... Man... was I in heaven (of course... I couldn't eat it all... but enjoyed what I *did* eat!).

I went to the gym after work... I've mentioned that we have a temporary co-worker (she's here from Georgia)... as I was finishing up at the gym, she came in... she had left her ID in the office... and thankfully she knew I was going to the gym after work, so she came over and asked if I could let her use my key to get back into the building to get her ID. (of course...) SO I gave her a ride over, she got her ID, then I took her back to the gym where her car was parked (aren't I nice! *smiles*... remember... treat others as you would want them to treat you!).

Okay... I'm going to sign off... I've been on the computer most of the night dealing with flight arrangements. I'm just so thankful I get to see all of my daughters and granddaughters soon... I'm blessed.

- Kris

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Latest Craze

So... this is the latest craze going on... learning to stand up paddle. This girl actually did pretty good and the picture was taken last week at the beach.

Work was interesting today... a couple cancellations, and then a walk-in that I literally spent 3 hours with. I had gotten him calmed down (he was wanting to hurt someone (not me... someone he's angry at)) and then I had a doc come in because I was considering whether to have him hospitalized. Well... that was another hour... and when it was over, the client was back to the way he felt when he came in. ARGH! I've asked him to come in tomorrow morning, but I'll only get to see him for a half hour (unless there is a cancellation). Should be interesting (I felt assured that he *wouldn't* harm someone by the time he left... otherwise he wouldn't have been leaving). My last appt started late because our clients are expected to spend an hour on the computer before we meet with them for the first time, and this guy showed up a few minutes late to start with. He's only been on island for 2 weeks. So... it was one of those days... if it wasn't one thing, it was another. I *was* appreciative of one of my temporary co-workers who is just here for about 3 weeks... she's good with the clients and has the active duty experience. I actually pulled her in (because I finally felt like I had done all I could without having a better idea of the ins & outs of the military system).

I *did* make it to the gym after work, I did the recumbent bike for a 1/2 hour, but at least it was something. (Considering I didn't get out of the office at all today... and I was thankful I had made a PBJ sandwich for lunch!).

Tonight I had a 15 bean soup for dinner along with a slice of corn bread... mmmm... good! I think I'll take some soup for lunch tomorrow.

On a GOOD note... it looks like my oldest daughter & granddaughter will be coming down to Spokane for the 4th of July... we just have to iron out the dates & get a ticket purchased. (YEA! So... we'll all be in Spokane together for the 4th... How awesome is that!). I haven't seen my oldest or youngest daughter for about a year and a half... and it's been that long for the grandkids as well. Now I've got to talk to my siblings & hopefully get everyone to coordinate a family gathering the weekend of the 4th.

Okay... I'm going to sign off... and go watch "So You Think You Can Dance"... there's a guy on there from Oahu (Mark).

- Kris

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hallelujah! Success at last!

Okay... I have finally found a way to upload pictures to my computer. I uploaded Mozilla as a web browser and it allows me to upload pics. YEA!

Okay... now that it's 10:35... think I should head to bed???

- Kris


Well... darn... I even uploaded the most current internet explorer and that doesn't help (and with all the work I've done on my computer over the last couple days, I'm reluctant to reset everything to last week). My daughter suggested that I try another browser, so I might do that.

In the meantime... I went to the Audiologist today and I *do* have *some* hearing loss, but he said if I had to have some hearing loss, the kind I have is the best. I guess it's bilateral, so equal in both ears and he seems to think that I've had it most of my life, but without any other hearing tests to check it against, it's hard to say for sure. I'm *not* to the point where I need hearing aids... so I will worry about that when I get there (he did say that I could get some if I wanted to... but until I need them... nope!). It was interesting because as he was checking the function of my ears, he could tell that I had some drainage (probably leftover from my recent cold).

Other than that... work went fine... only one of the walk-ins came in, but otherwise I saw 5 clients today before leaving early for my appointment. It was nice because I was actually home by 4 (a rarity).

Tomorrow is a State holiday in Hawaii, it's King Kamehameha Day. Unfortunately... I still have to work. I'm almost to the point of counting down the days until I go to Spokane. I'm debating whether to take a road trip while I'm there and head up to Vancouver, BC. It's about a 6 1/2 hour drive, I could drive up one day, spend one day and return the 3rd day, stopping to see a friend in the small town of Othello on the way back. I have a passport, so that wouldn't be a problem. Sure wish my oldest daughter & granddaughter were going to be there in Spokane, it would be nice to have a little family reunion within the larger (sibling) reunion.

Okay... I'm going to sign off for tonight (Yea... it's only 8pm!).

- Kris


Well, I thought I would try to upload a picture from work... and amazingly it let me! SO... now I'll have to go home and see if I can try it from there. I may need to re-set my computer to last week before it started having problems.
Work has been going fine, busy morning with 4 appts, now I have to meet someone for lunch who wants to talk about Alaska (one of my favorite topics)... and then I have one more appt this afternoon.

I have to leave work early today, I'm going to an "Audiologist" to get my hearing checked. Nothing wrong... I just haven't had it checked for oh... about 30 years! *smiles* Will let you know how it turns out.

Gotta scoot!
- Kris

Monday, June 9, 2008


So... as you can tell from the pictures below, I have figured out away around my problem to upload pictures. I talked to my wizard middle daughter and she suggested that I upload the pictures to flickr and then upload them from there to my blog. So... I did... and as you can tell... it worked. For the (relatively) new people to my blog, if you want to see some "interesting" pictures, I had uploaded some halloween in Waikiki pictures there on Flickr.

Other than that... work went okay, I had a couple cancellations so it made my day go a lot smoother, but I am expecting not one, but TWO walk-ins at 7:30 in the morning. One of my new clients is having difficulty adjusting to her medications and one of my established clients got out of the hospital today (so he has to show up tomorrow morning). After work, I hung out for a little bit & was checking on flights from Tuscon to Spokane for my middle daughter (since I can't bring my oldest granddaughter down)... and was able to find a dirt cheap ticket for her, all totalled, I got a ticket for less than $290! Wow! Unbelieveable... so I had my daughter on the phone discussing it with her... of course... she said she wouldn't turn down a free ticket. *smiles* She hasn't been up to see my family in a long time... and she'll also get to spend some time with her youngest neice. Now... if we could just get my oldest daughter & granddaughter down there, we could have a nice BIG reunion! Last time I checked though, it would cost over $1600 in airfare alone to get both of them there. (I *did* check). The girls' daddy made it down to Spokane today (he's finally moved out of Alaska). He's supposed to spend a couple weeks there with my youngest daughter (and it looks like he'll be staying with my oldest brother & his wife for the majority of that time) before he heads out to the midwest to pick up a made-to-order travel trailer.

After work, I stopped by Wally world & picked up another sharky... they seem to enjoy keeping each other company, so I'm glad I got the 2nd one.

Okay... since I've spent the better part of the night on the computer now (again), I guess I had better sign off and head to bed.

- Kris

Hawaiian rug

Originally uploaded by kjfrozen

This is the Hawaiian rug that I have on my bathroom floor... it's the same pattern (but not color) of my wall hanging.

Hawaiian wall hanging

Originally uploaded by kjfrozen

This is the Hawaiian quilt wall hanging that I got this weekend, I was able to get 1 pillow case to match, which is on my couch... I hope to find another pillow someday over at the Swap meet.

Placement of my fishtank

Originally uploaded by kjfrozen

So... it's located just under my TV

My new fish tank

Originally uploaded by kjfrozen

If you look close on the right side, you can see one of my sharks

Sunday, June 8, 2008

still no pics...

Someone suggested that I start a new blog and see if I can upload pictures then. I may try that next. I've spent several hours tonight trying to work on my computer... I uploaded a registry scanner to fix errors, and a program to speed up my computer... still I can't upload the pics. GRRRR.

Let's see... it was another beautiful day in Hawaii Nei... so what did I do? I spent most of the morning at the Swap Meet. I went to look for a couple things for my friend Suzanne that she had asked me to pick up for her (she used to live here, but moved to San Antonio). So... after sending phone pics back and forth, we were able to settle on a couple things (She wanted Hawaiian quilt pillow covers). I ended up buying myself a neat quilted wall hanging... it matches the design of my turtle rug (an "exquisite" rug that wasn't cheap!), in my bathroom. So, I now the quilted wall hanging up in my hallway (to hide the fuse box). While I was at the swap meet, I did some souvenir shopping in preparationg to going home (to Spokane where I was born & raised) next month. If you have ever been to the swap meet... you know how tiring it can to be to walk around & around that place! *smiles*

Other than that... the only other big thing I did today... was that I bought a small fish take (5 gallon size) and got some tetras to put in it and I got a "shark!" (He's a little one... although he's the most traumatized of my fish that I have... I got 4 or 5 tetras and 1 cleaner fish). Guess I'll see how long they last. I've decided I can't really have a cat or dog... so I'll settle on having a small fish tank. I was hoping I could put it on the ledge between the livingroom & kitchen, and it would have been okay, but with the lid/light on top... alas... it won't fit there. So, I have it on my old printer stand (black) just underneath where the TV & tv boxes are. It looks good there. If I ever get to upload pictures again... I'll post a picture.

Time to sign off... it's 9:30pm...

- Kris

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Well, darn!

I still can't upload pictures! *****Editor's note**** I was able to add one in the layout format, so it's at the bottom of the blog...

Grrrr... this is frustrating... because I've tried about a dozen different things (even did a disk defrag and check disk, along with re-setting my internet settings, etc)... and I still can't get pictures to upload to my blog (I even deleted a LOT of the oldest posts). I can upload to other sites (i.e. to Walmart if I wanted pictures to be printed out)... I also cleaned out my "cache" etc, which was recommended). SO... for now I'm going to assume it isn't my computer, but rather the picasa program? (where the photos are stored online). Which reminds... I should put the counter back on then.

Today was great... a rather relaxing morning, ran a couple errands and then I went down and spent three glorious hours on the beach at Ala Moana... it was beautiful today!

And... I came home and debated whether to go to a movie after getting a shower & getting some dinner, but ended up staying home and watching some shows on the home improvement channel (I watched a couple episodes of where couples go looking for the perfect home... they generally are spending in the mid 300,000 range... and it blows me away because they are all fairly young couples.... like mid-twenties.

Anyway... I'll sign off for now... I'm thinking about getting up relatively early to head into town to the Flea market/swap meet. A friend that used to live here has asked me if I could pick her up some Hawaiian quilt pillow covers. I have a couple pillows on my couch that could use some new pillow covers and some navy blue ones (white with Navy blue design) would look nice. I should measure my pillows before I go... that'd be smart.

Okay... Aloha! Wish I could have uploaded some pictures from today... but maybe one of these days???

- Kris

By the way...
TODAY is June 7, 2008. Date-wise that is 06-07-08. So... I had to chuckle at my middle daughter's blog... with the "Happy 06-07-08" statement, she said people should go out and do something "consecutive" today. I thought she meant "constructive" so I called her... alas... yes, she meant to say consecutive & had to explain it to me... LOL!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Well... one of the benefits of having my new TV (50" plasma wall-mounted TV) is that I save money on going to movies! *smiles*

I worked until about 6 tonight (I'm supposed to get off at 4:30), then just came home and made some dinner & watched TV. Tonight I was watching TruTV, it's a crime channel... then I've been watching HGTV, which is about home improvement.

Work went okay, just busy. I had six clients today... my 9am appt had to re-schedule... wish it had been my 3pm appt, but alas, I guess I can appreciate a little time this morning to get some paperwork done. I am supposed to get 1 "free" hour a week with nothing scheduled, right now it has been Wednesday afternoon. This week I've asked it have it switched to Friday afternoons. I know that for the next couple Fridays at least, I'm scheduled for two new clients and a regular client. It just makes for a VERY busy afternoon. That means I have a 1/2 an hour to do an hour & 15 minutes worth of computer documentation. It just doesn't happen. And... yes, I could leave it to Monday, but I'd rather do my documentation while I can still remember which client was which. (It's hard when you see 12-15 new clients a week). Let's see... this afternoon I had a young female dealing with family issues back home causing increased stress, hopeless & depression, then I had a guy who has *major* anger issues (and he hasn't even been deployed!). Then I had my regular client... I like the "regulars" they bring some stability to my week... most of the time I know what to expect with them... not to say I don't like meeting my new clients, I do... but sometimes you just never know what or who's going to walk through the door. My "angry" client was my 2pm appt... I usually spend the first half hour or so just getting basic information to determine whether or not I need to have someone come in for medication management (I determine whether their symptoms are serious enough to be further evaluation by a nurse who can prescribe medication, or a psychiatrist... and for them to determine which medication would be best for them). I like having that option and I've learned a lot from our docs and our nurse. This afternoon the doc that came in is a 3rd year resident, and it was her first time working with us. Unfortunately she came in *just* before 3 (my last appt was scheduled for 3). I was kind of in a bind... I didn't feel comfortable sending this angry guy away without something to help him cope until I/we can work on his anger issues with him. However, the closer it got to 3, I started getting antsy because I had a 3pm appt scheduled (I *could* hope they were a no-show... but as it turned out... they showed). So... as I tried to sit patiently while the doc met with the client in my office... and further explore what some of his issues were, to help give him the best medication possible... it was hard. And... it didn't wrap up until almost 3:30. So... thankfully my last client of the day was patient... but then I also felt I shouldn't short-change him, so I had him in my office until about 4:15. THEN... I got to start doing my documentation online, and putting together new charts... etc. Hence... I got off at 6. And I worked through my lunch hour. I needed to take care of some client-related stuff online, so I just busted through most if it during lunch. (I had brought a sandwich and some cherries for lunch).

Anyway... it's the end of another day... another week.

Not sure what I'm doing this weekend... hopefully it will involve some sand and beach! *smiles*

Okay... I'm going to sign off... hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to figure out why I'm not able to put pictures on right now (I think it's because I added a counter to my blog).

- Kris

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Well shucks

I still can't download my pictures, I think it's related to the java based counter I put on the bottom, something I will have to deal with this weekend.

Work went okay and I had a tirade printed that dissappeared. The sum of it was that I think our military need more time between deployments to heal. 1 year after the 1st deployment, 2 years down-time after the 2nd deployment and 3 years home after the 3rd... etc. I had a soldier today that in my opinion is a broken piece, and should not be placed back into the war game. Unfortunately, the guys moving the game pieces around don't care, they don't see anything physical injuries that keeps him out of the game, so they move him and he doesn't have a choice. He can't even stay behind and get out in February when he's supposed to get out... he's stop-lossed. So, they're going to keep pushing him to the point where he either self-injures himself somehow, significantly, which will break him physically to the point they won't be able to use him. I understand that the military leaders have a lot of obligation to deliver the goods (soldiers) and it is all about the numbers now.

Okay... nuff of my soap box. I'm going to sign off.

- Kris

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Okay... I give up...

I've been trying to add a picture to my post tonight, but for some reason, the program isn't letting me... oh well... sorry about that!

Work was busy, I saw 5 clients before lunch, then had two scheduled for after lunch, fortunately one didn't show up, so I was able to use that hour to work on paperwork and meet with a co-worker who saw one of the clients I had seen last week.

I'm feeling a *tiny* bit better today, but still didn't go to the gym... just don't have the energy and felt like I needed to come home & relax as much as possible. I *did* go to Wally World to pick up some birthday cards for friends (and my younger sister), then stopped by Quizno's for dinner, which I brought back home. (I like the Honey Bacon Club sandwhich and I even tried the "cowboy sammy" tonight! It wasn't too bad!).

I found out something neat tonight. I can sit at my computer & look out the window and watch the fireworks show that they often do in Waikiki. Normally they shoot them off every Friday night about 8, but sometimes when big companies come to town and have their annual meetings and such, they will shoot them off on the last night (and I'm sure if someone wanted to pay the Hilton Hawaiian Village enough, they could probably have fireworks for their wedding as well).
Anyway... I think it's neat that I can sit here and watch them! Awesome!

Okay... it's past my bedtime (just after 10pm)... so I'd better sign off & head to bed.

- Kris

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Surviving another day...

Taken on the way home from work... it's a great road until there is a massive windstorm (or an accident). The windstorm will sometimes take down these power poles and then the road is out of commission for awhile. But... I wanted to show you that I can see the ocean each day on my way home. *smiles* I keep meaning to catch the view of Diamond Head that I get to see on the way home (a more panoramic view from that spot) but I keep forgetting to. Oops.
Work went okay, although I almost called in sick, I felt somewhat nauseous on my way to work, but I had a couple "established" clients coming in and I felt like if I didn't go in, I would disappoint them (because there is such a long turn-around time to get back in).

One of my co-workers reminded me that my contract ends at the end of the month (oh yea!). I'm going on the assumption that it will be continued, but I haven't heard anything from my contract agency in regard to it, so I emailed my contact person this afternoon. I think what they are going to do is extend the contract with the civilian companies instead of "renewing" the contracts. The plan is that all the positions will probably be converted to Civil Service slots about the time of the fiscal year (in October). It's okay for me to become Civil Service, it will mean a little bit of a cut in pay, but the benefits will be better. So, there's a trade-off. Also, I think I'll get more vacation time (due to my prior military time).
Okay... I'm going to sign off and go crash on the couch and watch *something* on TV... not sure what... there's nothing good on the regular channels.
- Kris

Monday, June 2, 2008


Well... I got my title for my car (after getting it paid off a couple weeks ago)! Yea! It came in the mail today. So, I now own my car. Now I will trust that it will keep running in good shape (I've had very little problems with it to date).

Work was slow today which was nice considering I felt like crap and didn't feel like going to work today. And for the amount of cancellations I had today, it would have worked out just fine to call in sick, but you never know... and besides, another co-worker was out today (not sure why, my guess is that she called in sick). I just tried to keep my hands clean and I used the anti-bacterial stuff a lot today.

After work I had to go pick up a new cable box, I actually got the better one, hopefully it will function better than the last one that kept giving me problems. I also stopped and got a small light to go over the new picture over the couch, it's what I consider a "banker's light" (I think that's what it is called), I attached it to the wall above the picture and the light bar arches out over the picture and shines back onto the picture. That particular picture really needed a spotlight on it of sorts. I think this will work.

I stopped at the "49'er" restaurant (my landlady's husband owns it) to have dinner & drop off my rent, that's done for another month! *wink*

Now it's time to finish up in the livingroom and head to bed... need to get plenty of rest so that this head cold doesn't get any worse.

- Kris

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Making progress & a new picture!

My new picture... the camera doesn't do it justice. It's absolutely beautiful, and those who know me, know how much I *love* turtles (honu).
The placement of my new picture... over my couch (my oldest daughter made me the afghan on the couch... it's GREAT!)
My Wyland print... I had to move it from above my couch to the dining area... it just offsets the color on my new walls in an awesome way!
Okay... so I took this photo while sitting in my recliner... at least in these pictures the color of the walls is a more true representation. I still haven't found the right place for my curio cabinet and I don't think I'll keep the TV trays there... but it'll happen...

The TV now mounted on the wall, with a shelf underneath (also mounted to the wall) to hold my cable box & surround sound. The guy that put it up did an AWESOME job... he even made it so that the wiring runs behind the TV into the wall and to a plug-in, in the cabinet behind. Progress... progress!

So... this has been pretty much what my weekend has entailed... no beach time for me this weekend... even though it was a gorgeous day out there today!
Oh... and I'm coming down with a headcold... started off with a slight sore throat yesterday. I was hoping to go for a swim in the saltwater (ocean) today, but it took all day to finish the work on the TV & get things back into place (and clean up). Guess I'll stand in the shower with some steam for awhile before I go to bed.
But... for now it's time for me to sign off!

- Kris
P.S. I got a surprise phone call from a friend in PA. She had just (literally) gotten back from a cruise up the inside passage of Alaska. She was so excited! She's a neat person, I met her back in about 1998, my daughter & I visited the college where she was an Admissions officer. My daughter ended up going there and Bev & I became good friends. She was fantastic... I got to stay with her when I visited my daugher. By the time Michelle started school there, Bev had moved on to another job, in fact, one of the last things she did, was to make sure Michelle was accepted. Anyway... it's neat the way the path of people cross (right Maime & Drew?). Hugs to you & your family!