Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Haoli Makahiki Hou!

Happy New Year! I guess I forgot to blog last night (oops, Bette!). No I'm not sick, I went to the gym after work and did 45 mins on the Elliptic machine last night, then came home & made dinner & watched 'House." I have also been spending way too much playing Soduko. Work went fine yesterday and today. Most of us went to lunch together today. One of my co-workers (and she was also a classmate of mine) got up early this morning and went over to Kaneohe Marine Base and got to see Obama in person. She got some good pictures of him & even got to shake hands with him! He leaves tomorrow to head back to the mainland.

Not much else going on. I'm thinking I might just stay home, there are tons of fireworks going off all over the neighborhood (most are being illegally shot off). I can see all the way into Honolulu from where I live. It's overcast and the fireworks are going to cause some pretty hazy conditions. I still have 4 1/2 hours until midnight, so I have some time to think about it.

Okay... I'm going to sign off...

- Kris

Monday, December 29, 2008

O Christmas Tree... O Christmas Tree...

Another Christmas night photo.
Well, it was back to work today... I think I could have used another day off. My doc started me on some new medication and I think the combination made me feel weird today, I almost felt narcoleptic. But then... Peanut was restless last night and I woke up quite a bit with her (it seems). So... I'll give the meds another day or two and then talk with my doc if I am still adjusting. I know that with some of the meds, it can take a week or so to have your body adjust.
I didn't go to the gym after work either. I came home. I got several more Christmas cards in the mail. I send out about 50-60 Christmas cards each year (what? You mean YOU are not on the list?? Sorry.). Anyway, because of my dedication I'm rewarded with cards from old friends... for example this year, that includes my first boyfriend's mom (Rick was my boyfriend when I was 5, he died last year, he was my age); my "telephone mom" whom I've known since I was 12, a good friend and former swim team-mate that I've known since I was about 10, I've gotten cards from people that I have known for over 30 years, and today one of my cards was from a High School Counselor. *smiles* I feel like a very fortunate person.
Okay... I'm going to sign off and chill out and watch some TV.
- Kris

Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Christmas display pics... playful penguins

Here are some penguins that were part of the Santa display in downtown Honolulu, and there's a turtle fountain with some bags on his back.

So, I thought I would post a couple more pictures from when I went down to see the Honolulu City Lights on Christmas night.
Not much going on today, I did some laundry and some grocery shopping this morning and then picked Guy & Nikki up at the bus stop (it's the main one in Waipahu). It saves me about 45 minutes when they take the bus out that far, so it's been kind of nice & they like taking the bus. We had fun playing pool on the Wii and I introduced Nikki to playing Suduko on the Nintendo DS. I played Suduko on it the other day and that was the first time I had ever completed a Suduko game. I enjoy it. I might even be able to get hooked on it! *smiles*. The Suduko game is on my Brain Age game.
We barbequed some hotdogs & had some chips (and grapes). Later today I made some fruit smoothies, but the plastic piece on the bottom basically melted! And it's a KitchenAide! I'm not sure what the guarantee is on the Kitchenaides, I'll need to find out... or at least get a replacement part. I don't use my Blender very often, I doubt if I have used it more than a dozen times. GRRRR.
I took Guy & Nikki back down to the bus stop a little bit and they just called & are home safe & sound. I stayed down at the Bus stop with them until I knew they made it on the bus okay.
While they were here, I called and made my reservations for the Pontoon boat in February. I'll be taking my snowbird friends out to the Sandbar for a picnic. Should be fun! We are going out February 15th. Walt & Bette will be here by then (and I'll be back from San Antonio). I'm thinking there will be: Guy & Nikki, Walt & Bette, Barb & Bob (?), and maybe Carl & Mikki? or there was another couple that did the Barbeque with us last year, maybe they will be able to go.
I'm going to sign off now, I need to get ready for bed & for the new work week. I've enjoyed my long weekend (power outage excluded).
- Kris

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Not a lot to post about today... I posted this morning. This afternoon I went into the mall (at Pearl Ridge) and wandered around there awhile... I stopped and got gas (got a little at the nearest gas station earlier) and just stopped a couple more places on my way home. Not sure if I mentioned that I got a DS Nintendo (I did), so I went to find a couple more games for it. I got a couple Brain games when I got the DS, but wanted some variety. I bought three used games (if you bought 2, you got one free, and you can try them for a week and if you don't like them, you can return them). I also went in and picked up my "In-Training" tee shirt (for the Great Aloha Run, which is on President's Day in February).

So, tonight I've been trying out the games. One of the games I got is caled Zensa ocean. It's supposed to be relaxing because of the music that is played with it. It's okay... I'm looking forward to trying out some of the other games.

I've invited Guy & Nikki over tomorrow, we're just going to grill some hotdogs & play the Wii. I had talked to Tom yesterday and we were talking about going boogie boarding, but it's supposed to rain, so I've got to call him and ask for a rain check for next weekend.

Other than that, I got my Christmas present from my middle daughter today. It's a book titled "The Happy Isles of Oceania, Paddling the Pacific." It is about a guy (Paul Theroux) who paddles a kayak from New Zealand to Hawaii, stooping at 51 islands along the way. I'm looking forward to reading it.

I also got my "Barack Obama" tee shirt today (I contributed to his campaign), and I got three more Christmas cards in the mail today as well (not from Barack). *smiles*

Okay... I'll sign off. As I write this, I think they have power restored to about 90% of the island.

- Kris

This is a paragraph from the Honolulu Advertiser, online this morning:

A major power outage left much of O'ahu in the dark last night and city officials said the power may not be completely restored for at least 12 hours. By about 3:20 a.m., power had been restored to about 42,500 customers, mostly on the Leeward Coast and Central O'ahu. President-elect Barack Obama is staying on Oahu and his beachfront compound lost power at 8:08 p.m., but Obama and his family were fine, city officials said.

As I write this, it is 7:44am, they are saying that 162,000 customers have their power on now (still less than half). So, it is taking over 13 hours (so far) to restore power on the island. As I said before... heaven help this island if they have a hurricane or some other major disaster! And they are still having lightening storms this morning.

Okay... I'll sign off again. Hopefully our power doesn't go back off again.


- Kris

Dark Friday...

That’s what they called last night. But first, let me start with the beginning of my day off… I slept in and enjoyed a relaxing morning, then this afternoon I went & got a new battery for my cell phone as it would only hold about a 20 minute charge if I was talking on it. So… new battery and I was able to charge it in my car while I did some errands. I went and saw the movie “Four Christmas’” it wasn’t too bad. Then I went to the get gas at the Navy Exchange and they had *raised* their prices 10 cents a gallon, so I decided to go check the Air Force Base. The first gas station I went to was closed, so I just thought I would go browse around the BX and then go get some gas before I came home. Well, after I was there for about 15 minutes, the power went out. I decided to go check out the other side of base where the gas station was located and as I crossed over the road that leads off base and saw that no one was coming off or on. Their automatic gates (the one that blocks the gates in case of terrorist attack) were up, so no one could leave. I waited a little while and I think after about a half an hour, they were able to get the gates open. So… then I finally got smart and turned on the radio to the news station and found out that almost ALL of the island of Oahu was without power. They said that Kapolei & Nanakuli had power, so since I was down to less than an 8th of a tank of gas, I decided to head out to Kapolei (which is past where I live) to get some gas, but as soon as I pulled into the gas station out there, the clerk was coming out to put signs on all the pumps saying they were out of gas. They weren’t out, but apparently their computer system was down. So… after checking a couple more gas stations in the area, I went out to Nanikuli to see about getting gas there, and I pulled into one gas station & they were not dispensing gas, and by this time my gas light, indicating I was low on gas, came on. So… I tried one more gas station and then the power went off out there (the area still on was on the West side of the island). So… I *made* it back home and was *very* happy to find the electronic gates open (whew!).

Once home… I’m fine. I have 1 candle (a Yankee Candle), but I have several flashlights, I have my camping gear (lanterns, cook stove, etc) if needed, I also have a couple battery operated radios, so I’ve been listening to KSSK tonight. I made a ham sandwich for dinner (from the ham I had leftover from Christmas dinner). I’ve also been playing on my laptop, I still have half my battery power left, so I am also writing my blog so that I can post it when the power comes back on tomorrow.

SO… the power outage. It was caused by a lightening strike. It just amazes me that if the power goes off here… it’s OFF. And it takes them about 12 hours to get all the power restored. That just amazes me. I thought after the earthquake a couple years ago, that the island would have figured something out to deal with this kind of thing, but alas… it doesn’t appear so. I have to say… if Oahu is ever hit by an earthquake, it’s going to be one “hell” of a mess. There have been problems with flights trying to get in and out of the airport. They’ve cancelled quite a few flights and I feel bad for those coming in to Hawaii, as they are landing and are probably having to wait quite awhile to get manual stairs out to unload the planes and then the luggage will need to be handled manually. I *am* thankful for “Perry & Price” on the radio, they do a great job keeping every informed of what’s going on. They have said repeatedly that the “Obama” camp is doing okay. I guess they had generator power for at least awhile, but I’m sure they are the best equipped.

Okay… I’ll finish this tomorrow.

So... MY power came on about 3:30am this morning, but over half of the island is still without power (for example, if I stll lived where I used to, I would still be without power). I'm listening to the radio now and they are advising everyone to stay home. The newspaper will be delayed, they don't know if there will be mail today... etc. Most people are being told that if they work, are being to stay to home, that they are trying to keep everyone off the road & are thankful it is not a normal work day. At some point I will need to venture out to get some gas.

Okay... let me sign off so I can get this posted. Bette has already emailed me to ask me if I was okay & why I didn't blog.

- Kris

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mele Kalikimaka!

First of all, Mele Kalikimaka! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day. Mine was great. Although I got woke up early this morning by Peanut (my puppy), so it's been a LONG day. I had some friends come over. In the pictures above, Guy & Nikki are learning how to use the Wii. Guy was good at "Pool" (or billiards), and Nikki is trying out the down-hill skiing in the photo above. (disregard the mess, we had to move the coffee table out of the way). We played the Wii a LOT! (Nikki is on the Wii Fit where she had to balance and pretend she was skiing a downhill slolom course). It was Nikki & Guy's first time they have seen the Wii, and they had fun (we all did!).
Dinner consisted of a wonderful ham, augraten potatoes, green bean caserole, and fresh baked bread. Desert was a pecan pie. I took Guy & Nikki home about 10, but we stopped down to see the Honolulu City Light display. Inside the one building (? City building?), they always decorate a bunch of Christmas trees, and I found my friend Ruthie (former neighbor) playing her harp. So, I stood alongside & watched for awhile and sang a couple Christmas songs with a young asian woman who started the singing... *smiles*
Here are some scenes from Honolulu City Lights. I *Love Shaka Santa & Mrs Claus!

This is my Mele Kalikimaka & Hauoli Makahiki Hou! (Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!).
It's time for me to sign off for this blog & head to bed, as it is now after midnight. I may feel grateful I am not working tomorrow after all (even though that means a day without pay).
- Kris

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa and Sheraton Bowl... (we lost)

So... it was a BEAUTIFUL day for a Sheraton Bowl, it was 82 degrees today. The game left a lot to be desired as we lost by 4 touchdowns. (49-21). It was still fun to be there.
As far as the SANTA part... I was VERY happy to find out that my package to my youngest daughter made it there today. When I had mailed it early this month, it ended up having to go surface because of something I put in it. They said it would be 4-6 weeks before it got there. So... I was SO relieved when she called me (and sent a text) letting me know it had arrived today. Whew! My other daughters had already gotten their Christmas presents.
Okay... I'm going to sign off... I'm watching "The Chronicles of Narnia" on TV.
Aloha & Merry Christmas
- Kris

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So... the above picture is my January picture on my calendar.

How's your day going? Mine was long, as I went into work early and stayed late, so I could take off early tomorrow and go to the game (the Sheraton Bowl). It didn't help that Peanut woke up about 4:45 and decided it was time to be up and playing. Ugh!Work itself went fine... so-so as far as being productive. I spent way too much time emailing back and forth with various supervisors about Friday. I had planned to work Friday, even though 98% of the people in my office will be off (because it is a Federal holiday). But then I was told I wouldn't be able to work because I wouldn't have anyone there to supervise me. The head boss suggested that if I wanted to work Friday, that I might be able to work at the hospital ER with the Social Worker(s) there. That defeats part of the purpose of working on Friday (to get caught up on paperwork). However, it would be a chance to have a hands-on learning experience, so that wouldn't be bad. At this point I am leaning towards just taking the day off as a day without pay. I have one other co-worker that is in the same situation as I am in . I still have to wait & hear back from the head boss as to what I do that day.

Tomorrow I'm working a half day. I'm going to the Sheraton Bowl football game. I'm going to meet up with a bunch of my "Meet In" friends. I think 17 people have signed up.

I picked up my Christmas present from my oldest daughter today. She sent it express mail and it was supposed to be here Saturday, since it got here yesterday, she is entitled to a refund, which is a good thing because it was over $17. to mail!

Okay... I'm going to sign off... and Christmas will be one day closer.

Aloha!- Kris

Monday, December 22, 2008

Ready for Christmas?

So... this is my little tree (on top of my coffee table). I have one present under it for me (from a good friend whom I've known since I was 12, she's like a mom to me). I've got a couple doggy gifts under there & then some gifts for the kids next door. If I make it to the post office tomorrow, I'll have at least one more present to put under there... from my oldest daughter. (yea!).

Work went okay today, I had a hard time getting motivated this morning, but kicked into gear this afternoon. I had one of my tummy aches again today (I had one yesterday too). I went in a little early and stayed until about 5:45. I'm trying to work a little extra so that I can take off early on Wednesday for the Sheraton Bowl.

Not much else to write about tonight, so I'm going to sign off.

- Kris

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weather in 3 places

I took this photo off of my lanai, it was a beautiful day on the southern side of the island today.
I just got this photo from a webcam in Spokane this morning. It was really snowy there all day and they haven't gotten completely dug out from the snow they got the other day. This webcam is about 1/2 mile from where my older sister lives, and about 2 miles from where my youngest daughter lives. All of my siblings live in the Spokane area.

And this was Fairbanks today. My oldest daughter works near here, but lives about 20 miles away. It was -24 today in Fairbanks... brrr!
Not much to write about today. I took it easy this morning (watched church via the internet, it's a church I like, but it's about 25 miles away). About lunch time I went and got my nails done, I thought about having a Christmas flower or something put on, but I settled for some red nail polish with a little glitter.
This afternoon I went shopping and found a gift for Michelle (former neighbor) and her husband. I had already gotten their son Kaleo, his present. Tonight I've just been putzing around the house, putting some groceries away, wrapping a couple more presents. I'm about ready to head to bed. I'm not ready (psychologically) for work tomorrow, but at least I get 2 weeks off from doing groups.
- Kris

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas gift exchanges...

First, I thought I'd put a picture up here that I've played with, it will be the front of the calendar that I am having made. I took the photo at Hanauma Bay. I didn't do much today, I slept in until about 10-11, then worked on pictures for my calendar for this year (the one I make). Usually I don't manipulate the pictures that I put on my annual calendar, but I did this year (not significantly, but for example, on many of the pictures I put the location of the photo across the bottom.

Now... to the discussion of Christmas gift exchanges. PLEASE if you go to one, bring a "Unisex" gift and pick out something that you would want for yourself. That's generally what I do. For example... at yesterday's party, I took a trio of cookie sheets (packaged together)... and what did I get (I didn't get to pick it out because I had to leave early)... a multi-pack of coffee (different flavors). I guess that wouldn't be too bad of a gift, but I don't drink coffee. SO... I gave it to one of my co-workers that does drink coffee. Tonight I took a really nice saute pan, it's heavy duty and is about 12" in diameter with handles on each side. What did I get? A mixed-bag of stuff... an electric fingernail shaver, a notepad with a matching pen, a "gift card set for guys" and something else I don't recall. Someone brought a "Razor" scooter (it's supposed to be a $10 limit, so they must've gotten it as a gift or something... who knows), there were some gifts of bath & body lotions (one of the guys got that one), the person that got my pan lost it right away. But they only let you steal once, so if someone stole a gift, no one else could.

It was a fun party, I think there were 33 of us there. I got to catch up with my friend Donna, who recently got laid off because of cut-backs at the Department of Health here (for case management). She worked for a company that I thought about going to work for, before I got the job up where I am. I'm glad things worked out the way they did for me, but it makes me worry a little about the others that worked for that company that I knew. The party was at the Speghetti Factory. I was a little disappointed, we had reservations for 7pm and when we got there, they basically said "sorry, we don't have any tables for you"... even though they *did* have our reservations written down. We ended up waiting about 45 minutes to be seated. The food was good, I only get to the Speghetti Factory about once a year.

Guess that's about it, I think it's time for bed, almost midnight. I stopped at the store on the way home and picked out some gifts for the three little kids next door. I plan to wrap them up and stick them by their door on Christmas eve, without letting them know who left them (Santa did!).

So... Aloha for now!
- Kris

Guy & Nikki & Pearl Harbor

Guy & Nikki... they haven't changed at all...
We got to talking to people around us (that's so typical of me), the person next to Nikki retired from Pearl Harbor & had been a submariner. We asked the person who had been sitting next to Guy to take a picture of us (on the boat ride around Pearl Harbor for the harbor boat light ride).

Not a very good picture, but it's hard to get a decent night picture when you're on a moving boat!

Nikki, Guy & I in front of the big anchor at the USS Arizona Memorial.
So... we had a good time & went out for a bite afterwards, and then I brought them up to my apartment, I just couldn't wait for them to see it. They're going to come over for Christmas dinner with me. I think I'll make a ham.
I don't know what it is about tonight, other than it must be just because it's the last day of school for the year, but there have been a LOT of fireworks going off tonight on this side of the island. I mean, as I write this, it's almost 12:30am and there were just a bunch going off (just on the other side of the apartment building down from me, so I couldn't exactly see where they were going off, just the top "bangs.").
Work went okay, it was so-so as far as productive goes. If they have the Christmas party at the same place next year, I'm NOT going. It took us an HOUR to get there! Mainly because traffic was pretty congested and I think our travel time coincided with ALL of the kids getting out of school (and we passed several on our way to the tea house where the party was being held). It was very apparent when we walked in (late) because everyone was seated & eating... and it was apparent when we left (because several people commented on it... and we basically said that because we are "contractors" we had to get back to work).
Okay... I'm going to sign off... I'm pooped.
- Kris

Thursday, December 18, 2008

winter where?

well... this is just out the back door from where I work. My middle daughter asked me to send her a picture to put on her blog because she was going to be posting a blog with a picture (from today) of Tucson, Fairbanks, Spokane & Hawaii.
My youngest daughter sent me a picture this morning of her car, covered with snow. She lives in Spokane, where I grew up. They had something like 19 inches of snow in 24 hours... wow! That broke all-time records!
I had my appointment this morning, I have a follow-up in January. Then, I went and got my blood drawn... they took TEN tubes! WoW! I have to say though, I'm glad I don't work in town, it took me an hour to drive 12 miles! UGH!
Work itself went fine, I actually felt like I had a very productive day! I got a lot of paperwork done & got a lot of filing done. I was very thankful for some quiet time to get things done. One of my head bosses called because my one co-worker and I are supposed to fly to the mainland for some training the end of January. He wasn't sure if she had registered for the course. I was able to let him know that I had sat her down in my office & complete the on-line form and that I had emailed her registration and gotten a confirmation. (That's NOT my job... but that's just me, I help out when & where I can). Anyway... he was happy to hear that.
I'm hoping to go in early tomorrow, because I'm wanting to take a little longer lunch (the main office is having a party, and they have said if we want to go, we have to flex our time to ensure we still work 8 hours tomorrow). It's a long story and stupid... I'd boycott, but I had already paid for the lunch (and not cheap! $21!) and one of my other co-workers is going and doesn't want to go alone. SO... I'll go down but have a valid reason to leave right after lunch.
Okay... I'm going to sign off.
- Kris
P.S. I did talk to Nikki today, they made it okay, they got here a little late, but they are safe & sound in Hawaii!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

Wow... it sure feels like it should be Friday already! I had a VERY hectic day. I had four presentations to do this morning and then this afternoon I had two appointments and 15 computer notes to document. Whew!

I'm hoping it should be quieter the next two days. I still need to catch up on paperwork. I stayed and worked a little late today and then went to the gym & worked out on the Ecliptic machine for 45 minutes. It's been 3 days in a row, but I won't be able to work out tomorrow because I need to take Peanut in for an appointment (and shots).

As far as I know, Nikki & Guy should be on the island now, but I haven't talked to them. I thought I'd let them settle in and will try to call them tomorrow. I'm thinking that I should invite them over for dinner on Saturday (early) and then take them down to Pearl Harbor to take the boat ride around Pearl Harbor, looking at all the Christmas lights on the submarines & ships.

Okay... time to sign off... my 9pm news is on and I have to get up early tomorrow. I'm going to try and get to Tripler early enough to get my labs done before I have my "Urology" appt.

- Kris

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A beautiful sunrise

I took this picture out my bathroom window this morning, you can see Diamond Head off in the distance. It was a beautiful and colorful sunrise. (BTW, I took this through the screen).

Today was a busy day at work with group this morning and then having to leave early this afternoon for my appointment. The appointment went fine, it's done for another year. She (the doctor) made a consultation for me with a urologist (I'm getting old, what can I say???). And she gave me a prescription to try when I have my "tummy aches." I don't have them very often, in fact right now it has probably been a month. It kind of comes & goes in periods. So, the next time I have one, I'll keep this medicine handy. It'll be like my "rescue" medication.

So... I'll be getting my complete physical check-out (tune up???). My regular doc also put me in for another Upper GI (and a colonoscopy?). I'm NOT looking forward to that! I've also got some labs put in, so I'll probably go get those drawn before my urology appointment on the 18th.

On my way home I stopped at the gym and worked out for about an hour. I feel like I should still be working out even more.

Okay... I'm going to sign off... I'm watching the "Biggest Loser" finale (that show is always a good motivator!).

- Kris

Monday, December 15, 2008

Exercise, exercise, exercise

So... some of you have gotten my Christmas card for this year which has a picture very similar to the one above. Thought I'd share this one here (this one - I took with my phone).

I made it to work during lunch. I spent all morning in a meeting to discuss placement of a child that abused last week. Then, I had a meeting this afternoon that lasted almost 2 hours. So... not a very productive work day as far as getting my work done. Tomorrow probably won't be much better because I have a group in the morning and then an "annual" exam at the doctors in the afternoon.
I *did* go to the gym after work. I did 45 minutes on the Elliptic machine and then sat in the jacuzzi for a little bit afterwards. One of my co-workers teaches aerobic classes at the 24 hour fitness and from now until the end of the year, members can bring a guest for free. She's also going to give me her "body buddy" to use. It's something that helps you track what you eat and how many calories that you are burning. Supposedly people are able to lose weight better using this "body buddy." You wear it like an arm band. My goal is to lose 20 pounds before I go on the cruise.

Okay... time to sign off.
- Kris

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I took this photo a week or so ago, but thought I'd post it today.

Not much to write about today, I had a lazy morning and then went to the mall this afternoon, I was in the mood for a pretzel (the kind they make right there). I also needed to pick up some gifts for exchanging at various parties this coming week (a work one and a "Meet In" one). I found a neck massager, but after bringing it home, I don't like it, so will probably return it sometime in the next couple days. I also had to get Peanut a larger collar, although this time I got her a harness, because that's what she'll need to get used to. While I was at the pet store, they had several chihuahua's and a young couple was buying one. I think my "Peanut" was cutre than the ones they had at the store.

We've continued to have some rain today, but not nearly as much as we have in the past couple days. I guess the marathon started off in the rain today (so I'm glad I didn't do it).

Okay... I'm going to chill & watch some TV. This morning I watched the Jets beat the Bills and now I'm watching the Cowboys beat the New York Giants.

- Kris

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quick post

Okay, 2nd post today. But, I just wanted to say that the symphony was great! The guy who plays "Hurley" on lost (Jorge something) did the narration. As we were sitting there, a couple rows ahead of us and to our left, sat Dawg the Bounty Hunter, his wife & kids. They only stayed for the 1st half. I was talking with someone at intermission (two of the people who were in the play that I went to see a couple weeks ago) and they were sitting right behind Dawg & his family and said that the one daughter just couldn't shut up, she talked most of the way through the 1st half.

Other than that, it rained cats & dogs coming home. I did drive by and saw the "Christmas lights" (as well as you can in a downpour).

Okay... time to hit the sack.

- Kris

brown water...

I don't know if you can tell from these pictures how brown the water is from all the run off... but it's REALLY brown. I took this from my lanai (which is saturated). It's been another downpour of a day.

I went down and picked up my Honolulu Marathon bib & spent a little time there at the Expo. I'm NOT going to walk tomorrow, it's been another soaking day and it is supposed to still be raining tomorrow. It's another excuse for me not to do it tomorrow. Would you believe that there is a 90 year old woman doing it? Wow!
Other than that, and going into town briefly, I've been home. It has been a good day to stay off the roads. Although having said that, a friend called today and was given a couple symphony tickets for "Peter & the Wolf." So they called & asked if I'd like to go... I said sure! I've got to start getting ready and then won't be home until late, so I thought I would go ahead and get my post done now.
- Kris

Friday, December 12, 2008

Haleiwa flooding

I copied this picture from the Honolulu Advertiser... it is a photo that was taken up on the North Shore, it shows you some of the worst flooding that occured.

And then... apparently there was a HUGE sewage spill up near where I work and the road that I take daily to work is now closed indefinitely! They are saying at least 90 days... darn it... I sure hope not! That extends my commute by at least double (at least the gas prices are down). I think it will take less than it would otherwise, because a lot of military use the same road & it will inconvience them and give more impetus to fix it faster (I hope). I came home the longer way today and man did it downpour this evening. I had left my phone at home this morning so I didn't have it with me in case I would have ran into any problems. It was raining (downpouring!) and there was lightening & thundering. But, I DID make it home okay.

I had my appt this morning, it went well. We are switching some of my meds around, hopefully it will help. I *really* like my doctor, I think I've had her for 3 years now. Which reminds me, today was my 7th anniversary of my gastric bypass surgery. Still don't regret it... although I've put some of the weight back on and would do it again to get the additional weight back off. (I know, I know... I just need to be more vigilant in what I eat and exercise more).

Work was okay, didn't get as much done as I had hoped... but guess that's just the story of my life for now. One of these days I'll get caught up.

Okay... I'm going to sign off.

- Kris

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Merry Christmas to me (early)

So... here are my rings that I bought for myself, for Christmas. I love them (obviously, or I wouldn't have bought them). The top picture is so that you can tell the difference between the one I got the day after Thanksgiving, and the one I picked up today. They sure are pretty, huh!
It kind of cleared up a little this afternoon, so I braved the roads & the weather & went into town to pick up the ring (the bigger of the two). It was nice to get out for a little bit. I never did take a nap... I was surfing the web and added some friends/family to my "MySpace" page.

By the way... here's a cut & paste from our local paper that talks about the rain today...

In the three-hour period ending at 8:45 a.m. today, more than seven inches of rain had fallen in Punalu'u and Poamoho, and nearly six inches of rain had fallen in Mililani and Waiawa.
The heavy rain started falling overnight on Kaua'i and O'ahu, and weather forecasters expect wet weather will stick around at least through the day.
But the rain let up a bit this afternoon, allowing crews to start cleaning up the mess left behind by the heavy rain and assessing the damage.
The wet weather was caused by a strong Kona low northwest of the state, the National Weather Service said. And some areas of the state got near-record rainfall.
"This is a pretty significant event," said John Bravender, weather service forecaster.
Bravender said at 7:30 a.m., a rain gauge in Kane'ohe showed rain was coming down at a rate of 3.12 inches an hour — something forecast to happen just once every 22 years.
A Poamoho rain gauge showed rain coming down at 3.84 inches an hour at 6:30 a.m., which forecasters predict happens just once every 31 years.
Hopefully it will clear up more tonight & things will settle down. I'll sign off for now, "I'm watching "Wheel of Fortune"...
- Kris

I think I'll take a nap...

just another short note. I started up the road to work and was amazed at the amount of traffic coming DOWN the road [read: get a clue Kris!]... well, come to find out, that at about mile 6 (of the 7 that I am on the road), the road was closed. The road was flooded (and there had been an accident). So... I turned around on the road... and joined that long line of traffic headed back down the road. As I was on the road, I was making phone calls... and found out that my clinic is closed until 1pm (darn... I didn't have to stay that extra 45 minutes or so last night to prepare for the group today). So, I passed on the word to a couple other co-workers who were also on their way to work and then finally got confirmation from my supervisor that the office was closed until 1. So... I am home. Currently I am doing some laundry... and even though I'm thinking about taking a nap, I'm also thinking it would be a great time to clean up around my apartment.

As far as the weather goes... it is DOWNPOURING! There are SO many flooded roads, including the main freeway into Honolulu... there's a guy on the road saying that people are out pushing cars off the freeway in one section that routinely floods on H1 going into town. A lot of the schools are closed around the island too. Guess you can say it is the rainy season.

Oh yea... and I didn't get home til about 1am... and as I was coming home, there was no traffic on the road (I have 7 miles to drive on it), so I was speeding... and got caught. Go figure! Why would cops be hanging out on a deserted road in the middle of the week, in the middle of the night! UGH! And go figure... I was being good... working without pay to get work done (although since today is only a half day, I may consider my time flex time)... and *I* get a speeding ticket. At least the cop was nice enough to give me a ticket that would cost me the least (going too fast for conditions). Otherwise it would have cost me over $200. Nothing like working in the deficit for the day. GRRR. Oh well... lesson learned, that's what is important.

Okay... I'll sign off...

- Kris

Quick blog

Okay... so it's after midnight & I am writing this from work... because that's where I am still at. I had hoped to be home long before now, but have only gotten two charts completely done as it is (I would have liked to have gotten at least 1 more done). I had a VERY busy day, with a child abuse case taking up the better part of the day.
I'm going to head home now and grab a few hours of sleep before I have to be back here in the morning (and I have a group to run tomorrow... ironically, a parenting group).

Hugs to all.

- Kris

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Skipping blogs...

A rainbow over the back side of Diamond Head, taken from the Hawaii Kai area
Whoops... I *forgot* to blog last night... I guess there wasn't much to blog about so I just spaced it out... but Bette caught it! *smiles* Work was just work... and I didn't even make it to after the gym after work (but I did today).

Work was relatively uneventful today, I had group this morning and met with a couple clients. As typical I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. I'm thinking I may work *really* late tomorrow night.
I think I mentioned that I mailed my Christmas presents off to my daughters on Saturday, my two older daughters have already gotten theirs, unfortunately (and it's a long story) my youngest daughter's present had to go surface mail, so she'll be lucky to get it by Christmas.
Okay... I'm going to sign off... I'm watching "The Biggest Loser."

- Kris

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I picked up my Christmas cards this afternoon, and I had copies made of my Christmas letter, and then spent all evening getting them addressed & ready to be mailed. I'm hoping to stick the cards in the mail tomorrow.

It was an uneventful day... watched some football, ran some errands and did the Christmas cards. Not sure when I'm going to get my Christmas tree set up... maybe next weekend?

Okay... I'm going to keep this short so I can head to bed, I want to get up early tomorrow & bake some banana nut muffins to take into work.
- Kris

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Aloha on the beach...

So... I *did* get up *very* early this morning... I left home about 5:15 (after getting to bed at about 11pm... so a *short* night). I headed over to Bellows beach... I wasn't sure what sunrise would be like, especially since I went through some light showers... but it turned out okay.
After spending sunrise on the beach, I headed back towards down, saw some beautiful rainbows (okay... the same rainbow... over Koko Head crater & Diamond Head), I'll post one or two of those pictures later this week. I stopped down in Chinatown & picked up the Goji berries for Susanne... now I just need to mail them. I made a couple more stops on the way... I stopped at Sam's Club and loaded up my pictures (from one camera, my newest Canon camera) and selected a Christmas card design. I highly recommend using Sam's (or Costco). At Sam's club, 80 personalized cards only cost me $20. Pretty good deal!
After going to Denny's for ( a late ) breakfast I came home this afternoon & took a relatively short nap. I'm getting ready to head out to the UH vs Cincinnati game. We are predicted to lose by 8 points. The last time we played them, there was a brawl on the field at the end of the game when we beat them by 1 point. Hopefully everyone will behave themselves today!
Okay... signing off..
- Kris

Friday, December 5, 2008


So... I *forgot* to blog last night! LOL! I watched "Survivor" and then ran down to Walmart to get my passport pictures taken (I decided I needed a new passport before I go on the cruise because my passport expires in June and a lot of countries want you to still have at least 6 months left on your passport to travel to their country... so I decided to be on the safe side & go ahead & get it done now... besides... I've changed a lot since my last passport picture was taken!).

Anyway... when I went to Wally World, I also picked up some mailing boxes, so I can get my Christmas presents mailed off. I then came home & spent the rest of the evening (til almost 11pm) wrapping Christmas presents to mail. Now I just have to get them mailed... not sure if I am going to do it tonight or wait til tomorrow morning.

I've got so much I need to be doing... I want to go to the beach above (in the picture) and write a Christmas message on the beach and then take a picture of it, and use that for my Christmas card this year. I want to pick out some of my favorite pictures to make another personalized calendar this year. I need to go down to Chinatown and buy some Goji berries to send to my friend Susanne, so I can get her box mailed off... I need to send out all of my Walmart (Hawaiian) calendars in the mail... tomorrow is also another football game, our last regular game of the season. I'll probably go ahead and buy my Sheraton Bowl ticket tomorrow (the game will be on Christmas eve). SO... I think it will be a busy weekend?

Okay... I'll sign off...


- Kris

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another day...

So... today wasn't as productive as I would have liked, I kept letting myself get drawn into conversations with other staff. I did meet with a client & a supervisor this morning and then this afternoon I met with three children of another client. I tried to get busy on getting charts caught up... I think I need to just go in on a Friday and stay until I have all the charts in order (which will probably take me most of the night... but at least they will be done). I seem to work best that way (at least with paperwork).

I *did* make it to the gym after work, I did 45 minutes on the treadmill... and just doing that much leads me to believe I'm NOT ready for a marathon in a week & a half...

Okay... I'm going to sign off... I'm watching "Secret Millionaire" it is about a guy who is a millionaire & splits his time between California & Maui. In tonight's episode, he has to live like he is homeless (or at least dirt poor) for a week and I guess he will be giving money to needy families he is meeting.

- Kris

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Prayers answered...

So... first things first... my co-worker's grandson is okay. Apparently he was chasing his brother (or being chased) and as kids are wont to do... they ran through a door (sounds like a swinging door?) that had a lead glass insert. And, with their regular rushing through the door, I guess the lead glass insert had come loose when they ran threw it one too many times... and this time it fell and sliced open the younger son's arm (Ken's arm). Fortunately, it did NOT severe any arteries (which could have easily happened), he had some scratches on his face (which will heal) and if I understood my co-worker correctly, he needed 29 stitches. SO... thanks for your prayers!

Work was interesting today... I had group this morning (I'm co-facilitating with another co-worker), she & I had done the afternoon group before and basically swapped groups, because she had gotten burnt out from doing the afternoon group for so long (without help). The participants in the afternoon group miss us immensly (it's sometimes hard to get used to new facilitators). Anyway, this afternoon three of them walked out and went to the supervisor's office. Apparently one of the co-facilitators was being TOO confrontive this afternoon and it was more than they could take. It sounds like the group got out of hand... I kind of suggested that maybe my one co-worker & I should go back to the afternoon group... it's a more intense group and we work well together on it. So... we'll see what happens.

Okay... time to sign off... I'm watching "Biggest Loser" (and yes... I *did* make it to the gym after work... yea!).

- Kris

Monday, December 1, 2008

Prayer request

Byodin Temple in Kaneohe...

So... first... work went okay today, not as productive as I would have liked, mainly because we had a couple staff meetings and some training.

This afternoon our secretary came rushing to my office (my office is pretty much the closest to hers)... she had just gotten news that her 8 year old grandson who is in Germany (I'm thinking that Dad is in the military), was involved in an accident and was in surgery. She freaked (I would too!). She didn't know much more before she left for the day (due to the time difference) other than apparently her grandson was involved in some kind of accident, possibly had run into something and one of his arms was almost severed. Please pray for this young 8 year old in Germany, that it isn't as bad as grandma is worried about and that the doctors will be able to re-attach the arm & that it will be functional. Hopefully I will know more tomorrow. In the meantime I've said many a prayer for him (and grandma... my co-worker).

While I'm putting out prayer requests, please say a prayer for my youngest daughter, she's been sick quite a bit lately and is looking for a new job. Hopefully she will find a full-time job in the field (of accounting and payroll) that she is interested in).

Okay... I'm going to sign off... it's almost 9. I'm making some party mix to take into work tomorrow. I need to do some baking this week, the one person in our office that normally bakes, is on the mainland for some training.

- Kris

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beach Day...

So... as you can see, it was a great day to be at the beach. The kids in the picture above were having a birthday party and were goofing off... I took an "incognito" picture.
I took Peanut to the beach for the first time & she even went out in my floaty with me. I let her try her hand at swimming, she did pretty good, but was scared & cold, so I didn't keep her out too long. I wrapped her up in a towel afterwards.
I'm not sure I'm ready for work tomorrow... I could use a couple more days off. This morning I took it easy, just relaxing.
Okay... I'm going to sign off... and go take a shower & watch some TV.
- Kris