Monday, December 31, 2007


These pictures were from 4th of July in Spokane this past summer, as I write this I am about 1 hour away from 2008. So... it's 2008 where each of my daughters are... but yet to happen for me. *smiles* As I sit here in my apartment, the kids in 1A are having a little pre-New Year's eve celebration, there are at least 20 kids out in the parking lot and in the apartment, they just lit off 1,000 fire crackers (Mick tried to tie them off to the 3rd floor balcony but the string broke)... typical of college kids... some males showed their bravado by dancing with their beer under the lit fire crackers as the sparks rained down upon them... the girls are out there in their skimpiest of outfits (must be Mick's australian accent *wink*) and they are generally having a good time getting drunk. I'm glad I'm not the landlord for them though... in previous parties they have managed to all but rip the screen door off its hinges, and tonight I heard them break one of the jalousies in the door.
I got up this morning at a relatively decent time (around 8am) and went over to pick up Guy & Nikki about 10am. We headed over to the "Windward" side and I stopped by where I used to work to drop off some clothes to donate. All of the clients were in group, so I didn't get to see any of my former clients (darn... but that's okay too). I got to see the Nurse (Jeanne... she is awesome) and John, who took my place.

After that we headed over to the Windward Mall and walked around for awhile there and then headed back to this side to their apartment where we talked & watched TV, had dinner, and I got to watch all the "illegal" fireworks being shot off from the neighborhood on the mountainside of where their apartment is located.
I came home before heading down to the beach area where I plan to watch some fireworks here shortly (I haven't been home since about 9:30am!). But need to sign off now to head out.
Aloha and Hou Oli Makahiki Hou!
- Kris

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Honu and me...

I went up to the North Shore today and found a honu (a green sea turtle). Nevermind that I am in long pants and a long-sleeved shirt... just blame that on my not feeling well and being cold as usual (which I can blame on the anemia). It was neat to see the turtle, it has been a long time since I've found a honu up at my favorite spot... I guess they like coming out in the winter time better.
Not much else to write about today... I've still got my head cold... I'm still feeling fatigued and still grateful that I have a 4 day weekend to relax.
- Kris

Friday, December 28, 2007

Last work day of the year... and all was quiet

Here's to looking upward to a NEW year with a NEW job! This photo was taken over on Maui in the Iao Valley a couple years ago.
I can't believe that 2007 is coming to an end and that 2008 will soon be upon us... seems like just yesterday we were worried about Y2K and wondering if the world would go on as we knew it at that time. *smiles*

Work was quiet as usual... although I was given a "client" today. She's requesting a "mature" female counselor... lol... she is about 14 years older than me and previously had a male counselor. I was reading through her chart today, she's got an interesting dilemma... in love with her husband who took off without saying so much as a good-bye with $110K and moved to another country. Hrmph! At least I didn't take off with a lot of money... and just moved to Hawaii... and my moving to Hawaii was known for at least a *few* months. *smiles* There's a lot more to her story, but in the interest of anonymity, I won't disclose anymore here.
I *did* get off a little early, about 45 minutes early. This afternoon I met with my supervisor, along with one of my new co-workers (the other had made arrangements to take these few days off). I just came straight home though... as I'm not feeling up to par with this head cold... and have just been laying in bed snuggled under my covers watching TV. By Hawaiian standards, it was a cold day (75 degrees?). I don't know... it felt colder. It was windy and rainy most of the day.
I went to the base dining hall for lunch (and brought it back). I overheard a couple women who work at the clinic talking behind me in line. One of them surprised her husband with a trip to the Sugar Bowl as a Christmas present! Wow! (And she was able to keep it a secret til Christmas). I'm amazed at the presents my co-workers got... one got some nice jewelry, her husband got a brand new Titan truck. One co-worker got a brand new Mercedes from her husband (they already have Jag), while another one got a new Lexus. I feel like a pauper... especially this year! But... I *do* like my little car and it will be paid off in about a year.
Speaking of the Sugar Bowl... I hope you all watch and root for the underdog... Hawaii! Georgia is predicted to win by +7 points. It sounds like the team and fans are already having a good time down there in New Orleans. (The woman's husband mentioned above is flying out tonight, probably on the charter flight with 375 other Hawaiian fans). I think I read in the paper that over 14,000 Sugar Bowl tickets have been sold to Hawaiian fans! There is some who are surprised that there are that many die hard fans who would travel so far to watch Hawaii play (I would go, if I could... but... that's out of the question for me!).
Okay... I'm going to cuddle back under my blanket... at times like this I wish I drank tea... some warm tea sounds good about now (unfortunately, I don't like the taste of coffee OR tea).
- Kris

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tomorrow's the last day of work for this year!

This is a turtle picture from last year... but I haven't taken any new pics in the last couple days... didn't think anyone would mind this one! *smiles*

I *did* go to work today, it was a VERY slow day... we were scheduled to be closed today and tomorrow to move... and of course... typical of government, now we aren't moving til either next week or most likely, the week after that. So... there have been a *few* appointments today and will probably be a *few* appointments tomorrow for the clinic... but otherwise quiet. I got to leave almost an hour early... I put my exercise clothes on and headed to the gym, only to find it closed because they are replacing the stereo system in the gym. Darn. Oh well... even though I felt like crap... I did at least *attempt* to go to the gym... does that count?

I did a little clothes shopping... at Ross'. I don't shop there very often, mainly because my experiences of shopping there when I first got there were frustrating... couldn't really find anything I liked. But, today I got three sweaters, two tops and a pair of pants, for $69. When we move into our new offices, we are going to have central air... and I already know I will be cold. So... I thought it would be good to have some nice sweaters on hand. My favorite is a lavendar colored sweater. Now... if I would just go through my closet and get RID of some clothes... that would be even better!

I heard from my friends Walt & Bette today... it sounds like Walt's tests went pretty good, but that it was a long day for them. Hang in there you two! I'm looking forward to their coming down in about a month.

Okay... time for me to sign off and go crawl into bed to watch the evening news... what would I do without the news to watch at bedtime? At least it's on at 9pm most of the time (except with games are being aired locally).

Oh yea... and I am thinking about giving myself a *special* birthday present this year... a short trip to visit my daughter in Arizona. She's been there for 4 1/2 years and I've not been there to see her. March 21st is "Good Friday" and we will be closed that day... so I'm thinking I could either fly out Wednesday night and take Thursday and then Monday off... coming back Monday night. I talked to my daughter briefly about it... and one of the things we will do, is go up to the Grand Canyon. For as long as she has lived in AZ, she hasn't been there yet (I think she's waiting on ME *smiles*). Anyway... I'll see if I can make it happen... that would be a nice treat!

Okay... gotta scoot!

- Kris

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Twas the day after Christmas...

I took this picture last night at sunset...

Work was VERY quiet. Two of my co-workers called in sick, one was sick, the other has a son with pink eye. So... it was quiet. And I wasn't feeling good... so I kind of hibernated in my office. I have a sore throat and just felt tired all day.

I had planned to go to the gym after work, but forgot my stuff at home... so I just came home and went to bed... I've just been laying in bed watching TV. Right now "Christmas with the Kranks" is on. I plan to call it an early night.

BTW... I guess some motorcyclist had an accident over on the H1 ramp to or from the airport... and fell ~60' down on to the Nimitz highway below. Ouch. Last I heard he was in critical condition.

And... for those of you who are familiar with Maui, there was a fire at a landmark restaurant, I think, on Christmas day, "Charlies" restaurant is in Paie and owned by Willie Nelson. I think the paper said that there was 375,000 in damage.
Okay... enough news for today... I'm headed back to bed...
- Kris

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mele Kalikimaka!

Christmas morning in Hawaii...

(Nikki & Guy)


Well, I had a nice relaxing day... after staying up late doing laundry, baking and cleaning up my apartment, I slept in until about 9:15. Then... my little next door neighbor came over and rang the doorbell multiple times... he'd heard I had gotten him a game for his new DS game. (I had gotten him "Super Mario Brothers." So... after that, I got up and had a relaxing morning, talking to each of my daughters and texting back and forth with friends and family (in particular, my 2nd neice... my older sister's granddaughter). *smiles*

I went over and picked up Guy & Nikki and came back and we got dinner ready (I had minimally started). It sure tasted good! Rouladen, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, fruit salad (mixed fruit) and enough deserts to last a lifetime!

We relaxed after eating, and we called our friends' the "Staffords" and all taked via speaker phone on my cell phone. Later we went down to Magic Island for sunset. I think Guy said it was the first sunset he has seen since last March (because he had a stroke in March & didn't get out much for the rest of his time here last year).

After sunset we headed over to Tom & Janis' place... Tom made tacos (and we used Pita bread to put them in!). We spent a couple hours there and I dropped Guy & Nikki off about 8:30... came home, I've done dishes, I've got the news on in the background and I'm getting ready to head to bed. 5:45 am wake-up call is going to be early!

So... I'll say "Aloha" now and leave a present (of a Christmas sunset) below!


- Kris

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas eve in Hawaii


I hope you will enjoy the video of sunset from tonight. It is about 7 1/2 minutes long. I took it with my little Cybershot camera.

Not much to write about today... I just took it easy, although I did go out shopping a little, so that I could exchange a gift that I had gotten with a defect. Then, I went down and watched the sunset... it was really nice (other than the little nats flying around).

I hope you all have a Mele Kalikimaka!

- Kris

Sunday, December 23, 2007

awww... darn...

Boise lost to Eastern Carolina. I had to chuckle though... I was with a fairly large group for the tailgating party (the "Meet In" bunch)... and NO one knew where Eastern Caroline University was located. So... I "googled" it on my phone and found out that it is located in Greenville, NC. The final score was ECU 41, Boise 38. Most Hawaii fans were rooting for Boise because they are in the same football conference (WAC). There were only about 30,000 people at the game (the stadium holds 50 thousand).

Let's see... other than that... I went to church with Janis & Tom this morning. They go to the Unity Church. It's actually a really good church and the pastor is amazing. Most times when you go to church at Christmastime, the pastor either quotes a couple verses of the "Christmas story" or they will read from Luke... but Skye (the pastor) had the whole darn thing memorized and did a great job in his presentation (with emphasis in the right places and gusto!). He made it sound the most interesting that I've ever heard (that's probably not the best grammar... but I think you understand what I'm trying to say). Skye's also got a fantastic voice, before he became a minister, he was in the entertainment business (as a singer).

Then... after the game I went to the Air Force exchange... and as I wandered around, I could hear some people singing Karaoke... (and I *love* music)... so I wandered up to watch. They had kids and adults singing... the kids were so cute. They said they were giving away $20 gift cards to anyone who "scored" 95 or better. After much prompting by those in the area... I decided to try "White Christmas." And guess what? Yep! I got a $20 gift card! YEA! Some reading may know that the only previous experience I have had attempting to sign Karaoke didn't go so well... while I was up singing with my younger sister, someone stole our wallets out of our purses! So... I've been reluctant to try Karaoke again! I do better if I can sing along, than if I have to do it by myself.

Okay... time to sign off... tomorrow I need to return a Christmas present I got (there was a flaw in the product)... and I'm going to make some cookies & fudge and then get my apartment cleaned up because my snowbird friends, Guy & Nikki will be coming over for dinner (at lunch time). I'm making a German dish... Beef Rouladens, with mashed potatoes & gravy, Nikki is bringing a fruit salad, and then I'll make us a green bean casserole. I'm looking forward to sharing pictures of our mutual friends, Walt & Bette with them.


- Kris

Saturday, December 22, 2007

oh what a day... and what a night...

First... another rainbow for my daughter, I took this from the beach, at the edge is the lifeguard stand.

I sent this picture via my phone to my older 2 daughters (not sure if my younger daughter can get pictures via her cell phone yet) and sent it to a couple of my neighbors... This is Christmas weekend in paradise! *smiles* It was a beautiful hour or two at the beach!
As to the header... "oh what a day."
First... long story shorter... but my older sister's god daughter, Erica LaVaune was in a vehicle that was hit last night by a drunk driver. The drunk driver T-boned Erica's vehicle. Erica's ex (boyfriend? husband? Garrett... whom she still has a really good relationship with) was driving the vehicle she was in, they had taken their two boys, Wyatt, who *was* 11, and Orion, (who I think is about 6-7) over to see Erica's grandmother for a Christmas visit. They were hit on their way home. Wyatt died in the accident. Garrett was in critical condition today and they are hoping to stabilize him enough to have surgery tomorrow. Among his injuries were broken ribs and a fractured pelvis. Erica's mom, Marti, and my older sister were best of friends. Marti even lived with my sister for awhile. Marti died of cancer when Erica was about 15, so my sister became Erica's surrogate mom (and her boys are my sister's surrogate grandkids). So... needless to say... my sister was pretty upset today, she spent all night up at the hospital. Erica and Orion were taken to Sacred Heart Hospital, Garrett was taken to Deaconess, because they have a better trauma unit. Erica & Orion were released today. Please keep all of them in your prayers. Erica has some medical issues she is dealing with even before this accident.

Then... I found out that my dear and wonderful friend Bette had a heart attack on December 11th! I talked with her on the phone today and she is healing (they put in 2 stents she said). Walt (her husband) is the one that had open-heart surgery last year, and he's not feeling up to par, so the day after Christmas he's going in for a check (and lube job? *smiles*). They are both still coming down in just over month... but I have to say I was a little shocked when (you) Bette told me... and just thankful that she is doing okay and is feeling well enough to still come down to Hawaii! Love you Bette!
Tonight... I went with a BUNCH of friends to see the Pearl Harbor boat lights. I've talked to others who have lived here a long time and none of them have heard of this opportunity being offered before. Unfortunately, they didn't allow cameras tonight... it was a bummer in one way... because there were some really cool decked out Navy boats! But, I also understand that in the interest of national security, it was probably wiser to ban the cameras. So... the images we saw tonight will just have to stay tucked away in the recesses of our minds. Sure was pretty... and we sang along with Christmas carols as we toured the harbor (by boat). Guy & Nikki were so appreciative of my inviting them along... although I almost lost Michelle & Kaleo along the way (they were following me). Tom & Janis *did* make it and got there right at the same time. We lucked out having Janis with us... we got to be on the first boat to go out! (because they could only put 2 wheel chairs on any one boat at a time... and since we were with Janis, and there was only 1 wheelchaired person in front of us... we got to move to the head of the line!). The boat trip made for a cherished memories... and I'm glad I could share it with my friends, and especially with Janis.
After the boat ride, we stopped at Zippy's for dinner and enjoyed each other's company (and little Kaleo did a great job tonight behaving himself!). As we were leaving and waiting to pay, there was a group of about 8 people in front of us... and we got to talking... one of them asked if Michelle was my daughter! WHAT??? But actually... I *am* 17 years older than Michelle... so yea... I guess she *could* be my daughter... but when I'm with her, I feel like we are the same age... so the comment kind of caught me off guard for a minute (Wait... I don't *feel* that old!).
The group was from the local 7th day Adventist church and had been out singing Christmas Carols at a local care home... and one thing led to the next... and before you knew it... we did a short impromtu Christmas caroling in the parking lot of Zippy's (off of Nuuanu and Vineyard). It was fun. We sang "We Wish You A Merry Christmas," "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas," and then "Silent Night" in both English & Hawaiian (they had the words there). It was fun, it was spontaneous and was a great way to cap off the evening (we were kind of singing to Janis).

Speaking of capping off the evening... it's my bedtime. I'm planning to get up and go to church with Janis & Tom in the morning... then I'll be coming home and heading to the football game! I'll be rooting for BOISE!

- Kris

Friday, December 21, 2007

another rainbow...

This is for my oldest daughter... another Hawaiian rainbow. *smiles*. Today went okay... I got off early (yea!)... I spent the morning working with one of my new co-workers doing some online training (it's one that I've spent a lot of time doing and copying my answers so that it would make life easker for some of those to follow).

On my way home I stopped by the stadium and got a ticket for Sunday's Sheraton Hawaii Aloha Bowl. The "Meet In" bunch are doing a tailgating party that day before the game... so it should be fun.

Oh yea!!! And I FOUND my office KEYS! They were in the outside pocket on my purse... where I *never* put anything! Go figure. I was going through my purse to see if there was anything I needed to take to work today, because I was riding my motorcycle... and that's when I found it (typical, huh... you find it when you aren't looking for it!).

Not much going on tonight... After Kaleo & Michelle gets home from Judo practice, I'm going to take Michelle & her husband to the Exchange (her husband has never been there). I need to return a video game that I had gotten for Kaleo... but I got the wrong one (It's his Christmas present). Tomorrow I am hoping I have the energy to get up and make some cookies in the morning... and then if it is halfway decent out... I may go to the beach for a little bit. Tomorrow night my plan is to go see the Pearl Harbor boat Christmas lights with Janis & Tom... and Sunday is the Bowl Game (my first Aloha Bowl game!).

Okay... I'm signing off...

- Kris

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hola, Como esta?

Mele Kalikimaka & Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

Well... I finished up all the online training that I could do, at work today... and then did some extra (for the continuing education credit that I can use towards certification/licensure). I did talk with a young wife today (over the phone as she is currently on the mainland)... she was very tearful. I won't go into everything she has going on (but hopefully she was able to get admitted to a local hospital to stay safe)... she's really struggling... her husband is in Iraq and is struggling emotionally himself... just had a friend of his commit suicide over there and is having a tough time dealing with it, while his young wife is trying to cope with everything as well. That's probably more than I should be saying... but please keep her in your prayers as well over the holidays.
I think one thing that I worry about a little... is becoming angry or jaded at what our military has to deal with, where the war situation is concerned. I was told that this young lady's husband (who is probably all of 22) tried to get his buddy some help, but help wasn't available. So often, I think our young guys (and gals)... have a LOT expected of them and are put under so much stress... and they are still becoming who they are at that age... cognitively and emotionally. War is traumatizing... not just to the soldiers... but to those loved ones left behind to wonder and to worry about their loved ones.
I *have* been good about exercising this week... I exercised after work at the gym on Monday, Wednesday and today (Tuesday I bowled 4 games... I figured that was enough exercise for that day). Tomorrow I'm planning to ride my motorcycle to work for the first time.. hope I don't get too much grief when I go through the gate. (I *do* have military stickers on the motorcycle).
I got a neat picture card in the mail today... it was from my 2nd oldest brother and he looks JUST like Santa Claus! I'm too lazy to scan the card, otherwise I'd post the picture on here... it is of him and his wife (my sister-in-law).
Okay... I'm going to sign off... I'm watching "Clash of the Choirs." It's been a pretty good show this week.

- Kris

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Diamond Head from Safeways

First... this is a picture that I took last night as the sun was setting, of Diamond Head. It was taken from the rooftop parking lot of the new Safeway over on Kapahulu.
This picture is rather blurry... but I took it from my car window as I was driving by (on the freeway) on my way home tonight. Since I'm generally getting home after dark... it's always nice to see this tree all lit up on my way home.
Not much going on with work... (I still haven't found my keys and have pretty much given them up as gone for good... thankfully we are moving to new offices next week and I shouldn't need those keys anymore!). I worked on CBRNE (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosive) training modules today. The one I did this afternoon... I won't go into all the hassle... but it said I failed! So... I double-checked my answers and I'm pretty sure I answered them all the same again... and the 2nd time I took it I passed. I think some of the answers may not have registered because I was jumping back and forth between the test and a window's document (where I was trying to type all the questions with my answers and then promptly lost!) GRRRR!
Anyway... grrr. (again)
I'm looking forward to this weekend. I think I'm going to go with some friends to do the Pearl Harbor boat lights tour (?). The boats go out of where the USS Arizona is, and supposedly they tour Pearl Harbor where all the Navy ships decorate their boats all up for Christmas. It's free. I think it's going to be VERY crowded though... so it should be a challenge... but I'm hoping it works out that we can do it and not just get down there and see a huge crowd and leave.
Sunday is the Aloha Bowl game... I need to see how much tickets are... I might go. I think the "Meet In" bunch are doing a tailgating thing for it.
Okay... time to sign off...
- Kris

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


For some reason the blogger isn't letting me upload any photos tonight... oh well... sorry about that!

Let's see... work was only half day and then I went to the "section" party at the Bowling alley... I was the last one from my area to leave (I actually bowled 4 games... but I think my highest score was 127 or so). Then... I decided I needed a new frying skillet... ended up buying a new set of pans AND an electric skillet. Got home and found a present waiting (mailman had dropped it off)... it was one of those stacked towers kind of goodies... I kind of recognized the name (of a guy!)... but didn't know for sure why... til I opened it... and it was from my new company! How nice was that! It was about 6 boxes of descending/ascending sizes of cookies and chocolate (they know the way to MY heart, huh!) LOL.

So... a good day.

And then I got a real nice surprise from my friend Jim who lives in Alabama with his dynamo little wife Kay-kay. Unfortunately... it wasn't with the greatest news... I guess Jim had a stroke in September that he should have died from... there were some complications and they had to remove half of his scalp... so he's got a palm-size area on the left side of his brain missing (the bone). He still hasn't gotten a plate put in over it. And Kay-Kay just had surgery on her left eye yesterday... her retina had separated (she's got Lupus really bad). I guess she & Jim have been in the hospital several times (in ICU) together. Anyway... please keep them in your prayers as they continue to heal.

Other than that... I sent my middle daughter a gift card (email via Amazon) last night and she's already ordered her Christmas I've tried to call my oldest daughter because I sent her a funny elf thing and I've been wondering if she got a kick out of it... and then I talked with my youngest daughter and was happy to find out she's now got VERIZON for her cell phone service so I can talk to her on a regular basis now and I don't have to worry about using up minutes... that should relieve some of the pressure on my middle daughter, who up til now has been the only daughter on Verizon (free verizon to verizon minutes). *smiles*

Okay... the last session of "The Biggest Loser" is on... so I'm going to sign off and go watch that. I *did* have a healthy dinner... spinach salad with some dried cranberries and nuts, and some lightly grilled salmon (cooked all the way through). I used one of my new pans! *smiles*

Gotta scoot!

- Kris

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mountain sunset...

Well... this is what the sky looked like as I was leaving the base today... I *did* go exercise... so this was about 6pm tonight. Just thought I would share...

Today went okay... kind of slow... I took off for a little bit this morning to go get gas, stopped and got a soda, and stopped to mail a birthday card to my youngest brother. Then I headed back to work... got up to my office... and have lost my office keys! (YIKES!). So... after work I went by the store where I got the soda... went to the gas station... no luck. I looked all the way through my bag... have scoured my car a couple times... still no luck. I still have to check at the Post Office... but I kinda doubt it is there... I hope it is in my office still somewhere... (I just assumed I had lost it elsewhere... that I had taken it with me... but maybe I didn't?)... otherwise... I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I do have an alternate way into my office (thankfully)... but by the end of next week they are going to want us to turn in our keys before we move into our new building. YIKES!

Tonight I'm making Chocolate Chip cookies... and I need to wrap at present for a Christmas party exchange tomorrow at work (this is for the larger group party... last week was just "our" office party). The party tomorrow is all afternoon and we have the bowling alley rented (apparently). Guess I should be able to meet the head boss tomorrow *smiles*...

Okay... gotta scoot!

Aloha and Hugs!

- Kris

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Windy, Blustery day...

First... another rainbow...
I took this as I was driving... I went and picked up Guy & Nikki and took them up to the military base to show them my office (recently painted! *smiles*). Then we went to the exchange store and to the commissary (I needed a birthday card for my younger brother and needed some stuff to make party mix).

This morning my day got off to a kiltered start... I heard some loud popping sounds and then the power went off. Apparently one of the power poles at the end of the block must have been blown over enough to break the power lines. Fortunately the power was only off about 2 hours... I expected it to be 6-8 hours.

Not much else to write tonight...

so... Aloha!
- Kris

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Parties, parties and more parties...

Mike (one of the "meet-in" organizers) is helping Mark pick out a Chinese auction gift!
(Sam & Mike are in the foreground)
(Brandy & Jen are in the foreground).
Truthfully... I didn't know 3/4's of the people at the annual Christmas dinner for the Meet-in bunch... but that's why I go... to meet new people and make new friends. Tonight I met Alvin... a civil attorney here in Honolulu, and Susan, who works as an Admin Assistant for some new condominiums here in Honolulu (at least they were my age or older... which is rare among this group). We had our "party" at "Cheeseburgers In Paradise"... other than having a small parking lot & it was raining off and on, it was a fun party. They even played a multiple choice Christmas game (my Christmas trivia sucks... I don't think I even got 1/2 right!). I didn't stay to go around the corner to the "Wild Irish Rose" pub... (I'm tired... what can I say?)... I probably should have gone, because I'm pretty sure it's one of the couple Irish pubs that Will's dad owns (Will is Sarah's boyfriend... Sarah is Janis' daughter).
Speaking of Sarah & Janis... Sarah came over here and we went together to pick up her Mom, then we went to the Navy exchange to do some shopping. I got home in enough time to kick back and relax for a little bit, before I went to the "first" party of the day... I went to Michelle's (next door neighbor), Mom's birthday party. I think Michelle said her mom is turning 54 (I thought she was turning 64???). The party was just getting started though... when I got there, Michelle had gone to get the cake and some ice cream... and then Michelle didn't want me to leave when I had to get ready to head down to the "Meet-in" party.

Anyway... it was a pretty full day... and now time for me to go catch the 10 o'clock news and head to bed. I may be going to church with Tom & Janis in the morning.
- Kris

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Parties and Christmas plays

Karda (sp) in the black... is a nephew to Dave (former employee). Me in my Christmas aloha shirt and my new co-worker Tricia sitting next to me...

Dave (at end of the table... former employee), Gail, Karda(nephew of the guy at the end of the table), and Kelly (my favorite helper)

Dave C... white & blue Aloha shirt... other new employee... (on left), right... Alison is looking toward us (she's from Capetown South Africa... but doesn't have an accent). Natalie is in the blue that you barely see... she's looking toward Alison.
Dave, Victor (my supervisor... in red), Keisha (former employee) and Claudia is on the end)

Karda (sp), Kelly, Alison (laughing out loud) and Natalie. So... the above pictures are from our office dinner party last night.
These are of my little neighbor boy... Kaleo, singing with his 2nd grade class. He's the one in the brown shirt, with his arms reaching out front of him in the photo just above. Don't ask me what he's doing in the first picture! LOL... he likes to act out... and be the class ham.
Other than that... not much else to write about... it's my bed time.
- Kris

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rainbows and Christmas parties...


Thought I'd include a picture of a faint rainbow over my "office building" (a former barracks building). On the way into town after work, there was a beautiful BRIGHT double rainbow, but since I was driving... I couldn't take pictures. I went straight from work into town for our office Christmas party. We had exchanged "Secret Santa" gifts... I gave a gift card and got a "Hawaiian design" coffee mug. It was a very expensive dinner (mine was roughly $42... but the total bill was just over $680!). I had "duck" with garlic fried rice. The portions weren't very big (which was a good thing for me). I was just surprised at how expensive it was. Glad I don't have to pay for those kinds of meals too often! It *was* nice to meet one of the former co-workers who came (and now works at the hospital) and his guest was an adopted son (who is about 30) from Nepal.

Work itself went fine... slow... I'll start seeing clients next week.
And... my friends Guy & Nikki landed today (they're from Saint Louis). I *did* talk to them after they landed, but I haven't seen them yet.
Time for bed...
- Kris

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Well... my back is a *little* better today... and I *did* go exercise after work for about a half an hour... then I came home and went with my neighbors to the "exchange." I got myself a new pair of tennis shoes to exercise in... and a couple other odds and ends. I got a 2 quart casserole dish (that was less than $6), because I'm hoping wherever I go for Christmas, that I can make a Green bean casserole and take that.

Speaking of Christmas... my friends Guy & Nikki should be showing up any day now. I can't remember if they get here tomorrow (the 13th) or the 14th. I'm hoping to call them in the morning.

Not much happened at work today... it didn't feel very productive. I did sit at the front desk this afternoon for a little bit answering the phones because our receptionist wasn't feeling well and went home sick.

Okay... it's almost 10:30... WAY past my bedtime... so I'd better get ready for bed. Tomorrow after work I have a "work" Christmas party at a restaurant downtown. Should be nice.

- Kris

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

The above picture was taken last year up in North Pole (Alaska). I won't be visiting this year... and keep lamenting that this will be my first non-white Christmas in at least 30 years or so. I hope it is at least a nice day on Christmas so maybe I can at least go to the beach that day... if I can't be with my kids, then the next best thing is the beach.

Not much to write about today... work went slow... I moved my desk around against the wall and "threw" out my back in the process (must've been my trying to bend over and lift up the desk so I could get cords out from underneath!)... then I accidentally knocked over the CPU and it didn't want to work after that. So... no computer for most of the day. Our military guy in charge brought me a new unit (he said he had planned to anyway, since mine was running so slow). I got it about 3pm. So... quiet day. I did sit in on a marriage counseling session for a new couple (so it was an intake), that went well.

Tonight after work I went and got my nails done (whoohooo!)... mainly because I got a check from where I used to work (for unpaid vacation time) and I also got my check for the one week I have already worked at my current place. I'm happy with my nails. I went a more conservative pinkish color (rather than fire engine red! *smiles*). Then I had to go return a couple bar stools that Janis had decided she didn't want. Geez... she paid $400 for two... so she lost $40 for a re-stocking fee (yikes!). But... her psuedo brother-in-law gave her two nice bar stools, so she didn't need them.

Guess that's about it... at least I can't think of anything else to write at this moment. I'm more interested in taking something for my back pain and going to bed. Morning comes early.

- Kris

Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh Christmas tree... Oh Christmas tree, part 2

So... I didn't change my header yesterday when I decided to change my pictures to pictures of my office... so here's my Christmas tree (I didn't upload them to my computer yesterday).

Not much to write today... and I'm on the phone to my granddaughter so I'm not going to write much today. Work went fine... my two new co-workers started today, I think we'll make a great team!
Gotta scoot!
- Kris

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oh Christmas tree... Oh Christmas tree

Today I spent most of the day up at work. I painted my office. It's a pretty, light green with dark green trim. At least it looks clean now... before it looed rather "skanky" if you ask me! SO... I'll have a nice inviting office for a few weeks until we move into our new offices. Thankfully I had help painting, but even then, it took 5-6 hours to paint.
This view of my office is from my "bathroom" door. So... you can see that I've moved my desk and office around. Not sure if I will keep it the way I have it now... but it was getting late and I didn't want to spend too much more time trying to figure out how to organize my office.
This view is from my office front door. Don't you think the walls look better? *smiles* and the trim. The dark green trim sure looks better than the old "gun metal" gray did.
Today was the Honolulu Marathon... and I didn't do it. I *did* go pick up my number, and plan to put it in a prominant place for this next year as an incentive to get in shape to do the marathon next year. It sounds like it was rainy and windy today. The last finisher got done in just over 14 hours... that'd been me had I done it! [groan]. Oh well... I had a productive day.
Okay... time to sign off...
- Kris

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Yea! A beach day!

First... I was surprised to go down to Ala Moana beach and find new Life Guard stations... I knew they were getting them... but it looks like they were just finishing them up when I got there. The old one used to be a little closer to shore, and was over by the little palm trees that are just past the lifeguard stand.
This was the nicest day all week (thank goodness!). So... I spent a couple hours at the beach this afternoon. Janis & Tom got moved into their apartment this morning with the furniture we had gotten last night, then they went out this afternoon and spent $2500(!) on a box spring and mattress... and then had to go buy some of the necessities for their house (i.e. an iron & board, a microwave, towels, dishes, etc). So... I went to the beach while they did all that.
Tonight I was decorating my "Christmas" stocking... had help... *lol*... I'll take a picture of it tomorrow (if I remember and try to post it). Michelle felt bad and went to find me another stocking to decorate! *smiles*... but this will do. It just needs to dry. Later tonight I went over to Tom & Janis'... Janis had left her phone here at my place.

Tomorrow a friend who has made a living painting houses and such, has offered to help me paint my office. So... we're going to go up and look at the office so he can figure out how much paint I need and make any recommendations as to anything that needs to be done to the walls. Even if it is just for a few weeks. (Knowing the Govt it could be another month or two). So... hopefully that will go well tomorrow.
Okay... I'm going to sign off and head to bed.

- Kris

Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas stockings...

Well... at work we each have to decorate a Christmas stocking. My supervisor has supplied the stockings. So... after work I stopped and found a "template" for a Christmas tree that I think I will put on my stocking (and I have to put my name on it like everyone else).

It wasn't a very productive day at work today... I got there on time (apparently few do)... and our receptionist was out today (I don't know who knew she wasn't planning on being there), another counselor was out for the morning (but had told the receptionist... who wasn't in today to tell anyone else)... my supervisor didn't get in until about 9am, (7:30 is when we are supposed to be there)... and one other counselor has been out sick. SO... that left two of us that were there before 8, and one other that came in shortly after 8... then the supervisor showed up later.

Work-wise it was a weird day... not very productive... I sat at the front office desk for awhile this morning... I did get set up for another online program that I need to have... but then I ran into a problem when I tried to log on. Oh well... I'll deal with it Monday. It rained VERY heavy all afternoon off and on... so driving was hazardous on the way home.

Fortunately I didn't drive all the way home... I met up with Janis & Tom and got to spend $3,100 of their money *smiles*... got a really nice sectional couch, a bedroom set and a couple fancy bar stools. Right now the furniture is sitting in a U-Haul in the parking lot of their new apartment. Tomorrow we will be hauling it all up to their apartment. Ugh! I'm sure it will look nice though.

Okay... bed time for me!

- Kris

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Well... thought I'd post this picture from downtown's Honolulu Hale. I took it the other night when we did the trolley ride. For me, it's hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year... at work I'm supposed to be decorating a Christmas stocking... and I still can't figure out how or what to do with it. They have a lot of supplies at work to work with. I did stop at Walmart on my way home tonight, hoping they would have some Christmas art supply stuff... but no luck.

I also got my "Secret Santa" person today... she's the last one that was hired before me... so... what do you get someone you know nothing about? I guess I could get her a gift certificate? Of course... I'm pretty broke this month... and now I need to buy another present. Oh well... I'll figure out something.

Work-wise... I spent all morning doing a "Traumatic Brain Injury" module... I got 4 hours of continuing education credits. I also did the last three modules of PTSD, so that's done... and I sat in on a couple's therapy session. The guy is leaving tomorrow for Iraq and has only been married a month... and his new wife is very nervous about his leaving.

All-in-all, it was a good day.

I'm going to sign off... I've got company here (Janis' daughter and her boyfriend... and Tom just left).

- Kris

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tis the season...

For rain...

I overheard someone say today "we had a mini hurricane last night." Wind gusts were up to 60 mph last night up at Schofield Army Barracks (where I'm now working). This morning there were a LOT of roads closed due to downed power lines and trees across roadways. I made it to Tripler (see picture above) and went through training this morning. On my way up to Schofield at lunchtime, I thought I would stop at the Walmart up in Mililani, only to find out they had been without power since 3 am (and that was about noon). So... they weren't open. Then I was going to drop some stuff off for my former co-worker Julie, up in Wahiawa... and their power (in town) was off too! So... I headed over to the Army base, only to find the gate I normally go through closed... and they were re-routing traffic all the way to the North Shore (which didn't make any sense, because it sounded like the roads up there weren't all open either!). Anyway... I got turned around at a bus stop... and then called the military guy in charge of our section who said that the health clinic was closed down for the afternoon (BUT nobody notified me!) So... I drove 20 miles up there for nothing! GRRR.

So... I left there and it took awhile to get out of that central part of the island... then I headed over to where I used to work, to pick up my paycheck. (It was only for one week though)... and of course... they hadn't gotten around to writing the check for my vacation pay... I'm hoping that will be worth about another week... and I'm hoping it doesn't take her TOO long to write the check and mail it to me! I guess the Day treatment office over there was closed today because the busses weren't running this morning, so there was a question whether clients would be able to make it to treatment.

After that I came home... then Janis & I headed out to do some shopping (with her money... since I don't have any to spare this payday!)... she got herself a VERY nice set of Anolon pots and pans and a few other things. She's needs to get everything for her apartment... as her new apartment just has the appliances. We also looked at furniture and may go back and get some that she saw and liked.

Now it's laundry time... oh boy.

Gotta scoot!

- Kris

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mele Kalikimaka Christmas Carols & Trolley Ride

Pictures from tonight... and here's Tom, Janis & I at the Christmas sing-a-long and then some pictures I took from the trolley ride downtown around the "City Lights." I'm hoarse from all thing singing! LOL! We had a real good time. And I got teary eyed a couple times when we were singing at the church... Janis pointed out that maybe there's a reason I'm not going back to Alaska for Christmas (because it is very likely that this will be my last Christmas with her). It will be interesting to see what this next year brings... if I could have one wish for this coming year, it would be for Janis to get some treatment that works so that she goes into remission... and can enjoy her relationship with Tom for at least a couple more years.
Okay... work-wise... I was in training all day... tomorrow I have a half day of training on computers... and then I'm headed back up to Schofield. After work I have to run back over to Kailua, to hopefully pick up my last pay check there... and sign some paperwork.
Oh! And Tom & Janis found out today that they got an apartment that they applied for! WHOOOWEEE! I know that gives Janis a great relief. She started to cry when he told her they got the apartment... and I kidded her about being that bad to live with (that I'm that bad of a room-mate! LOL)... she knew I was kidding. She was just so afraid that in her condition, no one would rent to her (especially since she's no longer able to work).
Time to sign off... figure out what I'm wearing to work tomorrow and head to bed!

- Kris