Saturday, May 31, 2008

ka-chink, ka-chink, ka-chink

This is my wall where the cut-out was, it's about 33 1/3" square. They had the square framed it, it's where the owners had put their TV. But... if I want to wall-mount my TV, it meant this hole had to be filled in. So... a friend came over today to do it for me (he does handyman work on the side).
After putting studs in, he had to cut a piece of sheet rock and fit it in, and then secure it.
Next step is the "mudding"
This is where it's about done, he sprayed some stuff on it to give it the same texture the walls already have. You can see where I've started painting the rest of the wall.
Not a great picture, but gives you a better idea of the color I'm painting the one wall. I'll post another one, hopefully tomorrow when the TV gets mounted and the wall behind where the TV will be is also painted the same color of blue. Should be nice.
SO... I shelled out about $200 for sheet rock, screws, mud, paint, a shelf & holder, etc today. (and lunch *smiles*). I also then shelled out over $400 for a year's worth of contacts & a new pair of glasses. My last ones disappeared and I haven't found them since. Who knows WHAT happened to them. But, since I don't have insurance for glasses any more, I thought I would go ahead and use the prescription before it expires in July to buy another pair.
Having said that... one of the things I did on my list of errands today, was that I went to DMV and got my driver's license updated with my new address. She asked if I was wearing contacts, and I told her I wasn't... that I don't really need them, so she asked if I wanted to re-take my eye test (I haven't done it in a couple years), so I said sure... and I passed without contacts or glasses. Aren't your eyes supposed to get worse when you get older?? *smiles* So... I no longer have any restrictions on my license (yea!).
Guess that's about it for now... I'm going to go work on that last wall and will post some tomorrow, it's about bedtime.
- Kris

Friday, May 30, 2008

Yea! It's Friday!

Windward Oahu (up in Laie)

TGIF (Thank God It's Friday!). At least work went a little easier than I expected today and I was actually done on time, I think that's only the 2nd Friday that's happened since I started in my new position. The day started off busy, I was supposed to have someone come in as a walk-in at 7:30, they didn't show, but my 8am appt was there, so I pulled him in early. I'm glad I did. I ended up having him hospitalized. Whenever you have to go through that process, you almost need another full hour to get the necessary paperwork done... but I was able (thanks to one of the docs) to get what I needed done, before I needed to see my 9am appt (a new person). Then, the 7:30 person came in, so I saw him during a 10am slot that had a cancellation, then I was supposed to see someone at 11, but he was a no-show, and I was going to take another walk-in, but one of my co-workers offered to take that client. So... the day started off with a bang. At lunchtime I met with one of my former clients that I'm still seeing. She's been having a rough time and has been in crisis mode this weekend, so I thought I would squeeze her in over lunch, so I would get a feel for how she would do over the weekend. (She'll be okay.) I got back and my 1pm appt was another no show, but my 2pm & 3pm appts showed up... they weren't new clients, so at least their paperwork was easier to do. So... another interesting day at the office *smiles*.
I talked with one of my supervisors after work, (I hadn't left yet) and we talked about the differences between my former office environment & current environment. I told her, like any situation, or job environment, you usually have *some* problems, so all you do is trade one set of problems for another (no place is *perfect* to work). She too told me that they've been really pleased with my work and how well I've picked up on what's needed over there. (I guess I'm impressing *somebody* *wink* *wink*).
Tonight I haven't done diddly squat. I came home, had leftovers for dinner and have been sitting in front of my TV. I should be moving a lot of the stuff out of my livingroom, because a friend of mine said he could come over and fix my wall for me so I can put my TV up on a wall mount (it's the last thing I basically need to do in my livingroom area, although I may end up putting some pictures up on the wall that the kitchen cabinets hang on (the back side facing the Livingroom).
Okay... time to sign off.
- Kris
P.S. Saturday my youngest will be 25! Whoohoo! You go Kori! (and Happy Birthday!)

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Whoops... my islands are tilted! LOL! This was another shot from Bellows beach.

All is well here... just watching the season finale of LOST (and "So You Think You Can Dance").
Work was just as busy as ever... my supervisor asked me today how I was settling in and said that he's heard good feedback about me (whew!... *wink*).

I'm going to sign off and go watch TV... *smiles*

- Kris

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Bellows beach Oahu, HI

Well! I did it! I made my reservations tonight to fly to Spokane for a week around the 4th of July. I fly out of here on the night of July 2nd and return on the 13th. I'm looking foward to spending quality time with my siblings, my youngest daughter & youngest granddaughter. I've been searching online for the last couple weeks and watched as the rates have gone from $800+ up to where I thought I would be paying over $1000. I've looked at Travelocity, Alaska Airlines, Delta, Northwest, American, US Airlines etc... tonight I went to a site I hadn't looked at before, I went to Expedia (I think I've also checked Orbitz). I was able to book a round-trip ticket to Spokane for just under $700. More than I paid last year, but about $300 less than I thought I was going to have to pay (whew!). I also bought trip insurance, I figured the way flying has been going it would be a worthwhile investment. SO... YAY! I get to make my annual trek "home" to see my family.
Work: went okay, I had seven clients that I saw and 2 cancellations. (dang!). They rescheduled at least one of them into a cancelled slot and then I had a walk-in 1st thing this morning. Busy, busy, busy! At least I'm not having to sign in and out like some of my former co-workers at my last office (that feels a little belittling)... but then, it seems like on several days a week, I'm the last one out anyway, and I generally get there on time (give or take 5 minutes). I wish I had a magic pill I could give some of my clients, sometimes I think that's what they come in expecting.
Okay... time to sign off... I'm making cookies tonight for a potluck tomorrow, a couple of our staff are leaving (sad day too, because they've been there the longest and are taking a wealth of experience with them).
- Kris
P.S. Happy Birthday to my oldest brother Keith, he turned 61 today!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More pictures of my apartment...

My bedroom...
The bathroom...
Looking down the hallway past the bathroom to my bedroom

My livingroom looking toward the front day (I have subsequently replaced that fan with a sleeker model). I still haven't gotten my TV mounted to the wall... maybe next weekend?
Looking from the front door towards the kitchen/hallway area...
The kitchen (I need to put away my dishes and stuff).

My friend Bette asked me to post some updated pictures of my apartment... it's slowly, but surely coming along as I find places to put things and fit things and fit my new furniture in. I'm done buying furniture... thankfully!

Work was busy today. I had three new clients, three other appointments, three no-shows and one cancellation. *smiles* How many hours are there in a day??? This morning I had a no show and basically got 2 "walk-ins" seen, but it put my morning behind. I actually kept up pretty well for today. The cancellation had already been rescheduled for another appointment (the 1pm appt had cancelled last week, so they were able to put another appt in the slot). I had some interesting clients today... the first one commented that my toes were painted differently than my nails and asked if I had meant to have them done that way (lol... yes... but at least I have to say he's observant)... I had another appointment with a young kid that I loved meeting...a young Hawaiian boy from Maui (originally)... came in with his beanie cap on, slunk down in his chair listening to his Itunes... and wondering why he was there (I don't know... *I* didn't make the appointment), he's already seeing someone else for some more specialized care, but at the end of the session when I gave him the option of just seeing the other person, or coming back in to process with me as well, he said he really enjoyed our session and felt that it helped a lot. *smiles* He was surprised at how easy it was to talk with me and open up. *grin*
I think I have 6 appointments scheduled for tomorrow. Every day is a new day and brings interesting people into my lives. I hope I can just give back to them as much as they give me. I feel honored to work with the majority of clients who come into my office and are willing to open up and trust the process.
Okay... time to sign off... it's 9:30pm. I *did* go exercise after work... (yea!). I'm OFF call... I think I had something like 168 hours of on-call status this past week. That'll come in handy with the shortened pay period (72 hours). Now I need to go get my stuff ready for tomorrow and figure out what I'm going to wear. 5:45am comes early.
- Kris

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008 at Punchbowl

So... what's a better way to honor Memorial Day than to go to Punchbowl cemetary? The Boy Scouts put out over 60,000 flags and leis on each of the graves and then family members often come and put flower on their loved ones graves. It's quite an impressive site.
SO... today. A *very* relaxing morning that included a nap! *smiles* Then I went & got my nails done and a pedicure. That was relaxing & pampering... After that I headed into town to drop off some moving boxes to a woman who responded to my ad... and in a good form of karma, she gave me two beach chairs (similar to what I left at my friend Jim's yesterday). Then... because my youngest daughter keeps talking about Red Lobster, I decided to go down there for a late lunch (it also sufficed as my dinner). From there I headed up to Punchbowl and then to the commisary for some grocery shopping. I also took in 4 watches that needed batteries (I have a thing about watches... and for the most part, the batteries probably costed more than the watches, at least for 3 of them... but I like having a selection of watches... what can I say).
Okay... I'm going to sign off... I need to figure out what to wear tomorrow... and get ready for bed.
- Kris

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Relaxing day in Laie

Looking north(?) from my friend Jim's beach up in Laie
Looking south...

Looking out the back door of Jim's place, I'm standing on his porch when I took this picture.

Me & Yoda... (little Kaen (sp) in the background... came with some of Jim's friends)

Momi... (pronounced moe me), this little mop head was absolutely adorable! Can I take her home??? I think she weighed all of about 3-4 pounds. Just adorable!

I had a good time up there in Laie today, I got there early to help Jim set up, Kimmie came in right after I did. It was great to see her, I haven't seen her since I was up there for Thanksgiving a year & a half ago. People were slow to trickle in, and I didn't meet everyone (I wasn't my usual social self as much today for some reason... although I did meet a neighbor when I was on the beach, she was vacationing here from Arizona and teaches at the University of Arizona in Phoenix (I may have that wrong... is it ASU?). She recently went through a divorce, this trip was supposed to be for their 10th anniversary, so she came anyway and brought her two young daughters with her.
It was a *beautiful* day! I didn't stay too long, in fact about 6 people showed up about the time I needed to leave (about 5). I needed to get home so I could be here to have someone come pick up my old bed. Now, my next chore is getting rid of some empty boxes on my lanai (that I used when moving in). Slowly, but surely... things are getting to where I want them (although I still have 6-7 boxes that need to be unpacked).
Okay... time to sign off... I've been watching TV tonight... I like the HGTV channel, it focuses on home remodeling and beautiful homes. That's what I've been watching tonight.
Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow, hopefully getting my nails done and I may try to find a beach for a couple hours (although I've probably gotten enough sun the last couple days... but its just SO tempting to want to get more beach time since I have the day off).
- Kris

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Better beach pictures

Needless to say... it was a beautiful day at the beach! Wish you were here! Tomorrow I get to head up to Laie to celebrate the birthday of a friend (he happens to live right on the beach (in a beach cottage) so I hope to get some pictures up there as well). I'm going up early to help him set up and take a picnic table type thing I have, along with some extra chairs. Should be fun, lots of friends there... some I know, and some new ones that I'll make. *smiles*
- Kris

Things you DON'T want to see at the beach...

Okay... I typically don't like to make fun of people... it's rather out of character for me... but I couldn't help shooting this picture at the beach today... egads... she's wearing a G string bikini and strutting around. (Guess I should appreciate the fact that she has enough self-confidence to do it?).

Oh well... this is the only pic I'll put in this post... it deserves its own post.


Friday, May 23, 2008

A beautiful day for the beach!

Getting ready for "tug-o-war"
This is "our" team *some of them anyway... better known as the "SAFAC Psychos"

Well, they couldn't have asked for better weather for the "organizational" day. Since I didn't get paid for today (basically "forced" leave... but oh well), I slept in and got some stuff down around my apartment and got over there a little bit after noon. I didn't really participate in any of the activities (like the "tug of war"), but at least I showed my face & hung around awhile. I think there was only 1 other contracted civilian (that I know of in our section anyway) that showed up.

I didn't get in the water at all (who wants to strip down in their bathing suit in front of your co-workers? *gulp*). But... as I said, it *was* a beautiful day to just be over there. My side of the island was cloudy & misty all day, so I'm glad I went.

Okay... gotta scoot, Michelle, her husband & Kaleo are almost here... they're coming to watch a movie, I think we're watching the "Bee" movie.
- Kris

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sunrise from my apt

I took this picture out of my bedroom window yesterday morning... pretty colors, eh? Too bad the sun doesn't rise over Diamond Head... (this was one of those semi-voggy days... but at least you *could* see Diamond Head). Both of these pictures were taken at the same time... one looking towards the hills, the other towards DH.
Work went okay today, I had several no-shows, not sure why, other than tomorrow is a training holiday for everyone, so some of them may be focusing more on that? It was nice to have a relaxing day for once (I still saw 4 clients, which included a walk-in that filled a "no-show" position... although I can't say he really *walked in*... more like stumbled in... but that's a long story).
Since getting off work I've been busy. I had a new mattress set delivered, I'm amazed at how tall my bed is now... if it were any taller, I'd need a step ladder to get in bed! *smiles* I'm looking forward to checking it out tonight. I kept my thermapedic mattress topper (which of course, added a couple inches!). The Thermapedic mattress topper that I had gotten was a queen size, so it kind of hung over the edge of my bed before, now it fits just fine! I also had a recliner rocker delivered (got it brand-new for $299... good deal!). Now I just have to figure out the best placement in my livingroom. I've moved it around in a couple places tonight... still haven't made up my mind. I'm just thankful that I was able to buy it AND get it delivered today. The furniture store has a guy that does his own private furniture moving (versus the larger company that can take a week or so to deliver and probably wouldn't do it in the evening so I wouldn't have to take time off from work. I was actually pretty surprised the guy could do it today... he brought up the queen size mattress set & the chair and he was all of about 5'6" and 135 pounds. Strong though. Afterwards I had to go down to Walmart to pick up a mattress pad for the bed and got another set of sheets (I have one queen size set, but it's not really made for that deep of a mattress with the thermapedic on top).
I'm heading into a 4-day weekend. We were originally supposed to get paid tomorrow for going to the Organizational day, but they told us this week we won't, darn it. They are having a company-wide picnic over at Bellows. I think I'm going to go, but I just don't plan to show up until about lunchtime... I plan to take it easy in the morning. Maybe I'll call Michelle & see if she wants to go with me. I'm also on call this weekend, so I need to make sure I am within cellphone range all weekend. At least I'm getting paid for it *yea!*).
Okay... time to sign off... hopefully tomorrow night I'll be able to post some pictures from Bellows.
- Kris

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Wednesday...

This is one of the streets in my neighborhood that I travel on daily as I head out to the 2 lane highway on my way to work. I like it because it's tree-lined and peaceful. (I took it as I was driving home, through my front windshield).

Today was an okay day for work... not too busy, it was kind of a relief to be able to get my work done. My 11am appt showed up late (she's coming on her lunch break), so I stayed a little through my lunchbreak and then got some documentation done during lunch... but at least I got out of work on time... I actually left on time again today... wow! Two days in a row... and 2 days in a week! That's got to be a record for me in this position! And again... I didn't go to the gym. It was pouring cats & dogs... and I just wanted to get out of there. I had seen a truck that was advertising a furniture store not too far from where I live, so I thought I'd go check it out... by the time I was in my neighborhood the rain had let up. I didn't see anything that really grabbed my attention, the woman tried talking me into a two-tone rocker, swivel recliner, but it was just weird... like a beige leather that they tried to match with a close in color leather looking material (Pleather?). I didn't get anything... and then when I got ready to leave it poured even harder than it had been at work. Yuk. So... I stopped at Zippys and got something to eat then came home to watch American Idol (the finale). That's kind of what I'm doing now... and they will be announcing the winner soon... so I'd better sign off.

- Kris

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Five questions...

The hills are clear!!! But it's supposed to be voggy again tomorrow...

My oldest daughter had these questions on her blog, I thought I'd follow suit and answer them as well...

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? 1998?
I was working at Alaska Department of Fish & Game in the Wildlife Division as a "Statistical Technician." I was taking classes part-time at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. I was celebrating that my oldest daughter had graduated the previous year and my middle daughter would be graduating the next year. I visited my daughter Michelle in DC that year where she was working as a Congressional Page and going to school at the Library of Congress. I got to visit a bunch of the states up in the NE as we toured 10 different college campuses. I was on the Board of Directors for Family Centered Service of Alaska. I was on the local Crisis Line Board.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today- not in any particular order?
a) Get caught up on my documentation (I didn't finish 2 from yesterday... just not enough hours in the day and I don't want to just cookie-cutter my assessments of my clients).
b) Pick up a prescription
c) Go buy a headboard for my bed & another dresser or another nightstand (just because I can)
d) Pick up an optical audio cable for my home theater surround system
e) Get my blog done

3. Snacks I enjoy.
Chocolate, kettle corn, pocky sticks (they are like long thin non-salted pretzel sticks that are dipped in chocolate except for about 1/5th of the length), ritz crackers, pretzels, Oreo 100 calorie packs, ICE CREAM!

4. Places I've lived-
Spokane, WA, Twin Falls, ID, Portland, OR, San Antonio, TX, Chanute, IL; Homestead, FL, Ramstein, Schwedelbach and Mehlbach, Germany; Ellsworth, SD; North Pole, AK; Honolulu, HI; Waipahu, HI.

5. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Pay off my bills and the bills of my family and friends (within a reasonable amount). Invest money to ensure a secure future, buy gold, become a philanthropist, travel to my heart's content. Take my kids & family on a really nice cruise and make up for lost pay while on the trip *smiles* Buy a nice house here in Hawaii, a vacation home to share with family and friends. Set up a college fund for my grandkids (and pay off Michelle's student loans and pay for my oldest & youngest to attend college if they so desire). I'd own a Audi TT, a yellow soft top. I'd try to make a difference in one person's life each day.
Okay... nuff of all that. I *did* get everything done on my list today. Work was busy, I had seven appointments scheduled today, I got there and got one of the intake paperwork (we do them online) done in the first 1/2 hour... then was crammed full the rest of the day. I got behind at one point as I waited almost 15-20 minutes for a nurse or doctor to come in for a medication management appt, I finally asked the guy to come in tomorrow morning on a walk-in appointment so he can get refills on his meds. Fortunately I had one appointment that was a no-show, so it allowed me to get most of the way caught up, but then I got to doing another intake (online paperwork) after checking to see if my 3pm appt was in, he wasn't in by about 3:05, so I wasn't sure he would show up, unfortunately, once I start doing the online documentation, I can't just switch back to my appointment schedule to see if someone has checked in... so they called me about 3:25 to let me know he was there (oops). At least I got all of my documentation done. I'm only scheduled for 6 appointments tomorrow, so I should be able to get my documentation done. I didn't even take a lunch break today as I tried to get caught up on my documentation. It's a challenge... but as I said, part of the reason is because I don't want to really cookie-cutter my assessments. Maybe it will be easier when I've been doing this for a year or so???
I haven't been to the gym this week at all yet because I've been busy running errands after work, trying to get some stuff for my apartment... and for example, the furniture store warehouse closes at six, so I couldn't hang out at the gym and get the stuff I wanted to pick up.
Well... I'm going to sign off... it's after 8:30, I'd like to be ready to go to bed after watching a few minutes of the 9pm news... oh yea... and I *love* my surround sound... I have my Ipod hooked up to it now and man... I can BLAST the neighbors out if I want to (but I'll try not to).
Aloha ya all!
- Kris

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just another beach shot from yesterday at Ala Moana

Not much to write about today... work was busy, I had three new clients come in today, diverse in their problems... a female dealing with rape, a father dealing with the loss of an infant son in close proximity to the loss of his mother and another young kid whose childhood was riddled with drug abuse and has been to war and received some brain trauma. I think of the three, I enjoyed meeting him the most... he reminds me of my oldest nephew in a lot of ways. In addition to the three new clients, I had two regular clients come in... so a busy day.
I am thinking that I need another nightstand for my bedroom... I'd like to find one that matches identically... but they carry one that is close (made by the same company and very close in color). I'm also looking at possibly getting a headboard (because the head of my bed is against windows)... and I'm also still looking for a rocker recliner... then that's it. (Until later... when I need to come up with something for guests to sleep on in my spare room).
So... I went to the exchange on Post, then tonight I drove down to the base to see what they had there. It was kind of a waste of time... both places basically carry the same furniture.
Okay... I guess I'd better sign off for tonight... I'm tired... (story of my life).
- Kris

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Progress... and the beach!

So... this is now my dining room area... and Kati, the table & chairs were relatively easy to put together (once I stopped putting the seat bottom (minus cushions) upside down *smiles* Looks nice though, huh! And the rug underneath is the one that was too big for my current office.
Looking from the front door back towards the bedrooms. I think I'm going to bring my afghan back home from work (I took it in and put it on my couch at work... but it doesn't do much to make THAT couch look any better... and I'd like to have it to curl up under).

My new TV in it's temporary place... You can see the cut out behind the wall where they had put their old TV. I'm going to have someone restore the wall and then I can wall-mount the TV. The mounting bracket that I got for it will allow me to swivel the TV & tilt it as necessary. Should be nice when I get that done.
The beach today! WOW... nice and HOT! Michelle, Kaleo & her mom met me down at the beach so I got to gab with Michelle for awhile. I only spent 2 hours down there (I still went in to Ala Moana... it's my favorite beach), I figured since I haven't spent much time in the sun lately, I'd better not over do it.

The Superferry came by while I was down there at the beach... it makes a couple round-trips a day to Maui, it's headed back into the harbor in this picture.
Other than that... I ran a bunch of errands today after the beach... I'm still looking for a recliner and that will complete things for now.

Time to sign off... it's 9pm...
- Kris

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Whew! What a day!

I thought I would post a favorite old picture from Kauai, this is a waterfall up in the Waiamea Canyon
Well... my livingroom looks more like a livingroom now... I got ALL of the boxes out of there, I didn't get them all unpacked, I still have 6-7 boxes to unpack that are here in my 2nd/spare bedroom. I still haven't figured out how to organize this room... I have my computer against one wall (1/2 of it, the door opens into the other half), then there's the side with the window, the side with all my book cases, and the side with the closet (which takes up almost the whole side). Guess if I put a couch/bed in here, it'll have to be under the window? I may be able to get a loveseat sofa sleeper to fit there. I got up about 8:30 this morning and started unpacking... and I have something like 5 large bags of clothing to donate to the Goodwill (or Salvation Army). I went through ALL of my clothes today (THAT was a chore!). I also found my various throw rugs and got them washed & I have three of them in my kitchen. (At least my kitchen here is big enough to HAVE three! *smiles*). I even used my new vacuum today (it works just fine).

Tonight I went and bought a kitchen table & chair set... it's one of those you have to put together yourself, but I'm pretty good at that. It's not real big, but it'll suit my purposes just fine.

Also... next week my CAR will be paid off... whoohooo! I'll have an extra $400 on the paydays that my rent is due... I'll probably try to stick it in the bank, and start saving for a new car? We'll see. I've already made the arrangement for payment online (through Ford Credit) and made sure I had enough in the bank to cover it. Now watch... my car will break down (I shouldn't jinx myself!).

I'm achy from all the work I did today... but it looks SO much better. I didn't make it to the beach today... it was VERY voggy out all day, so I stayed in and got stuff done here in my apartment... probably the wiser thing to do. So... I'm hoping I can make it to the beach tomorrow. I'm looking forward to our 4 day weekend that's coming up. Oh shucks... that reminds me... I'm on-call this next week! YIKES! On Friday we aren't working, but they are having an "organizational" day at Bellows (one of my favorite places to play!). We get paid for attending. I just have to hope I don't get any pages (calls), because I'm not sure how reception will be over there.

As long as I return the call within 15 minutes or so, I'm fine. It will also allow me to get more stuff done around the apartment.

Okay... I'm going to sign off...


- Kris

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sarah's graduation!

These are pictures of the 2008 graduating class from Kapiolani Community College. In the lower photo, Sarah is in about the 3rd row, 2nd or 3rd from the end, just above the guy that's looking down at something (and he's behind the guy in the brown on the front row).

This is dark... but it is of Sarah as she is getting ready to receive her diploma.

Some of Sarah's friends were showering her with bubbles! *smiles* and she's wearing most of the lei's she got tonight *big smiles*
Sarah and her brother Drew... maybe Sarah's had a positive influence on him... he's decided to go to school to be a Radiologist technician... and I think he'll be a GREAT radiologist tech! Drew leaves tomorrow night to fly back to the mainland, I'm glad he could be here to support his sister through the graduation.

Sarah had this set up at her graduation party, a smaller picture of Janis, and then she made a memorial page, on the top it says "If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever" awwww.... *tear*
Sarah also asked me what size shoe I wear... and Janis & I wore the same size... she gave me Janis' Harley boots! Wow! (They're about the best boots you can get!). I'll cherish them of course! She also had a little chest with some trinkets of Janis' and asked me to go through and select any that I would like... I got two pairs of earrings, one of which I remember Janis wearing frequently, and then I also got a little angel pin that I will wear and remember her as my angel.
Sorry I didn't post last night... I got home and decided to head out to look at Walmart & KMart to see if they had any decent dining tables relatively cheap. I did see one at KMart... but didn't get it, I did pick up a Vacuum cleaner and I got a set of wooden TV trays that I'll probably use mainly for company, but if I want to sit and watch TV, I can use one of them. Tomorrow I *may* go get a recliner that I've been kind of looking at... we'll see... and then shop around a little more for a dining table.
Work was BUSY today... I had one missed appointment right off the bat... but I was able to reschedule that guy into another appt later in the day that had a cancellation (he *really* needed to come in today because he's going off island this weekend and will be gone for 3 weeks and he had a lot of stuff to process). So... no 8am appt... but a 9, 10, 11, 1, 2 and 3. Whew! I got through all of the paperwork with the exception of one client I met with this afternoon... as it was, I didn't get out of work until about 4:45 and barely made it to Sarah's graduation in time (in town). I had bought her a neat Celtic necklace when I was in Arizona... do you think I can find it? No. So... I just give it to her when I see her again (AFTER I find it!).
Okay... it's late... time for me to head to bed... I am hoping to get some quality beach time in this weekend, but also need to start unpacking boxes.
- Kris
Keep those attending Janis' memorial service tomorrow in your prayers...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Flowers & Vog

Not sure what the name of these flowers is, but they were beautiful, I found them outside of the bank in Wahiawa as I ran an errand at lunchtime, I thought I would share them here.

The Vog... it's back. (Vog is kind of like smog, but caused by the sulphuric acid released by the volcano on the Big Island). When we don't have our normal "tradewinds" we get "Kona" winds, which aren't much and just cause the vog to mosey over from the Big Island and kind of hang around. These are the same mountains that I took pictures of yesterday morning on my way to work... no it isn't rainy... just "voggy." I would have tried to take a picture of Diamond Head from my apartment... but that's a worthless effort, you can't see Diamond Head right now (even from the webcams in town!).
Work went okay, it's been frustrating because the system we use to document our sessions, has been in a limited use mode... we can look at our schedule (one day at a time), but we don't have our normal "templates" to document with. SO... I've been typing my session information into "Word" and I'll cut & paste it into the online system whenever it gets back up. Technically we have 72 hours to get the documentation done, but the system was down all day yesterday and today... not sure how they will handle it if people don't get their documentation done in time. I've got multiple new clients, and that documentation involves more than I can just "cut & paste" with... so whenever it IS back up and running... I'm probably going to have to work extra to get it done. In looking at the schedule for the next couple days (one day at a time) it is looking to be a very busy couple days. I don't plan to stay on Friday to get my documentation done (I can hope someone cancels or no-shows), I plan to leave as soon as I am able to, because I'm going to Sarah's Graduation. (Sarah is Janis' daughter). Speaking of Janis, her Mom was to leave today with her brother and fly to California in anticipation of the Memorial Service this weekend. Tom is flying out tomorrow (I need to call him tonight and find out how he is doing).
Okay... I'm going to sign off...
- Kris

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Commute to work...

So... I thought I would take some pictures out the car window on my way to work... These are the Waianae mountains... one of these days I need to take pictures of my trip home... because I see the ocean for a lot of the way home and can see Diamond Head. One of my co-workers said that often you will see rainbows over the Honolulu area on your way home (he lives out past where I do).

Let's see... work went okay, had a couple no-shows so it was a relatively quiet day. I had one that I recommended discharge for today, I'm sure his command won't be happy, but he's not doing them any good and they aren't doing him any good. Sometimes we'll make a recommendation for discharge based on an adjustment disorder... they just aren't adjusting. It seems like when I have something going on, the doc that comes in is a new one, she started right about the same time I did... so sometimes it feels like the blind leading the blind where procedures are concerned... but we are both learning. I really like her as a doc though, she knows her stuff.

Which reminds me... please pray for my friend Tom (who was Janis' fiance), he's struggling to deal with Janis' death. I love him like a brother and wish I could do more to help him through this period...

It hasn't been a productive night (mainly due to having my new TV and my enjoyment in watching it) although I did talk with my oldest & youngest daughters tonight as well. (sorry... I missed talking with you today Shelli... but I talked to you yesterday). I *did* go exercise... the 45 mins on the Eliptic Machine. One of the former evening staff members at the gym stopped by the gym today... she's working in the morning now so I never get to see her... it was a nice surprise!

Okay... I'm going to sign off...

- Kris