Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another slow day...

Well, it was another slow day at work, so one of the things I did to occupy my time today, was I made reservations for my flight to Tucson for my birthday! YEA! (I'll be gone from Weds-Monday night). I'm looking forward to exploring a little bit of the Grand Canyon and being in 4 places at once, up at 4 Corners! YEA!

Nothing else significant to write about today... it was a nice quiet day. I did get my W-2's in the mail today, finally... and just a quick check, looks like I will get 1K back from the Feds and give almost 400 to the State. Go figure. But... this will be the first year in awhile I won't have to PAY the Feds. Whew!

Okay... I'm going to sign off... I'm trying to watch "LOST" at the same time as I write this. (I like the show because I can recognize landmarks - they filmed it here).


- Kris

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Hump day

So... today started out in the rain (again) and it rained off and on all day. But... I got another shot of a rainbow... I saw two on my way to work.

Work went okay... I had two appointments for today and they went well. I didn't exercise after work because I had my last follow up appointment for the Clinical Study that I've been a part of for the past 2 1/2 years or so. No more dosing medication to take away the arthritic pain. And the doctor today said that it will probably take a couple years for it to make it through the FDA process. It sounds like the clinical study went well, as I mentioned, I've been in the study for about 2 or 2 1/2 years. It sounds like at least 99% of the participants felt a marked difference in the pain level (it worked!) and did not report any side effects. I know it took care of my pain a LOT and I didn't have any side effects. (thankfully).

After the study I stopped and picked up some food and then went over to Janis & Tom's. Janis has been pretty depressed lately, I think she's realizing that the end is near. She's hoping that she can make it until her daughter graduates with her 2 year degree in May. She's lost a lot of weight and is having difficulty eating. She's also feeling pretty lonely as she stays home all day while Tom works. I'm going to go get her on Saturday and we are going to run an errand or two. She has a couple things she wants to do before she dies (i.e. change her beneficiary form and tell one daughter who is estranged from her - that she loves her). Saturday we are going to go get her a handicap car decal. (She definitely qualifies). Tom is pretty busy with his job, so anything I can do to help out... I will.

I haven't talked to them yet, but Bette & Walt should be "on island." They were to go over to Guy & Nikki's for a bite to eat tonight (they live across the street from each other when they are here). I'll call them tomorrow and check in with them. Hopefully the weather will improve for them so they can enjoy some nice, sunny and warm weather.

Okay, I'm home late tonight, so I'm going to sign off and head to bed. Tomorrow will come early. No exercise tonight after work... but I've been averaging 170 minutes a week of exercise (yea!). I've got to get my exercise stuff ready for tomorrow.

- Kris

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well, I didn't take the above two pictures... and I don't know when they were taken, but both MAUI and the BIG ISLAND had snow last night (and today). BRRRRR. The top picture is cute... it is on Haleakala over on Maui. I've been up there a few times and have done the bike ride down from Haleakala at sunrise. The road to Haleakala was closed due to icy conditions (Hawaiian people definitely don't know how to drive in snow... but driving down the road from Haleakala is dangerous enough without slippery conditions). Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island seem to get snow every year, in fact, a couple times a year... but Maui doesn't get snow very often.

And then there is Oahu... it was a VERY rainy day... and with the rain comes rainbows... I saw four different rainbows on my way home from work. The above is the 2nd one I saw, as I was leaving the base (after going to the gym and walking for 50 minutes on the treadmill). Honolulu is supposed to get another heavy dose of rain tonight... and by Hawaii's standards, it's cold. Right now my computer tells me it is 69 degrees (at 8pm). BRRR... my skin is getting thinner by the minute! *smiles* Oh yea... and Kona (which is at sea level) got HAIL today! Better them than us.
Work went fine... another slow day, although I had two clients to see. One of them I won't be able to see again though, because she's active duty and we are limited to spouses/dependents/family members. (Our Marriage & Family Therapy clinic sees couples, including the active duty person). I signed up for a workshop on Stress, Trauma and Violence which will be held the end of the month. I have to pay out of pocket, but will get reimbursed.
I also went over and opened a savings account today and put in, what is to me, a significant amount. I'm hoping to keep putting in most of my "extra" pay, the increase from where I used to work. But... as I build it up, I also want to use part to pay off my bills... and I have a tentatively planned trip to Tucson coming up in March. BTW... did you know my birthday is on Easter this year? It is... that's kind of neat.
On another note... my friend Janis isn't doing very well. I called and talked to her for a little while today and I'm going to go over after my clinical appointment tomorrow. She says she is losing her appetite again, and Monday she slept all day and she just feels like she is going downhill. I suggested she go in and get her Calcium checked again, because this is reminiscent of when she had her Hypercalcemia in the past. Please continue to pray for her.
Okay... I'm going to go back and watch "The Biggest Loser" and wind down for the night.
- Kris

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday weather...

These were pictures I took yesterday, I thought I would show you what the water was like around the island yesterday. These pictures were taken on the "windward" side. The top picture is just outside of Sea Life park (From Mokapuu lookout) and is where the Oceanic research station is located.
Work-wise today... it was slow. My one intake had to reschedule. They seem to do that a lot. I did get my pictures put up on the wall (I put in a work-order and they sent a guy out to put up my Alaskan pictures for me, he also put up my certificates and diplomas above my desk, then later I put up my "Storybook People" pictures (and they came out the best).). I also picked up a live plant for my office. I've decided that I want to get rid of one of the two bookcases, I've still got a couple more shelves that I can fill up on the one tall bookcase (one of the two tall bookcases). I also went through a short training for the on-call duty, there will be six of us rotating it. My first week will be the last week of February, then I'll have it again the beginning of April. Its not bad... for a regular week it brings in about an extra $630 (and the pay goes up when you actually get calls). It will be nice to have the extra income on occasion (although I'm sure Uncle Sam will get HIS share!).
On the home front, we got some sad news. My youngest sister's mother-in-law died this morning. My guess is that she was about 75. My younger sister has been staying with her for the past couple months, but last night stayed with her husband (long story) and attempted to call "mom" this morning and there wasn't an answer, so she called her husband and sent him over to check on his mom... he had to break into the house, and he found her dead sitting at the kitchen table like she had just finished a glass of water or was getting ready to use the phone. At least it sounded like she died peacefully. Please keep my brother-in-law Matt in your prayers... he's been getting it from all sides lately and is under a LOT of stress right now. He could use some prayers.
Not much else to write... I did do a little over 50 minutes on the Ecliptic machine after work... and I got my lab results back from my doctor today and she said everything looked good.
So... all is well... on this end... but keep my family in your prayers... Oh yea... and my youngest, who is now settled in Spokane sent out some resumes yesterday and got a call requesting that she come in and fill out an application at one place, and she was working on a cover letter for another position. I hope she can get situated pretty soon and get on her feet. At least she knows now that she has family there to help (and that she is becoming more acquainted with). I sure appreciate my nephew taking her in and helping her out.
Okay... time to sign off and get my stuff ready for work tomorrow... hopefully it will be a little busier tomorrow.
- Kris

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Super Sunday...

I had a great day today... first, I stopped by the Halona Blow hole on my way out to Sea Life park. I'm sure glad I wasn't out on the water today, it was VERY choppy and the winds were VERY strong... but it does make for a good day to go watch the blow hole in action. I decided to stop by because pretty soon they are going to be closing down the viewing area to renovate it. I think it's supposed to be closed for 3-4 months.
Just a couple pictures from Sea Life Park... this guy was shot out of the water on the nose of this dolphin... pretty cool (and you can see the Mokapuu lighthouse in the background of the bottom picture).
After watching a couple of the animal shows at Sea Life Park, I decided to head back into town and I went to the Ward Theaters and watched "P.S. I love You." I enjoyed it... it was one of those movies that make you cry AND make you laugh. I got out of the movie about 5:55, just in time to head over to Ala Moana park to catch the sunset (pictures below).

Not bad pictures, eh?
Okay... now it's 10pm (I watched "Extreme Home Makeover" on TV after dinner)... so I had best sign off and head to bed. Oh yea... and I talked to my snowbird friends, Walt & Bette, they will be down here on Wednesday night! Hooray! Oh yea... and my tummy has been 90% better today... but I'd better get up and take some of my medication in the AM before I head to work, if I know what's good for me...
Aloha and G'night!
- Kris

Saturday, January 26, 2008

not much to say today...

There isn't really much to say today... I had another one of my tummy aches which disabled me for the better part of the day. I started out my morning by waiting an hour to get my right knee x-rayed (for the clinical study that I am finishing up). Then, because my tummy was hurting, I came home and went to bed for about 3 hours. Then, because I wanted to get a check deposited before the bank closed (I thought, at 2), I went back out. While I was out, I went ahead and stopped & got my nails done and bought a couple (work-related) books at Barnes & Nobles. I also bought some new pillows. I'm deciding that once a year I am going to toss my old pillows and buy new ones. I was lucky, because Sears had a buy one, get one free sale today! YEA!

After that, I came home and I've just been laying in bed watching TV & vegetating. I was supposed to go to dinner with my former co-worker Julie and her family, but her son got his boxes yesterday, that had been shipped from Afghanistan, and it brought up a lot of issues for him. So, they've postponed the dinner until next week. And, the online club I belong too was having a celebration at a bar downtown, to celebrate having 1000 members. I had signed up to go, but with the way I'm still feeling, I decided I should just stay home and take it easy. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. I'm thinking about going to Sea Life park if I am up to it. I'll see how I feel in the morning.

Okay... guess that's about it for today...

- Kris

P.S. my computer is being finicky again and wouldn't let me post a picture... grrrr.

Friday, January 25, 2008

more rainbows

I took the above picture on my way to work... I didn't even realize that there was the shadow of a double rainbow. This picture was taken up in Wahiawa.
This rainbow was seen on my way home today, near the Fort Shafter area (half way between Pearlridge & Honolulu). And yes... I'm guilty... I took both while driving... (shame on me!).
Other than that... I was only scheduled to have one appointment today... and she called & rescheduled for next week. SO... it was a VERY quiet day. I talked with my former co-worker, Julie for a little while, and I'm excited because I get to join her & her family tomorrow night for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I'm LESS excited about WHERE we are eating... as just being able to spend some time with her, and I get to see Jo-Jo for the first time since he's returned home after his ordeal at Fort Drum and preceding that, Afghanistan. (wow... I'll be in the presence of someone with a Purple Heart! *smiles*).

This afternoon I actually listened to a sermon! *smiles* It was one of those "Hell & Brimfire" types that are characteristic of black preachers. In a way it was nice, because the scripture he quoted was in the King James version, which I know best. In a word, the sermon was about "integrity" which is something that I've been doing some introspection about (due to the whole bookcase thing... which... by the way, are still in my office, as evidenced by the photos in yesterday's blog). Other than that... I was scanning through some of my books and realized (when a co-worker asked) that I don't have any books about Bipolar disorder. Hrmph! That's interesting. I have several on Depression though (and borderline and multiple personality disorer... etc). Guess that's one area of my book collection I will have to expand when I can (because undoubtedly I will have some bipolar clients at some point!).
I'm proud of myself for exercising after work. I did 45 minutes (and about 450 calories worth) on the Ecliptic machine. I enjoy watching the news, so it's motivating me to go over and get there in time to catch the 5pm news. So... I've done 4 days worth this week! (YEA!).
Tomorrow I have to go get an xray of my knee (in preparation for the last visit of my clinical study this coming week). If it rains as predicted, I may go get my nails done tomorrow afternoon, and then I'll be meeting Julie & her family (and a couple other people) for dinner at 6. So... it will be a busy day.
Tonight I'm doing laundry... time to wash the sheets! I've already got those done and back on the bed (I do have another set I can change out with if I want to), and I've got one more load of laundry in the dryer. I'm feeling productive tonight (now I should get busy and clean up my apartment a little, and do the few dishes that there are).
I'm looking forward to seeing my MN snowbird friends... Walt & Bette will be (finally) getting out of their c-c-c-old weather and getting down here this week! YEA!
Okay... I'm going to sign off...

- Kris

Thursday, January 24, 2008

my new office...

My desk area (the small lamp is overlighting the corner)
My office from the door area (see my new's mainly dark blue), my controversial bookcases are opposite the chairs.
Looking toward my doorway... I have a lot of space to put books! *smiles*
My Alaskan prints (the Four Seasons of Alaska) are waiting behind the chairs to be put up on the wall behind the chairs. I'm still not 100% happy with the layout of my office (and I may still lose a bookcase, which might allow me to move things around a little in my office). But... at least it's looking more "homey."
Work went okay today. I was only scheduled to have one client today and she didn't show. I tried to call and I left a message. But... she's supposed to be moving off island this weekend and her dad is here visiting, so she's probably just really busy. This was just a "closure" session. She's a bright girl, if she gets the help she needs when she gets to her new location, she should do pretty good.
I talked with my one co-worker today (as I was helping her with online documentation). She didn't come in today until 8:45 (or "clock" starts at 7:30am). I didn't say anything about that, but was out front when she came in and one of our interns said "oh, you decided to come to work huh?" It was said in front of the military guy in our section and the front office staff. I did process my feelings of jealousy, (I wish I could come in that late... but I'd feel VERY guilty... especially when putting in my hours!). Anyway... we talked about that and our different personality types (nothing in a negative way... we are both very supportive of each other).
I also had my supervision today, and I guess I'm different from my new co-workers in that I have a strong administrative side that comes out during supervision.
Other than that... I did 50 minutes on the Ecliptic machine after work (YEA!)... so that makes three days this week. Right now I'm not planning to exercise tomorrow, because its Friday and I'm taking that day off from exercising.
Okay... not much else to write... so I'll sign off.
- Kris

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What day is it?

I thought this was a cool picture, a guy paddling on a surfboard with the dinner cruise boat in the back ground. I took it Monday night when I was down watching sunset.

I guess it's "Happy Hump Day." It doesn't feel like Wednesday though...

Somewhat busy day at work... I took in two of my smaller boxes of books into work, and just put two larger boxes of books into my car to take in tomorrow. I have my "Alaskan" pictures in my office now, but want to wait to put them on the wall until I have some help. I think I could do better at placement with some help.

I had two individual sessions today (one was on my schedule for tomorrow, but came in today). One of them took a suggestion I made last week and used it and appreciated the results. That made me feel good... knowing that I have helped.

I think we are going to start getting really busy. We are all in the same clinic now, and our military guy in charge asked for a template of when we would like to see clients. I plan to do new clients (intakes) at 10am and 1pm (those times are blocked out for that). The rest of the time is set aside for on-going appointments. (The front desk sets up the intakes, we do our own follow-up appointments). We also have our own admin/receptionist person now, so that should be interesting. Our supervisor wants us to see 6 clients a day, so I had to chuckle (and question) when I saw one of my new co-workers had put down to only see 5 clients a day. (he was told to change it and add a 6th opening).

Other than that... I did just over an hour on the treadmill after work... yea!

Okay... time to go to bed.


- Kris

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

rainbows and sunsets

This sunset picture was taken last night, with an orange filter. I thought it came out kind of neat, so thought I would post it on here.
And... there was another rainbow last night (I saw one on my way home from work today, but didn't have my camera with me).

This photo was taken Sunday night, the sunset looks like it was in about the same location, but this one was a more fuller(?) rainbow. Hawaii definitely is the land of rainbows!
Work: [groan]. We spent the day moving into our new offices. I only had a couple things to move out of my office (two chairs, a small table and my green floor lamp). I made sure I caught the guy who was in charge, first thing this morning, to ask him to switch my desk around and was pleasantly surprised when I went over about an hour later and it was switched! YES!
I was down visiting my co-workers who have been working out of downstairs offices and noticed that one had a TALL bookcase in his office. He said he didn't want it... it *did* have a label on to go over to our building... so I put my room number on it, and a matching one across the hall.

Well... I guess I wasn't supposed to do that. (On one note... I'm thinking HECK... they came from *our* clinic, then we... or I, should be able to have them in OUR office). So, my supervisor said I needed to talk to the military guy in charge of our clinic... so I went and apologized and said if he needed them somewhere else, I'd give them up (in so many words). On the one hand... I'm hoping no one wants them... because they are about as close to wall-to-wall bookcases as I can get, but on the other hand, they are a gun metal bluish-gray. (But... they ARE sturdy and they ARE made out of wood). I said if he needs to give them to someone else, I'd like to get a couple similar to them. He said that we might be able to order a couple bookcases (but he's leaving in February)... and with my luck, it would take six plus months to get them. In any case, I probably won't find out if I get to keep them until the end of the week (I'm hoping that no one will want to go through the hassle of moving them now that they are in my office... possession is 9/10th's of the law, right??? *smiles*).
I went looking for my other newer co-workers and they had disappeared (again)... they came back a few hours later... they had been "shopping." So... since it was about 2:30, there was nothing else *I* could do... I decided to head over to Walmart (5 miles away) to get some lightbulbs and some push-pins. I also wanted to price plants (live and fake), as I lost my one live plant in the move (it had to go back to the waiting area). AAAGGHH! I can't afford any plants right now... and still not sure if I should go for live or fake... I'm not good at keeping plants alive.'ll be something I think about for awhile.
Oh yea... and I was VERY frustrated today because I left my cell phone at home... and my office phone didn't work most of the day (as they transfer the phone lines). Our computers were down most of the day too (we never did get network hook-up back). Needless to say... it was a rather boring day.
I did read through a journal workbook I had done several years ago (okay... like over 10 years ago) and it was interesting to read through some of my answers. In fact, it was like that when I dug out my old "7 Habits" daily planner notebook from way back when... I was pleasantly surprised to see how I had set goals and written a personal mission statement for myself back then, and have seen those goals accomplished and my "mission statement" hasn't changed. It is something to the effect that "I want to be physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy and be satisfied with who I am and where I am at in my life at this time."
After reading through some of the journal notes (I didn't finish the book before), it almost makes me want to start journalling again. So... who knows... maybe I'll use the book to start journalling again!
Tonight I've loaded a couple boxes of books into my car, a little fountain that my next door neighbor gave me, and I'm going to take my Ipod/radio player into work tomorrow too. I've also got my pictures "The Four Seasons of Alaska" in my car to take into work tomorrow as well, but will probably need help figuring out how best to mount them on the wall. (I'm thinking I'm just going to put them on one wall). I probably should take my little tool kit in and find my nails to take in. I *do* have one appointment tomorrow, I think I was supposed to have had two, but when I checked the computer this morning (before they took it out of my old office) it looked like a new client (who was coming in for an intake) had cancelled. So... I may have time to work on my office tomorrow to make it even more homier. *smiles*
Time to sign off and get to bed.
- Kris

Today was my oldest daughter's birthday, she turned 29. Happy Birthday Kati!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Watching the sun set...

Thought you might enjoy these pictures from last night's sunset. As I think I mentioned last night, we saw the "green flash" (where the last bit of the sun turns green).
I've had a good day today (any day with time spent soaking up sun on the beach is a good day! *smiles*). I went grocery shopping this morning and then this afternoon I headed down to the beach for a couple hours.
I'm home now to shower & change, then I'm picking up my snowbird friends, Guy & Nikki to head down to watch sunset again tonight, afterwards I'm going over to their place to have dinner. I'm not sure what time I'll be back home, so thought I would do my blog now, so I won't have to worry about doing it later, when I need to come home and get things ready for work tomorrow.

So... I'll say Aloha for now...
- Kris

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Traipsing around the island...

Up at Ali'i beach park...
Up at Ali'i beach park...

The other beach up east of Haleiwa where the turtles are... there are 2 turtles in this picture.
A closer shot of one of the turtles...

The "rock" at Laie point (it has a big hole in the middle...)
The monk seal (it's a pregnant female).
A beautiful rainbow over Ala Moana... (I saw it while waiting to watch the sunset).
Sunset... (These photos were all taken with my cell phone).

Well, I had a good day. I went to church with Janis & Tom this morning (at the Unity Church), then did a drive around the island (it's been awhile since I've done that). I went up to Ali'i beach but didn't find any turtles up there... but did find two at the other popular beach turtles like to hang out on (hence the pictures above). A highlight of the trip was coming across a monk seal. They are on the endangered species list (I believe), and I think the one woman said that there are only about 49 around the Hawaiian Islands. The one I saw was pregnant (according to the woman who was playing guardian to the seal).

I came home, then went and picked up Guy & Nikki and took them down to sunset... we all saw the green flash tonight (YEA!). I dropped them off and then headed down to Chinatown to our favorite Chinese Restaurant (Little Village) and had dinner with Janis, Tom, Sarah (Janis' daughter), Will (Sarah's boyfriend) and Carmel (another friend). I'm stuffed! We had SO much good food. My favorite to order is the Honey Walnut Shrimp and the Garlic Fried rice. I also like their spring rolls.

Mmmmmm good!

Now I'm too stuffed to go to be though... so will probably sit up and watch TV a little. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep better tonight. Last night the college kids in the first apartment were up partying with about 20 of their friends until about 4am. I even tried sleeping with ear plugs in. I probably should have gone out about midnight and told them to quieten down, or called the police. Oh well...
- Kris

Saturday, January 19, 2008

beach pictures and haircuts...

First... some pictures from my day at the beach. It made up for the bad day I had yesterday. There's almost nothing that soothes my soul more, than laying on the beach, listening to some good music. Other than being just a tad bit windy, (so... sand sticks on you when it blows across), it was a nice day. The water was c-c-cold though (not TOO cold... but cold nonetheless).

After my quality time at the beach, I came home and got all of my cans that I've collected over the last six months or so (246 cans, 18 plastic bottles and 5 glass bottles)... and took them to the redemption center... so those are now out of my apt! (off my lanai). THEN... I went and got my hair cut... probably the shortest it has been in the last year *smiles* I think it is even shorter than my daughter's hair! (My middle daughter just got her hair cut last week). Anyway... yes, it is short... but it feels good to have it cut. And, I've said before... the only difference between a good haircut and a bad one, is two weeks.
Not much else to write (although I should add that my youngest daughter is now living in Spokane!)... So... I'll sign off...
- Kris

Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm glad it's Friday!

Here's a "stock" photo of mine. It's the Waimea Falls over on Kauai.

What a day it has been.

First... driving up H2 going to work, I hit one of those orange traffic cones that somehow ended up in the middle of the lane I was driving in (GRRRR)... I didn't stop then to look at it, but checked out the damage when I got to work... it left a fairly large black mark on my front passenger bumper and along the side of the front bumper. A co-worker suggested I use a "Magic Eraser" to get it to come off... I hope it comes off.
Today was supposedly "moving" day. I asked this morning if there was a handtruck I could use, and was told that the NCOIC had one downstairs, but they didn't really want to bring it upstairs because they didn't want to bother the other clinic on our floor. SO... okay... being the "toughy" that I am... I filled a Microwave cart box with miscellaneous stuff and carried it over to my new office... down the long hallway... down the stairs... across the large "quad" (about a quarter block), UP the stairs and down the hall to my new office. My arms felt like rubber afterwards. (Dumb thing to do). In fact, later when I was eating lunch, you'd thought I had Parkinson's or something... my hands were shaking/quivering. So... after that, I limited it to just taking 1 thing an hour or so over to my new office. Then, in the afternoon, they got two large dollys and a hand truck. (Go figure). So... I used the handtruck to take over two more boxes and a plant. That was about 4. I had asked my supervisor about getting in this weekend to set up my desk and he said we'd all get together just before quitting time to decide what to do (they've only given our clinic one key to our new floor). The way my modular desk furniture is set up, is for a right-handed person. I want the "tongue" part (that comes out from the desk) on the opposite side and I want to turn my unit a quarter of a turn. I figured I could ask a mechanic friend to go up and help me (and he said he would) this weekend. Well... after waiting for my supervisor to come back (about 4:30)... I found out that no... I couldn't get the key and no one else is going to be up there either.
He was discouraging me from working on my office this weekend (it's a 3 day weekend). But... I just wanted to get the desk switched around, so that when they bring the rest of my furniture over on Tuesday (hopefully)... I'll know where I want it.
So... now I've got to wait until someone gets around to fixing my desk on Tuesday. And I'm sorry... I'm feeling impatient right now and I don't want to wait. I want to have my office in some semblance of order so that when I have three appointments on Wednesday, I'll be ready and able to focus!
Anyway... by the time I left work tonight, I was wishing there was a batting cage around, so I could go hit some balls. THen I got home... and realized I had left my purse in my desk (in my old office, thankfully). SO... before I do anything this weekend, I have to drive back up (anyway!) and get my purse. Grumble, grumble. At this point I'm probably better off just going to bed and try to wake up with a better attitude tomorrow. Oh yea... and when I got home, my internet was down (again).
On another note... my nephews got over to pick up my daughter. It sounds like it only took them about an hour and a half to get everything loaded into the trailer (and they were able to fit everything in there) and last I heard they were headed back to Spokane. They should be getting in shortly.
Okay... nuff grumbling for one day.

- Kris

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Easy day...

Well, today was an easy day... I had one new intake and did my paperwork and started organizing my desk (getting rid of papers I didn't need, etc) in preparation to start moving tomorrow. I can't believe we are moving finally (moving offices). I also had my supervision meeting with my supervisor, that went well. My administrative side tends to come out when I meet him (i.e. ways to serve our clients better and improve on our charting). I also was able to help him with a computer problem, which seemed to impress him. As far as my counseling goes, he seems to believe I'm right on target. (That's good).

Tomorrow my youngest daughter will be moving to Spokane. My older sister's boys (two of my nephews) are going to head over to pick her up and bring her back. It'll be nice to have her there where she has some support. I'm hoping that my nephews can be a good influence on her as she will be staying with one of them and his significant other.

Let's see... probably the biggest (and saddest) news today, was that about a mile from where I live, a 23 year old guy threw a 2 1/2 year old toddler off the freeway over pass. It sounds like he knew the mother. On one of the film clips he's heard saying that "she's a drug addict and she's out running around" (screwing around?... being unfaithful?). It's too bad that a kid has to die because of it though... and I feel bad for the two cars that supposedly hit the kid (he probably died when he hit the freeway). Anyway... a sad day in Hawaii.

Not much else to write about at the moment... and it's time to go to bed. Because I am watching TV on my computer, it won't let me upload a picture. Wish I would have taken one up at the Army base when I was leaving... the sun was setting behind the pass and it was just beautiful and the sky colored up real pink. It would have made for a beautiful picture. Oh well... it'll just have to go into my memory and I'll have to be satisfied with that. Oh yea... and I did about 70 minutes on the treadmill tonight (While watching the news). YEA! And I'll get my exercise tomorrow going up and down the stairs as I move some stuff over to my new office. [groan].

- Kris

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


What a long day...

I left a little early so I could stop and get labs done, they open at 7am. First... I was a little peeved because parking is SUCH a premium, there were two cars that each were taking up two parking spots! I was sorely tempted to leave a sign, something to the effect of "Inconsiderate citizen award," but decided not to take the time. When I got there and was 6th in line and there was one woman who came up right after I did. Well... usually you file into the lab area and take a number, based on where you were "in line" so to speak, outside of the lab... oh no... the woman behind me decided to jump two numbers (she looked like she was probably retired... not like she had some place else to go). So... okay... I let that slide... but then while I was waiting, another guy came in (and got like, number 10 or so?)... just happened to know the lab techs apparently, so after sitting for about a minute or two... decided to pop his head in... and while he was in there... got his lab drawn. GRRRR.... so... I started off my day a little impatient (fortunately THAT got better). Morning was quiet... but then I got another one of my tummy aches, it was about the 3rd one in the past week. Not good. But... at least my labs were drawn this morning, so if it is anything that my show up on labs, it'll be there. No... don't know what exactly causes my tummy aches (they feel like labor pains)... and I haven't had any for about 3 months now.
I'm documenting when they happen now though... and will try to document my pain level as they occur. Today's wasn't as bad as the last one.
I know cold is a relative term... but I was *freezing* ALL day. This morning when I didn't have any clients, I had two sweaters on my upper body and a jacket wrapped around my legs! And I just couldn't get warm! (It was probably about 60 up there this morning when I got to work). Part of my being cold comes from being anemic, I know.

Work went fine... just saw three clients today and got their documentation done in the computer this afternoon, after the last appointment. Tomorrow I'll file the documentation in their charts. Tomorrow I have a new client coming in for an intake at 9am, and then need to call some former clients and see how they are doing and whether they want to come back in, now since our portion of the clinic is up and running again.

Tonight I went over to Tom & Janis'... it was nice, Tom's brother was there (they grew up in South Dakota and Dan is mighty interesting to talk to) and Conchetta was there as well. The conversation was about "The Bucket List" and then later got into politics a little. The "Bucket List" topic was interesting... There is only ONE thing on my bucket list that I haven't done... that has been a goal of mine for a long time... and that is to Hike the Appalachian Trail before I am 60. Will I ever get it done? I don't know... but it will continue to remain a goal.
Places I would like to see? Ayers Rock in Australia and the Great Wall of China (if I could only go two places). I wouldn't mind getting to the five United States that I haven't been to (Alabama, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Michigan and New Mexico... although technically... I've never been outside of the Salt Lake City airport in Utah... though I've been there at least a dozen times... and while I've spent a night in Tucson (in 1990), I haven't seen anywhere else in AZ). I'm hoping to go to AZ for my birthday... and then see the Grand Canyon and then go on up to the Four Corners area. Then I can say I've been in four places at once... how cool is that?
Time for me to go to bed, I didn't leave Janis' til 9:30 or so... but wanted to post on my blog...
- Kris

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

no net yesterday

Sorry I didn't write yesterday... besides not much happening, when I did get home (after doing an hour on the treadmill), the computer network was down... all night! GRRRR! And when I don't post... Bette worries about me *smiles* No worries Bette... I'm fine *smiles*!

Today was about as slow as yesterday. I was supposed to see one client today, but her sink started leaking this morning so she needed to stay home to wait for someone to come & fix it. (and she is in a relatively new house!). Tomorrow is supposed to be a busier day, I think I have three clients scheduled for tomorrow. I *did* exercise after work, did 35 mins on the ecliptic machine.

Thursday will probably be spent packing up my office (thankfully I haven't taken TOO much up there!) and we are supposed to move to our new quarters on Friday.

Let's see... in other news, my youngest daughter took my youngest granddaughter to the doctor yesterday and apparently Kiara has the beginnings of pneumonia. So, K is on antibiotics. Tomorrow my youngest daughter is supposed to go to the doctor and is anticipating being placed on antibiotics as well, because we are assuming she has the same thing as Kiara (they both sound equally as bad).

It looks like my youngest daughter will be moving to Spokane next Monday or Tuesday. It gives her a little more time to pack up in preparation. I'll be glad to see her get to Spokane and get settled in there where she will have my (large) family for support.

Okay... I'm going to sign off.

- Kris

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Riding in a tow truck...

Well... after staying inside all day (much of it on the phone to family)... and not making it to the beach, I decided to take a friend up on an offer to ride up to Mililani with him in his tow truck (okay... okay... it's my 2nd time in a tow truck... well... actually 3rd, if you count the time when, on our way cross-country in 1977, we were struck by lightening in Wyoming in our truck and then had to get towed to Buffalo). Anyway... what was supposed to be just a ride to Mililani and back... turned into going from Mililani to Haliewa (North Shore), back to Mililani, then to Kaneohe (windward side) and then to Kailua. I didn't get back home until about 9:15pm! (Well... he didn't pick me up til about 4). He was actually headed out on another call, out to Hawaii Kai and then to Aiea (near Pearl Harbor). It must be interesting going all of the island every day like that, but I can see where it might get a little boring going by yourself all the time.
My youngest daughter's crisis is getting resolved, she will be moving to Spokane where she'll have family support in the form of my siblings and her older cousins. She should be moving Thursday or Friday. I have probably mentioned this before, but the Kanji (Japanese/Chinese ancient script writing) symbol for "Crisis" is actually made up of two symbols... danger & opportunity. Some people (i.e. me) take that to mean that in any crisis there is a potential for danger (getting depressed, letting it get you down, etc) or opportunity. It's kind of like, "life is what you make it." Along with that I'm reminded of the idiom (?) that says "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

Which reminds me... my daily calendar for today is on DETERMINATION and says "Do not let what you cannot do, interfere with what you CAN do." Good quote. One to take to heart.
Okay... it's past my bedtime... I had to iron my outfit that I will be wearing to work tomorrow and I still have to get my gym stuff together.

- Kris
P.S... it's getting "chilly" (a relative term) tonight... it's already down to 69 (probably at 63 or so up where I work). But... I'm grateful it's not -30 like it is up in Fairbanks (Alaska) tonight! BRRRR!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kolekole Pass Lookout

Here is a picture of the Kolekole Pass monument
If you click on the picture, it should open up full-size... this is the road I went down to get over to the "Waianae coast." It was a beautiful drive.

And, here's a short video that I took with my camera from the look-out on the Kolekole Pass, which runs from Schofield Army base, down to Nanakuli. This is the only place where you are allowed to stop and take pictures. The road is only open 5:30am-5:30pm and you have to have a military sticker on your car to drive the road... with the exception being that if something major happens on the road that goes out to the Waianae area, sometimes they will grant civilians permission to go across the pass. Unfortunately, there is only 1 road that goes out west to Waianae and if there is a major accident, or incident, the road gets closed and those out there can't get home. Like a couple weeks ago when we had high winds, it blew about a dozen power poles down along the Farrington "highway" that goes out to Waianae. Those guys were stranded with I think 1 lane of traffic open. It took people 4 hours to go 3 miles or so. I think they opened the pass that time... but then there was a mudslide in the afternoon which closed the pass for a little while.

So... that's it for the Kolekole pass information.
I went and checked garage sales this morning, looking for a decent, but inexpensive rug... no luck. I did find a matching set of three lamps, a floor lamp, and two table lamps (nothing fancy... but the set was only $20). Hopefully they'll look okay in my new office.
I did go see "The Bucket List" with my friends Janis, and Tom. It was a good movie... with some funny parts. I'm glad I saw it. Janis said she enjoyed it too.
I've got to sign off... I've got something I'm dealing with at the moment (concerning my youngest daughter)...
- Kris

Friday, January 11, 2008

Sunset, January 11, 2008

So... this was sunset (modified to add music) from sunset tonight. Nice way to end the day. The sun didn't set on the water though (it set *behind* the clouds). By the time I got home from work, I didn't have time to stop & pick up Guy & Nikki (snowbird friends from St. Louis).

I *did* ride my bike to work today, it sprinkled on the way up there, but was dry on the way home. Work was fine... quiet morning and I had one client this afternoon. (a repeat, who was doing MUCH better today, than when I saw her earlier in the week).

I *didn't* go see the movie tonight, Janis ended up having company, so we are planning to go tomorrow night. Depending on what time I get to bed tonight and what time I get up tomorrow, I may head back up to the Army base because they are having a post-wide garage sale (I guess they figure they should coordinate their garage sales and everyone have it the same weekend?). I'm looking for a large area rug for my new office. Rumor has it we should be moving next Thursday-Friday.

Well... not much else to write... so I'll say...


- Kris

Thursday, January 10, 2008

One of those dangerous things to do while driving

Well... this picture doesn't do it justice... but it was a GORGEOUS sunset... and yes... I took this out the (passenger) side window on my way home (on the H2 freeway). Then... when I was on H1, the view through my rearview window was even better! It was a BIG beautiful reddish colored sun (we've been having VOG... which is Hawaii's version of smog... but due to the Volcanic ash in the air). And there was no way I could get to the beach to take a nice picture because I was getting home AT sunset time.

And the reason I was getting home AT sunset time, was because I went to the gym again... fourth day in a row (whooohoo!)... and tonight I did an hour on the Treadmill. Figured I'd better start getting some walking in (I usually spend my time on the Ecliptic machine)... because I need to get ready for the Great Aloha Run which is on President's Day weekend. It is 8.2 miles and goes from the Aloha tower downtown, to the Aloha Stadium. The Run is actually on the Monday... President's Day.

I got an email from the Dive club I used to belong to, they are going over to the waters off of Molokai that weekend to dive, they are going over on Sunday (overnight ride) and coming back on Monday night. It costs $250... which is that bad of a deal (and there are three awesome dives scheduled!). Oh well... that's one trip I'll be missing...

Other than that... work was rather slow today. I did meet with my supervisor for awhile this afternoon to go over the clients I met with this week and to review my notes. I had asked for some constructive criticism and he showed me a couple things I could have worded a little different. And of course... I'm working to understand his philosophy of the way he does things... he's been counseling since 1979, so there is a LOT I can learn from him.

Guess that's about it for today... not much else to write about. I'm *not* exercising tomorrow (nothing planned anyway). On Fridays we can "dress down" so I can wear jeans... and therefore I plan to ride my motorcycle tomorrow. Tomorrow night Janis & I are planning to go see "The Bucket List." I hope she will hang in there and do okay with it... she wants to see it too. It's got Jack Nicholsen and Morgan Freeman. Both have cancer and sneak out of a cancer ward (they are dying) and go to do everything they have on their "Bucket List." (things to do before they kick the bucket). Should be a good movie.

Time to sign off...

- Kris

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I've been trying to upload a picture and it won't let me. Darn it!

Not too much to write about today... work went okay, I spent the morning doing all the documentation for my appointments yesterday, had one appointment this afternoon and did the documentation for the appointment afterwards.

And I *did* go exercise after work. Three days in a row! Whoohoo! So far I haven't seen any of my other co-workers who said they would be there starting this week... the only one that's been there, is the one that *has* been going on a semi-regular basis. One of them that said she was going to start this week, has been having problems with TMJ (aching jaw). Not sure what's up with the others... one has been on sick leave yesterday and today... not sure what's up with her, if she's sick, or if it's one of her kids.

I have a good quote on my desktop calendar today it is "Look at life through the windshield, not the rearview mirror!" As I said... good quote.

Okay... short blog [shock, shock].

- Kris

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I took this picture as I was heading to work this morning (yea... while I was driving... I know, I know... I shouldn't have...). But... the mountains looked SO pretty with the morning light reflecting off of them. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Work was semi-busy today... I met with three clients today! (YEA!). Two were clients who had been seen in our clinic before, one was new. Then, this afternoon the power went off. I decided to go get my gym bag out of my car and move it closer and found the reason for the power outage... some guy had collided (with his vehicle) with a power pole. The pole didn't look damaged, but it must have been enough to snap the wires loose (the wires were NOT across the road). As I drove by I could see about 6 soldiers around what looked to be a man laying on the ground. (maybe he had a medical condition that caused him to run off the road?). A few minutes later the ambulance got there. Our clinic ended up closing early (so did the other clinic on the floor)... but at that time I was meeting with a client (we still got ambient light from the windows in our offices). SO... I left about 3:45 and headed over to the gym (two afternoons in a row! YEA!).

Now I'm home watching "The Biggest Loser - couples".

Okay... gotta go!
- Kris

Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday, Monday...

These two pictures were taken yesterday... I didn't take any pics today. Work went okay, I was supposed to have a new intake today, but she was a "no-show." Tomorrow I'm supposed to see two new clients (one is a new intake). I did get a call from the person I saw last week, she's had some complications since I saw her last week... hopefully she will be proactive and make some good choices.

We went over and saw our new offices (that we were supposed to move into a couple weeks ago). My office is an awkward shape. And everything is STARK white... it will be a challenge to make them into comfortable, homey offices. We still don't know when we will be moving. At least I know where I will be putting my "Storybook People" pictures up (on the wall that leads into my office). I don't yet know how I will decorate my office... I *will* have to get a nice rug to put in my office... and will probably keep the two chairs I have in my current office. We will be getting new modular furniture/desks.
After work I *did* go exercise. Four of my co-workers were supposed to start or go exercising today... but one has been dealing with TMJ, one was at training elsewhere... one had a son with soccer practice, and I don't know about the other two. But... at least *I* went! Again... I'm trying to go exercise Mondays - Thursdays. Afterwards I stopped by the commissary to pick up some food.
I talked with Janis today, she talked to the doctor today about her breathing difficulties, apparently he thinks its related to the fact that her chest is kind of caving in, restricting her breathing abilities. She *is* on her third attempt of chemotherapy, she's now on Revlamid (she was on Thalidomide, then Velcade before). I sure hope this one works for her.
Okay... I'm going to sign off... it's about bedtime, the news is already on TV.

So... Aloha!
- Kris