Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Guess who!!?? Yep... that'd be me! (with the red sleeves). The top picture is of my neighbor Michelle & I, we got matching masks. *smiles* We had a good time goofing around when we bought the costume and as we took the pictures tonight. Michelle has left to go trick-or-treating with Kaleo and I'm going to head down to Waikiki in a little bit. It's a rainy night though, we had one storm go through and there is another expected in another hour or so... I know I have a black umbrella someplace! I loaned my other umbrella to Michelle & Kaleo.
Other than that... work went okay today, it was busy. I've been doing chart work as I let my replacement start learning to do his individual sessions and how to document them. This afternoon I sat with him and went over the documentation (he's shown he is capable of the counseling part, but needs to learn how to document the sessions). I think he has a pretty good grasp on it now (well, as well as can be expected, anyway). The other co-worker (L1) is really struggling... she was freaking out again this morning (not sure what about)... unfortunately she gets herself worked up into a tizzy... and then loses focus on what she *needs* to do. A part of me wants to reach out and help her, but another part of me doesn't want to, because she needs to learn how to do her job in the allotted amount of time. She got called over to the supervisor's office, I'm not sure what the outcome was, but I think it included a discussion about whether or not she should remain employed. I have to wonder how the stress of this job could affect her health, she probably needs to figure out if she can handle the stress.
Okay... I'm going to sign off to head out trick-or-treating soon... I'm taking my camera with me *smiles*... I've gotten some pretty good pictures in the past couple years!
- Kris

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Today at Kailua Beach

Well, I thought I'd post a couple pics of me that I took while at Kailua beach for beach walk today. I really shouldn't be going, but my replacement hasn't gotten a copy of his abstract yet, and therefore can't drive (he also needs to take a driving test with our company). I'm hoping that on Thursday he can take the afternoon off and go get it done. He *really* needs to have it. Anyway... the one guy that usually goes with one of us counselors couldn't go today, he had to take a client to an appointment. So, I went with my replacement, fortunately we could take just one van (because several clients were at appointments this morning).
So... how did they do yesterday? They did fine (it looks like). My one co-worker that procrastinates about her NAP notes, didn't get one group done and she kept a key notebook in her office that needs to be kept in the downstairs office. It kept some of her evening and overnight co-workers from being able to do their jobs. (I'm not sure she realizes that). I didn't do any NAPS today, but I prepped the sign-in sheet for tomorrow. I'm still working on a hands-off approach. It's hard though, because I so much want to make sure everything is done, and done right. (For example, we have contact logs that we need to sign daily showing which clients were in group or if we met with them for an individual session. The other new co-worker didn't sign hers from last Friday (so the overnight couldn't file them). She didn't get then signed yesterday either, so I took them out and put them on her desk and reminded her that they needed to be signed. I hope she signed them before she left today.

Change is hard. I struggle with how things used to be with my former co-worker. We both had an open door policy (with each other)... if we weren't in session, our doors were open and we were generally yelling down the short hall at each other (there's only a bathroom between our two offices) if there was something we needed (maybe yelling is too loud of a word). Now, with the new co-worker, she keeps her door shut all the time. I never know if she's in the room or not (and she has folders in her office that we need access to). Oh well... I'm still counting down the days... right? Speaking of which... still no license.
Probably the news of significance today is that my brother-in-law passed away. He had two strokes last week that affected the back of his brain which controls one's ability to breathe. Apparently he was taken off the ventilator (he had said he didn't want any artificial means to keep him alive), and was amazingly able to still breathe on his own. However, he finally succumbed today. Apparently my husband isn't going to fly down for the funeral. It's just too costly. It would cost him over $1300 to fly down and then he would need a rental car and there would be all the other expenses involved. SO... he's not flying down. *I* even checked online to see what kind of fares he could get, and it was basically the same as he had said. If it had been me... and if I could have afforded it, I would have flown down last week when he had the stroke. (My husband has plenty of leave time accrued). That way he could have been there to support his sister-in-law and nephews during these last few days. But... that's him, and I'm me.

Guess that's about it. Tomorrow is Halloween... I'm going to be an old hag (which reminds me... I need to make sure the battery on my camera is charged and ready to go). I'm planning to go down to Waikiki and walk the length of Waikiki. It's a fun, exciting night.
Oh yea... and the best part of today? My next door neighbor took me out to dinner. Michelle, Kaleo & I went down to Kincaids for dinner. It was pretty good... the service wasn't as great as I would have liked... and every 10-15 minutes one of the two hostesses went around counting how many people were at each table (in case any left?). It was weird... Michelle said it felt like someone was counting cows. We had Burnt Creme for desert... it was pretty good... not the best I've had, but pretty good (I only ate about a third of mine... and Michelle & Kaleo finished it off).
Anyway... I've never been there before... so it was good.
Time to sign off...

- Kris

Monday, October 29, 2007

My car...

Well, I got into work this morning and one of my co-workers noticed that my driver's side front tire was low. He was kind enough to check the pressure for me and it only had 12 pounds of pressure. YIKES! So... I went to a local tire shop, they said it would cost about $25 to fix it, but then called me later and said that they couldn't fix it... that there was a screw in the tire wall on the inside of the tire. They said it would cost $125 for a new tire. I don't *have* an extra $125 right now. SO... I took it over to the Firestone dealer in Kailua (they are firestone tires that I bought last year) and he said he didn't have any in stock, that it would probably be Wednesday before he could get my specific tire over there. BUT... he was able to look online and there was one store that had 4... it was at Hickam. At least I can go onto Hickam. So... after calling my supervisor for permission, I headed out to Hickam. It was about 12:45... I knew I wouldn't be able to make it back to work this afternoon... and sure enough, I got out there and they said they wouldn't be able to get my car back to me until about 5-5:30pm. SO... I just sat out there and waited. I thought about walking down to the Base Exchange... but ended up reading a magazine article and dozing off and on there in the waiting area. But... I was able to get my tire replaced... and because I had gotten the road hazard insurance when I bought them, I only had to pay $20 for my new tire and now I can drive safe again.
This probably worked out well... I was able to leave my two new co-workers to fend for themselves and now I'll go in tomorrow to see how they did and WHAT they did! *smiles*
Other than that... I did stop and pick up some groceries... I have this worry about running out of food... I have no idea why... and I was down to my last two rolls of toilet paper (heaven forbid!)... so I got out of the commissary for a minimal amount. I'm cooking a steak tonight that I bought (paid about $5 for it... but it sure has been good and juicy when I've made it in the past!).
Okay... I'm going to sign off and check on my steak.
- Kris

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday at the beach

So... just a couple pics from the beach today, I went with my next door neighbor Michelle and her son Kaleo... sure feels good to spend time in the sun!
Not much else to write about... tomorrow it is back to another work week. I'm hoping to be more hands-off this week and let my new co-workers figure out what needs to be done (i.e. let them take over printing out sign-in sheets and putting the shell of the NAP notes in... in addition to doing groups and individual session).
That's all for today folks... probably my shortest blog on record! *smiles*
- Kris

Saturday, October 27, 2007

UH (50) - New Mexico State (13)

A shot of the football game tonight! Way to go Warriors!

Pictures from the beach today... another beautiful day in Hawaii Nei...

Good game tonight although it was also the rainiest game so far this season! I'm looking forward to checking out the college football polls in the morning to see how much UH has hopefully gone up in the polls. I think they are now the only unbeaten College team, but I'm not sure. Colt did a good job tonight... threw for 6 touchdowns, (he now has something like 118 touchdown passes completed beating the previous UH record and I think he's 2nd in the nation for touchdown passes completed. So... yea... good game. And I enjoyed spending time with my co-worker and getting to know her a little better outside of work.

My friend whose daughter got married today was able to be at the wedding and participate (he calmed down) and is planning to take his daughter & son-in-law out to breakfast tomorrow morning, hope it goes okay.

Speaking of daughters, my youngest one that recently got married herself, and moved down to Washington State called to let me know that she has a job. She'll be working over the holidays at Macy's. I also talked to my middle daughter, she has been attending a Philosophy conference at UT Austin this weekend and will be returning to Tucson tomorrow (Sunday).

Today went okay with me... I did the mystery shopper thing this morning (my neighbor went with me) and then we went down to the beach for a couple hours before I had to come home and get ready for the game. And... the day ended with the football game (GO Warriors!). Oh yea... it was home-coming game!

Time to sign off so I can hopefully head to bed soon.
- Kris


Here's my bike the way I've been parking it in front of my apartment since I got it. And I keep it covered (because we always have rain showers it seems like)... but there is also plenty of light from the apartment complex around, so you can see okay in the parking lot...

So... I was up late last night... just putzing on the computer (I love staying up late on weekends... takes care of my night-owl tendencies that I can't succumb to during the week). ANYWAY... about 12:45am I heard a fairly loud CRASH outside... and it sounded like it was in OUR parking lot. So, I went to the door my desk is about 5' away) and there was my motorcycle (which is just outside of my apartment door) and it was laying on its side! SO, I ran outside and looked around... there was no car around (and the parking stall closest to my apartment is empty)... and I see some guy in dark clothing going up the stairs. So... as bravely as I could... I said HEY! Did you knock my motorcycle over? And he just kept going up the stairs. Now mind you... we've gotten rid of trouble makers in two apartments recently... so I knew he wasn't going up to see the addicts... and he started to get into an apartment that has been vacant for about a month now (those people got evicted because the landlord got too many complaints about domestic violence). So I yelled up again... Hey... did you knock my bike over? And I could hear him kind of swearing under his breath... I told him I was going to call the cops and he said something to the effect of "go ahead!"

Man... I was shaking (and a little scared!). He figeted with the keys to the apartment for about 5 minutes while I was on the phone to the Police (although... when I got 911, I had to listen to a recording that all phone lines were busy, for about 2 minutes!). Anyway... to make a longer story shorter... I sat outside (on the steps at the other end of the building where I could keep an eye on the apartment he went into) and waited for the police, for what seemed to be about 10 minutes. They came... I explained what happened... so two of them went up to his door and knocked (he had already shut off the lights)... and another cop showed up and went up there (I stayed where I was)... so the guy at first said something to the effect that he didn't see it and could have "bumped" into it... and kept coming into excuses about how he could have possibly knocked it over (and he *wasn't* in a vehicle!). One cop told him he needed to come down and apologize and then I heard him telling another cop (arriving) that the guy was being a jerk, an idiot and came over to me and told me that he had told the guy, if he didn't come down and apologize, that he would find *some* reason to have him arrested. So... the guy came down and apologized (of course then, I'm like "what next?"). All my neighbors were asleep through this... I tried to call my neighbor Michelle, but she was asleep and didn't answer... and I didn't want to wake my elderly neighbor, Ethel.

Anyway... the guy apologized, I said I still wanted to file a report and one of the cops stood my bike up... there's no real physical damage to it (thank goodness), other than the right foot peg was hard to put back down, a cop finally got on my bike and forced it down, it worked after that... and then there were scratches on the handle bar where it hit the ground, on the footpeg and on the side of the rear tail light.

Needless to say... I was pretty shaken up. I mean...'s my bike... but it is SO much more than that because it belonged to my friend Janis, my friend with cancer. She's the one that talked me into learning how to ride for my 50th birthday and we had plans to ride together and then she found out that she had cancer (Multiple Myeloma) and she most likely will never be able to ride again. So it is much more than "just" a bike, it has a LOT of sentimental value.
Okay... I've got to sign off... my neighbor Michelle is up... and she's going to go do the mystery shopping with me and then we're going to the beach for a couple hours.
Aloha... pray for no more problems with this new neighbor... if he is going to be a neighbor... I do have to say, it may have surprised him to see it was ME (an older woman) who owned the bike he knocked over... and oh yea... I *could* smell alcohol on his breath.
- Kris

Friday, October 26, 2007

Going for #8

UH Warriors will be playing New Mexico State tomorrow and shooting for an 8 and 0 record (they haven't lost a game yet this year... knock on wood). I'll be there at the game... you can be sure of that! And actually, one of my newer co-workers (Gaudencia) is going to go with me. She's a Social Worker as well! It's the first time we've gone out and done something together, so it should be interesting. She lives on the western side of the island, so I'll probably just meet her there at the stadium. She's also married, but apparently her husband doesn't like football! LOL!

Other than that... work seemed on-going today... I was kind of flitting around trying to help all three of the counselors (the two counselors and the intern). It started off this morning with L1, she spent her first hour freaking out because she couldn't find a CD that came with a treatment planner book. So... I basically asked her if she needed it right then (no)... does she have any control over where it is right now (no), is there anything she can do about it at the moment (no)... so... I told her she needed to focus on her tasks at hand (getting her NAP notes done!). Next, it was helping the intern (L2) with doing an individual session (She was supposed to have done it Tuesday, but didn't do the documentation, although she had taken notes... so I helped her with that). Next, it was helping my replacement with some treatment planning... and while this was all going on, I was in and out of the Group session (I had them watch "The Secret" and between L2, my replacement & I, we took turns sitting in on the group).

At lunchtime, my replacement had completed his Treatment plan, he went ahead and put the group NAP notes in (for the video, with comments from clients). Then L2 got online and did her NAP notes... and then L1 (who had been working on her NAPS all morning (except that 1st hour when she was freaking out)) had this afternoon to do her NAPS... and it took her ALL afternoon. She had to put her NAPS in for all week. Sheesh. I had hoped to print NAPS out this afternoon... but that didn't happen. I *did* stay busy... I was reviewing charts that need to be closed, and trained my replacements on how to do authorizations and what needs to be done when charts are closed.

Anyway... both of them left shortly after 4... I stayed to put in Monday's shell notes and wrote up the weekend plan. I *didn't* do the sign-in sheets for Monday... and when I go in Monday, my goal is to do as little as possible, so that they can figure out what they need to do. They need to decide between them who will print out the Naps, who will do the sign in sheets, who will do the weekend plan and who will do the simple thing of locking the front door of the front building.
And next week... one of them will do the weekend plan (or the head Resident Monitor will do it).

After I left work, I stopped by our Day Treatment office... apparently they needed to submit paperwork for funding authorization and they needed either an LCSW or CSAC to sign it off... and I was the only one that met that criteria. When I went over, I stayed and talked with the intern and one counselor there. (That's how the topic of the football game came up and my one co-worker from over there asked if she could go with me to the game).

It was almost 7 before I got home... and I've just been putzing on the computer all night (not doing anything worth noting). I had a friend call that was going through a crisis. His daughter is getting married. The daughter has been living with her boyfriend for 5 years. The boyfriend is a "gamer." I guess the daughter helped put the boyfriend through college and then hasn't taken the time to better herself. They recently bought a REALLY nice home (I saw pictures of it online) and now are getting married (although they apparently have said they were going to get married before). Anyway... he called because he's there for the wedding and he blew up at his future son-in-law because the Mother-in-law is a witch and is threatening to interfere with the wedding if his daughter doesn't meet with her tonight alone. My friend is worried that the MIL is going to belittle his daughter and make her feel miserable on the night before her wedding.... and he doesn't want to see his daughter hurt by her. He's afraid if he goes to the wedding tomorrow, that he will do something he will regret and will be party to ruining his daughter's wedding. So... he was thinking about just leaving and not even staying for the wedding. Anyway... I helped him process through the issue for about an hour. At this point, he's calmed down and I think he *will* go to the wedding, but he may only stay long enough to walk his daughter down the aisle, and then dig out. And of course... I processed with him about the only person he can control is himself... and that he needs to let his daughter make her own choices... (after all... she's been with the guy for 5 years! I strongly encouraged him to be supportive of his daughter and to make this day as good as he can (however he can, whether it is being there or NOT being there) for her. I'm praying that everything works out tomorrow for his daughter and that he will do what he can to get through tomorrow and that her day will be the best that it can be. That's all she needs is to have her future mother-in-law criticize her and belittle her now... and have her dad blow up and ruin the wedding. I'll keep you posted on how the wedding turns out (I'm sure I'll here about it). Keep L & M (the ones getting married) in your prayers... and keep L's dad (my friend) in your prayers, that he'll not throttle the MIL (his daughter's future Mother in law) and get thrown in jail! That's all the family needs!

Okay... I'm exhausted tonight... it's been a long day. I'm hoping to get up in the morning and head to the beach, then I have my last Mystery shopping event to do, and then I'm heading to the game. So... it'll be a busy day. Sunday should be more relaxing. Tomorrow's about fun (although the beach time should be relaxing if the weather cooperates), Sunday is about taking it easy.

- Kris

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Well, tonight's moon is supposed to be the largest in a LONG time as the moon appears 30% larger. You can't really tell by these pictures, but I thought I would put them in anyway so they would be timely. (I just took them with my phone).


- Kris

Well... what did I say?

One of the daily rainbows over Hawaii... (I went with my next door neighbor to pick her son up after school and thought I'd take this pic with my phone). I mainly took it for my oldest daughter because she likes rainbows... I'm trying to give her an indication about how often we have rainbows here...

It looks like I'll be with my current company for a couple more weeks... I found out about halfway through the morning. I have to say though... I do appreciate the people I work with (for the most part... there *are* exceptions). They were wonderful... I got several leis today and they gave me a going away luncheon. They're so nice... And my supervisor is ecstatic. It will work out for the best (trust the process... that's what I keep telling my clients).

So... I talked to my future employers (the company is out of PA) and she said that because some paperwork has been sitting on someone's desk up at my new job, it will delay my start date now until after the Credentialing committee meets on November 16th (I had been told that they were to meet tomorrow... not sure how someone got that date (I verified it in an email that I got). So... it looks like I'll be at my current job until November 15th and I'll be starting the week of Thanksgiving... and won't get my first paycheck until December 15th or so, if I am lucky. I *am* feeling a little frustrated... I had hoped things would be in place by now (so... kiddos... don't expect much for Christmas... I may have to give IOU's. *sad smile*).

Other than that... I talked with my husband today, his brother had a couple strokes that affected his brain, well, to be more specific, affected the part of his brain that controls his ability to breathe. And he has specified that he does not want any artificial means to keep him alive. I think his brother is almost 70. His wife isn't of the best health either and we're kind of guessing that if John dies, she won't live long afterwards. In addition, I guess my husband hurt his back at work, after working there for 17-18 years, this is the first time he's had to put in for workman's comp... and he is supposed to be retiring by the end of the year. So... keep him in your prayers.

Okay... time to sign off...


- Kris

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'll be there forever...

First... I was leaving work about 6pm and the sun was setting, the sky *was* pink over the mountains, but by the time I could pull over and take a picture, most of the color had gone. Anyway... this is kind of what sunset sort of looks like over the Ko'olau mountains (so... I'm on the Kailua side looking toward the Honolulu side). I go through the pass daily on my way to and from work.
This morning I had a bone scan (and yes... I no longer have Osteopenia, my bones have gotten stronger! YEA!...) and I also found out that even supplementing more with iron, my ferritin is STILL low... the range for Ferritin is 10-250, my iron is at 8).
This photo was taken on my way back across the H3 highway, this was taken on the highway looking toward Kaneohe and Kaneohe Bay. It's beautiful to drive through the mountains, through the tunnels and come out and look at this view.

Work went okay today... I was disappointed to find that my replacement had gone on beach walk. It was my co-worker's time to go. I wasn't there (and had forgotten to remind him I wouldn't be in first thing this morning). I mean... it was okay that he went, but it meant that my co-worker shifted her job onto him. And if it was a one-time thing, that would be one thing, but every day she's trying to find someone to do her work for her. My supervisors were there this morning to check on them, and apparently my co-worker was told to get a couple letters written today, so that's why she asked my replacement to go to beach walk. (And to be fair, he probably didn't mind... but he could have been reviewing his client charts). So... she had 7 hours today and no clients to see... and still needed my replacement to go in and help with her group this afternoon... so he couldn't do his treatment planning with a new client as we had planned. Fortunately the treatment planning didn't *have* to be done today, otherwise he would have had to stay late and do it, and he had other obligations after work.
My co-worker who is a nurse was sweet... she brought a pasta salad for lunch for all of us today and brought me a lei, because she won't be there tomorrow.
Tomorrow is *supposed* to be my last day... but even now, at this moment, that is up in the air. If I had to say so tonight, I think I'll be there another week (my supervisors will be very happy to hear that). I talked with my future supervisor tonight on my way home from work... and between the two of us, we agree to shoot to start up at my new position on November 5th. He's under the impression I won't get paid while I do my in-processing... I guess I should ask about that. It would basically mean that I won't get paid for 1 more week (as it is, it will take a month to get my first pay check). It sounds like he's a little frustrated that the Credentialing committee is focused on waiting to get that little paper... when they have already gotten enough information that shows that I do have my LCSW.
Okay... enough about that... I'm going to sign off for tonight. One of my co-workers is having a birthday tomorrow and she LOVES my "Wheaties" cookies, so I thought I'd make her some for tomorrow.
And... I just got off the phone with my former co-worker... telling her how much I miss her. She and I were like ying and yang... I miss her presence there at work. We talked for almost an hour. *smiles*.
Okay... g'night!
- Kris

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beaches and Beauracracy

First, a couple pictures from beach walk today... should be my last beach walk! (But never say never). As you can see, it was a beautiful day.
On my way to work this morning (I rode the Motorcycle), traffic was backed up really bad on the Kailua side of the Pali tunnels and I noticed that people were looking over the edge. I thought maybe there had been an accident and someone either went over the bridge or something was lost over the edge. I found out after I got home tonight that apparently they found a woman who has been missing since Friday. It sounds like she may have jumped from the Pali lookout. There may have also been an accident up there as well it sounds like.
Work went okay... I just have to shake my head when I think about how things will work out after I leave. My new co-workers just aren't ready yet (although sometimes I wonder if they ever will be ready). I made a training list to make sure I cover as many bases as possible. Today I trained my replacement on doing NAP notes (online documentation), how to do the Master Problem Index and the treatment plan. I still need to have him meet with a client and do the notes for that client, not sure that is going to happen. I did group with him this afternoon, I think he'll do fine with that, he'll just have to figure out what to do with each group, but I am leaving a lot of material for him to use. I just had to shake my head when my other co-worker came to him at the end of the day and asked which group he wanted to do tomorrow... that isn't an option (in my opinion)... each counselor has their groups to do, and their clients to see.
I'll talk with my supervisors about everything before I leave (I've already started notes for them). Other than that... I didn't get off until just after 6, because I wanted to work on an appeal letter for a client that I've worked with off and on for 2 years. He's been denied mental health services from Adult Mental health for two years and he's one person that I truly believe deserves and needs them.

As for the beaurcracy point... I called down to the licensing division today to see when I can expect my "little" card (the official license) and they said it would be sometime next week or possibly the week after. UGH! So... I need to email my future employers tonight and see how that plays into everything... and whether I should stay where I'm at for another week. Hopefully I'll know more tomorrow.
Okay... back to my Gazelle... as I watch "The Biggest Loser."
- Kris

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday sunset


I thought I would post some pictures from sunset tonight. The sun is setting ove the water again! I hopped on my motorcycle and rode on down. Enjoy!

Work went okay... I'm training my replacement. I still haven't gotten the "Card" from the Licensing office, I plan to call tomorrow to see when I can expect it. My future employer emailed today to see if it had come yet. It's frustratingly slow!

Not much to write about today, so I'll keep it short!
- Kris